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NECA announces The Dark Crystal Figure!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Cosmic Cow, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Don't forget crystal bats and podlings.
    I don't know if all 9 skeksis and/or mystics need to be released; maybe just 2 or 3 of them to give an idea of what they look like, their place in the movie, and whatnot.
    But this is great! The more I watch the movie, the more into it I get! One more viewing and I should be obsessed, lol! The point being, if this figure is in my price range and demed good quality by those of you who know your stuff better than I do, I'll definately be getting it! How much do NECA figures usually go for?
  2. Cosmic Cow New Member

    I saw this in person at NYCC and it's AWESOME! As for a complete series of DC don't get your hopes up. I asked Randy Falk through their Myspace page and he said that we may possibly get 1-2 more figures but not a dedicated line...
  3. Fizzgig1977 New Member

    In the UK neca figures cost between £8.00 & £10.00. In the US I imagine they will be $15 - $18.
  4. Fizzgig1977 New Member

    Gutted, but not unexpected. Thanks for the info. Maybe if the new film is sucessful, it might make producing a larger range of figures more likely.
  5. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Either way, it sounds like a good deal! Thanks for the info; if I ever see it I'll definately get it!
  6. Laszlo Member

    Great news anyway. And if it sell well, who knows, there may be even more?
    BTW any release dates for the Skeksis and Hoggle?
  7. DTWolf Member

  8. Laszlo Member

  9. Cosmic Cow New Member

    BigBadToyStore just put Chamberlain in their new newsletter with a release date of 3 Quarter of '08 which probably means Aug/Sep... :scary:
  10. GelflingWaldo New Member

  11. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Oooh! This is exactly what fans have been wanting from the Dark Crystal - not stylized urban vinyl, busts, creepy gelfling dolls or other such weird expensive items. This is a magnificent-looking prototype and I know from the Goblin King that Neca delivers on quality. :scary:
  12. Mystic Master Member

    This looks like a promising figure, and one that I would purchase - hopefully the accessories include an untorn robe. I think a Mystic, Jen & Kira 2-pack, and Aughra would make a nice sub-line...
  13. MGCJerry New Member

    Now that's cool...

    I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for these.

    I'd think these characters would make a great set. A Mystic, Chamberlain, General, Jen, Kira, Fizzgig, Augura & garthim. Some other creatures would be nice too, even some of the wildlife would make cool things to have on display. :)
  14. Telly Active Member

    Is this still happening? I haven't heard anything for awhile.
  15. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    It appears to be off the Neca website at this time. I guess it depends who you ask, but if Mindstyle got this nixed I will be very upset. :scary:

    I hope it's just a delay or oversight.
  16. Telly Active Member

    Jeez...seems like we Jim Henson fans can't win!
  17. TheJimHensonHour New Member

    Henson and Ninja Turtles, I'm friends with some people who work for the Turtle company mirage and NECA hasn't gotten back to then since August.
    I think I smell another Palisades, but I sure hope I'm wrong.:sympathy:
  18. Telly Active Member

    I certainly hope you're wrong, too! :(
  19. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    The little shop I work at part time carries the Turtles (cool black and white versions), Neca and will carry the Skeksis if they ever come out. The Labyrinth stuff went fast. However the Mindstyle stuff (pretty box and all) just collects dust. Too pricey and stylized for the Henson fan's dollar. :scary:
  20. TheJimHensonHour New Member

    They have the single carded black and white turtles that Neca announced back in aug.?
    Or the Box set?
    Wave 2 with shredder and the foot soldiers should have been given a release date some time ago and NECA won't even return a single e-mail to the turtles people.

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