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New character ideas

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by minor muppetz, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. ZootyCutie Member

    Here's some characters that are in my latest fan-fiction "Mayhem Matters". They are all part of a group called "The Beaker Brigade", which is lead by Beaker.

    Inky: Looks like Beaker, but is taller, has a blue nose and hair, and wears a 1930s gangster's outfit.

    Blinky: Looks like Beaker, though is a little shorter, has a red nose and hair, and wears a racecar driver's outfit.

    Pinky: A girl version of Beaker. Has pink hair and nose, and wears a coctail dress.

    Clyde: Fatter than normal Beaker, has purple hair and nose and wears a jailbird's outfit.

    Sue: The youngest female one, and is the smartest. Has yellow hair and nose and wears a Japanese schoolgirl's outfit.

    Pacma: The oldest of the female ones. Has green hair and nose, and wears a faded green labcoat over a blue shirt and red skirt.
  2. The Count Moderator

    So... The Beaker Brigade is meant to be Beakers based on the Pac-Man ghosts?
    Cause as far as I remember from both the game and animated series...

    Clyde: Orange, the leader, wore a derby hat and had the 1930's gangster mentality.
    Pinky: Pink, was the tough guy of the team, wore a racecar driver's cap.
    Inky: Blue, the goofball, wore a ten-gallon hat.
    Blinky: Red, the nervous coward, wore a scarecrow's hat.
    Sue: Indigo or violet, the female member of the team, she had her earrings on whenever joining the guys.

    Just pointing that out, if it's where you're drawing your inspiration from. And for further ponderings...
    Had an idea for a live Ms. Pac-Man movie version where Sue would be the leader of the ghost team which would include:
    Winky: Yellow female, mechanic tinkerer, wears a little German hat with a yellow feather.
    Jinky: Green female, the logically minded member of the team, wears a pair of glasses and a green fedora.
    Slinky: Violet female, the spooky seductress, wears her signature violet haltertop dress.
    Murky, Male ghost, black, used to be Ms. Pac-Man's boyfriend before the accident that turned him from human to ghostly being.
    In this outline, Ms. Pac-Man was also originally human before an accident that turns her into the heroine... She'd hav the signature yellow pie-wedge head with red lips encasing her own normal human head, with her hair sticking out through the back in a ponytail tied by a pink ribbon. Her wardrobe would be all pink, leggings and gloves and a pink fuzzy boulder-holder. Haven't decided what accident it'd be though, if an animal bite, the only one I can think of is a packrat (pun intended).
    Hope this helps.
  3. ZootyCutie Member

    I guess I was just naming them after the ghosts. I never saw the show.
  4. ZootyCutie Member

    Kuki: A purple skinned Muppet little girl. Wears a pink dress with a white ribbon that covers her feet. Has short red hair, and for some reason, wears a bunny hood. Her right arm is a mechanical arm, that can sometimes have a mind of it's own. She speaks with a speech impendment, so she has trouble with her R sound. Like, if she would say "Marshmallows", it would sound like "Mawshmallows". Everyone likes her, and she like everybody.
  5. ZootyCutie Member

    All of the charaters that I have done are Muppet Show related. So, I created my own Sesame Street charater.

    Anthea: She is an orange skinned Muppet flower child. She's Sully's neice. She normally wears a pink t-shirt, green vest, jeans, black sandals, a gold peace sign medallion, her long brown hair in two braids held by daisy holders, a light blue headband and pink half-moon sunglasses. She is seven years old. She can play the accoustic guitar and sing. Unlike Sully, she talks. She also is a vegetarian, and likes being friendly to everyone, but her best friend is Roxie Marie.

    Woody: He is Anthea's pet cat. He's brown and wears a blue and green tye-dye collar with a smiley face tag. He is a cool and laid back cat. He also talks, and when he does, he rhymes what he says.
  6. PhsychoChimp New Member

    Spencer: A frackle with long ears, but wears a tux. Sorta as nutts as Gonzo, but much more relyable. Works in the Muppet Show's information and fan mail section.
  7. ZootyCutie Member

    In my fan fiction "Life is My Highway", I created some new villans.

    The Shadow Gang: They are basically living shadows, they can take the shape of anything. The leader wears a purple cape. He is in control, and his name is Vlad. The other members are named Zim, Zam, Ruby, Crystal, Shard, Pallor, Bowza, Duece, Flail, Unknown, and Gary. They basically look like a mix of Coach Z, Mr. Game and Watch, and a chibi.
  8. ZootyCutie Member

    Here's what each memeber of the Shadow Gang look like. They all have the same triangle shaped body, circular head, white eyes, no mouth, no legs, invisible arms, and shadows for skin. The way you can tell them apart is by their outfits.

    Vlad: Purple cape (male)
    Zim: Invader Zim outfit and antenna (male)
    Zam: Police officer (male)
    Ruby: Red coctail dress and long brown hair (female)
    Crystal:Blue jacket and green t-shirt with long blonde hair (female)
    Shard: Ninja outifit, X-shaped scar on face (male)
    Pallor: Grim Reaper robe (male)
    Bowza: Animal's Muppet Show outfit, red moehawk (male)
    Deuce: Stinkoman's outift, blue hair (male)
    Flail: Crazy Harry's outfit, swirling eyes (male
    Unknown: Tank top and skirt, one eye, platinum hair in mysterious fashion (female)
    Gary: nerd clothing (male)
  9. PhsychoChimp New Member

    I have a new character idea! NAKED NORTON! He's gray, with one huge eye, and one small one with a bag around it. His eyes swivel. He's a live hands, who has appeared in my highschool news, screaming insanely about nonesense, quote. "MONKEY INVASION! RUN FOR THE PILLS!" He has wavy blue hair, and big teeth. He also has a grey eyelid over his smaller eye. He has lopsided ears, and the works. He pops up when ever someone mentions anything that has to do with Naked.
  10. The Count Moderator

    You know... Rather liked Spencer. Norton might fit in with the spooks of the Count's monster minions, though it needs a bit of work to finish defining the character but it's a very good start.
  11. PhsychoChimp New Member

    Norton's not a monster, just a very disturbed soul... He hits high notes very often, sorta like... Um.. No idea. A new feature, is that Norton's tounge hangs out the side of his mouth. Why would the Count want a fully naked man running around! :concern:
    Spencer: Has been changed to a green furred frackle, still with tux, His beak is long and yellow, he has purple eyelids, and speaks with a Trevor the Gross voice.
    Quagmire: Small gorilla wearing a white t-shirt. Hates that he's small. He's shorter than Sal, who he thought was a female.
    Tybalt: A wolf wearing an old navy hoody, speaks with a boston accent. Peace keeper of my group with Wazza Frackle.
    Wazza: Pure white Frackle with small black moveable eyebrows. Wazza's beak is mitten shaped, and has two fangs. He also has large dog ears, that perk like Foofoo's.
    Sam the Seagull: A very laid back, surfer boy version of Sam the Eagle. :attitude:
    Matilda: A very naisaly voiced woman, with braces. She is played by my girlfriend. She has a crush on the only other human.
    R.G: Based off of me, his glasses are removable. He is very quiet unless provoked.
    And finally.
    The Weirdest of all..
    Monkey: A baboon with a blue hiney. Who he named Glayds. He has been known to launch Wazza out of sinks. For no reason other than to unclog the sink. He hates when people think he looks like Rafiki. [The original puppet WAS a Rafiki plush, but alas, he's half bald, almost missing an arm, his original pupils where melted off, and where sloppily readded, his nose is worn out... But the newer version has an eyebrow mechanisim, and stuff.] Monkey claims he wears diapers, but they're untouchable. Monkey thinks the solution to everything is either Naked Norton, an explosion, or him leaping out a window...
    Edit: The idea of Monkey came around when I found the plush, and it just hit off. Monkey's appeared in almost everyone of my student films, news segments, and what not. His loud voice is rougher than Guy Smiley's, and he lowers it on certain words.
    Example: "WHY are YOU FILMING ME! Ya sickO!" Sorta like that... Monkey's insaneness is what Wazza calls... Rejected ADHD. No offense, since I also have it. When monkey first appeared, he had a very high and kid like voice, but it changed when his 'oven' exploded. Said Oven was actually a firecracker, and he went insane afterwards.
  12. The Count Moderator

    Well... Not so much a naked man... Like I said, it's a good premise but needs work, sort of reminds me of the type that belongs or would fit fright in with a gallery of freaks and spooks and misshapen or metamorphed Muppets.
  13. PhsychoChimp New Member

    And what of Monkey?:)
  14. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Wow, such creative characters! I envy the originality of some. I should give out my long time characters but beware he is like the next Mr. Rogers.

    Wicker Prescott Personality:

    The modernized Charlie Chaplin.
    The intelligence and humor of Albert E.
    Has a weakness for women and Fozzie's mother.
    Well mannered.
    The cleverness of a pirate.
    Has a fetish with PB & J.
    Private fellow.
    Secretly eats his boogers.
    Believes himself to be suave when utterly clumsy.
    Critical (mentally)
    Dictator enthusiast (He thinks he is a dictator)


    He stands tall looking very much like an expectant general. Purple skin, straight teeth, half-moon glasses hovering over his half lidded black eyes, silvery white hair that is slicked back, thick white eyebrows, and a large thick mustache. He appears to be fifty-one years old..in other words his looks are based on Michael Mcdonald (talented singer) and a rough Stalin. His white suit is hot-pressed and he carries around an expensive gold rod. His stomach bulges shamlessley giving him a rather manly grandfather look.

    Tinsel Pinx Personality:
    Innocent--makes her look dumb sometimes.
    Wiling to learn despite her limited knowledge.
    A little whiny.
    When angered it would seem that she could make the dead rise.
    Unknowingly flirtacious.
    Easily tricked.
    Has a bad sweet tooth.
    Listener rather than a talker--in fact she would give one the impression of being mute.
    Works at Fuddruckers.
    Crush on Bunsen <3.


    She has curly dark brown hair, tan skin, thick eyebrows, large eyelashes, light brown eyes you could melt into, wears little candy cane earrings--depends on what month. A small nose, full cherry lips, and a slightly long neck. She wears a sleevless white dress that stops above the knee with a navy colored sash that hugs her waist as well as navy leg warmers with penny loafers... she dresses like if it we're the 50's or the next Maddonna. Her species is an elf. :3

    I should stay on topic. I could not help meself.

    *Flee* <3
  15. PhsychoChimp New Member

    Wow, much better than Monkey...
  16. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    ;3 awww your character is cool too!
  17. The Count Moderator

    In reply to PhsychoChimp...

    If Monkey's the one you've invested the greatest amount of work, both physical puppetry skills in creating it and the back story and personality of the character itself... Then that's the one you should be proudest of no matter what anybody else says. Was simply commenting on the ones I found particularly personally somewhat interesting or to my liking But they're your creations, so the one who should love them is you yourself. Take pride in that and you'll never go wrong in life. Hope this helps.
  18. PhsychoChimp New Member

    Yes, but, I didn't think you'd like Wazza...
  19. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    X3 I like Wazza.
  20. PhsychoChimp New Member

    I have a new character...

    He's a yellow whatnot, with eyes with very small pupils. He shivers alot, and his eyes can shift, and close. When he's asleep, he's in danger. His nightmares usually come out to torment him, example.
    Jared: AHHH!
    Kermit: You ok, Jared?
    Jared: Just had a nightmare...
    Kermit: About?
    Jared: Well, a big hairy thing came in and stole my glass of water...
    Sweetums: *Walks in, takes his Glass of water, walks out.*
    Jared: AHHH! ::Runs in circles.::

    Jared has three hairs on his head, a lime green nose, and two round ears. He usually wears a nightcap, and or pajamas.

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