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Muppet Show Season 4 coming in 2013

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Traveling Matt, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Duke Remington

    Duke Remington Well-Known Member

    Stop the negativity!

    I don't think it's their fault. The more likely reason is certain music rights-holders and celebrity estates refusing to grant Disney the licenses that they need in order to release the rest of the show in its entirety. They don't want another fiasco like the one they did with Season 1 (where several songs were cut out due to music rights that could not be cleared).

    It's the copyright-holders that are at fault and they've obviously kept on making Disney break their promises.
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Exactly. We got three seasons from a company that HATES season sets with a passion. Best of DVD's are the worst, but we were nothing but grateful for 3 lousy episodes on a 20 dollar disk. Because, before that, we got episodes chopped off, guest stars removed, and put into 60 minute revues, and we still were grateful for that and probably paid upwards of 15 bucks for it on VHS. And we had to rewind and fast forward too.
    muppetlover123 likes this.
  3. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    Well, I do know that. Disney could just make it without the certain music or guest stars they had that are refusing to grant Disney the licenses and that would be good enough for everybody until they make an official release of season 4, once some of the celebrities say yes and some of the music right-holders grant Disney the licenses. That'll be good enough for me, as long as I get something.
  4. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    People paid 15 bucks for those cheap SS-style clip shows!! But, back then TMS was still on TV in reruns.
    Duke Remington likes this.
  5. Duke Remington

    Duke Remington Well-Known Member


    Man, I can't the foolish behaviors of some of the people on here...:rolleyes:
  6. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    How do you know they dont hate them? I dont see ANY season sets out from Disney right now or in general. TMS are the only ones I know about that they made
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Coming from the person demanding that people who have personal lives automatically tell us why we've been waiting 6 years for season 4.

    Face facts. if they didn't hate season sets of anything they wouldn't have dumped their poor quality "oh well, at least it's something" releases of Disney afternoon shows due to low sales. They didn't even bother with the Buzz Lightyear series when TS3 came out, and they blitzed the heck out of that one. Even their big cash cow, Winnie the Pooh. You would think that, considering they've milked that one to eternity and back, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh would have been released. We got like 2 Preschooly disks with a couple episodes on them.

    Sure, they'll probably release top rated sitcoms that are currently on the air, but they even had to give Lionsgate the license to finish Boy Meets World (and Crapcording to Jim). They just want to release movies, and more over, they want to release Blu-Ray movies. The sad thing is, Boom studios and Wayforward did more with the Disney Afternoon license than they have in the past few years. Muppet fans are lucky we got 3 sets with features. You honestly tell me they can't get Jim Cummings into a room and interview him about Darkwing Duck for 2 minutes?
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  8. jvcarroll

    jvcarroll Well-Known Member

    Once again, many classic television shows never secured home video distribution rights in their initial contracts because home video didn't exist. Even modern contracts can be tricky. Many televised programs of today swap-out background music tracks because they don't want to pay the licensing fee for top pop songs and they don't think most consumers will notice the difference.

    Seasoned sets aren't hated, they're just difficult. Particularly the Muppet Show because it's a variety show and that means almost every scene contains a song.

    Disney owns the rights to the Muppets forever so they can wait and try to stare-down some rights holders. I think that's what's happening here.

    Personally, I think they should just pay everybody off and release a no-expense-barred series set. I'd sell a kidney to own the whole series without edits. But I'm just one person. Disney has to figure out how such a release will be economically viable for them. There is no love or hate or passion behind any of this. It's just the usual business of number crunching. In other words - life.
  9. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    It sure seems like they do. I know they did some for Hannah Montana back in the day (but I think it was like just the first and fourth seasons? Makes no sense). But other than The Muppet Show, I can't really think of anything else they've released on seasons. I guess Dinosaurs, but that wasn't really Disney.

    Even Phineas and Ferb hasn't seen season sets (much to my dismay) and that's one of their more popular shows. I have all their single-disc sets (*sigh* better than nothing) but season sets really would be preferable.
  10. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    If it really is securing song rights than I suggest Disney to release like 5 episodes on a disc from S4 and S5 that don't need any securing rights and add some of their planned special features for the actual box set.
  11. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    I know!!!!! Everybody would be satisfied with that, they don't need all 24 episodes. We can only get a little at a time, and I would be fine with that.
  12. Mister Muppet

    Mister Muppet Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd throw my thoughts in. I'd love to see Season 4 and 5 as much as the next Muppet fan. But I would rather have them just release all the ep's in one set instead of just single release's like other members have suggested, even if it does take a bit longer.
    Duke Remington and jvcarroll like this.
  13. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Well What I wish is that they would change the title of this thread so that everything I come here and see this I don't get some kind of false hope.
  14. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    Well, you will know that it's not coming, because 2013 already passed!!!
    dwayne1115 likes this.
  15. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    Ya, but someone could still say the news on this thread.
  16. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    True there is hope....I hope Disney will be able to get the rights to the songs. I think they could afford it though.
    Duke Remington likes this.

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