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Muppet Listings 8.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Man! BlueAM, where were you buddy?!? As to the points in your previous post...

    1 "Dullard Muppet" or "Dullard Anything Muppet", which would be best for distinguishing this character amongst the listings?
    2 "Purple Guy" will finally be added to the listing, now that I know who he is.
    PS: This was always a sketch I cherished back in the day when my sight was much better.
    3 As for the Four Dragons... your descriptions were very good, cause now I could feasibly add them as "The Storyteller", "The Emperor", "The Emperor's Son", and "The Prime Minister" unless you were to have any objections to my including them like this.
    4 I'd appreciate it if you followed up on issue #5 from my own previous post in this thread to see whether Deena and Gina both merit individual entries or not, finally settling that issue.
    5 Still not sure as to whether I'll add an "Anything Muppets" and/or a "Whatnot Muppets" entry in the listings.

    Hope you can understand, that you can help me out once again, and that you have a good night.
  2. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    I'm back, Count!

    First of all, thanks for all of your hard work--it's well worth it .
    I would include ALL the unnamed AMs in one entry as "Anything Muppets" because on the Complete Henson Database, there is an entry called "Anything Muppets". The same goes with the Whatnot Muppets.

    Also, I have some more characters to add. There was an SS skit called "The King Banishes the Letter P". These are ALL the characters in the skit. They are:

    King Peter the Persnickity: He's blue, with balding black hair, black eyebrows, a black handlebar moustache and goatee, a little pink nose (kinda like Fat Blue), a crown and "king" clothes.

    Princess Penelope: She's pink, with blond hair, a crown, and "princess" clothes.

    King Peter's Pet Porcupine: He's either orange or pink, with spikes and a little black nose.

    King Peter's Prime Ministers: The first one is green, with a big green nose, pink eyelids, orange hair and orange moustache, and "castle" clothes. The second one is orange, with balding brown hair, brown eyebrows, brown moustache, little light blue nose, and "castle" clothes, including a cape. The third one is green with blond hair, a little orange nose (kinda like Farley), and "castle" clothes.

    King Peter's Royal Cook: He's the same AM as Guy Smiley, complete with the nose, hair, and eyebrows, and he has a black moustache and goatee, completely "closed" eyes with purple eyelids, and a wardrobe rivalling the Swedish Chef's.

    Hope these descriptions help!

    Also, do you remember what the hipster and dullard in the skit looked like since you said that you saw it when your eyesight was better? Thanks for your help, and have a good night!

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, my ever-faithful assistant BlueAM makes his triumphant return. Thanks for the new characters, they'll be added duely. Got a few questions/favors for you.

    1 Where are you getting these extra characters from? I'd like to know so as to be informed as to your sources.
    2 Where did you come up with the character known as the Count's Brother from? Was it from a sketch where the Count goes on a vacation and counts the good-byes from the rest of his family? If so, was there a character playing the roles of the Count's father, mother, sister, and family cow?
    3 If you know them, any additional characters with their descripts would be welcome, like the story of the kingdom of K where subjects gather up all sorts of things and animals whose names start with the letter K.
    4 Here's Favor #1.
    Go to the following website: http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu...characters.html
    Check and see if they've got pics of the characters next to their entries.
    Check out the pic of both Deena and Pearl, both listed as one entry on that website, and the entry for Gina Monster amongst the SS Muppet characters. It was this site where I got the entry of Gina Monster from, since it has a separate entry for Gina the human as portrayed by Alison Bartlett O'Reilley.
    5 On this same website, as Favor #2, check out the pic they've got for the entry of Angry Guy.
    Compare that pic with the appearance of the "Dullard Muppet" and let me know the results of your comparisons.
    Based on your comments on both of these favors, the decision would then be made regarding the four characters.
    And thanks for your help and have a good night.
    Oh, and if you like, you can post your reply here or send me an E-mail message with "Muppet Listings" in the subject heading.
    Again, thanks and have a good night.
  4. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    I'm baaaaaaaack, Count! Now to answer your questions:

    1. Many of the characters I tell you about I hear about on the Web, see on video or TV, or in books. For instance, I heard about "The King Banishes the Letter P" on the "Learning about Letters" video.
    2. I heard about the Count's Brother in a skit called "Measuring" that the Count did with Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. It's sung to the tune of "How About You".

    Also, when will you update your list?

    Thanks again, and have a good night!

  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for answering my last two questions BlueAM, your help is very valued by me for my listings.

    And now, the response.
    1 You ask when will I update my listings? Who says that I'm not updating them as we speak? The truth is that there are certain productions I'm chasing down at the moment before posting the next version of the listings. Here's what I'm looking for/already gotten:
    a. Bear in the Big Blue House, provided by fellow forum member MuppetDude.
    b. The Hoobs, provided by fellow forum member Luke.
    c. Follow That Bird!, which I can't find at my local videostores and might have to purchase it online.
    d. The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, which I can't find in English at my local videostores and might have to purchase it online.
    (Got a batch of characters from the listings of the cast posted at www.imdb.com, but I want to watch the movies to confirm those characters/actors and see if there are some more characters which that particular website left out.)
    e. Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas.
    f. The Christmas Toy.
    g. Hey, Cinderella!
    There are other specials like Tales of the Bunny Picnic, Big Bird in China and Japan, Don't Eat the Pictures!, and the Ghost of Faffner Hall, but these will be left for another updated version.
    2 The other reason why I still haven't posted the updates is cause the numbering system denoting the total number of entries needs to be recalibrated. And rather than go through it multiple times with each of these productions, I'll gather everything up first and then renumber the whole thing once before moving on to the next version after that.
    3 BlueAM, there's still a couple of favors I need to ask of you and I'm wondering if I should ask someone else to finally resolve the matter. The issue is the debate over Deena and Gina Monster and the Dullard Muppet and Angry Guy. If you could, please go to the website mentioned above and check out their listings to see if they have images of the characters next to the name of that entry. If so, go to the Sesame Street USA section and look at the image next to the entry of Deena and Pearl Monster, concetrating on the image of Deena only of course, and then look at the image of Gina Monster to tell if they're identical characters and settle the question of whether both should be included or if only one should be counted; and if so, which of the two should be discredited. And then do the same comparing the image of Angry Guy and the image you have of the Dullard Muppet to see if they're the same or merit discrediting one of the two; and if so, which one of the two should be delisted.
    Please reply ASAP by posting here or via E-mail with an appropriate subject heading. Thanks for your help and have a Muppety day.
  6. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    Ah, yes, my little Countadee, I'm back with more characters!

    First, there was a skit called "Life in the City/Life in the Country". The skit featured a city boy who was green and, from what I've heard, looked A LOT like Jim Morrison, with the hairstyle and all that, lol, and a country girl who was lavender with yellow pigtails (I think) and overalls. If you wish to include these characters, I suggest you list them as "City Boy" and "Country Girl".

    Also, there was a skit called "The King who Thought Firemen are Allowed". It featured:

    The King: He's blue with a pink nose, balding brown hair, brown eyebrows, a little brown moustache, a crown and king's clothes.

    The Fireman: He's orange with a big pink nose, balding brown hair, and a fireman's hat and uniform.

    The Royal Doctor: She's lavender with eyelashes, a little pink nose, brown hair in a ponytail, and a doctor's uniform.

    The Royal Postman: He's green with a light blue nose, brown eyebrows, a big brown moustache, and a postman's uniform.

    The Royal Cook: He looks exactly like Guy Smiley except that he has a big black moustache and a chef's getup.

    Then there's that skit told by Herbert Birdsfoot called "The Tale of Tom Tattertall Tuttletut". Here's who was in it besides Herbert:

    Tom Tattertall Tuttletut: He's green with a light blue nose, white eyebrows, balding white hair, white moustache and beard, a crown, and medieval clothes. I'm not sure if this is what he looks like, but this is what I think.

    The Queen: I'm not sure what she looks like, but she looks like a queen and is orange, I think. This is the best I can do.

    Sadly, I'm soooo sorry to say that there are no pictures on that particular website with entries of different characters.

    Also, did you see the skit with Snow White and the Six Dwarfs when you had your eyesight? If so, do you remember what Pokey (Jim, sounds like either Rowlf or Mahna Mahna) looks like? If you can, tell me what AM he is, nose color and shape, what his eyes are like, if he has eyebrows, what color his hair and beard are, and what his clothes are like.

    Thanks to you, and have a good night!

  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you BlueAM, and I'm glad to catch you online now.

    Let's go over everything so far so that everything gets taken care of.
    1 The characters from King Peter who Banished the Letter P, the King who Thought Firemen Weren't Allowed, and Tom Tattertale Tuttletut will be added in due course.
    2 Tom Tattertale Tuttletut got added after Tommy's efforts (the Sesame Street Encyclopedia) to get images of characters and got wind of the record album with the Q, R, S and T songs/sketches from the Muppets Alphabet Album. See, all the songs on the Muppets Alphabet Album were released together as one record, and then subdivided and released on different records. And there's a picture of Herbert Birdsfoot and Tom Tattertale Tuttletut with the letter T on the Q-R-S-T album.
    3 Sad to say, but no I never saw Snow White and the Six Dwarves when my sight was better. The only reason I added those seven characters and the reason I got the names of all six dwarves was cause I at least saw/heard the sketch while watching an episode of Unpaved on Noggin last year. So I can't rully give you descripts for those characters. Now as for the Jim Henson voiced character from the group, it sounded kind of like his frumpy voice, close to Harvey Fox from Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas but not exactly. Kind of like that but a little deeper like a duck's horn. Not sure if you understand what I'm saying but hope this helps.
    4 As for the Dullard Muppet, me thinks he was the orange AM with an ovaled cylinder head and white balding hair curled up over his ears only. Possibly white hair over the ears and white eyebrows or not, oval vertical dark orange-brown nose, and brown buttoned-down shirt. Think that's right but not completely sure. Again, hope this helps and have a good night.
    5 Oh and thanks, at least now I have an answer on whether or not that website had images for their entries. Gina will stay for now, maybe it's a character from Season 32 which we'll get to see on Noggin as soon as the real show on PBS goes to Season 35 next year.
    Thanks for all your help and have a good night.
  8. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    I'm bally back to see you and will bally well talk to you!

    Forgive the Jeeves and Wooster reference, Count. I have to point out to you that on that website with all the Muppets listed, it says next to Gina's entry "Muppet; 'Gina play'". So I hope you now understand.

    Time for me, I think, to let you add some two more characters:

    Prince Charming's Lackey: He's green with balding white hair, pink eyelids, a pink nose, a white moustache, and lackey's clothes. He was in the News Flash where Kermit reports on Prince Charming finding Cinderella.

    The Beautiful Princess: She's orange with eyelashes, blond hair, a crown, and princess clothes.

    Now, I think I'll give you some descriptions.

    Bennett Snerf: He's a blue AM monster with black eyebrows, fangs, and horns.

    Arlene Frantic: She's a green AM monster with green fur on the top of her head.

    Billy Idle: He's lavender with a pointy lavender nose (I think), blond hair, and punk clothes.

    Hope these descriptions help, and have a good night!

  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Very good, my BlueAM. Ah, a few questions if you can answer them.
    1 This Beautiful Princess you mentioned, from what sketch did she come from?
    2 Gina Monster will stay for the time being, cause there's no confirmation on this character, and there's the possibility that she may have been from Season 32 which I still haven't watched any episodes of. My reasoning stems from the fact that the website in question lists Felix, a grouch who showed up in Season 31 and the Little Purple Bird from Paraguay who's real name is Fatima, also from Season 31. So until I see those Season 32 episodes and can clearly discredit or delist the character, she'll stay there but with a reminder to me as to watch out for the character.
    Hope you can understand, and have a good night.
    Oh, and since you're getting the vintage episodes and said so once, does Gina Monster look identically alike to Deena Monster? And was Gina Monster the same character, not just appearance-wise but character or personality-wise, as Deena Monster? Well, I'll let you go with this my friend and I'll inform you as to the dealings for the updates.
  10. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    The Beautiful Princess was in the News Flash where Kermit reports on her choosing who she shall marry. It turns out to be Kermit, and, thinking he's really a prince, kisses him, and she turns into a frog.

    Also, how about the "City Boy" and "Country Girl" I told you about? Will you put them on your list?

    In the meantime, here are some more descriptions:

    Fred the Wonder Horse: He's a brown horse with lavender eyelids, brown (I think) eyelashes, and a red mane.

    Gilbert: He's blue with balding brown hair and sideburns, brown eyebrows, a big brown moustache, a small pink nose, a light brown top hat, and light brown Victorian clothes.

    Sullivan: He's blue with light blue eyelids, a red nose, a white "George Washington" wig, a big white handlebar moustache, a dark blue (I think) cocked hat, and "HMS Pinafore"-type clothes.

    The Wicked Queen (Snow White): She's green with a big pointy green nose, big yellow eyes (kinda like Cookie Monster), long gray hair, a pointy black hat, and witch's clothes.

    Also, can you recall what the Purple Hipster looked like? Do the best you can in your description.

    Thank you, and have a good night.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you BlueAM. See? That wasn't that hard, that's 16 less Anything Muppets from the miscellaneous entry designation cause we've gotten names for them now.
    1 The City Boy and The Country Girl were indeed added, though you won't see the updated version of the list until I get done with the productions I told you about above and recalibrate the numbering sequencing.
    2Thanks for the descript of Gilbert and Sullivan, wondered what they looked like. What sketch were they from?
    3 Sorry, but my memory doesn't serve me as well as to detail the Purple Guy's appearance or semblance, just only goes so far as to know the sketch where he appeared in.
    4 That Beautiful Princess I remember! And then after she kissed Kermit, she turned into a sort of pinkish female frog with a silver crown and two big bulging eyes, but with round pupils like Robin's, and Kermit said she was kinda cute. He even went so far as to ask her out to the "Hop".
    5 What does Gina Monster look like? What sketches, if any did she appear in? Is she identical, both in appearance as in personality, to Deena Monster?
    Thanks for the help and have a good night.
  12. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    Just to let you know, Gilbert and Sullivan were usually outside Oscar's trashcan. They sang songs in the style of the operettas made famous by their namesakes. The humans would always join them in song. One time they sang about the letter B (Oscar: "I think the letter B is BORING!"), and one time they sang about different kinds of books you find at a library.

    In the meantime, I thought I could give you more characters to add.

    The Tarnish Brothers: They sang backup for Big Bird on "I Just Adore 4". One of them is orange with black hair, black eyebrows, a thin black moustache, lavender eyelids, a triangle-shaped orange nose, and a tuxedo. Another one of them is blue with black hair, black eyebrows, a thin black moustache, lavender eyelids, a triangle-shaped blue nose, and a tuxedo. Finally, the third one looked like Guy Smiley, only with lavender eyelids, a thin black moustache, and a tuxedo. Needless to say, he looks like Peter Sellers in "The World of Henry Orient". They also sang backup for Kermit in "This Frog", only instead of the Guy Smiley lookalike, there was a lavender guy with black hair, black eyebrows, a thin black moustache, lavender eyelids, a triangle-shaped lavender nose, and a tuxedo. You could probably include all four if you wish, but I'll see what you think.

    Gotta go! I'll add more as soon as I can!

  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, thanks for explaining the gimmick for Gilbert and Sullivan. And the four Tarnish Brothers will all go in as one single entry, much like King Peter's three Prime Ministers. BTW: Where did you get their names from? Either of the counting albums from Sesame Street?
    Oh, and that's four less Anything Muppets for the generic "Anything Muppet" entry, bringing the total up to 20!
    Keep it up, and we'll whittle that generic category entry down to nothing at all.
    Oh, and please don't forget to answer the questions I posed above about comparisons between Deena and Gina Monster.
    Thanks for your help and have a haunted night.
  14. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    ok you have done a wonderfull job i would never be able to do such a great work as what you have done, but what about the Muppet Babies. Now i know they were in TMTM so you could have but them with the b

    Baby Kermit (Muppet movie TMTM)
    Baby Fozie (Muppet movie TMTM)
    Baby Rowlf (Muppet movie TMTM)
    Baby Piggie (Muppet movie TMTM)
    Baby Scooter(Muppet movie TMTM)
    Baby Gonzo (Muppet movie TMTM)
    Baby Anamal (Muppet movie TMTM)

    Ther i kind of did it ther might have been more but thats a start oh yea and sence i have the Muppet Babies on my mind and the Classic Muppets on my mind why was ther never a Sceter Muppet on TMS that would have benn kind of cool and they could have done alot of funny stuff with that. i liked on the Muppet Babies When they put :sleep: :boo: on ther and then they also had :flirt: but i cant rember if it was the origanl voice of them but i always wondered about that and if :flirt: was on the Muppet Babies then she would be older then all of the other guys.
    Hummm the more i think of this the more scard im geting.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Dwayne1115, thanks for the kind words. And while we have a moment, I'd like to take the time to clear up a few things.

    1 You know, they could be counted as TMTM entries, and I'd rully need more confirmation for their inclusion. Though they'll probably end up there, cause of the following: though the Muppet Babies Muppets who appeared in TMTM were supposedly for a probable past life dream sequence, they did appear as the actual baby forms of those Muppets in Muppet Family Christms (MFC).
    2 Baby Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, and Scooter were the only Muppet Baby Muppets who appeared in that dream sequence in TMTM. Baby Animal only appeared in the home movies segment of MFC. And there've been reports by fellow forum members of an actual puppet version of a Baby Skeeter, you know I might have a picture of her in my Best of Muppets Magazine hardcover book in the story with Steve Martin.
    3 The query of Skeeter not joining the rest of the cast as grown-up Muppets has been one of the most difficult questions and yet, it's one of the more common asked by fellow Muppet fans like yourself and me alike. Can't rully answer that one.
    4 As for the additional inclusion of characters in the Muppet Babies animated series, it went like this. Janice, if it's janice you're talking about, can't tell for sure cause I'm blind and can't see the icons you used, was brought in for a one-episode cameo as a toddler who could already read. It would have been great to get the rest of the band in there as well, but Janice was possibly the one single EM member they could bring in at that young an age and make it seem viable within the show's format. However, there was an appearance by the grown-up Kermit The Frog in the episode entitled "THe Incredible Shrinking Weirdo" involving Gonzo and Kermit. This episode was the one where Gonzo thinks he's shrinking cause his inside-out shirt was larger than the one he usually wore. Anyway, there's a segment where we see the real Kermit in front of the theater's red curtains introducing Gonzo the Great, and we see Baby Gonzo dressed in his black tux garb trying to ride an eggbeater but the act has to be cancelled when he tells this to Kermit. And there was another classic Muppet appearance, one by Dr. Teeth. Not sure which episode, but it's the one where Kermit and Animal are competing in a Pictionary styled game show hosted by Piggy, where different celebrities have to guess what's being drawn and Dr. Teeth shows up in one of the shots during this segment.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.

    Oh, and Dwayne1115, don't forget to come back to the Muppet College dorms and let us know who your new Muppet roommate's going to be, that is if you're still interested in being a boarder there. Already explained that you can't have Kermit cause Dr. Bombay already picked him as his dormroom buddy. So I hope you come back and let us know if you're going to stay on with a new Muppet roommate.
    Again, hope this helps and have a haunted night.
  16. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    I'm back with more characters, Count!

    The Count's Swing Band: They appeared in the song "Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5", when the Count conducted them and sang with Lillian. One of them is female and is blue with lavender eyelids, black hair, a little pink nose, and earrings. There is a orange male with black hair, black eyebrows, lavender (I think) eyelids, a big pink nose, a big black moustache, and an earring in one ear. The next one is a lavender male with black hair, black eyebrows, a thin black moustache, green (I think) eyelids, a little pink nose, and a monocle. The next one is a purple male with black hair, a black moustache, blue (I think) eyelids, and an orange nose. The next one is a green male with black hair, lavender eyelids, a triangle-shaped lavender nose, and a thin black moustache. The next one is a green female with lavender (I think) eyelids, eyelashes, black hair, thin black eyebrows, an orange (I think) nose, and earrings. The last one is a blue male with black hair, black eyebrows, lavender (I think) eyelids, a black moustache, and a big pink nose. All wear black "bat's ears" hats, except for the female blue AM, who has fake black "bats" in her hair, and purple capes with big black collars, although I think the female blue AM's cape was different.

    Also you should add Fluffy the Elephant's friends. They are Sophie, Blitzen, and Schopenhauer. They all look exactly like Fluffy, since you just see their long gray trunks.

    I'll be back soon. Hope you have a great day, Count!

  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the additions, BlueAM. Can always count on you! I knew someone was going to pick up on the other members of the Pachyderm Four from the Learning Your Letters video, man I haven't watched that in the longest of times. Their trunks show up during the D/E segment. The song/sketch for C is for Cookie ends, then we see Telly with a doctor and a sign with the letter D on it standing in front of Oscar's trashcan. Then Telly lets the doctor go, bangs on Oscar's can and asks for the elephants by their names, and flips the sign over to show a letter E for Elephants. Oh, and I bet you're going to try to convince me to add the doctor from that video too. Well, we'll see what happens.

    Oh, and thanks for the seven members of the Swing Band. That just makes everything fright with tonight! Yes, 27 Anything Muppets eliminated from the generic category, striking up the band for the 7th Inning Stretch, which is why I missed your posting cause I watched the Cubs break the unlucky streak and beat the Braves to move on to the 2003 NLCS.
    Thanks, keep 'em coming, and have a haunted night!
  18. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking of SOOOOOOOO many Sesame characters these days, but, in the meantime, here are some more characters:

    The Bare-Faced Anything Muppets: They appeared in the premiere episode. The first Gordon put their faces on and they sang "Consider Yourself" from Oliver, which was one of my favorite musicals as a kid. First, there was a little purple girl with yellow pigtails and a checked dress. Next, there was a little green boy with one black eyebrow (like Bert) and a red-and-yellow-striped shirt. Then there was a purple woman with yellow hair, a pink nose, and a dress. Next, there was an orange man with balding brown hair, brown moustache, a pink nose, and a green necktie and brown vest. Finally, there was a blue man with balding black hair, black moustache, big pink nose, and white collar and pink necktie.

    I believe that the doctor in "Learning About Letters" was actually a dentist. She's the lavender live hands AM with brown hair, glasses, eyelashes, blue eyelids, a little pink nose, and a dentist's uniform. So include her as something like "The Dentist" if you wish.

    Have a good night, Count!

  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you once again, BlueAM. So now the tally of Anything Muppets reduced from the generic categorical entry has gone up to 33. All the characters you gave me in these last two posts have been duely added. However, it should be noted that Fluffy the Elephant was moved down from the F section to the P section, so as to be grouped with the other three elephants as part of the Pachyderm Four. And I added the Bare-Faced Anything Muppets cause you described them as being just five in total and they're from the pilot episode of Sesame Street, so anyone browsing through the document would be able to recognize them from a specific sketch/segment.
    Keep 'em coming, and have a haunted day.

    PS: Very close to eliminating #3 from my Henson Productions before posting Muppet Listings 9, still gotta get FTB, TAEOIG, TCT, and HC.
  20. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    Here are some more AM characters for you to add, Count:

    First, there's the hipster guy who sang "Cooperation Makes it Happen" ("Dig it"). He was green with black hair, a green nose, shades, a tooth at the bottom of his mouth (I think), and a leather jacket. Thanks to Ryan Dillon for this neat description! You could include him as "Cooperation Hipster".

    Then, there are the three AM cowboys who sang "My Favorite Letter" (it's about P). One of them is green with a pink nose, white hair and moustache, and cowboy clothes. The second is orange with brown hair, a pink nose, little black eyebrows at the top of his eyes, and cowboy clothes. Finally, the third is blue with balding brown hair and moustache, a pink nose, and cowboy clothes. You can include them as "My Favorite Letter Cowboys" or something like that.

    I'll be back soon with more descripts!


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