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Muppet roommates

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Janice & Mokey's Man, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Crazy Harry New Member

    Nice to see that you can laugh at yourself.
  2. Yeah, espeshully when you attakk me like you did in another thread---I ain't no "Tikkle Me Byron", Mr.!


    (Am I?...)

  3. Crazy Harry New Member

    That's right. You're not. This is.

    (pulls out a Byron doll)
  4. PHEW

    Ya had me worried there for a minute!

  5. radionate New Member

    Put the Nekkid Byron Doll away. (at least nobody has to worry about poking an eye out with that thing)
  6. Crazy Harry New Member

    It's not nakkid. Do you have problems NOT picturing Byron without his clothes on?

    :D And with this post, I have succesfully passed Phil for the #11 spot :D
  7. radionate New Member

    I don't know if I've ever seen Byron with his clothes on.
  8. I'm wearin' clothes right now. :)

    But probably not by the time ya read this.

  9. radionate New Member

    Why don't you just join a nudist colony and get it over with?
  10. Kause nudists are just silly. :)

  11. radionate New Member

    And Boycotting the letter "c" isn't?
  12. That's a serious issue, *maaan*!
  13. radionate New Member

    Then why do you keep accidently typing them? From now on I shall boycott the name Byron. Instead I will use Noodle Head.
  14. You kan't do that to me!

  15. radionate New Member

    Watch me Noodle Head!
  16. Crazy Harry New Member

    :D[size=huge]NOODLE HEAD!!![/size]:D
  17. radionate New Member

    ROFL, I love it! It's spreading!
  18. :mad:


  19. Crazy Harry New Member

    Would that require some kind of ointment?
  20. I don't know, and I'm afraid to komment. I've already had pie smeared all over my fase.


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