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Numbers of the Night

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by The Count, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thinking that after this story's done I'll just move on to my other projects... Here's a bit of behind the scenes for what's coming next.

    OK, we've got thirteen chapters so far. So, I'd rully like to compress the rest into two chapters: 14 for the battle against the Goblin Queen and her master minion, and then 15 for the finale. But seeing as how I'm basing this on video game fashioned formats and one franchise over all, my all-time fave... It'll probably drag out for four chapters into the moat/waterfalls around the castle first and then into the underground complex. One other chapter for the final battles, and then the fiinale in another chapter. Gonna try my hardest to get this done, but it's looking ever tougher what with all the great fics by everyone else.

    Well, we'll see when the next bit gets posted.
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Ten days later, and this story not only has not been updated, but has sunk down to the bottom of the page. <sigh>. Just reminding you this exists, that's all...
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh, I know this story still exists. And as for the lack of updates... Um...
    *Swedish Chef comes in with film projector. Der flip flip flip, shnipety shnip. Der flim flum shtuppy.
    Due to technical difficulties, we interrupt our story. We will return as soon as these are taken care of.

    No! You put that blowtorch down! You'll ruin the negatives. And the Baked Alaska!
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member


    I. Tried. To. Be. Patient.


    It's not working.

    COUNT! Hi, Hello, this here, this is a story. This is a very wonderful story, that you have been writing. Except that you have not finished it. It has fallen off the fourth page of the forum! I had to go to the absolute last shown thread, and then hit "previous thread" quite a few times. Why? Well, I can't let you continue to ignore this. And if you're not ignoring it, I can't let you use the excuse that you can't find it. So, if you please... there is a tale for you to tell...
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *In Maxwell Smart (as played by Don Adams and not the new soon-to-be released remake with Steve Correll) voice: Would you believe?...

    Sorry Lisa, what can I tell you. Got other things on the plate.
    1 Muppet Listing re-do, cause the stats just weren't adding up.
    2 Go through that s soon as possible so as not to fall behind with questions regarding the new characters from Season 36 to add to the list.
    3 Classic SS episodes to ask characters about as well.
    4 Classes, which I'm already a bit behind hoping to get started and on track with readers this week.
    5 The Counting Castle Creatures, basically a redo of the bosses from this story though not all of them are present at the time being, maybe bring them in later as I go developing them one by one.

    But rest assured I'll finish this story.

    And there's an easier way to find the thread, just check your user profile page and go through your own posts to find the thread quicker.
  6. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    .......<blink>......... why do I never think of the easy way to do things.....
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Not sure if you guys want this, but...

    Chapter 14.

    Edward was caught in the hallway between that old pair of creaking doors. "How had it come to this?" he wondered to himself. And then his memory starting spinning backwards on the events that led him to the spot where he stood at that moment.

    His first memory was from right after collecting the last marble number from Orchard-10. Yes, he was brought back to the inner sanctum of the Count's castle with nary a soul detecting his presence.

    The Count was already dressed in his normal suit of clothes, making phone calls to his friends... Had to make it seem as if everything was still on track, just a little delayed he kept telling all the tourists who had booked tickets to see the monstruous monument. Edward spoke up as soon as his friend hung up the phone.
    "Hexcuse me, but have you found any marble numbers lately?" came Edward's voice from the dark recesses near the room's walls.
    Count: "Edvard! You're back! And..." Counting the filled tubes around Mr. Grimness's belt after opening them all: "You have all ten numbers!"
    Edward: Yes, but I can't give them to you just yet, still need them and the added toys to flush out the underground lair of its goblin infestations."
    Count, with a small twinkle in his eye,: "Wery vell then. But take this, the bats have been vorking on it to help you in your mission."
    And with that, the vampire handed over a walking staff with a black batty bat topper.
    Edward: Magnificent craftsmanship, did they give it a name?"
    Count: "Yes, it's called the Staff of the Underworld, made just for you my old friend."
    Edward: Than you, now I must be going..." his voice trailed off.
    Count: "Just 1 more thing, here's a map of the underground lair so you know how to get to the black heart and get rid of those nasty things."

    With that, Edward left using his teleportation belt to get him to sectors of the castle he previously visited. "Have to stock up on supplies" he muttered more to himself than to anyone else as he kept going back to collect Bat-Tanks, leaving a split-second after getting his hands around the black canisters with the help of his X-It device.

    Once his pack was full, he decided to start the perilous journey. The first sight that greeted him was a sad one. The castle outer doors were bare, stripped of their smiling skulls with the fright white numbers marking the completion of another stage of his vigorous figure collection.
    Not a skull was left for Edward to view through the aid of his bat-vision eyepiece. One step through those doors and he was taken to the start of the underground's first sector. He knew there was no turning back now, if he started this path he couldn't go back until the job was done.

    The staff was a wonderous item, all bats who previously attacked him now appeared to help refill his life and weapon energy meters if they needed replenishing. The moat river ride was first, twisting and turning past floating lilypads and snapping gator jaws. A familiar banjo music played in the background, he could almost make it out... "Something about rainbows? No, can't be."
    Pressing on, he used his staff to augment the effects of the other toys... From rolling inside a protective pumpkin shell shield to generating an electric field around himself, the watery hammer-fisted goblin guard of the moat was spooked away in the blink of an eye.

    Then, a passage opened up behind the moat's waterfalls, leading deep beneath the earth. This route would take him straight to the next fiend. Little baby bats cried out for their freedom, trapped in smoky gray cases from the rocky ceiling. Every time he used his bat-blaster, on a lowered setting so as not to harm the bat inside, he received an extra health chip. Crystaline Doozerstick ladders kept leading him onward, till reaching the final chamber. Here, it was thanks to the use of his drenching thunder storm and smothering spider web spinner that the fireball shaman goblin guard of the pit was extinguished.

    After that, the passage widened and familiar foes like the Horse and Axe Knights emerged, along with the little Rocket Rats. Travelling the length of this rocky terrain was made easier by his new pumped-up taxi treads, until he had to make his way across the wooden suspension bridge. Knocking off both guards at the end, Mr. Grimness approached the final stop on this path. Concrete-cracking cat claws and a python vice grip were needed to reduce both heads of the two-headed rock giant goblin guard to rubble.

    Twisting turning tunnels presented a problem, though Edward overcame this making sure that his foes left him alone as he shot down the Storm Clouds and Cyber Spiders with his trusty bat-blaster. At the end, he dispatched the eerie phantom bird goblin guard by outwitting it with his vanishing cloak and the intense blazing fury of his fireball barrage.

    Only one more guard remained between him and the final leg of his quest. Those familiar creaking doors again. And just why had he stopped, he wondered. Why was it that he hesitated so before entering this particular battle? What had distracted him so?
    Ah yes, he remembered it now. His mind had been filled with thoughts of his friends and all their stories. He remembered how Kermit fought off those crayon clones of the red demon, a confused young man threaten to shoot the frogs as his father almost did so many years ago, the way that almost all the color left Beauregard's home and how he saved its heart... And then there was that wonderful reunion show at the theater just the month before...
    Yes, he had come a long way and so had his friends. But there was one last person he knew he had to face if he wanted to bring back the joy to his counting comrade's kingdom.
    As soon as he passed through the doors he saw it... "No wonder there were no skulls on the castle gates, this explains everything."
    Yes, the skulls had been ripped from their sockets and stored in the corner, huddled in a hurried mass scared of who put them there. "What's the matter my little ones?" Edward asked talking to them as if they could answer though he knew they wouldn't.
    At this moment his final foe arrived on the other end of the dungeon room... A giant skull soldier, clad in goblin armor with a turnstile screwed in place of one of its arms.

    Skull Soldier: "This is where your meddling ends Grimness!"
    Edward: "I won't let you frighten my friends any longer!"
    In an instant, the battle had started. The skull soldier swung wildly with its turnstile mechanism, all around his position. Edward knew it wouldn't easy to get in close and hit it in its one vulnerable point, the chest where the black star was clearly visible. He decided to use a couple of new tricks. The tank treads would allow him to travel through any terrain, so he used them to drive up the walls and across the ceiling of the chamber. Ready for what would happen next, he switched to his apple bombs and dropped a cluster of bombs on the bony battler before dropping himself from the room's roof. Once he gained a clear shot, the bat-blaster did its thing aiming straight for the sentinel's chest. With a total of ten super shots, this grim guardian had been removed from the game. Edward was pleased, taking the ten skulls in his arms. "Yes, the Count will be pleased indeed."
    He sent the skulls on ahead with one last batch of liberated baby bats. These had been spotted during the battle, as they came forth to aid their champion. Their cases were blasted during the conflict, and the bats flew off after they were sure Mr. Grimness was safe.

    Edward mused to himself with one last thought, "Hmmm, wonder where..."
    And then he heard it. "Are you ready for me?" said a sultry siren's voice sunken in the sinister space of the surrounding shadows. The next thing Edward knew, he felt a strong force knocking him to his feet and everything went black.
  8. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Count, I've gotta hand it to you. You floored me, absolutely floored me, three times. One, you FINALLY posted a new chapter! I've been waiting all summer for this, and you know it! Two, the references, and oh, what references! I had a feeling you were alluding to a certain amphibious friend of ours when you mentioned the lily pads, and then you went on with the banjo... something about rainbows, perhaps? And Mr. Grimness is thinking of his friends- Kermit fighting the crayon clones of a red demon (The Revenge of Elmo), a confused young man threaten to shoot the frogs as his father almost did so many years ago (Chasing Robin- and thanks a million for it!), the way that almost all the color left Beauregard's home and how he saved its heart (And What is on the Other Side?), And then there was that wonderful reunion show at the theater just the month before (Sometimes it's Better to Go). You know, it was worth the wait just for those references! And the third time you floored me- The next thing Edward knew, he felt a strong force knocking him to his feet and everything went black. FLOORED!
    Count, don't you dare make me wait as long for the next chapter as you made me wait for this one. I want it and I want it NOW. (Well okay so "now" is a little unrealistic, but soon!)
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks. Was waiting to hear what you thought. Yes, you specifically from the moment I posted the chapter.

    One more battle left, and then the finale.
    Only problem is, I don't have a good enough song in my mind picked out for the finale. Seems the good are already taken in the other stories, and no good counting song of going up to at least 10 comes to mind.
    Guess I could use Count It Higher, but I know there's something else to be used. Maybe some suggestions are in order?
    Oh well, catch you later.
  10. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Ed, I just read it. I loooooove it! Thank you ten million and three times for the references to my fan-fics! Can't wait for the next chapter!
  11. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    I'm with Lisa, FINALLY. I've been waiting, thank you. Now I wait paitently for the next one.
  12. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <blink> Patiently? PATIENTLY? Nyssa, how can you wait PATIENTLY? I'm sorry, but all my PATIENCE in waiting for this story has been long spent over the TWO MONTHS, EIGHT DAYS, FOUR HOURS, AND THIRTEEN MINUTES between chapters thirteen and fourteen! Come on, Count, tell us more!
  13. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    Lisa he doesn't need peer pressure. He needs positive reinforcement. Great story Count.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Chapter 15.

    Twas a while before Edward finally awoke. Trying to gather his bearings, he fumbled about in the dark, unable to move. "Looking for something?" came a familiar female's voice.

    Yes, this was the Goblin Queen herself. Most of his armor had been removed, but he was still clad in his grayish uniform. The belt with all its numbers hung high from the cragged ceiling above. "Wouldn't want you to have an unfair advantage now" was all she had to say. He could feel her legs wrapped around his own, her goblin growth firmly on top of his lower body preventing him from getting up. She gently rubbed Mr. Grimness's shoulders, softly cooing: "Why resist? Join my kingdom and we can rule together."
    Edward: "Can't... let you... win."
    Rebecca, somewhat angered: "You'd fight to stop me from regaining my own home?!?"
    Edward: "If it hurts my friends... yes..."

    She delivered a swift punch to his stomach. "All fright then, get up and fight."
    She moved off to the other side of the throne room waiting for the battle to start. She smiled a sly smile before flaking away a few of the scales on her left arm. "You're not the only one with a life meter boy-o."
    Edward, regaining his footing: "True, but at least I still have my heart."
    He checked what was the inner compartment of his chestplate, scared for a split-second. He sighed after finding the marble 0 still connected to his internal wiring. He also had his bat-blaster and two Bat-Tanks, but his visor had been deactivated.

    Edward: "If that's the way you want it, then let's dance."
    Soon after the fight was well under way. Without his visor, Mr. Grimness had to trust his instincts and trust that he lept out of the way whenever an opposing blast was aimed at his body. With only two Bat-Tanks remaining, he'd have to conserve his energy and make every shot count.

    As the fight wore on, he noticed something curious about Rebecca's hits... It seemed that she was shooting arcs of darkened energy, made of a black band layered above a grim gray edge, both upon a beam of white light. These darkbows as Edward had come to know them were odd in and of themselves... But what was weirder was the fact these darkbows were issued from the glowing jewel in the middle of the goblin's crown. "So if I aim for the jewel..." Edward thought, and sure enough... A few blasts later, he sensed that Rebecca's life energies were lowered to match his own.

    The goblin monarch spied her own meter and noted that it was already a quarter lower than when they started. "OK, let's see how you handle this." The darkbows were now bouncing off the rocky walls of her throne room, splitting off into three separate rays of dark glowing light. Edward did his best to dodge these, either sinking low down to the ground or attempting a jump to leap over the harmful waves. Some he was able to outmaneuver, though he still got rocked by the tailend of the black bands. Noticing that their meters were about the same in how much was left, he decided this was the moment.

    Mr. Grimness uncapped the first of his Bat-Tanks and absorbed the contents, refilling his life energy readout. Revitalized, he was able to charge his bat-blaster and create more powerful shots. This would give him a fighting chance against the dangerously dancing darkbows. He zigged left and shot to his right... She darted forwards, spun around, and fired twice... The duo were at it for quite a while.

    Once Rebecca's meter was at three-quarters drained, she unleashed the full rage of the crown's potential. The darkbows were now shot in their individual energy component forms at straight angles from the crown's jewel from where she stood in the center of the room. With every passing second, she kept spinning to fire at her enemy. Realizing that his own reserves were at their lowest possible point, Mr. Grimness reached for his last Bat-Tank pouring its contents into his very soul.

    Reenergized for a second time during the conflict, Edward seized the moment to make his final charge. He'd keep jumping in between the waves, charging his bat-blaster and firing only when the crown's jewel was in plain sight. This continued for at least five more turns... With the fifth and final turn being the decisive shot. After that last shot, Rebecca's meter was completely destroyed, leaving her weaker than she had ever been. Frightened by the scene, Edward rushed to her side attempting to save her. Her body kept struggling, until the crown was rejected from its spot around her head and the duo dematerialized into the darkness leaving this realm behind.

    The crown shattered and exploded, releasing a blinding flash of light, just as the throne room's ceiling crumbled and the entire lair was reduced to rubble.
  15. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    Wow! Cool! Cant wait to see what happens next.
  16. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    Cool story, Ed!
  17. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <eyes wide>

    More. Now. Please. Please oh pretty please. Now.
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You want more? Well... There's only 1 more thing I need to finish the story... No, 2 things... No, 3 things...
    Ah ha! Sorry, got carried away.

    Anyway, what I need to finish the story.
    1 Decide what to do with the main characters. But I think that's already taken care of.
    2 A good enough counting song, going from 1 to 10 preferably, to insert into the final musical number.
    Can't think of any myself... Any suggestions?
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Author's note: Thanks to Diana (JaniceFerSure) for the lyrics.

    Chapter 16.

    In the final moments before the underground throne room collapsed in on itself, Mr. Grimness's belt fell down to his feet. He caught it, along with Rebecca, pushed the button and were both transported to safety. Edward rushed Rebecca's cold corpse to the enfermerary at the Count's castle, hoping there'd be at least some small flicker of light within her.

    The next day... Soft bells were ringing from high on up among the bricks of the belfry. Rebecca had been spared the grip of Death's cold hands... But she wasn't sure what to do next.
    Rebecca: "I'm sorry to have caused you and your friends so much grief Edward... I..."
    Those were her last words before the bells finished tolling, just before her body quietly disappeared into nothingness. Edward could still hear her voice from time to time.

    Yes, this was a bitter-sweet victory. The numbers had been restored to his friend's vault, but Rebecca was no longer upon this earth. Edward paused over the sketches for his new batch of creatures down in the workshop... While he answered a curious voice's question.
    Edward: "Yes, that one's supposed to be you. Don't worry, you'll be brought back as soon as I finish making up my mind and get to building them." With that, he rolled up his plans and walked upstairs. His feet treaded upon the carpets of the halls, while peering in the well-lit rooms.

    Mr. Grimness wondered where the Count could be. His friend wasn't in the vault counting the numbers... Wasn't up in the belfry counting the bells or the bats... Wasn't in Edward's study...
    And then Mr. Grimness looked upon his own collection of figures. So many friends here he thought. "Hmmm, wonder if..." Edward's thought were interrupted when he heard the Count calling him to come outside. There he found a welcome sight. Of course, without his bat-visor, he had to rely on what sight he had left and the Count's guidance. The white smiling skulls were all placed upon the archway above the castle's doors where they belonged. And as if that wasn't all, Prairie Dawn showed up to help put the skulls there.
    Prairie: We've got another surprise for you Mr. Grimness. Hit it!"
    The Electric Mayhem was waiting their signal down in the makeshift music pit out on the lawn next to the eerie entrance.

    Before Edward knew it, the music started up.
    Dr. Teeth, at his jazzy-sounding keyboard: You told me you could count.
    You said there’s nothing to it.
    Well, if you’re so good at counting,
    Let me hear you do it.
    Count: 1 ...
    Prairie: 2 ...
    Edward, joining in: 3 ...
    As they sang out each number, the same number plastered on all of the skulls above the doorway lit up, fading once the counting chorus dropped off.

    Dr. Teeth: Mercy, is that the best you can do?
    You’ve got to count it higher
    Electric Mayhem: Count it higher.
    Dr. Teeth: I’d like to know who told ya you could stop at 3.
    You’ve got to count it higher.
    Electric Mayhem: Count it higher.
    Dr. Teeth: Baby, if you want to count with me.

    Let me hear you count again now
    Dr. Teeth: Let me hear you count again now.
    Janice: 1 ...
    Lips: 2 ...
    Animal: 3 ...
    Dr. Teeth: Higher!
    Zoot: 4 ...
    Dr. Teeth: Higher!

    Floyd Pepper: 5 ... Agh!

    Dr. Teeth: You’ve got to count it higher.
    Electric Mayhem: Count it higher.
    Dr. Teeth: 5 just isn’t good enough at all you see
    You’ve got to count it higher.
    Electric Mayhem: Count it higher.
    Dr. Teeth: Baby, if you want to count with me.

    Dr. Teeth: Now, let’s just try it one last time.
    Upon which... Some more familiar faces joined in, appearing on the rooftop landing of the castle to sing out each number while that same number lit up on the skull below them. Edward walked a little bit forward so he could at least adjust his head up to where all the different voices were coming from and follow them, from left to right while standing in front of the castle's gaping jaws.

    Miss Piggy: 1 ...
    Fozzie Bear: 2 ...
    Scooter: 3 ...
    Rizzo the Rat: 4 ...
    Gonzo the Great, with Camilla the Chicken: 5 ...
    Statler and Waldorf: 6 ...
    Beauregard: 7 ...
    Sam the Eagle: Oh, 8 ...
    Rowlf The Dog: 9 ...
    Robin the Frog singing, while Uncle Deadly held up the skull with the 10 in his clawed hands: 10

    Dr. Teeth: You went and counted higher.
    Electric Mayhem: Counted higher.
    Dr. Teeth: You really went and counted all the way to 10.
    You went and counted higher.
    Electric Mayhem: Counted higher.
    Dr. Teeth: Now go back to 1 and start to count again.

    Dr. Teeth: Are you ready?
    Kermit The Frog, coming out from the corner tower and singing with Miss Piggy: 1 ...
    Fozzie Bear: 2 ...
    Scooter: 3 ...
    Rizzo the Rat: 4 ...
    Gonzo and Camilla: 5 ...
    Statler and Waldorf: 6 ...
    Beauregard: 7 ...
    Sam the Eagle: All right, 8 ...
    Rowlf The Dog: 9 ...
    Robin the Frog and Uncle Deadly, both: 10

    Dr. Teeth: You went and counted higher.
    Electric Mayhem: Counted higher.
    You counted counted counted higher
    Dr. Teeth: You counted counted counted, huh!
    Electric Mayhem: You counted counted counted higher

    Count: You really are so good at counting!
    Dr. Teeth: Yeah, and their singin' ain't too bad either! Heh, heh.
    With that all the Muppets partied till they were too tired to move... But they didn't care, they were celebrating the Count's castle being complete and open to all Muppets and their friends once again. Edward was a little sad at the friends who weren't there, but he knew the time would come... Very soon now, that their Sesame Street friends would join them both in person and by representation in the figure collection.

    This was the ending Mr. Grimness wanted for his counting comrade... A counting party to add up all those numbers of the night.
  20. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    This deserves one thing.

    <standing ovation>

    Will hopefully post a more detailed response tomorrow, depending on homework and several other factors.

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