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Muppet Wizard of Oz to film in September

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. The Good Doctor New Member

    Kermit and Piggy

    I was kind of thinking about this, in the book, unlike the MGM film the witch does not try to burn the scarecrow.

    Actually the winged monkies come and beat all the straw out of the scarecrow and bundle up his close and toss him in a tree. The Tin Man is carried into the air and is then droped, smashed on rocky ground. The Lion is taken to the witches castle with Dorothy to work for the Witch as slaves.

    knowing that the Muppets will put there own twist on things I can totally see all the cast being carried to the witches castle by the winged monkies. Wicked Witch Piggy trying to be all kissy, Kissy with kermit the scarecrow. When her shuts her dowm, Piggy the Witch locks them up and makes Dorothy do all the cleaning.
  2. McFraggle Active Member

    I think it will be interesting to see the different "Piggys." :)
  3. The Good Doctor New Member


    I think the film will be intresting no matter what the Muppets do with it. And I hope that it is a lot of muppety fun!
  4. McFraggle Active Member

  5. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Yes, that will be worth seeing the movie for...but maybe only that...
  6. Randlev New Member

    Of course, anybody that knows the story of Wicked the musical, not the book (they're so different, I happen to prefer the musical story, but that's only because it fits with the MGM film), might see that Piggy having a thing for Kermit in this new movie wouldn't be such a crazy idea. wink, wink
  7. McFraggle Active Member

    You know they will have something with Piggy and Kermit anyways. Just which Piggy is the question. ;)
  8. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    I do still hope that it's all at the Muppet Theater and they're doing a production of it on their stage.
  9. The Good Doctor New Member

    Muppet Theater

    Now that is intresting I never thought about that angel before. It really would b great if it took place a the old Muppet theater, a great and grand production. Complete with back stage moments, zany and heart warming. Sam the American Eagel appled by they way they have changed a clasic American Story, Piggy hogging up the spot light, Gonzo with some weird ideas about his character. And of course you would have E.M. Band providing music and original songs, that would be just great. :excited: :)
  10. McFraggle Active Member

    That's a good idea. :)
  11. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    But, not going to happen, sorry.
  12. Gideon New Member

    any one know when and how the movie is coming along i've been very busy playing football i just dont wanna miss the debut
  13. PHDSwing New Member

    The movie wrapped two weeks ago and is scheduled to air on ABC in May...durring sweeps I believe.
  14. McFraggle Active Member

    This is true. ;)
  15. GelflingWaldo New Member

    They are aiming for a May/April TV airing and then a DVD/VHS release shortly afterwards. It all depends what else is in the Wonderful World of Disney line-up for the year, and when they finish in post-production.
  16. The Good Doctor New Member

    Fraggle Rock

    Does any one know if there are more Fraggle Rock DVD's cooming. I have the first one with the pilot episode, I got at Walmart. Will all the seasons be released on on DvD?
  17. McFraggle Active Member

    Apparently there is another one coming out in January, as well as a season set later next year, but that info is in another thread. ;)
  18. The Good Doctor New Member

    Fraggel Rock

    Do you know which thread?
  19. Amazing Mumford New Member

  20. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Back on topic:

    Did you all realize that filming on MWoO has wrapped??!


    I'm too excited, methinx!

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