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My Report: Disney World & The Muppets - PLEASE READ!

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Vic Romano, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    That's the point I was making. They wouldn't remove something Muppet related if they thought The Muppets could succeed.
  2. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    That's great and I hope you have fun there Kathy! Will miss you while you are gone!:halo:
  3. healy18

    healy18 Member

    I have just returned from a trip to Florida and also noticed how busy the area around Mupptvision was! This is my 4th time to WDW Florida and i have never seen the area and indeed the shop looking so busy! The only worry to me was the lack of merchandise! The shop was really empty of muppety stuff and what was there was quite poor in quality! They have also removed lots of merchandise especially the beanies and plushes! There were no Bunsen, Sam, Statler, Waldorf, Rizzo, Scooter? They were all there when i went in 2006! There were no mugs, keychains, or any decent magnets! It ws just mainly t-shirts and caps!
    Anyone know a reason for the drwback in merchandise in the park?
  4. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    Maybe the mouse is trying to figure out the best way to sell the frog and friends back into the public's eye before making more merchandise. Either that, or who's to say that the merch wasn't all bought out?
  5. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    MV3D merch is always a weird subject. The original rumor that existed shortly after Jim died was that the family was with-holding rights so Disney wasn't allowed to make anything new, so it was believed they were going to make a new MV3D film so they could legally make whatever they wanted as long as it pertained to the movie. The reality was of course that Jim's death put the contract to the attraction in a sticky situation.

    Merchandise at the store never has been and most likely never will be, acceptable to fans in respects to the amount of stuff that's available. Like I said in the report, it could be Muppet World and sell nothing but Muppet merchandise and it still wouldn't be enough for us.

    As far as the lack of stuff there right now, it could be the calm before the storm. I mean if Disney is making the push to profit from the Muppets, then this store is their golden ticket. It's the end of summer too, so stock may be rotating soon also.

    Interesting to myself; has anyone noticed how The Disney Store has become The Disney Channel Store? You used to be able to buy the same stuff you'd get at the parks there, but now it's DC stuff.
  6. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    I'm not surprised, considering that Disney milks the Tweens' merch for all its worth.
  7. Pan in Scarlet

    Pan in Scarlet Well-Known Member

    Convinced my roommate to let me hang around Muppet Studios in Disney World to get some pictures for everyone here. I apologize for the crappiness of some of them.

    outside of the muppet store

    in case you missed the giant kermits.

    Happiness Hotel inside the muppet store

    the counter beneath the happiness hotel setup

    Prop stashing

    more prop stashing


    Not sure what this is.

    I have more if people want to see it.
  8. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    Excellent photos, just fantastic. I've seen all this a thousand times, but seeing pictures from just a few days ago makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Maybe because I was supposed to be there this past week. We had reservations for the day after Christmas to today, and we had most of the trip paid off, but had to cancel awhile back, so I'm a little bummed.

    What is the merchandise to the left of the magnet board? Looks like pretty new stuff.
  9. Baby Gonzo

    Baby Gonzo Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the Muppets Star Wars/Star Tours figures in the left? The other stuff looks like a picture frame to me.

    I don't remember seeing the Bean Bunny plush the last time I went. I kinda want one. :o
  10. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

  11. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

  12. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

  13. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

    Were all these scenes from past muppet movies there before? The lockers, the happiness hotel, and such?
  14. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    Oh, that makes sense. When I went down last, those figures were only available at the Star Tours/Tatooine Traders or whatever you call it location. Thanks.

    Yes, but several cast members and other Disney "experts" have insisted to me that they are not the actual props from the movie. However, there is some debate over the authenticity of the bus cutouts from MTM and the construction of the Happiness Hotel facade over the register.

    I'm almost positive that the Happiness Hotel facade has been there since the beginning, but I'm not sure about the lockers. On the other side of the store (which no longer sells just Muppet merchandise), there used to be a replica of the Muppet Babies nursery window, but I don't know if it's been removed or just covered up.
  15. Baby Gonzo

    Baby Gonzo Well-Known Member

    I believe, unless it's changed in the past year the Muppet Babies nursery is still there. Though I don't know what it looked like previously, when it did have Muppet merchandise.
  16. TML

    TML Well-Known Member

    The last time I was there was like eight or nine years ago and the inside of the store never looked like that. It was just a basic shop, no reproductions of the Happiness Hotel or anything. When did they do all this?
  17. hi i aqm going in Febuay and does anyone remembering seening a scooter plush? That would be sweet!
  18. no they replaced that so now it just sells regular Dinsey stuff non muppet related. But you can still see the giant nursery window.
  19. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen a scooter plush since 2001...They had all of the muppets except the essential electric mayhem plush... I even got a Sam Eagle plush! They use to have Statler and Waldorf. I don't think they do anymore and for a time they even had a few Sesame Street CD's.. but those vanished immediatley after Disney bought the Muppets all together.. lol
  20. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    Actually, when I was there in late 2007, they had both Sesame and Fraggle merchandise.

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