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Muppet Listings 8.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Just wanted to say that the listings taken a bit of a lag with the updates, but I'd like you to please bear with me until it's presented here on the forums.
    Still missing some help with Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas and The Christmas Toy.
    BlueAM, noticed you're online fright now buddy, any more names/descripts for me?
    Well, just do what you can and try your best cause that's all we ask of you and that's what rully helps. Hope you have a pleasantly haunted night.
  2. BlueAM

    BlueAM New Member

    I'm back with more characters, Count!

    The Lead Police: A takeoff on the Police, they sang about themselves in an on-the-street scene. First, the Sting wannabe is green with blond hair, little blond eyebrows, blue eyelids, a triangle-shaped lavender nose, and a black T-shirt. Next, there is a woman who is green and has eyelashes, brown hair, one or two earrings (I can't remember which), a pink nose, a green-and-black-striped shirt, and a heavy metal belt. Next, there is a guy who is orange with blond hair, shades, a triangle-shaped lavender nose, a black leather jacket, and a white (I think) shirt. Finally, there is a guy who is lavender with blue (I think) eyelids, blond hair, a green nose, a black leather jacket, and a white (I think) shirt.

    Then there's that female AM based on Kate Pierson of the B-52s who joined R.E.M. and all the monsters in "Furry Happy Monsters". She's the lavender live hands AM with a black mouth and pink tongue, orange (I think) nose, eyelashes, blue eyelids, earrings, brown beehive hairdo, and red dress. I heard that she's known as "Muppet Rocker", so you could include her in your listings.

    I'll be back ASAP!

  3. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member


    count want a challange? there are two of the three muppet movies which Jim Did that had just about all the Muppets TMM and TMTM. Now i want to list all of them a discibe them just a little ill do TMTM if you want and you can do TMM or whatever. And if you look at the secen with all the muppets ion TMTM there are two classic Muppets missing can you or anyone gusses who they are and if you can ill tell you why. Heres a big clue it says why in the movie.

    But let me know what you think of this idah

  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Uh, Dwayne1115, what do you mean by the Muppet characters from TMM and TMTM? If you read through my listings all the way through, you'll see that all the characters, at least the ones I know of, have been listed with their proper designations. You won't find a TMM or TMTM abbreviation next to Kermit or Scooter nor Lew Zealand nor Statler and Waldorf, cause they were all from TMS. The rats and frogs and human characters have all been added from their respective movies though, thanks to the help I got when researching those movies over at www.imdb.com, but if there's anything you think you can help out with by all means pass it along and I'll go over it to see if it should be added. Hope this doesn't inconvenience you in any way shape or form, and have a haunted night.

    Dwayne1115, hope you do indeed understand my position on this, if there is indeed anything you can help out with just post it here for me to find.
    Thanks for everybody's contributions and have a haunted night.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, we've gotten 42 Anything Muppets from BlueAM's hexcellent help. The Cooperation Hipster and the Muppet Rocker will be added promptly. But if you could, BlueAM, please provide more info about the Lead Police since these are characters I don't immediately recognize from my memories nor the episodes I've been watching on Noggin lately to catch up with the current seasons. You already gave me descripts, which I thank you for, but give us a bit more info about the sketch/song they performed or the particulars regarding their appearance on the Street or their personalities. The Cowboys from the song "My Favorite Letter: P" will be added as "The P-Cowboys." Here's my reasoning: we've got four AM's from the song "J Friends" who wear this blue sweatshirt marked by a capital letter J on their chests, so those can be easily known as the J-Friends; the S-Girls can be easily called that and recognized as such, since they're four white-yellow female Muppets of the letter S wearing silvery top hats who sang backup during the song "Hello Sammy" with Carol Channing and Sammy the Snake (the diamondback voiced by Jim Henson); and these three cowboys could be reasonably called "The P-Cowboys" cause the song they perform is all about how they love the letter P and anything that starts with this particularly pronounced letter.
    Hope this makes sense to the rest of you and have a haunted day.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thought you guys deserved a status report on how the process for V9.0's coming along. Well, after some help from my good trading pal, Justin Faulknor, the third from my list's gone as of fright now. That's right, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas has been completely sorted out. All that leaves before renumbering and posting is The Christmas Toy, Hey Cinderella!, Follow That Bird!, and The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland. Unless you guys think I should just post the updated version with what I've got so far fright now. Thought it would be better this way, cause I'd get all the major projects left to hunt down in one go-at-it, the two Sesame Street movies, the two Muppet Christmas specials that fringe on the cusp of the Muppet Universe due to Kermit's cameos, and the one original fairy tale special that's a companion piece with the Frog Prince as part of the TV specials.
    Well, hope this helps and have a haunted weekend! The ghosts abound!

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