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Muppets.com relaunches with Disney XD

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by RKUNKLER, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    This is awsome! At the moment i'm listening to MuppetCast but still enjoying all the new stuff i'm seeing. I'm loving it all. Can't wait to see more stuff later on tonight. Keep it coming Disney!
  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    A Kermit icon would help

    This is fantastic. I was wondering why the other Muppets.com site seemed abandoned for so many years. The Muppets through both Henson and Disney have had a track record of starting online projects that received little to no follow through. This new stuff is nice! It also has more real content at launch than the others ever seemed to.

    The Muppets.com link should navigate right to the page that took so much clicking to find. I'm a mulitmedia designer and it took me a while to locate this new Muppety goodness. A main page Kermit icon would help. I'd hate for anyone to miss this because of it being tucked away a bit more than it should be.

    It also looks as if they are starting a forum of some sort. I'm glad Disney is making more of an effort - and a great one at that.

    Two words: Topo Sticky! :rolleyes:

    EDIT: It appears to surf directly over to the correct page now. Wonder what's up with that? Just needed to post the development.
  3. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Now i'm not trying to be disgusting but i was messing with the "Don't Touch" button and Miss Piggy came on and said "You Come on the Internet dressed like that?" and all i'm wearing is my boxers and a shirt. So i thought that was pretty funny for me to hear that from her. Oh this site it going to make my days so fun on days that i might be in a bad mood.
  4. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    You know, I was thinking the same thing when Piggy came on and said that. :mad:
  5. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    Opinions about the videos:
    Interesting....Can't say I care for how any of the Muppets look in that opening and it's a bit to um what's the word childish? Maybe not that but I don't know Fozzie would be to shy to dance and some how mess it all up, Kermit would be standing there looking at them like they're crazy, and Gonzo would be dancing but trying to get Kermit to dance in my opinion.
    First Fozzie clip was cute but his ears are odd..but doesn't look to bad and the voice is one of the better wrong sounding muppets. ;)
    First Gonzo Clip is great he's going back to his weirdo roots again! And that version of him..ummm I'm not sure what's wrong with him but he looks sick or like he hasn't been eating.
    Pepe looks great of course that haven't changed him a bit, even though I do miss the hoodie look.
    hahahah seriously Pepe's video is by far the best and his pop sickle friend reminds me of Stick Stickly from Nickelodeon back in the day.
    Awww Pepe and Rizzo are such a good Team.
    Hmm these new years gone wild videos are really cute shame they didn't use them on anything...
    Wow! It's soooooooooooo nice to see Bunsen Honeydew!
    hahahaa @ Pepe Ryan Sea chest! lmao!

    Opinions about the site it's self:
    Not as cool as the last site but I like how it seems not so much like a ghost town now.
    The design is new and nice and I see they snuck Rubber Ducky in there.
    The Do Not Touch button is very cute also cute love the jokes! Fozzie & Gonzo are quite classic acting in these if you ask me. & while I'm not a fan of modern complete jerk Piggy that comment about wearing that outfit on the Internet was quite funny.
    Ugh as usual ruined by modern Kermit..that wasn't even funny it was corny and he looked like he was having a stroke...Man I am so just not a fan of Steve's Kermit.
    Heh Animal was cute but a bit looks as if he's in need of a hair cut can't say I mind the extra shaggy Animal though, it's better than balding Animal.
    Well those are fun regardless of Kermit the Forg...I hope they keep updating this site with more clips and characters!
    Over all it's pretty need I sure hope it keeps growing though. :)

    Other Things: Kermit's Channel was very cute I actually enjoyed how he acted even though he would have screamed at Fozzie when he put spit on him like that lol. hahahaa I enjoyed Kermit's lockjaw.
    Piggy's Channel is very cute also I'd work out to a Miss Piggy workout video any day hahahaha
    lol It's quite sad that I now enjoy seeing the new Kermit being abused...
  6. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link, Luke, but the site still knows it is international.I got through to the XD home page and then I clicked "characters" and was directed to the Disney au(australia) site.Then I went back and did a search on Muppets and got the sign that it wasnt available to international guests.:mad:
  7. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    All i can say is its working fine from there for UK and Canada, i just checked it. There is another site you can go through that might work, i'll try find it.

    I really think the site is absolutely fantastic, and it should be updated from time to time, as all this isn't so much about the Muppets but more about Disney Broadband - they are extremely committed to it. For the person saying about how the dancings childish and talking about how characters would usually act, i don't agree. This is very "in character" for the modern Muppets.
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I clicked the Do not Touch button, and I got Animal running around and bumping into stuff. Good times...
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    This site is really good. I wonder if this is the really cool top secret project that Dave Goelz and others have mentioned. I like the dance sequence with Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo. That's a little like how I would have expected the opening for the unmade new Muppet show that was planned for Fox back in 2002 to be like (except it would have had singing, and more characters).

    Kermit's blog video was good, as was the video of Miss Piggy wanting to have an argument with Kermit. And I agree that Animal loks too hairy in this.

    Sadly, it seems like this currently just has a few of the main characters. I hope that more supporting and obscure characters appear in the future. Maybe show Statler and Waldorf watching the online clips on a computer. It would be great if Beauregard appeared whenever the "do not touch" button was pressed.
  10. mrsieve

    mrsieve Well-Known Member

    This is killing me. I can't even see the videos everyone is mentioning. :(
  11. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the link to youhide but its not working for me.

    I type in Muppets.com and click surf, then it takes ages and advenyually says Gateway timed out?

    Any other ideas?

  12. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Ok, well the original link still works for me which is wierd, but another one to try is - www.cloaknetwork.com and type www.muppets.com into the box lower down on the page. If it takes you to the main Disney XD page you can find the Muppets channel by clicking "more" just under "choose a channel".

    Hope that works!
  13. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    It worked, Luke! Thank you so much. :D
  14. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I wouldn't say the opening dance sequence is juvenile. It appears that the Muppet performers got together and just had a lot of fun. I admit that that performance (and a couple others) was a little out of character. The puppets were also fairly good. There are some personal tweaks I'd make to them, but wouldn't we all? And you know the tweaks would all look different. Some Jim-era Muppet puppets didn't always look so hot. And now we know exactly where MR's Animal design came from. That was practically him!

    It's more than a good start that Disney has *finally* created with the Muppets and it is well worth the wait. The old Muppet Studios, as someone mentioned, did seem like a ghost town in its design and execution. I'm glad they scrapped it and hope this one receives at least quarterly updates.

    The streaming Flash is a little tweaky on my system. The way that sort of thing is accessed by my type of wireless can cause problems, but it was by far better than the Henson.com related feeds.

    On Steve's Kermit, I feel sometimes he gets lost in the moment and loses Kermit's core personality in the process. Usually he's great. I'm just glad that the entire site didn't center on Kermit. He was one of many Muppets – clearly the leader but not the headliner. Now we know why From the Balcony is gone. I guess it was a testing ground and this is where the full Muppety web-forces will be concentrated.
  15. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Now that I can actually see the website, thanks to Luke's wizardry ;), I can honestly say that it is super cool! I love all the videos, they're amazing.

    Miss Piggy is really well balanced here! She's fierce but sweet too. I love this great mixture of her personality.

    Pepe talking to the popsicle stick? Absolutely absurd! It was perfect.

    The design is great, it's pretty easy to use, really fabulous use of the characters. I love to see them goofing off like that. They always felt so unscripted on the muppet show, like you are spying on a group of your friends. That's how it felt watching these clips! I will peruse it more later and try to watch everything I can. :D
  16. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    All OK.

    Thanks so much Luke.

    The first link worked, I kept trying it, each time it let me in further and finally it worked and let me in fully.

    Its a great site and great to see something new on Muppets.com.

  17. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Luke, You Beaut! Cheers
  18. TheJimHensonHour

    TheJimHensonHour Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong when I say it's childish but it takes me back to when Disney first started doing Muppet stuff, the thing that's so great to me about the muppets is that not every character is the same..and I get a bit irked when they do act the same.
    And that'd be me who said that about the old site looking like a ghost town.
    And it's the truth it sure did they should of had muppets greating us at every turn.
    And I agree with you I have no problem with Steve at all as a person he seems great and fun.
    It's just that Kermit to me was the boss the glue that held things together and well these days the glue seems a bit tacky...if you know what I mean.
  19. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Very cool, lol! Pepe and Stick Stiggly! I mean Topo Sticky! :) "You still taste like the fudge creams!"
    I liked the Fozzie puppet used in the dancing video, the other one looks more like he did in MFS.

    This has go me thinking about all the old Muppet sites and things from Muppetworld.com, MuppeToons and that Pepe's carnival thing that never even fully opened! I loved that panic Button in the Muppet labs though, it's was always good for a laugh when you tell someone that their computer is about to explode! But i hated those cranking wheels on the side menu bar!
  20. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    The old Muppets.com/Muppet Studios web-park seemed like a place Disney felt they had to stick the Muppets so they wouldn't harm themselves or others! :eek: Even with a character on the screen the place seemed lonely and unpopulated. Just not the right tone.

    I suppose I feel the Muppets are kidding around rather than acting like kids. It can be a fine line, but I do see your point. That dancing thing was one small "bit". It's the Kermit hip-hop thing that kinda irritated me to be honest. It's like his, "Way to get down with your bad selves!" line in "Muppets From Space" that made me cringe. :sympathy:

    It's important to remember that Disney's trying to drum-up new fans and that starts with young people. They've already got us - but could lose some of us if they lobotomize the characters. That's a concern. I've been watching for it and haven't seen Disney doing that.

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