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Old Friends Who've Just Met

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Starts chants of We Want Gonzo! We Want Gonzo! And more commentary while you're at it!

    20 heavy textbooks examined already.
  2. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 8

    Rizzo snored loudly as he slept in his hammock. Random items of mass collecting were flying over his head.

    Me: I love that line, random items of mass collecting!

    Gonzo: Yeah! Most of it is in our closet!

    "Rizzo?" Gonzo asked as he shuffled through his things. Rizzo snored. "Rizzo?!" Gonzo shook Rizzo’s hammock.

    Rizzo slowly awoke from his slumber. "Wha-What? I didn’t eat all da corn casserole I swear..."

    Gonzo: Yes he did. He eats all of everything.

    "Rizzo where’d my postcards go?" Gonzo asked his roommate.

    Rizzo rubbed his eyes. "Postcards? Ugh, dey’re under da sets of colored pencils, why?"

    Gonzo rushed over to a stack of multi-colored pencils, throwing them behind him. "Well, on one of those postcards are the coordinates of my family’s space station."

    Me: Why do you have a stack of multi-colored pencils?

    Gonzo: Hey, you’re the writer.

    Me: So I’ve heard...

    Rizzo watched his roommate from his hammock. "So, you’re really gonna do dis?" he asked.

    Gonzo turned around, he was holding a blue and a red pencil in his hand. "Yeah Rizzo, I’m really gonna do it," he said turning back to the pencils.

    Gonzo: No I am not!

    Me: Yes you are!

    Gonzo: No I am not!

    Me: Yes you are!

    *Camilla waddles in furiously*

    Camilla: Bawk buck buck baaaawk!!

    Gonzo: Oh Camilla! Hi babe!

    Rizzo jumped down from the hammock and walked over to his best friend.

    "It’s not gonna be da same here without’cha ya know."

    Me: ...Camilla WHAT are you doing here?

    Camilla: Bagawk! Byuck buck bawk!

    Me: Oh...Well if THAT doesn’t explain everything I don’t know what will...

    "Yeah well, I think you’ll all survive."

    "But will you?"

    Gonzo stared at Rizzo. "What do you mean?"

    Camilla: Baw? Buck bawk bagawk?

    Gonzo: Oh, don’t worry honey, he’ll explain soon.

    "Well, dat spaghetti did say dat your family was up against somet’in’ dat could wipe out your entire species. So what’s to stop it from wipin’ you out?"

    Camilla: BAGAWK?! Buck byuck bagawk?!

    Gonzo: Oh, Ryan wrote it.

    Camilla: *furiously pecks me*

    Me: OW! What did I-OW! Do to deserve-OWWW!! This?! OW!

    "Well, the spaghetti also said that if I came I’d be able to defeat whatever it is they’re up against, so maybe it won’t have a chance."

    Rizzo sniffed as he held back tears. "But...But what would I do without you Gonzo? I need ya bud."

    "Oh Rizzo," Gonzo patted the rat on the back. "I’ll be okay," he smiled. "And if I don’t come back, who’s gonna be your roommate with all this stuff in here?"

    Gonzo: Apparently Ryan will be my roommate no matter what...


    Rizzo laughed. "I guess you’re right. So, did ya find da postcards yet?"

    Gonzo pulled out a small stack of postcards from beneath the colored pencils. "Yup, right here!" he shifted through the interstellar postcards. "An here’s the one with the coordinates! Um, Rizzo, I gotta go get these to Bunsen and Beaker at the theater, I’ll talk to you later, ok?"

    "But Gonzo-"

    "Later!" Gonzo shouted back as he ran down to the basement.

    Rizzo shook his head and began to re-stack the colored pencil collection.

    Gonzo: I hope he puts those back in the right order...


    Camilla: BAWK?!?! *continues furiously pecking me*

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Robin was at the kitchen table with a set of crayons. He was coloring on a piece of blank white paper. A boomerang fish flew over the frog’s head and Lew Zealand ran by, "Hang on Jana!" he stopped and turned to the table, he saw Robin and stopped to talk. "Hey, hey, Little Mr. The Frog! What’re you doing?" Lew asked.


    Gonzo: How come he gets all the pain?

    Robin looked up from his drawing at Lew. "Oh hi Lew, I’m just drawing some pictures," Robin said.

    "Wow, well if you need any inspiration, just let me know and I can do my boomerang fish!" he ducked down and popped back up holding a fish in each hand. "Watch! I throw them a-way!" he threw one of the fish away and it smacked Bean Bunny in the back of the head. "And they come back to me!" he said, waiting for the fish to come back. "Hmm, Mairin needs more training..." he said, walking off.

    Robin shook his head and returned to his pictures. A loud thumping was heard coming down the stairs, Robin turned back around and saw Gonzo. "Hey Gonzo, I have something for you!" Robin said.

    Gonzo: Ooh, what is it? What is it??

    Me: IT’S PAINFUL!!!

    "Can it wait Robin? I’ve really gotta get this to Bunsen," he said waving a postcard and running past, right out the door.

    Gonzo: Oh, but I wanna see what he made!

    Me: OW! You will! OW!

    "But...I drew it myself," Robin whispered. He grabbed a piece of paper and looked down at it. On the paper, Robin had drawn a picture of Gonzo floating in space and Robin standing on a mini Earth. At the top he’d written, "Close to my soul, and yet so far away." Robin frowned, "Well, I guess I can give it to him later," he put the picture off to the side. "But, he is going to go back there Thursday..."

    Gonzo: Heh, that’s a cute reference to the song Ryan.



    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "I did it Johnny’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!" Sal Manilla, Johnny Fiama’s butler’s monkey, sang.

    One of the lenses in Clifford’s sunglasses cracked, he tossed them off his face. "Alright, next!" he shouted from the front row of seats in the Muppet Theater.

    Me: OW! Before I-OW! Forget, this scene was-OWWW! Inspired by my good friend christyb!! OW!!

    Kermit scrunched up his face as Scooter marked something on yet another checklist. "Well boss, that’s all the acts," Scooter said.

    Kermit sighed. "I guess we’ll never find anyone to replace Gonzo’s act."

    Gonzo: They’re REPLACING me?

    "Hey," Sal shouted. "What was wrong with my act?"

    Gonzo: Yeah, I liked it, it was painful.


    Johnny Fiama joined his monkey on stage. "What was wrong with it? What wasn’t wrong with it? You were insulting me Sal!"

    "Sorry Johnny, I was just expressing my inner feelings," Sal shrugged.

    "You’re inner feelings? Since when do you have inner feelings?"

    "I’ve always had inner feelings! You just don’t pay attention to me!"


    Gonzo: You do it pretty well too. Hey Camilla, you hungry?


    Johnny was examining his fingers. "Oh what? Sorry Sal I wasn’t paying attention. Oh and, uh, could you go get me a canolli?"

    Sal sighed. "Yeah Johnny, no problem..." the monkey said as he walked off.
    The front doors of the theater burst open and Gonzo darted inside. "Kermit, Kermit, Kermit! Where are Bunsen and Beaker?"

    Gonzo: Hey! Look Camilla! There I am!

    Camilla: *gets off of me* Baw...*lays head on Gonzo’s shoulder*

    Me: Finally...A break...Finally...I’m not being henpecked...

    Camilla: Bagawk! Bawk pun! BAWWK! *returns to furiously pecking me*

    Kermit turned around. "Nice to see you too Gonzo, but, uh, last time I saw Bunsen and Beaker they were backstage testing something on...Er...Someone."

    Gonzo: Heh, they always are...Don’t you agree Camilla?

    Camilla: *pecking harder* Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

    Gonzo: Die! Die! Die! Die! Who’s dieing?

    Camilla: BAGAWWWK!

    Gonzo: Oh, Ryan? Okay, have fun honey.


    "Thanks Kermit!" Gonzo said as he ran backstage still carrying a postcard. The set of postcards he had were all from his family in space, each of them telling him of how everything was going, or in the case of the special card in Gonzo’s hand, how to find them if he ever needed to.

    He found Bunsen and Beaker backstage just as Kermit had said. They were standing over a gigantic speaker with Floyd Pepper, who was holding his bass. "Are you sure about this man?" Floyd asked.

    Gonzo: Ooh, neat machine.

    "Oh positively Mr. Pepper!" Bunsen exclaimed. "With our new Muppet Labs Agitated Amplifier you’ll be able to blast your rock and roll until you can’t rock and roll any more!"

    "Mo more!" Beaker shouted.

    Gonzo walked up to the front of the speaker and looked up at the scientists and their musical man. "So what? I just hit a note?" Floyd asked.
    "Ooh yes, an E preferably!" Bunsen said.


    Gonzo: Ooh, nice tone.

    "Me mee me mo!"

    Floyd shrugged. "Alright," he brought his hand down on a string. The speaker blared and created a small breath of wind that blew Gonzo’s hair tufts back. "Whoa man!" Floyd shouted. "This is groovy!" he said before playing a series of notes, getting harder on each one, and finally slamming down on the guitar, sending Gonzo flying across the stage in a gust of jamming bass.

    Gonzo crashed on the other side of the stage, breaking through a crate. He jumped up and out of the crate and back onto the stage looking himself over.

    Clifford laughed. "Got a new stunt idea, eh Gonz?" he asked.

    Gonzo: You bet I do!

    "No!" Gonzo shouted, making the others jump in their seats. "I’m lucky I’m not hurt!"

    "Whoa man, chill out," Clifford said.

    "Chill out? Chill out?! I just had a near-death experience!" Gonzo yelled.

    Gonzo: Wasn’t it cool?! Oh wait, I get it! Chill out, cool, I see the next joke coming up.

    "Gonzo this isn’t the first time," Kermit said.

    Gonzo: That wasn’t the joke I thought about...

    "Actually it’s the 41,578th time," Scooter remarked. Everyone turned to Scooter. "Well someone has to keep the numbers."

    Gonzo: Hmm, I didn’t know he kept the numbers...I wonder if he’s counted how many pecks that is.


    Gonzo shook his head and stormed off the stage, back to Bunsen, Beaker, Floyd and the Agitated Amplifier. "Here," Gonzo said, handing Bunsen the postcard. "These are the coordinates I need to head to tomorrow."

    "You alright man?" Floyd asked.

    "Yeah, I’m fine," Gonzo muttered.

    "Um, the rocket will be ready for you tomorrow Mr. Gonzo," Bunsen said.
    "Mee mo mo," Beaker echoed.

    "Great," Gonzo said as he left the theater through the backstage door into the alleyway.

    Gonzo: Heh, "Great" "Gonzo" I like it Ryan, nice touch.



    He began to walk out onto the sidewalk. He kicked a tin can in front of him into the street. A car drove over it, crunching it and sending it flying back at Gonzo’s feet. Gonzo looked down at the can and lifted his eye sockets. "That could be me..."

    Gonzo: Ooh, neato! Hey Ryan, that can somewhat resembles you!

    He heard the theater door open and close, and he heard small footsteps down the stairs. A hand sat on his shoulder, "Gonzo, you know Clifford didn’t mean what he said," Kermit said, trying to comfort the weirdo.

    Gonzo nodded. "I know Kermit, I know. I’m just really under a lot of stress right now."


    "We all know that Gonzo, and we all feel for you. We’re all pretty stressed out right now too, ya know," Kermit said calmly. "What with the robbery, having to replace you in the show and well...You leaving Gonzo. We’ll miss you."

    Gonzo: Awww...Isn’t that sweet Camilla?

    Camilla: Byuck bawk bawk!

    Gonzo: Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were busy.

    "I’ll miss you too Kermit," Gonzo said. "I wish you all could come with me, I wish that you could just visit, and I’d visit too, then I could go back there with you."

    Gonzo: HEY! I remember that! It’s a *ahem* REFERENCE!! To Ryan’s other story "Sometimes It’s Better to Go"!

    Kermit smiled. "Did you make that up?" Kermit asked sarcastically.

    Gonzo: No, Ryan did.

    "Awhile ago, yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for seven years."

    "You’ve had that long haven’t you?"

    Gonzo: I dunno, Scooter keeps the numbers.

    Me: And I don’t know how long-OWWW!! I can keep alive!! OWW!

    Gonzo nodded slowly. "Yeah well, I’ve kept myself entertained, with some help of course."

    Kermit grinned, "Glad we could be of service, now come on, let’s go back inside, it’s getting ready to rain," he said, looking up at the clouds forming in the sky above their heads. "And besides that," the frog said, pushing Gonzo towards the door. "I need your help picking someone weird and wild to replace your act. Not that we’re hard pressed to find that sort of thing around here..."

    Gonzo: Cute, cute chapter. Now come on Camilla, let’s head back to the dorms!

    Camilla: *get off of me* Bawk! *steps on my chest* Humph! *walks off with Gonzo*

    Me: Oh...I’ll never...Eat chicken...Again...
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi-la-ry-ous review.

    Loved the many little subtle times you got the business end of Camilla's beak. Now if only a certain coffee drinker's fanfiction showed us just what happened to drive a huge wedge between that beak and the schnoz of her weirdo boyfriend...
    *Ahem, The Great Desire, ahem.

    Love the commentaries Ry... Keep 'em comin'!
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Aye, 'tis good, Prawnie. Hopefully it'll cure insomnia. Or, maybe it won't, but... a girl can dream. Or at least she could, if she could sleep... <Sigh,> I have to wake up in five hours... <scrunchy face> <hugs> More please...
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    While we're at it... Could we get a chapter of Flippersteps to go?

    What? They share everything right? Then it seems only fair that they share the nagging for their stories in each other's threads, no?
    *Walks out of post...
  6. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

    Oops, falling behind here! Better late than never, right Prawnie?

    <grins> I like that line too! It gives it such a chaotic, random, messy kind of feeling... and I don't like to think what Gonzo's closet looks like. ;)

    <laughs> Oh, no surprise that's the sort of dream Rizzo would have! It could be worse... he could be dreaming of Yolanda. Oh, and <puts crown on head> as Dame of diction, might I mention how awesome the phrase "all of everything" is?

    Not too sure about that, Prawnie? I don't blame you! Sometimes I'm not sure I'm the writer either... and you should see the skeptical looks the characters give me sometimes. Or, in the case of Kermit... scrunchy faces.

    <giggles> There's a sensible woman to the rescue at last. ;)

    HAHAHAHA!!! Great line! <giggles> I sometimes wonder if all these inarticulate characters get together to commiserate sometimes.

    Aww.... <cuddles Gonzo and Camilla>

    <laughs> You're the writer! Writing is a fine art and all artists must suffer! It's just the way of things, Dr. Prawniedew. And who knows better than Beaker about suffering. And honestly... if you can't believe talking sphaghetti... who can you believe?

    <laughs> If you can't handle Camilla, Ryan, what chance do you have against Piggy? Not that that's really related of course... she's just on my mind a lot... you've listened to me ramble... you know that... oh, and that certainly doesn't make me a fangirl so you can forget about that! Oh, but these roommates can be a handful, can't they?

    Oh, you were just begging for that one, Prawnie... boy, you gotta feel sorry for all the Muppets who are related to eating animals.... or vegetables, for that matter. And Oh, I laughed so hard at Gonzo wanting the pencils back in the right order! It's such a Gonzo-y thing to do. He and his collections.

    Ah, and you continue in your efforts to baffle me with the Moppet Family. Excellent! Love Gonzo's jealousy.

    <giggles> That will only make him more curious!
    "But, he is going to go back there Thursday..."

    <giggles> Maybe you should reread Kermit's book (which I have now, YAY!!!) for help in dealing with difficult personalities Prawnie. And I agree with Gonzo, fun reference to the song... with such a funny little twist.

    <grins> This is turning into a fun running gag, which I love. Gonzo's on fire this commentary... really, very, very funny!

    <laughs> Ooh, scary... Note to self: don't get on Camilla's bad side. I'm gonna go vegetarian I think. <is suddenly surround by truly vicious looking radishes.>

    Uh oh.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bad pun!! Oh I love it! Camilla and Animal must have a book club or something.

    <laughs very hard> Oh, hysterical! First off, Kermit's line itself is wonderful... I can picture exactly how he says it. Then of course Gonzo's great... especially his understanding what Camilla's saying! Die, die, die... too funny.
    I especially love him approving Camilla's murderous attempts on his roommate... and he probably thinks you're having the time of you life...

    <grins> Something about all those EEEEEE's together just speaks to me somehow. I just can't put my finger on why...
    "Chill out? Chill out?! I just had a near-death experience!" Gonzo yelled.

    Ooh... it's funny, but it's also a little sad too... poor Gonzo... It's so strange to see him all freaked out like that.

    <giggles> Camilla dear... I'd appreciate it if you'd let him live... he writes stories which entertain me!

    <laughs> Wow... boy is she steamed! I also liked that "Great" "Gonzo" thing.

    <laughs> Oh, cute!

    <laughs> This is made even funnier by the next part...

    ...which is sort of sweet sounding... except that Ryan's being pecked to death. I guess I know what he sees in her now... and vise versa.


    Ah, nice call back to Scooter!

    <giggles> Or at the least... don't tell the evil chicken about it!! Here honey... have a bandaid, you're messing up the carpet. Maybe I should send Hilda over to comfort you... she wouldn't mind, I'm sure, and she makes killer chicken soup... oh... wait...
  7. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 9

    At five am Thursday morning, four cars and a psychedelically colored bus drove down the street leading to the light house on top the sand at Cape Doom. The lime green Volkswagen Beetle was towing a trailer loaded down with a large tarp, of course there was something underneath the tarp.

    Me: That’s four! Four cars! Ah ah ah!

    Gonzo: What are you laughing at?

    The red corvette led the pack of cars down the stretch of sandy road to the lighthouse. The car parked and from either side hopped out Johnny Fiamma and Sal Minella. "Gee Johnny, don’t you feel bad about not bringing anybody else in the car with us?" Sal asked.

    Me: Uh-oh, here it comes...

    Johnny casually strolled over towards the light house with Sal. "Are you kidding Sal? Bring those others in my curvy crimson corvette? They could dirty it up!"
    Gonzo: Nice alliteration.

    Me: Don’t you mean annihilation?

    Gonzo: I dunno, do I?

    Me: It’s a joke Gonzo...

    "Yeah, I guess you’re right," Sal said, kicking some sand. "After all that car of yours has been through I’d be pretty careful too."

    Me: REFERENCE!! To my dearest other half and her second story, "Chasing Robin."

    Gonzo: Your other half is a girl?

    Me: ...Yes...

    Gonzo: You’re more disturbing than I am.

    Suddenly the crunching of metal on metal was heard behind the two of them. When Johnny turned around, his car was nowhere in sight, and Bunsen’s lime green Volkswagen was in its place. "What the-Bunsen what happened here?!" Johnny shouted.

    Me: Bunsen happened there, that’s what happened there.

    Bunsen, Beaker and Beauregard emerged from the vehicle. Bunsen approached the front of the car. "Oh my Mr. Fiamma I am sorry about that," Bunsen said. "No worries however, I can buff out this dent in my car with the new Muppet Lab’s Fender Defender Beaker and I installed yesterday! Beaker if you would."

    Me: Oh dear...How many inventions is that this story? Four?

    Gonzo: And not one of them worked right.

    Me: This surprises you?

    Gonzo: Nothing surprises me.

    Me: Except lampshades...

    Gonzo: SHHH!!

    Reluctantly, Beaker leaned down and pressed in on the hood of the car, sending the fender flying right off, taking Beaker with it and right into the ocean, on top a red corvette.

    "My baby..." Johnny moaned. Sal patted his back as he chuckled underneath his breath.

    Me: That Sal’s a devious little monkey.

    Gonzo: I bet he gets that a lot.

    Me: I know I do.

    Kermit’s green mini van, Clifford’s black sports car and finally the Electric Mayhem’s bus pulled up behind Bunsen’s Volkswagen and the trailer attached. The rest of the Muppets in the various cars joined the others on the beach.

    Me: I think three out of those four cars are references. Kermit’s van to my story, "Revenge of Elmo," (it also made a cameo in my story "Sometimes It’s Better to Go"), I think Clifford’s car debuted in "Sometimes It’s Better to Go," but it may have come about before hand, and Bunsen’s beetle debuted in "Revenge of Elmo" as well (along with a cameo in "Sometimes It’s Better to Go").

    "Ok Dr. Honeydew let’s get this show on the road," Gonzo told Bunsen.
    Gonzo: But they just got off the road and out of their cars.

    Beaker walked out on to the beach, dripping wet, and over to Bunsen. "Yes sir Mr. Gonzo, come now Beakie let’s get the trailer," Dr. Honeydew said. The two scientists moved over to the trailer attached to Bunsen’s car and unhitched it. The two of them hauled the trailer over to the center of where all of the Muppets had gathered. Bunsen yanked off the tarp revealing a medium sized metallic rocket perched on the trailer.

    Gonzo: Ooh, shiny.

    Gonzo approached it slowly, carrying a small duffel bag with him. "Wow doc, it looks great," he said. "Well I guess I should be on my way."

    He turned around and looked at his friends, everyone had gathered to see him off. Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Bunsen, Beaker, Crazy Harry, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, Janice, Animal, Zoot, Lips Scooter, Rowlf, Lew, Sam, Rizzo, Pepe, Clifford, Beauregard, Johnny and Sal, Dr. Phil van Neuter, The Swedish Chef, Zippity Zap, Pops, Bobo, Link Hogthrob, Julius Strangepork, rats, cats, penguins, even Statler and Waldorf came to heckle the launch.

    Me: Ah, another tradition of my fan-fics, a big long list of all the Muppets at a given point...Gotta love it.

    He felt a rubbing against his chest. He looked down and saw Camilla looking back at him. "Oh Camilla, I’ll miss you too," he grabbed her close to him. "Until we meet again my darling," he gave her a peck on the cheek. She pecked back, literally.

    Me: Now see, this is what I felt was drastically missing from MFS. Camilla involvement.

    Gonzo: Well if she wasn’t involved with me, then who was she involved with?

    Me: I dunno, why don’t you ask her yourself Romeo.

    Gonzo: Oh sure, I’ll just call her back in and-

    Me: NO!

    All of the Muppets offered their goodbyes.

    Me: Ooh! Yay! I love pointing out who said what on these!

    "Gonzo go bye bye?"

    Me: Animal.

    "Hasta luego senor spaceman, hokay?"

    Me: Pepe.

    "See ya Gonzo, good luck."

    Me: Scooter.

    "Keep your groovy blue self jammin’ out there in space Gonzo my main alien man."

    Me: Floyd.

    "Fer sure, make sure you like, stay rully organically cleansed out above the atmosphere."

    Me: Janice.

    "Have a good trip there Gonzo."

    Me: Bobo.

    "Yeah see you next fall! Ahh! Wocka wocka!"

    Me: Ugh, Fozzie...

    "I wish we could go into space with you."

    Me: Beauregard.

    "I wish we could get some space from all of you!"

    Me: Statler.

    "Do ho ho ho!"

    Me: Statler and Waldorf.

    Kermit and Rizzo approached Gonzo from the pack. "Gonzo buddy," Rizzo said. "I want you to take my lucky skippin’ stone wit’ ya. Now, I don’t know if dey got any water up der where your goin’ but maybe you can use it," the rat handed his best friend a decent sized flat rock.

    Me: OH NO!!

    Gonzo: ...What?

    Me: Um...UM...Christy!! Remember those things we hope the readers never catch?!

    Gonzo took it and put it in his pants pocket. "Thanks Rizzo, I’ll take care of it. Bye Rizzo," he hugged the rat, and the rat hugged back. This was goodbye to his best friend.

    Gonzo: Bye Rizzo...

    Kermit looked down at the ground, avoiding his goodbye. Gonzo turned to Kermit and smiled. "Kermit, thank you so much. And, I know I’ve told you this before but...But you’re the best friend I could ever hope for Kermit," Gonzo said grabbing Kermit and hugging.

    Me: I think that’s the only time you’ll see Kermit avoiding something.

    Gonzo: You mean besides Piggy and the Chef’s cleaver?

    Me: Yes besides those.

    When Gonzo let go, Kermit smirked a bit. "Well, I know we’ve already told you this before but, we love you Gonzo," Kermit spread his arms out, "All of us."

    Gonzo: Aww.

    All of the Muppets nodded and smiled in agreement. Gonzo nodded once too and turned to the now upright rocket ship. "Oh, Gonzo wait!" Kermit called. He handed Gonzo a folded piece of paper. "Here, it’s from Robin, you know he wanted to be here this morning, but we left him with Sweetums at the boarding house so he could sleep."

    Me: *shifty eyes* Yes, Robin is at home safe...I sware...

    Gonzo: Have you always had that twitch with your eyes?

    Me: Ever since I started writing fan-fic...Yes.

    Gonzo smiled and pocketed the picture. "Tell him I said thanks, and that I’ll miss him." He pulled open a door on the bottom of the ship and placed his suitcase inside. He turned around and looked at his friends one more time before finally climbing into the ship.

    "Okay Mr. Gonzo, just flip the switch and press the green button!" Bunsen called out as he closed the door.

    Me: It’s not easy pressing green.

    Gonzo: Boo!

    "Yo Dr. Dew, you sure this is safe?" Clifford asked.

    Me: Hehehe, Dr. Dew, I love it. Cliff called him that in Muppets Tonight!

    "Oh absolutely Clifford," Bunsen said. "Our tests on the ship have proven it to have a 1/1000 chance of success!"

    Me: Now math isn’t my best subject but...That’s bad, right?

    Gonzo: *shrug* I dunno, that’s the success rate of all of my stunts.

    Clifford lowered his glasses. "Could you run that by me again?"

    "Dr. Honeydew a 1/1000 success is not good!" Scooter said.

    Me: Ah, see, listen to the go-fer-geek.

    Gonzo: Did he get a promotion?!

    Bunsen scratched his head, "That explains why all of the inventions I’ve tested on Beaker have...Mr. Gonzo wait!"

    Me: HA!

    It was too late, Gonzo had already flipped the switch and pressed the button. As the base of the rocket ignited, Gonzo looked out the window and waved. He took a seat inside the ship and waited.

    The other Muppets watched on as the rocket lifted up from the ground and shot up into the early morning sky.

    Rizzo had his eyes closed and his hands together. "Oh please let Gonzo make it, I’ll never steal anyone’s pizza again...Ok maybe I will, but please let Gonzo be okay!"

    Gonzo: Rizzo is such a good friend...

    Gonzo faced massive turbulence inside the Earth’s atmosphere. All of the Muppets gasped as a small piece of the ship broke off and fell to the sandy Earth below.

    Gonzo clenched the arm rests on his chair as the rocket broke through the atmosphere and into the great beyond.

    Gonzo: Oh what suspense!

    All of the Muppets down on Cape Doom sighed in relief and began to return to their respective cars.

    "Well that was anti-climactic!" Statler said.

    Gonzo: My sentiments exactly!

    "Are you kidding?" Waldorf asked. "That was the most excitement you’ve had since the Revolutionary War! Do ho ho ho!"

    Me: HA!

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    When Gonzo reached the vast starry reaches of space he could finally relax. Now all he had to do was wait as the ship piloted itself to his family’s space station thanks to the coordinates he had given Bunsen.

    But now he was alone again. He silently hoped that it wouldn’t take too long to reach the space station. He sighed. "No one’s here for me right now...No one to talk to, no one to sing with, no one to dance with..." he stood up and walked to the center of the ship and began to dance around.

    Gonzo: Now I would NEVER do something like that...

    Me: But it’s "Dancin’ With Myself"!

    Gonzo: OOH! *shoots up and starts dancing*

    "On the floors of Tokyo
    Down in London town to go go," he looked down at the metallic flooring and saw his reflection.

    "With the right direction
    And the mirrors reflection
    I’m dancin’ with myself

    Me: This part was so hard to write because I had to listen to the clip like seven or eight times to get all the words down.

    Gonzo: GET DOWN! *dancing*

    "When there’s no one else in sight
    In the crowded lonely night
    If I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance
    Now I’m a’dancin’ with myself
    Dancin’ with myself
    Dancin’ with myself

    "Well there’s nothin’ to lose
    And there’s nothin’ to prove
    I’m a’dancin’ with myself,
    " he began to dance around and around the ship.

    "Well I’ve looked all over the world
    And there’s every type of girl
    Well if I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance
    If I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance
    If I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance

    "Dancin’ with myself
    Dancin’ with myself
    Dancin’ with-

    "You don’t have to dance by yourself," a small voice said from behind him.

    Gonzo: AHH! What was that?!

    Me: Your conscience.

    Gonzo: My what?

    Gonzo jumped in the air and turned around to see Robin the Frog smiling at him.

    "Robin?! Wha-What are you doing here?" Gonzo shouted.

    Robin shrugged, "Well I-I haven’t really gotten much time to see you. And I wanted to come with you Gonzo."

    Me: To quote the great Beth in response to me bringing Robin along: "You’ve just added a whole new dimension to the story!"

    Gonzo: Heh, you’ll be in a whole new dimension of pain when Kermit finds out...

    Gonzo fidgeted. "But, but you can’t be here! Kermit’s gonna be so worried and-And..."

    "Don’t worry, I wrote him a note and left it in a place where he can’t miss it!" Robin said.

    Me: ...Oh dang...

    Gonzo: What?

    Me: He missed the note...

    Gonzo: Maybe he should take singing lessons.

    Me: *headsmack*

    Gonzo sighed. "But Robin...You can’t be here, this is going to be too dangerous for you!"

    "I’ll be okay Gonzo, you’ll be here to protect me," Robin smiled.

    Me: Awww...

    Gonzo rubbed the back of his head, "Okay, but we’ll still have to call Kermit when we get to the space station. But you can’t let anyone see you! I don’t know if there are any spies, and I can’t let you get hurt."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Zongo watched a monitor from the space station, he saw the rocket launch from Cape Doom. He walked through an automatic door and bumped into a red feathered, pink nosed Gonzonian. "Oh Princess Flanzgo excuse me," the Earthling said helping the Gonzonian up from the floor.

    The red feathered female dusted herself off. "It’s my fault Zongo, I should’ve been paying attention to where I was going. But I noticed you were in a hurry to, where are you off to?"

    Me: Introducing, the one and only, Princess Flanzgo!

    Gonzo: And she is...?

    Zongo smiled at the princess, "I’m off to tell your father that your uncle Gonzo is on his way to our craft here."

    Me: Your niece.

    Gonzo: MY WHAT?!

    Flanzgo gasped. "He’s coming! Oh praise the sky we may be saved!"

    Zongo nodded. "I’m sure he’ll be able to help us."

    "Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go tell daddy!" she said running off.

    "Wait for me!" Zongo called after her.

    Me: Heh, Zongo running after her...Cute. Let’s get back home Gonzo.
  8. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <Dances with self>

  9. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

    Ooh, very funny Prawnie! I particularly liked this:

    She's more disturbing than Gonzo is too, ironically enough! <waves happily at beloved mentor>
    <giggles> And that! Lampshades! Well, why not... <makes note to reference
    that at some point.>

    <giggles> Yeah, I know the feeling. Funny how that happens!
    Great job, Prawnie! And lots of fun!
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you for the update in commentary sir... May we have another?

    Hey, party's back at Gonzo's house!
    *Extra Gonzos run offscreen.
    Gonzo: Phew, I thought I'd never leave.

    Funny bit from MT, glad you included that.
    And if you really want to ask Camilla where she was during MFS... Well, I think some questions are better left unanswered. After all, a girl, or a chicken in this case has to have some secrets right?
    What? *Spots the little UG blurb there. Oh, well... Just dipping my toes at the UG town's riverwalk.

    Please... Post more commentary soonish!
  11. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10

    Flames erupted from the windows of a C.O.V.N.E.T. office building.

    Me: Flames! Wheeee!

    Gonzo: You sound like me.

    Inside a rocket was perched on its side in the middle of the room with all the desks and office supplies pushed to the edges of the room.

    Me: Ah ha! The third rocket is found!

    Gonzo: Isn’t that only two?

    Me: ...I’ve told you math isn’t my best subject...

    Gonzo: Well maybe if you didn't spend the whole period drawing in your notebook...

    "Oh dang it Clyde," Butch’s voice said from inside the ship. "You forgot to turn off the emergency brakes!"

    Clyde stuck his head out the window of the rocket and looked at the burning office supplies and the singed hole in the wall behind the exhaust of the rocket. "Oh come on Butch, can’t we do this when it’s not five in the morning?" Clyde whined.

    "No we cannot!" Butch shouted as he pushed Clyde out of the rocket’s window. "We have the opportunity to follow an alien into space and discover an entire alien race, getting us huge promotions! We do this now!" he shouted out the window.

    Gonzo: He’s pretty pushy.

    Me: Yeah, he pushed Clyde right out the window.

    "Okay, okay fine..." Clyde said.

    "That’s better," Butch said. He let out a big yawn. "You know what Clyde? Why don’t we do this when it’s not five in the morning."

    Me: He’s pretty lenient too...

    Gonzo: That, or dumb as a post.

    "That’s a great idea Butch!" Clyde said genuinely.

    Butch rubbed his knuckles against his chest. "Yup, that’s why I’m the brains of this outfit."

    Gonzo: His outfit has brains? By the way, who’s his taylor? I love that outfit!

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Sweetums snored loudly as he slept on the couch in the living room at the Muppet Boarding House. He dreamed of his performance with Rita Moreno on The Muppet Show. He thought that Robin’s Frog Scout mistress; Mrs. Appleby; had come to pick him up to go on a Frog Scout field trip at 6:00 am. It was now 6:30 and Sweetums hadn’t been awake since the other Muppets left to see Gonzo off.

    Me: Little did Sweetums know...

    The door to the boarding house burst open and several Muppets darted in.
    "BATHROOM! BATHROOM!" Animal shouted.

    Gonzo: THAT’S appealing...

    "Hokay peoples listen up, today’s breakfast special es cinnamon raisin bread, cinnamon rolls and cinnamon flavored coffee, hokay?" Pepe said.

    "Man what’s with all the cinnamon?" Zippity Zap asked.

    Me: Have I ever mentioned how much I love Zippity Zap? He’s rully cool.

    "Well we were going to have cereals, but someone ate it all," Pepe glared at Rizzo.

    "Hey, a rat’s gotta eat!"

    "And eat and eat and eat!" Zippity laughed.

    Me: Hehehe.

    Kermit scrunched up his face and walked into the living room where Sweetums was just now waking up. "Hey Sweetums, everything go alright this morning?" Kermit asked.

    Sweetums rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Yeah boss, everything was fine, Robin left," he said, not knowing he how right he was.

    Me: I know how right he is...

    Gonzo: Me too.

    Me: Well we HAVE been here this whole time.

    "Oh good. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Gonzo made a successful launch," Kermit said as he sat down in an armchair.

    "Great," Sweetums yawned.

    "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MY FOO FOO?!" Miss Piggy screamed from the kitchen.

    "Man, no way did I stick your stupid dog in the oven!" Floyd remarked. "Not that I haven’t thought about it numerous times."

    Smoke and the smell of singed fur erupted from the kitchen doorway.

    Me: Ewww, singed fur...

    "Ker-miiit!" Fozzie shouted.

    Kermit sighed. "I’ll get the fire extinguisher, again!"

    Gonzo: Kermit buys fire extinguishers in bulk...

    All progressed as normally as possible within the Muppet Boarding House. And all of its inhabitants remained blissfully unaware as to the whereabouts of their little froggy friend.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Zongo and Flanzgo awoke Onzgo from a nap he took in his chamber and told him that Gonzo was due to arrive at the space station soon.

    "Righteous," Onzgo said. "Come, let us go to the docking bay and meet Gonzo when he arrives."

    The three of them left Onzgo’s private chambers and made their way down the large hallway.

    "Finally," Onzgo said. "With Gonzo here, our people will finally get to live without fear."

    Me: Awww, he cares so much...

    "I just hope Uncle Gonzo knows what he’s getting himself into," Flanzgo sighed.

    Gonzo: I still can’t get over that...

    Me: You mean what you’re getting yourself into?

    Gonzo: No, the fact that I have a niece.

    Onzgo chuckled. "Don’t worry my child. From what I know of my little brother he doesn’t need to know what he’s getting into, because it will not matter to him."

    Gonzo: I guess that’s true...

    Me: Sha! Remember that incident with the lightbulb, set of coasters and gallon of lemonade.

    Gonzo: HA! Yeah! Wasn’t that AWESOME?

    The three of them arrived at the docking bay in time to see the rocket land inside. The door on it’s side opened automatically and stairs slid down from the ship to the floor.

    Inside the ship Gonzo ushered Robin towards his suitcase. "Quick Robin get in, you can’t be seen!"

    "Brother Gonzo!" Onzgo’s voice called from outside. "Welcome home!"

    Gonzo turned to the door. "Home," Gonzo said softly.

    Gonzo: Home...

    "Okay Gonzo, I’m ready," Robin said from inside the suitcase.

    Gonzo rushed over to the suitcase and closed it shut. He took a deep breath and descended the stairs.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Officer Barretta knocked on the Muppet Boarding House door. After a few seconds, Kermit opened the door. "Oh, hi-ho Officer, we didn’t expect to see you this soon," the frog said.

    Gonzo: There’s that weird referenced officer.

    Me: YOU’RE calling someone weird?

    Officer Barretta tipped his hat. "Morning Kermit, the DNA scan went better than expected and we’ve found a match to the hair we found in your basement," he handed Kermit a file folder.

    The frog opened it and saw two pictures, one of a large blue monster, and the other of a smaller pink one.

    "That’s Butch and Clyde there. We thought you’d like to know the culprits of your robbery. I’m ready to dispatch a team to arrest them and have your rocket returned."

    "Oh no, we wouldn’t want that," Kermit said. "It was probably just a mistake. And these guys look friendly enough, I tell you what Officer, we’ll handle this one if that’s alright."

    Me: Aww, look how compassionate Kermie is.

    Gonzo: It still creeps me out that you call him Kermie...

    Me: Thus is the life of an ushy gushy guy...

    Officer Barretta smiled. "I shouldn’t have expected any less from you Kermit. Good luck," he said as he returned to his squad car.

    Kermit closed the door and walked back inside. "Hey everybody, the police found our notorious rocket robbers," Kermit said as he walked into the dining room where all the Muppets were at the table eating breakfast.

    "Groovy," Dr. Teeth said. "Are the men with the badges, the po-lice, the fuzz, the P.I.G. going to dispatch their forces to send them to the hoosgow, the joint, the cooler?"

    Me: REFERENCE!! The names the good doctor gave to the police is a direct reference to what he called them in "The Muppet Movie."

    Kermit sat down at his spot at the head of the table. "Uh, no Dr. Teeth, I think we’re gonna handle this one."

    "Kermit, we’re going to deal with vicious robbers?" Fozzie moaned.

    "Well Fozzie, they look nice enough," Kermit said handing the bear the folder.
    Fozzie opened it and looked at the pictures. "Oh yeah, they look like Muppets. Hey, and look here, they work at that government agency that took Gonzo that one time!"

    Me: Ooh, C.O.V.N.E.T. is found!

    "Their C.O.V.ies?" Bobo asked. All of the other Muppets turned and stared at him. "Heh heh heh, that’s what I call ‘em C.O.V.ies."

    "Bad guys! Bad guys!" Animal chanted.

    "Well, we don’t know that for sure Animal, but we’re gonna find out," Kermit said. "Who’s with me?"

    "You mean, who’s witcha to go to a secret government agency, deal with robbers, and possibly get injured in da process?" Rizzo asked.

    "Well, uh, yeah," Kermit said.

    "I’m out," Floyd said.

    Me: Ooh yay! More Muppets for me to name!

    "I have a lot of stuff to clean up down in the basement still."

    Me: Beauregard!

    "Mee mo mee mee mo mo mee."

    Gonzo: May I?

    Me: Surely.

    Gonzo: Beaker.

    "Sorry Kerm I got a date and-"

    Me: Clifford.

    "It’s like this Kermit I have to work again."

    Me: Janice.


    Me: Sal.

    "QUIET!!" Fozzie shouted. "How many times do we have to go over this?" Fozzie asked. "Kermit has done so much for us, why can’t we do this one thing for him?"

    Me: And now everyone just apologizes in the order they well...Had a reason to apologize.

    "Aw man, I was only kiddin’."

    "I suppose I could clean up later."

    "Mee me mo."

    "Like I guess I could totally call in sick."

    "Man I feel like half a cent."


    "Well there you go Kermit," Fozzie said. "We’re all with you!"

    "Oh good," Kermit said, his stomach growled and he scrunched up his face. "Just right after breakfast okay?"

    Me: Never get between a frog and his stomach. Oh? Was that it. Cool. Back to the dorm Gonz!
  12. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Kermit buys fire extinguishers in bulk. Good to know. I can't say I blame him.
  13. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Wow, like, I'm sorry I haven't said anything here in so long! I just love Gonzo's reactions to this story, and of course it goes without saying that I love the story itself!
    My my, Camila sure is getting grumpy in her old age...
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Great stuff... Rully like it when you tell us who said what in a big group scene like that.
    Post more soon... Commentary that is.
  15. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! I'm gonna try and get the next chapter of commentary up later today! I've got nothing better to do without school today...:halo:
  16. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 11

    Thunderous applause and cheers roared through the landing bay as Gonzo descended the stairs. Onzgo, Zongo and Flanzgo moved forward through the cheering crowds. Onzgo laughed and quieted down the crowd. "My brother from Earth!" Onzgo said as he walked towards Gonzo.

    Gonzo: Ah, what a nice homecoming.

    Gonzo grinned. "Hi!" he said. "I’ve missed you all so much!"

    "We have missed you too my courageous brother, and we cannot thank you enough for coming on such short notice," Onzgo said as he embraced Gonzo with a hug.

    "Hey, I couldn’t let you guys die out. I mean, you’re my family," the weirdo said, smiling.

    Me: Die out...Way to be forward Gonz.

    Gonzo: Way to be forward mister writer...

    Zongo and Flanzgo stepped forward slightly. Onzgo looked back at them, "Oh my how rude of me, please allow me to introduce your niece, Flanzgo," he motioned to his daughter. "And of course you already know Zongo," the alien placed his hand on Zongo’s arm.

    Gonzo: Niece! Oh, I’m so glad I have a niece...I fell just like Kermit now.

    Me: But Kermit has a nephew.

    Gonzo: Don’t you think I know that? I’ve lived with him ya know.

    Zongo extended his hand to Gonzo, who shook it. "Hi Ed, nice to see you again. Oh, and Bobo...Er, Rentro, says ‘Hi.’"

    Zongo nodded and smiled. "Good to see you again Gonzo. I hope you have no hard feelings towards me."

    "No no, of course not."

    Gonzo: Speak for yourself Gonzo!

    Me: You’re speaking TO yourself Gonzo...

    A small opening on the zipped part of Gonzo’s suitcase allowed Robin to peer through. The small frog looked at Flanzgo who was introducing herself to her uncle.

    Onzgo peered down at the suitcase. He saw the speck of dark green inside and the white eye glancing around.

    Onzgo grabbed Gonzo’s shoulder and led him out of the docking bay. "Come my brother, there is much more to see."

    Me: Ooh, Onzgo knows!!

    "Great," Gonzo said. "Oh and by the way, I never got your name either."

    Gonzo: There’s that Great Gonzo thing again.

    Me: Mm-hm. And another flaw I felt in MFS, was that your brother never introduced himself to you Gonzo. Let alone any of the other Gonzonians.

    "Ah," Onzgo nodded. "I am Onzgo, the Uber-Gonzo. And you, you are Gonzo. My brother, and the true ruler of these people."

    Gonzo: WHAT?!
    "What?!" Gonzo shouted.

    Me: You are REALLY good at that...

    Onzgo chuckled. "I will explain in due time my brother. But for now," Onzgo whispered. "We need to do something with your luggage."

    Gonzo gulped. "You noticed?"

    "I see many things, but don’t worry, your little friend is in no danger as of now."

    Gonzo nodded. "Is there anyway I can call my friends? Kermit always worries about Robin."

    Me: If that ain’t the truth...

    "Quiet," Onzgo urged. "The walls have ears. Come we must go to Des Filmer, he can help you contact this Kermit."

    Me: There’s good ol’ Des Filmer again. Gotta love ‘im.

    A small section of the wall directly behind the alien brothers shifted and moved along to an open door. The door slid shut automatically. Zongo turned around and eyed the door.

    Gonzo: Ooh, what was that?

    Me: That’s called a period Gonzo.

    Gonzo: Oh nevermind...

    "Zongo are you coming?" Onzgo asked.

    Zongo stared at the door for a moment before answering. "No no, you need this family gathering."

    "If that is your wish, we shall abide by it, come now Gonzo, Flanzgo, we must make haste, we are not safe," Onzgo said as he pushed his relatives along.
    Zongo walked up to the door he was eyeing and entered a number into a key pad, making the door slide open. As the door opened, a large monitor inside the room flashed off and Zongo felt a light breeze near his waist. "What on Gonzonia was that?"

    Me: I like that line, "What on Gonzonia."

    Gonzo: Cute, it’s a cute line.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Exod tapped his fingers on the arm of his throne while his other hand rested on his chin. An alien servant was kneeled at his feet, rubbing them.

    Me: Ugh, I HATE that guy...He’s so mean. And this scene is so hard...

    Another alien entered the room, this one wearing a medium-sized black cape and a red suit underneath it. "My lord, we have received a message from Xaldin, apparently, this Gonzo the Gonzonians are relying on, had a little stowaway," the alien grinned menacingly.

    Gonzo: Oh no! They found Robin!

    Exod kicked the servant at his feet as he stepped off his throne. "This is going to be fun then, isn’t it Xander?"

    Me: Oh Xander...

    Gonzo: What about him?

    Me: ...Oh...Oh Xander...

    The one called Xander half bowed. "What is your order my liege?"

    "Contact Xaldin again, tell him to put our plan into motion now. And let’s include this stowaway in our little ploy as well."

    Gonzo: OH ROBIN!!

    "As you wish master," Xander said, leaving the throne room.

    The servant boy that was kicked by Exod cowered in the corner of the room staring at the tyrant.

    Me: I REALLY hate Exod...

    Exod turned his head to his slave. "And just what are you looking at?" he asked, extending his arm with his hand half-clenching.

    The servant grew wide eyed and its mouth began to fall open. "No!" the boy shouted. "Where did that come from?! It’s not possible!" the boy screamed in terror.

    Me: And thus...Exod’s true powers are revealed...

    Exod laughed. "How do you enjoy staring down your greatest fear?" the alien overlord laughed.

    The boy whimpered in the corner as Exod left his mind-prisoner, overcome with fear.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Zongo examined the monitor that had flipped off when he entered the room, typing things, trying to find the source of the call, if it was a call that was.
    Suddenly, the screen turned itself on again. "Xaldin? Xaldin, if you can hear me, put the plan into motion, and take the new Gonzonian’s stowaway and bring him as well," said the alien on the screen.

    Gonzo: *gulp*

    Me: Ditto.

    Zongo looked puzzled. "Xaldin?" he asked aloud. "Who is Xal-" Zongo fell to the floor.

    From behind the man emerged a shimmering silver alien, holding a large metal rod. He dropped the rod and moved towards the screen, pressing a button on the control panel and speaking into a speaker with a shrill, chilling voice. "You got it Xander," Xaldin said, turning of the monitor.

    Me: Eeee, that Xaldin is evil too...

    The alien walked to the wall and climbed up it with his sharp talons on both his hands and feet, then changing his skin to replicate the wall, making him completely invisible.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    "Alright Mahna, who would you like to call?" the host asked.

    "Mahna Mahna," a firey orange-haired Muppet said.

    Me: Ooh! I love this scene! It was actually inspired by my little brother who had the idea for Mahna Mahna on Who Wants to be a Millionare.

    "Alright AT&T could you get them on the phone please?" the host said.

    A ringing sound was heard over head in the studio, then a clicking sound, signaling that someone had picked up.

    "Hello Snowths? This is Regis Philbin from ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire.’ I’m here with your friend Mahna Mahna, who’s already used two of his life-lines on the one-hundred dollar question and he still needs your help, so here he is, thirty seconds, start now!" the host said.

    Gonzo: Wow, he’s used all of his life-lines...

    Me: Well you would know a lot about that, wouldn’t you Gonz...

    The number thirty appeared on the screen and began ticking backwards. "Mahna Mahna," the Muppet said.

    "Doo do doo do doo," two voices said over the "phone."

    "Mahna Mahna!" the Muppet shouted trying to get an answer.

    "Doo do doo do."


    "Doo do doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do, doo do doo do doo!"

    Me: Hehehe, I love that song.

    The time ran out and Mahna Mahna slammed his head down and began to weep. "Oh, that’s too bad," the host said to him.

    Clifford laughed. "Man oh man, that never gets old," he said as he walked by the television screen holding mail and going towards the dining room. "Mail guys!"

    Me: Ooh! I love mail calls!

    Kermit set down his newspaper. "Anything for me Clifford?" the frog asked.

    Clifford shuffled through the mail. "Uh, yeah, here ya go, postcard," the purple Muppet handed Kermit a postcard with a dessert on the front.

    Kermit read the postcard. "Oh good, our writer’s enjoying her stay in Israel and should be back to work Monday," the frog smiled.

    Me: REFERENCE!! That’s a reference to Lisa who spent all that time in Israel this summer.

    "Hey, how come the hatrack gets a vacation?" Bobo asked.

    Me: Another REFERENCE!! To my own story "It Feels Like Christmas" where Bobo referred to Lisa as the hatrack.

    "You mean you don’t?" Rizzo asked.

    "Good grief," Kermit said as he returned to his morning paper.

    "Hey Kermit," Rowlf said. "Maybe you should give Mrs. Appleby a call and make sure Robin got off safely?" the dog asked.

    Me: Ooh, Rowlf, you HAD to bring that up.

    "Good idea Rowlf," Kermit said, beginning to get up.

    "Yaber hoo der soonermon woofles!" the Swedish Chef announced, carrying a tray of waffles out to the table.

    Gonzo: The cinnamon is still shining through...

    Kermit sat back down. "But, uh, now breakfast is here, so let’s eat."

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    "Puppetry?" Gonzo asked.

    "Puppetry," Des Filmer responded.

    "That’ll never catch on," Gonzo said.


    Gonzo: What about it? It’s just some silly puppet thing...

    Me: And you’d know all about that...

    "Well maybe not, but it’s still our only means of immediate contact with Earth," Onzgo said.

    Gonzo shrugged. "Okay," he said, slipping on the electronic glove. "It just feels so weird..." he mumbled.

    Me: It should!!

    "What if no one answers?" Robin asked from his seat on Flanzgo’s lap.

    "Oh, they will," Des said. "Look, they’re getting ready to eat those waffles as we speak!" he said, motioning to the monitor that showed the Muppet Boarding House dining room. "Actually, we kinda need to hurry."

    "Oh right," Gonzo said, pressing a button on the glove. "So now I just talk and move my hand in the same motion?" Des Filmer nodded. "Alright, here goes nothing," he cleared his throat, then began to speak and move the two separated sections of his hand up and down. "Kermit? Kermit are you there?"

    Gonzo: So THAT’S how that sandwich talked...

    On the monitor in front of Gonzo, Kermit jumped from his seat in surprise, sending coffee all over the floor. Beauregard got up from his seat to find a mop, but all of the other Muppets stared down to the head of the table at Kermit’s seat. "Uh, yeah," the frog said, stumbling over his words.

    Gonzo: How do you stumble over words?

    Me: Gonzo, it’s just a turn-of-phrase.

    Gonzo: How do you turn a phrase?

    Me: Sheesh...

    "It’s me, Gonzo!" the blue weirdo said, still performing the art of puppetry.
    "Gonzo?" Kermit asked, staring down at his talking pancakes as well. "But how?"

    "Same way a tray of hospital spaghetti can talk to me I guess," he said. "But this is important Kermit! Robin stowed away in my suitcase, he’s here with me now."

    "What?!" Kermit shouted. "But-But-Robin-he went to Frog Scouts-Sweetums saw him off!"

    "He’s right here Kermit," Gonzo said. "If his hands were big enough, I’d let him talk to you."

    Kermit exhaled. "Is he in danger Gonzo?" Kermit asked calmly.

    Gonzo gulped. "Well, sort of," Gonzo said.

    Gonzo: Uh oh, I may be in trouble here...

    "Sort of? What does that mean?"

    "Well, there is the threat of an alien overlord..."

    "ALIEN OVERLORD?!" Kermit shouted, finally losing control.

    Me: He he, gotta love Kermit’s little anger spats.

    "Kermit, calm down, I’ll get him home safe, I promise," Gonzo said. "I’ll make this stay here as short as possible. Then I’ll fly back and bring Robin home safely."

    Kermit shook his head. "But Gonzo, this may be your only time with your family. What if a group of me and the guys took another of the rockets and flew up to get Robin?"

    Me: Oh, Kermie cares so much!! He’s such a good friend!

    Gonzo: Yeah, and he’s got great health insurance...

    "Kermit, I quit my stunts to be with you guys, I can’t let you endanger yourselves like that."

    Onzgo gasped behind his brother when he heard that he quit doing his stunts.

    Gonzo: Oh HE doesn’t know?!

    "Don’t worry Gonzo, I’m sure we’ll be fine," Kermit said. "It’s just a little space flight, we’ve been through...Er...Well nothing bigger, but surely something worse," the frog smiled.

    Gonzo laughed a bit. "Ok Kermit, you win. Just make sure Camilla stays back, I don’t think she’d like anti-gravity too much. You know how her giblets act up."

    Gonzo: It’s true, they do. But they’re still very cute.

    Me: And painful...

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Uh, no, no I don’t, and I really don’t care to. So I guess we’ll see you soon?"

    "I guess so," Gonzo said. "Bye," he said, taking off the puppetry glove. "Well Robin did you hear that?" Gonzo asked turning around. "Your uncles coming to-" he stopped. Robin and Flanzgo were nowhere in sight.

    Gonzo: ROBIN!??

    "What is it Gonzo?" Onzgo asked, as he and Des Filmer just now turned around as well. "No! Flanzgo! No!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Robin the Frog cowered in front of a large shadow. Flanzgo was restrained behind the frog. "Hello my green little friend," Xaldin said revealing his rows of sharp teeth. "Are you ready to meet Exod? Soon-to-be ruler of all, master of manipulation-"

    Me: Ooh, that guy rubs me the wrong way...

    "Terrifying tyrant!" Flanzgo shouted.

    "Ooh, that’s a good one princess," Xaldin said. "I’ll have to submit that one to the writers! He he he!" he laughed. "Now!" he shouted. "Enough of this, it’s time to go," he pushed Flanzgo into a pod, and grabbed Robin around his waist and hopped in as well. "Destination: Exod! Ha ha ha ha!"

    Me: REFERENCE!! That's a reference to Lisa's "Destination: Home"

    The door of the space pod slammed shut, and it jettisoned from the Gonzonian spacecraft.

    Gonzo: We CANNOT tell Robin about this when we get back to the dorms!!
  17. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

    Love the Lisa references especially, Prawnie!! Good job! Very funny!

    <giggles> Oh, so that's why Gonzo sticks around. ;) I still love it when you call Kermit, Kermie, my dear ushy gushy guy friend! <hugs>
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Not tell Robin? But didn't Lisa read him this story already? So he should know what happened by now.

    Loved the bit where Gonzo's talking through the cinnamon on the waffles to Kermit.
    What, is there an echo in there?
    Funny stuff... Keep it commentaring!
  19. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 12

    Kermit stared down at the file folder, then up to a door. "Well, this looks like the place," he said to the other Muppets behind him.

    Me: Ooh, looks like Butch and Clyde confrontation time!

    "Oh Mr. Kermit sir, I am so sorry that this is the only functioning spacecraft we have left," Bunsen said.

    "Not as sorry as Beaker is I’d say," Kermit scrunched up his face while Beaker shivered around the parking lot. "And anyway it’s better this way, cause can kill two birds with one stone."

    Gonzo: Kermit’s gotta be careful with those puns.

    "BA-GAWK!" Camilla shouted.

    Gonzo: See?

    "Good grief, everything’s a pun with us isn’t it?" Kermit sighed. He shook his head and rapped his fist on the door. There was no answer. He knocked once more. Still no answer.

    "Well, looks like noone’s home, let’s go, maybe we can try back in a few years," Rizzo said, as he began to walk off.

    Gonzo: Brave, brave Rizzo...

    "Hold it there," Bobo said, pulling Rizzo back. "I worked here long enough that I know all the weak spots, watch," the bear said as he approached the door.

    "Oh great, what’re ya gonna do Smokey? Start a fire?" Piggy asked sarcastically.

    Me: I love this interaction between Piggy and Bobo.

    "Hey," Bobo said sternly, pointing a furry brown finger at the pig. "Only you can prevent forest fires sister."

    "Oh brother," Piggy grunted.

    Gonzo: Piggy has a brother?

    Me: *rolls eyes*

    Bobo walked up to the door and tapped it gently four times in four different places. Then he gently placed his pinky finger on the door and it collapsed on the floor. "See, what did I tell you?"

    The Muppets shuffled into the C.O.V.N.E.T. office building and looked around. "Hello?" Kermit called into the dark, quiet building.

    Gonzo: Ooh, spooky, you should’ve brought Uncle Deadly with us.

    Uncle Deadly: *pops up* You rang?

    Me: AHH! Uncle D. WHAT are you doing here?!

    Uncle D.: I thought I’d drop by and make sure you two weren’t slacking on your duties. Ooh, shh, I love this part.

    "See, I told ya no one was home," Rizzo smirked.

    "Hey look over there Kermit!" Fozzie said, pointing in the direction of a rocket ship and a charred circle of office supplies.

    "That’s my rocket!" Bunsen shouted.

    "Moo mo mee!" Beaker argued.

    Uncle D.: How could you tell he was arguing?

    Me: Well, he does it so rarely, it’s easy to tell when it happens.

    Uncle D.: Mm, I see.

    "Oh yes Beaker, I am sorry, our rocket," Bunsen apologized.

    Kermit looked around the office once more. "Well, I guess you were right Rizzo, noone’s home."

    "Well whadaya think we should do now boss?" Scooter asked.

    "Well I don’t have time to wait around, I’ve got to take this rocket up and get Robin home," Kermit said, hopping into the rocket. "Dr. Honeydew, could you enter the coordinates?"

    Gonzo: So they’re taking the ship?

    Uncle D.: Weren’t you paying attention you twit?

    Gonzo: Ooh, twit, that’s a new one!

    "Oh, but of course Mr. Kermit," Bunsen said.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Robin and Flanzgo thudded against the jail cell wall as Xaldin tossed them inside. He pressed a button on the side of the cell causing lasers to shoot down from the ceiling, making bars to prevent the prisoners from escaping.

    Uncle D.: Ah, and now we see the dreaded Exod in action.

    "Exod will be with you in thirty minutes or less, or else you’re free! He he he he!" the monster cackled off down the corridor.

    "Alright!" Robin said. "Now all we have to do is time how long it is until he gets here, and maybe we can get set free!"

    Me: Little Robin, always optimistic.

    Flanzgo was curled up in a corner of the cell with her knees pulled to her chest. "I don’t think so Robin," she whispered. "I think it’s time to give up."

    Gonzo: And apparently my niece is not.

    "Give up?" Robin asked softly. "We can’t give up princess. I was taught to never give up, no matter how bad things look!"

    "Come on Robin, it’s hopeless," Flanzgo said. "We’re trapped in a jail cell under the mercy of a horrific alien overlord! How can we not give up hope?"

    Me: Ooh! Song cue!! Wheee!!

    Uncle D.: Has he done this the entire time?

    Gonzo: Did you expect him NOT to do it?

    Uncle D.: A phantom can hope...

    "Well by singing a song of course!" Robin said. "It’s not that easy bein’ green
    Havin’ to spend the day the color of the leaves
    When I think it could be nicer
    Bein’ red or yellow or gold
    Or somethin’ much more colorful like that.

    "It’s not easy bein’ green
    It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
    And people tend to pass you over
    ‘Cause you’re not standin’ our like flashy sparkles in the water
    Or stars in the sky."

    Me: And now Flanzgo sings!

    "Robin," Flanzgo said. "I’m not green. I could never be green...Look at green: Green’s the color of spring
    And green can be cool and friendly like
    And green can be big like an ocean
    Or important like a mountain
    Or tall like a tree," Flanzgo sang.

    Robin nodded. "That’s the whole point Flanzgo! You got it now! When green is all there is to be
    It could make you wonder why
    But why wonder?
    Why wonder?
    I’m green,

    "You’re green," Flanzgo sang.

    "And it’ll do fine
    It’s beautiful, and I think it’s what I want to be." Robin sang.

    "I get it now," Flanzgo nodded. "Even though you’re green, you never give up, right?"

    "Left," Robin smiled.

    Me: Eeeeee!! That’s a reference to my lovely other half Lisa!! She ALWAYS says that on MSN when we chat...

    Flanzgo laughed quietly deep inside the cell.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "Oh no...Robin..." Gonzo whispered.

    "My daughter!" Onzgo shouted. "Not my daughter," he moaned. "We must do something, brother Gonzo, we must act now! Des, find Zongo. Bring him to my quarters."

    Des Filmer nodded. "I’m on it."

    Me: Go Des go!

    Des left the room and Onzgo turned to his brother and placed his arm on his shoulder. "Gonzo, I must explain this to you, now."

    Gonzo: It’s about time!

    Uncle D.: Oh, he’s been left in the dark this entire time?

    Me: Well you were too...Until I posted this chapter that is.

    Gonzo nodded. "Alright, if it will help Robin. I’ll do anything."

    "That’s good to know," Onzgo said. "Now, you must be wondering how and why you are the true ruler of the Gonzonians, correct?" Gonzo nodded. "You my brother were born after I was. Making you the second born of our father, the first Uber Gonzo. You were born on a spacecraft in the middle of a massive war between our planet, Gonzonia, and the planet of the evil overlord Exod, Exodia."

    "Wait a sec," Gonzo stopped his brother. "He was named after his planet too?"

    Gonzo: Interesting.

    Uncle D.: Very, nice plot development here Ryan.

    Me: Thanks Uncle D.

    "Indeed, as it turns out, you and Exod were born at the same time, also the same time a pact was being signed between the two planets, declaring that each of you would be ruler of their respective planets after the current rulers passed on."

    "But what happened? How did I get to Earth?"

    Gonzo: Yeah yeah, HOW?!

    Uncle D.: Not a very patient weirdo is he?

    Onzgo sighed. "Exodia attacked. They threatened to destroy our entire planet if we did not declare Exod the ruler of Gonzonia as well. Naturally we refused, Gonzonians are true to their word. So, our mother, Zonzo, and our father, Ganzgo placed our entire species on two spaceships. They were on the battle craft, as were you, while I remained on the other as captain."

    Me: Huh, forgot I named Gonzo’s parents...

    "And then...And then they sent me out of an escape pod to Earth...Right?" Gonzo asked.

    Onzgo nodded sadly. "Then the forces of Exodia wiped out our planet, and the war ship." The alien rubbed his forehead. "Luckily, I was able to blast the space station away to a far away galaxy."

    "And you became Uber Gonzo?"

    "You were presumed dead, along with the other half of our species on the battleship...I was the only remaining member of the royal family...I had to take the throne."

    Gonzo: Well I’m NOT dead!

    Uncle D.: Pity, it’s lonely ‘round this side of the spectrum.

    "How did you find me? I mean, if you didn’t even know I was gone, how?"

    Onzgo chuckled (for the first time since Gonzo had arrived), "We received a transmission from Earth. It was The Muppet Show."

    Me: Oh I love that part...

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    "Si, I will go, hokay?" Pepe said.

    "And then you’ll tell Gonzo," Rizzo told the prawn.

    "Si I’ll tell him," said an annoyed Pepe.


    Uncle D.: Ah those two, always arguing over something.

    "Okay Kermit, that’s everyone," Scooter told the boss standing at the doorway of the of the rocket.

    Kermit gulped. "Great..." he said. Fozzie, Rizzo and Pepe boarded the ship.
    As Piggy began to walk over, she was stopped by Camilla. "Byock, bawk byok, bawk bawk bagawk," she clucked.

    Gonzo: Oh Camilla, that’s so sweet. Ryan, how’d you write that so beautifully?

    Me: ...Um...Years of practice...I think.

    Piggy frowned. "Beg pardon?"

    "Byock bawk bawk bawk bagawk!" the chicken said.

    "Right, sure, whatever!" she muttered. "I coulda held up that job at the T.V. station if I knew I had all this stupid alien stuff seven years ago..."

    Me: REFERENCE!! Muppets From Space!!

    Gonzo: I thought we agreed it was all a reference to Muppets From Space...

    "Don’t worry boss, me and the gang will keep in constant contact from the theater," Scooter reminded the frog.

    "That’s right Mr. Kermit, with the new Muppet Labs Tele-Transmitter!" Bunsen and Beaker ran forward, handing Kermit a seemingly normal telephone.

    "Dr. Honeydew...This looks just like a regular phone," Kermit said.

    Uncle D.: They all look normal at first...

    "Exactly!" Bunsen shouted. "But it stretches to the outer reaches of space and never charges you for roaming!"

    "Mee me mo mace!" Beaker repeated.

    Me: To quote...Someone, I forget who, but the Muppets definitely need free roaming with all the other money they spend.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "You guys are always on the cutting edge..."
    "Hey there Kermit," Bobo pushed forward in the crowd. "Mind if I tag along? I’d love to see Ed again," he chuckled to himself. "Baby steps sir, baby steps, heh heh."

    "Well sure Bobo, no problem, we could always use another...Er...Well we could use more help," Kermit told him.

    "Alright Mr. Kermit sir, the coordinates have been put in, all you have to do is flip the front switch and pull back the brakes, and you’re on your way!" Bunsen told the frog.

    Me: Here they go!!

    "Bring our little buddy back Kermit," Rowlf told him. "We’ll be right here waitin’ for you to get back."

    "I only wish I was going," Link Hogthrob said. "After all I have had much more experience as a space captain..."

    Gonzo: Yeah, he flew the Swinetrek like I drive!

    Uncle D.: Badly.

    Me: Fer sure.

    "Hey, if any of youse guys needs an osteopath when you get back, you know which monkey to call!" Sal shouted.

    "How many times to I have to tell you Sal?" Johnny asked. "It’s a boneologist, and why would you bring that cute little monkey from ‘Aladdin’ into this? He’s never available for private parties!"

    Me: HA! I LOVE Johnny!

    Kermit shook his head and walked to the driver’s seat of the rocket (This one being considerably bigger than Gonzo’s). He flipped the switch and released the brakes, sending flames erupting from the back.

    "Down Animal, c’mon man, sit!" Floyd shouted, trying to hold onto Animal’s chain.

    "SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP!" Animal shouted, finally breaking free from Floyd’s grasp. He jumped up into the door and closing it behind him.

    Me: Animal! Come back Animal!

    "Heh heh, looks like Animal’s becomin’ our resident ‘Rocketman!’" Dr. Teeth laughed.

    Uncle D.: And the good doctor gets in his quip.

    Me: Yup! And we get the commentary done!
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Great as always... Will have to do until some of the other authors decide to update their stories.

    Post more when you can. Oh, and about that reference to your lovely other half... Sideways!

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