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Muppet Rides

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by AAO, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. DanDanStrawberry

    DanDanStrawberry Active Member

    You were there in July '04? I was too :) :) I could have walked past you!!

    Anyway, they already have Kermit, although he doesn't appear to have a neck.

    Statler and Waldorf would be great, you could just have normal guys without giant heads or anything!! Woah man...
  2. That Announcer

    That Announcer New Member

    You're right about Kermit. My main problem with his walkaround version is that the head appears a tad too big for his body, especially in a closeup. Piggy's about as bad.

    I also agree about S & W, as if you gave a couple guys a good haircut and a little makeup (perhaps some prosthetics), the characters would be perfect.

    PS: Can you remember the dates you were at the parks?
  3. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    Here's my Idea I posted a while back ago on another thread


    Henson World Theme Park Concept

    Rides and Attractions
    Kermit/Big Bird Lane
    This Land is the first place you enter when you come to the park. Many shops are located here. Gonzo’s Pizza Parlor is also located here

    This is where the Muppet Theater is, and also the paths that lead to all the other lands or situated around the Muppet Theater
    Muppet Theater: This Theater (which is the Center Peace for the park) plays Muppet Movies for people to come and go as they please.

    Themed as Kermit’s home
    Kermit’s Swamp Tours: This boat ride though the Swamp with skipper Kermit where you meat Goggles, Croker, and Arne the alligator

    Sesame Street
    Based off the world best imaginary street.
    Supper Grover’s Wild Flight: Get in to this roller coaster to go fly with Supper Grover though twist and turns ending with a 100 Foot droop to the ground.
    What’s the name of that song stage show: Join Big Bird, Elmo, and all the other stares from Sesame Street for this 30minute stage show where you just might find out What’s the name of that song.
    Elmo’s World: On this “ride though ride” you take a journey though Elmo’s World in the Zoe Mobil.

    The Jim Henson Memorial: This land is devoted to the memory of Jim Henson.
    The Jim Henson Museum: This museum has memoirs for the Muppets. It also offers puppetering lessons though out the day.
    Rent a Theater: For a small fee you can rent your own theater and for 3 hours you can pick and watch a library of rare Muppet material.

    Muppet Studios
    At the front of this land there is a huge 5 story Muppet Show sight inserts . You enter this park though the big “O”. In side there is a huge mock-up of the Hollywood sigh but instead of Hollywood in reads MUPPET STUDIOS!
    Gonzo’s Cannon: when you get on this “drop zone” type ride you travel “via cannon” up 80 feet, and plummet back down to the ground
    Mishap in Muppet Lab’s: on this “ride though ride” you travel though the Muppet Labs Testing grounds. You get to watch as Bunsen Honeydew turns his assistant Beaker into a 30foot monster. Can Bunsen shrink Beaker back, ride and find out!
    The Great Muppet Movie Ride: This is the same ride that was meant for MGM Studios at Walt Disney World in the Early 1990’s.
    The Muppet Show Live! : In this show preformed like was done at Muppet Fest in 2001, you watch the Muppet’s try to put on a typical Muppet Show.
    Sam and Friends: In this ride though ride take a tour (Hosted by Kermit the Frog) take a ride to meet some of the early Muppets.
    Fraggle Rock:
    Enter though a giant cave and find your self in Fraggle Rock with all of the fun loving Fraggles
    Red’s Dive: In this Log flume ride you get in a log shaped vehicle made of “Dozers Constructions” with Red to find the Ultimate Dive. Your adventure ends at a Huge 6 story waterfall. And you travel down landing in a splash of water.
    A Journey though the Rock : On this “ride though ride” you are shrunk to a size of a Fraggle and you venture though the whole in Doc’s workshop narrowly avoiding his dog Sprocket. Then you find your self in Fraggle Rock with Gobo Fraggle as your guide. After a tour of the rock you venture out to the Gorg’s Garden, get passed the Gorg’s and go to the see the Trash Heap, where your journey is over
    Fraggle Tunnels: In these huge McDonald’s type tunnels Kids can play and parents can take a breather!

    What do you guy's and gals think! :)
  4. AAO

    AAO Member

    Well, that does sound like a good idea. But just take all that step by step and maybe something like that could come about. Although, I'd dedicate one part of the park to the Fraggles. And while you're in line for the ride for the Fraggles, you'd be going down into the cave like at Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life where the "It's Tough To Be A Bug" 3D vision show plays. Just fix the underground cave mysterious and odd, but again make it as a beautiful cave fixture. :crazy:
  5. AAO

    AAO Member

    That would be great for a studio based on the Muppets to be built in the park like they have in the MGM park already for other projects...I've actually seen the small set to "The Muppets Christmas Carol"...it was so neat! It was during a tour at the lot..
  6. AAO

    AAO Member

    Does anyone have any other suitable ideas for Muppet attractions at Disney??? Anyone at all? :sympathy:
  7. muppetmonster

    muppetmonster New Member

    I think in addition to "Muppets 3-D" at MGM Studios, along with the suggestion of muppets performing their musical numbers, I think Lew Zealand should do his boomerang fish act. This is my only idea, sorry.

  8. AAO

    AAO Member

    Hey! Some ideas can spark millions more! I appreciate and open to everyone's ideas! I think the Muppets are viewed by, some adults today, for only children. I was at Disney a few years back and preparing to go inside Muppet Vision 3D when I heard a family walk by. The parents saw Kermit and told their teens, "This is for kids, we don't need to go in there!" The teens were actually angry for they didn't get to go in. The Muppets, I think, have been put down on the totum poll as for a 2-6 year old audience. I hope Disney puts it to more as a family audience as well for more of the adults than children! For the Muppets themselves - their looks and sound are what makes the children happy - it's what they say and or do that inspires the adults. My parents realized that as well as my grandfather who watched "The Muppet Show" religiously! He loved Statler and Waldorf. I just hope that Disney puts out more attractions and or side shows for the Muppet family! Make all the chaos with "Who owns Who!" and get on with the entertainment of our beloved Muppet characters!
  9. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Hmm...too bad. I guess that family skipped over half the attractions that day then for foolishly thinking it was all kid stuff.
  10. AAO

    AAO Member

    Yeah! I always hate it when someone will see The Muppets and automatically think outloud: "That's for kids!" But you know inside and from their facial expressions they're thinking: "I really want to see it!" I don't care what anyone thinks about me! I've performed in front of thousands of people on stage in a large theater sounding like Robert Goulet, doing funny acts about this or that...and even doing impersonations of the Muppets! So really, people should do what they want instead of what they think others will think about them. Muppet Vision 3*D is a fantastic show! It's hilarious and probably some of the best effects in the park's shows! No one can dish it out better than the Muppets
  11. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Plus, it is so classic. It has been in Walt Disney World's MGM Studio for years and was one of Jim Henson's very last projects before he died. I am glad they set one up over here in Disney's California Adventure too.
  12. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    I love those. Anyone know if there are any good quality images of those online?
    Oh man... that is the GREATEST idea ever!

    A complete animatronic ride where you go through all the scenes of the Muppet movies and TMS, but it'd probably be unpractical.
  13. AAO

    AAO Member

    Yeah...most likely...But then again...who knows! I'm very very very very thankful that Muppets are coming back into the media's eye...
  14. AAO

    AAO Member

    On the backlot of "Muppet Vision" at Disney World, they could use that space for MORE MUPPET STUFF! instead it's the Hunchback show - or something like - LAND! When I went for the first time and saw that fence up I thought "WOW! There's going to be more Muppet rides or attractions!" Yet, 6 years later, still that fence stood tall! I love the little silly stuff on the fence, Yet I feel like saying: "Mr. Eisner, tear down this wall!" - good reference to Reagan. LOL - anyway, I just wish that more would be built in...Y'know? I mean, let them take their time - like in 3 -4 years...but have it great! Like a whole different world from the other half of the park..
  15. AAO

    AAO Member

    Of course call it "Muppet World" ?? Seems corny though - Muppet Land - NO! "Muppet Studios" is the best though
  16. AAO

    AAO Member

    Can somehow tell me how to attach pics on here? I've got great pics of Kermit and Piggy - shots of the outside of "Muppet Visiion 3D"...and more!
  17. AAO

    AAO Member

    I found some pictures on the internet a long time ago which featured all the Muppet Films that "Didn't make it" that was featured at the Muppet Vision Show...Now, let's think about this...maybe those posters were to be part of the other Muppet ride..?? Think about it
  18. Trekkie Monster

    Trekkie Monster New Member

  19. AAO

    AAO Member

    Thanks Trekkie Monster for the link! It's great!
  20. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    I hear Disney has LOTS MORE land left at Disney-MGM in FL. I hope ta god they make somthing here in the next 2 to 4 years from now! :) I just LOVE love MV3D my family even enjoys it EVERY time we see it. we got a pic with my Dad and the Statler & Waldorf cut-outs in frunt of MV3D from 1999! :p hehe... and one with me in frunt of the fountin and my bro and ma next to the Sweetums cut-out too! :p lol...

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