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Old Friends Who've Just Met

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Ooh! The last part with Butch and Clyde! It's getting interesting! Also enjoyed the scene with Kermit and Rowlf. I always love it when people really dig into their friendship. Great stuff, can't wait to see more!
  2. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Fabulous chapter! Twas great. I loved the part about The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    No to both actually...:halo: You'll just have to wait and see. :smirk:

    But...You'll have to wait til Monday cause I'm heading out tonight and won't have access to my computer or this story...Don't hurt me! *cowers hugging teddy bear*
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Back and Back and Reading! Hi, I know you nagged me to read, but the nagging was well worth it because I really do honestly like this story. It's got everything a Ryan story needs. Muppets playing cards. Uncle Deadly. Family. Furry Things (Was that his mold collection? No, wait, he sold that, right?). And finally a nice big dream sequence, songs, and flashbacks.

    Well done Ryan!
  5. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    Great story Ry-guy, can't wait for more...
  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Me either...:halo:

    But hopefully tomorrow afternoon I'll be able to get Chapter 5 posted.

    HOPEFULLY! :eek:
  7. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Great story Prawnie! Thank you.
  8. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Haha! I got him to read my fan-fic again! :crazy: No problem Snowthy, anytime! :)
  9. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Sorry, the fan-fic and fan-art board is one of the few I rarely visit, or think to visit.:o
  10. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    The next morning, Kermit, Rowlf, Fozzie, Camilla and Rizzo had all piled into Kermit's green mini-van. Kermit took the driver's seat, Fozzie took passenger's and the other three climbed in back.

    The rest of the Muppets stayed behind at the boarding house, they would head to the hospital later in the day. Kermit drove his van to the hospital parking lot and pulled into a slip. "Alright guys," Kermit said eyeing the group getting uot of the car with him. "Whatever happens when we get inside, we just have to believe that Gonzo's gonna pull through. Right?"

    "Right!" the others agreed.

    Camilla, Rizzo and Rowlf walked off towards the door. Kermit began to walk off as well, but Fozzie stopped him. "Kermit?" Fozzie asked.

    Kermit turned around. "Yeah Fozzie?"

    "Kermit, what if Gonzo...Doesn't...You know..."

    Kermit looked at his feet. "Fozzie, we just have to believe. That's got us far before," Kermit smiled.

    "Yeah but...But Gonzo...Gonzo he's hurt Kermit...Hurt bad, how much believing can we possibly do?"

    Kermit put his arm around Fozzie's shoulder. "Life's like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing keep pretending."

    Fozzie smiled and nodded. "Yeah, thanks Kermit."

    "You're welcome Fozzie," Kermit replied as he and Fozzie walked the rest of the way into the hospital.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    A tall alien walked down a massive hallway of a space station, he was being passed by other members of his kind. To his left were three massive glass windows revealing the starry skyline and two moons.​

    The alien wore a tall golden hat (to cover his tall head), and a shining golden cape over his red vest coat covering his molting gray-blue feathers.​

    When he reached a door at the end of the hallway, he grabbed the handles and pulled it open. He walked inside and towards and large screen depicting Gozno in his hospital bed. "Kermit!" Gonzo shouted. The screen rewound itself back to Gonzo unconscious in the bed. "Kermit!" he shouted again.​

    "So he has awoken?" the alien asked a large human male in a purple cape cut beneath his shoulder blades that was standing in front of him.​

    The man turned to face him. "Yes Onzgo," he said. "He's been awake since early morning on Earth, his friends are on their way to his room."​

    The alien called Onzgo nodded. "Very good Zongo, now, go to Des Filmer. And here, give him this message to send to Gonzo," Onzgo said, handing the man a piece of paper.​

    The man named Zongo half-bowed. "Yes sir," he walked out an automatic door. The man was once an Earthling, his name used to be K. Edgar Singer. His life on Earth was full of ridicule. They'd call him names like "Weirdo," "Freak Boy," and "Paranoid Delusional Psychopath." But that's why he left that life behind to come to outer space with a group of aliens that landed on Earth to greet their long-lost brother Gonzo. He was quickly loved by the aliens for his physical humor, he was adorned with a cape, renamed Zongo and was given the position of Ambassador to Earth. This is where he truly belonged.​

    He made his way to the cafeteria where he knocked on a door three times. "Mr. Filmer? It's Zongo, Onzgo needs you."​

    The door cracked open and an alien poked his long orange nose out. "Needs me for what?" the alien asked.​

    "Well, um, your special brand of, well, food, to make contact with his brother on Earth."​

    "Again?" the alien asked as he opened the door fully. "Well, it has been seven Earth years since last time. Come on in!" he motioned to Zongo.​

    "Thank you Des," Zong said as he moved inside.​

    Des Filmer wore large yellow spectacles on his eyes, and a white lab coat. "Now, what would the big boss prefer this time?" he asked.​

    Zongo scratched his hed, "Well, I'm not sure, I assume he'd want you to manipulate whatever they're having for lunch today on Earth."​

    "And how do we find out what that is?" Des asked.​

    "Turn your monitor on channel 10-57PM," Zongo said.​

    Des Filmer picked up a remote control, "Now, do I type the number then press the square?"​

    "No, no the square, then the number, then the oval, then the cylinder and finally the star," Zongo explained.​

    Des Filmer looked at the remote, then handed it to Zongo. "Here, you do it! Danged universal remote," Des muttered.​

    Zongo pushed a series of buttons on the remote and pointed it at a wall that lit up revealing a monitor. On the monitor, a chef was preparing a tray of spaghetti with two meatballs on top inside a cafeteria."Ah, here we are, looks like spaghetti's on the menu today Des."​

    Des grinned. "Ooh! A tricky one! Fabulous!" he walked over to a system of wires and cords dangling from the ceiling. At the end of the wires was a metal glove sitting on a table. Des Filmer slipped the glove on his hand. His thumb through the bottom, his other three fingers through the top. "Now it's all a simple matter of puppetry!"​

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    Gonzo lay awake in his bed in the hospital. His four limbs were still either bandaged or in slings. He turned his head and glanced at the clock that read 11:48AM. Gonzo looked back to the ceiling and sighed. "Where is everyone?" he asked the air.​

    "I've been askin' that question for two months now!" an elderly voice said from behind a sheet to the right of Gonzo.​

    "Who said that?" Gonzo asked.​

    The sheet pulled back and an old man lay in a bed next to Gonzo. "Me! Arnie," said an old, bald man to the right of Gozno.​

    "Oh, hi," Gonzo said, he didn't know that he had a neighbor. "Um, I'm, uh, I'm Gonzo."​

    "Nice to meet ya," Arnie said. "And nice to see ya awake, you've been out like a light for almost a day!"​

    Gonzo nodded, "Yeah, I know, thanks for the concern though."​

    Just before Arnie could answer, a chicken burst through the door. "Gonzo!" she clucked loudly.​

    Gonzo turned to look at the door as Camilla darted in and jumped atop his bed, clucking and pecking him. Gonzo laughed. "Camilla, Camilla, watch the casts!"​

    "No one ever watches my casts," Arnie sighed as he rolled back over in his bed. Gonzo looked at him, but got distracted by the rat that dove on top of him.​

    "You little-You had me worried-You're okay! Ha ha!" Rizzo said.​

    Kermit, Fozzie and Rowlf all walked in as well. "Ah! You were wrong Gonzo, one of these days my jokes will not kill you!"​

    Gonzo laughed. "I guess I was Fozzie," he said.​

    "Well Fozzie," Rowlf said examining the casts. "I'd say you came pretty close."​

    Kermit watched as Gonzo hugged and reunited with the others. "It's good to have you back Gonzo," he said, smiling at the weirdo.​

    The others quieted down and Gonzo smiled back. "Thanks Kermit, it's good to be back."​

    * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    After about ten minutes of talking to Gonzo, calling the boarding house to tell the other Muppets he was alright and Arnie falling asleep finally a nurse brought in a tray of spaghetti for Gonzo.​

    "Eat up now," the nurse said as she left the room.​

    "Thanks I will," Gonzo called after her.​

    Fozzie looked at the spaghetti and grimaced. "What's the deal with hospital food?"​

    Rowlf laughed. Rizzo rubbed his hands together. "Hey, I'll take it if you don't want it."​

    "Thanks Rizzo, but I think I'll keep it," Gonzo said as he picked up his fork and began to bring it down on the pasta.​

    "Gonzo? Is that you?" the spaghetti asked, causing all the Muppets in the room to jump.​

    Gonzo stared at it, Kermit and the others moved closer and looked at the meal strangely. "Gonzo, what's going on?" Kermit asked.​

    "It must be my family again, they're contacting me through my food, just like last time!" Gonzo said to Kermit. He returned his attention to his meal. "Yeah, this is Gonzo."​

    "Great! Now, we were wondering when you could come out to space with us," the spaghetti asked. ​

    The other Muppets looked at each other. "Out to space?" Fozzie asked.​

    "Yeah you know," the spaghetti said. "The great beyond, the final frontier? Wait, who is this?"​

    "Fozzie," the bear replied.​

    "Just one of my friends," Gonzo said. "But uh, I don't know if I'll be going into space with you guys," he said to the food.​

    "Not going?" it asked. "But why?"​

    "I'm done with all that," Gonzo said plainly. "No more life-threatening situations."​

    Kermit gasped. "Gonzo, are you serious?"​

    Gonzo nodded. "Yeah, no more."​

    "But Gonzo," the plate of food said. "We need you. You're the only one who can save us. If you don't come, no one will be able to help us!"​

    "I'm sorry, but I can't help you!" Gonzo said back.​

    "But if you don't, we'll all die!" the spaghetti said.​

    All was silent. "Die?" Rowlf asked.​

    "Yes Fozzie," the spaghetti said to the dog.​

    "That's Rowlf," Fozzie said quietly. "I'm Fozzie."​

    The spaghetti turned to the bear. "Oh yeah, you've got the hat," he turned back to Gonzo. "Help us Gonzo the Great, you're out only hope."​

    "What is dis, Star Trek?" Rizzo whispered to Kermit.​

    Gonzo looked down at his food, and over to each of his friends. This was a matter of life or death now. "Kermit," Gonzo said to the frog. "What do you think?"​

    Kermit looked down at his feet and held his hands to his chest. "Well Gonzo...We...We'll all be here for you when you get back."​

    Gonzo nodded. "Alright, I'll help you."​

    The spaghetti cheerd. "Great! Now, do you have transportation?"​

    Gonzo thought for a minute, "Well, Bunsen and Beaker did build a rocket once."​

    "Didn't work worth a darn," Rowlf muttered.​

    "Yeah," Gonzo said. "I can get there."​

    "Great! So you can fly up on Thursday?"​

    "What? Thursday? That's in two days! And my bones are broken!" Gonzo said.​

    "That's never stopped you before!" Rizzo said.​

    "Yeah, and besides that, they're already completely healed," the spaghetti said.​

    "What?" all the Muppets asked.​

    "Yup, we Gonzonians have highly advanced immune systems."​

    "Gonzonians?" Kermit asked.​

    "You bet little lizard man," the pasta said. "That's our species."​

    "Wow," Gonzo said, taking the sling off his arm and moving it about. "I was named after our species..."​

    "So Thursday then?" the spaghetti asked once more.​

    "Yeah, yeah, Thursday's fine." ​

    "Great! Oh, and you can go ahead and eat me now, you'll need-"​

    "My strength, I know I know," Gonzo said, sticking his fork into the food.​

    "See you Thursday!" it said once more, making the other Muppets jump.​

    "Thursday, yeah," Gonzo shook his head. "He does that every time."​
  11. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    Great chap...want spaghetti. I mean!...want more story...
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... More spaghetti... Er, more story rather.

    Good chapter, the decision's starting to take root in Gonzo's heart...TGMC reference when the spaghetti was talking to Fozzie, made me laugh.
    And the way Des Filmer manipulates Earth food... Very good description, you must've been watching The Secrets of the Muppets from JHH.

    OK... So how long before we pull out the nagging sticks for more story?
  13. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Great chapter! I too loved the bit with the spaghetti! I was laughing out loud! I hope to read more soon! This is great! Nice to see Gonzo in the spotlight for a change. :)
  14. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    I haven't read all of Chapter 5 yet, but from what I've read so far in Chaps 1 through 4, this is one awesome story written by the marvelous pawncracker!

    There's some pretty deep stuff in the story; that one part with Gonzo crashing through that brick wall really had me fearing for his life. And I love the conversation between Kermit and Uncle Deadly--those were some serious emotions that Deadly expressed there. I've also enjoyed the "This is Your Life" moments in the story with Gonzo; my favorite part was when you brought in The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. It's good to see that I'm not the only one who uses the "Black Abyss" atmosphere during comatose situations (see "The Great X-Muppet Caper").

    I've noticed that the stories I've been reading lately have a lot of appearances by Uncle Deadly. That's one Muppet character that I haven't written into a story; but I think he'd fit in with the rest of the supernatural characters in one story that I'll be writing in the future. I've yet to see the Vincent Price episode of The Muppet Show, although from reading everyone else's tales, I think I have his character down.

    Can't wait to
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey MW... Good to see you here. You need a reading list of some other author's stories? LMK which ones and I can put something together for you.

    And yes, not only do you need to watch the Vincent Price TMS episode... But you need the Twiggy TMS episode to get the backstory on UD's origins in the Muppet Universe.
    Both those episodes are part of the Season 1 boxset, though you might want to get the Vincent Price episode from another trader to get the final number, "You've Got A Friend".
  16. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Count. When I think up some, I'll let you know.:)

    I'll be sure to watch both eps before I get started on the story that I'm putting him in. I'll send you a PM telling what kind of story I'm writing him into and what his role will be, because I want everyone else to be surprised.;)
  17. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6

    Scooter stood at the door of the Electric Mayhem bus with his handy clipboard. "Alright, Yolanda, Yorrick, Zippity Zap and Zoot," Scooter checked off on his list as a female rat, purple skull, teal frog like creature wearing sunglasses and a hat and the fifty year-old burnt out Zoot boarded the bus. Scooter flipped through the pages on his checklist. "Well, we're only missing one person...Where is-Oh, it's my name, heh."

    Clifford, who was standing nearby, shook his head. "Head 'em up move 'em out Scoot," he said as he climbed on the bus as well. "You Bobo, you sure you're gonna be alright watching the house by yourself?" Clifford called to a large brown bear standing on the porch.

    The bear laughed. "Yeah boss, don't worry, I got it all under control here, go on, just make sure you bring our little blue buddy back!" Bobo the Bear called back.

    "A'ight dude," Clifford called as Scooter climbed on the bus as well. "Ok Dr. Teeth, get this old thing to the hospital!"

    "You got it Cliff, it's time to move this groove thing, heh heh!" Dr. Teeth laughed as he pulled the bus out of the driveway.

    Miss Piggy stuck her head out of one of the busses windows. "I can't believe moi let vous talk me into riding in this smelly bus with you bunch of weirdos!" she shouted as the bus drove down the road.

    Sam Eagle stuck his head out another window. "I agree whole-heartedley and Americanly!"

    Bobo turned back into the boarding house and walked into the kitchen. "Welp, I'm all by myself...Alone..." he looked around the empty house. "Better make some jalapeno sandwiches for the guys when they get back, Gonzo loves those jalapenos!" he said as he moved into the kitchen.

    Bobo moved through the kitchen spreading peanut butter on the bread and putting jalapenos on top. The bear didn't always go by Bobo, in fact, seven years ago when he worked at the secret government agency C.O.V.N.E.T. he wen tby Rentro. As it turned out, Rentro was his middle name.

    As Bobo placed a second sandwich on top of the first he prepared, he heard a knocking at the door. "Oh boy, that could be my new "Buns of Steel" work out tape!" he said as he walked towards the door. He opened it up and saw two furry creatures standing on the porch. One was taller, wider and blue and the other was shorter, skinnier and pink. "Hello," the blue one said. "I'm Butch, this is my cohort Clyde here, and um, we're looking for Rentro, is he in?"

    "Nope," Bobo said. "I like Bobo better," the bear smiled.

    "Oh hi!" Clyde said. "We've read all about you in a secret file and-"

    "Shut it Clyde!" Butch said as he smacked Clyde in the stomach. "Sorry, Bobo," Butch said. "But uh, we're from C.O.V.N.E.T. Don't know if you remember, but we used to work together," Butch lied, hoping this dim-witted bear believed him.

    Bobo stared at the blue monster. "Well c'mon in!" Bobo said. "It's always great to meet fellow C.O.V.ies. Heh, that's what I call us, C.O.V.ies."

    Butch sighed in relief. "Thanks, I think we will come in," he said as he dragged Clyde inside the boarding house.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    The doctors had examined Gonzo's bones, and it was true, he had been completely healed, and was being released from the hospital early.

    The weirdo stood over his bed, packing the few belongings Camilla had brought yesterday. The thought he was all alone right now, the others had gone to lunch in the cafeteria. But he wasn't the only one in the room.

    "So they're lettin' ya out, huh?" Arnie said as he walked over on a cane.

    Gonzo looked at the old man. "Yeah," he said, closing his suitcase. "So Arnie, we never got to talk, why are you in the hospital?"

    Arnie sat down on Gonzo's bed and sighed. "It's the cancer my friend."

    "What?!" Gonzo shouted. "You've got cancer?"

    Arnie nodded. "And if I wasn't cooped up in here, I'd be out livin' my life to the fullest!"

    Gonzo shrugged. "I used to think the same way," he sighed.

    "What happened?"

    "I realized how much I had to life for, and that it wasn't worth risking myself if I could never see them again."

    Arnie turned to Gonzo. "Huh, never thoguht of it that way," he said. "Of course that could be because I don't have anything or anyone really worth living for."

    Gonzo sat down next to him. "What? No family?"

    Arnie shook his head. "Nope, my wife Helga passed on about a year ago, and my son and I don't speak any longer."

    "But...How..." Gonzo stood up. "I tell you what Arnie, I've got a trip to go on tomorrow, but as soon as I get back, I'm coming back here and picking you up, and I"m gonna show you the time of your life!"

    Arnie stared at Gonzo. "Do you really mean that?"

    Gonzo nodded. "Yeah, I promise," he said extending his hand to Arnie.

    Arnie grabbed the feathery blue hand and pulled himself off the bed. "Thanks Gonzo, that means more than you know," he hugged the weirdo.

    Gonzo hugged him back. "No problem Arnie, you cared for me, and you didn't even know me, and that's more than enough thanks," Gonzo picked up his suitcase. "Now, stay put, or else I won't know where to find you when I get back!"

    Arnie laughed. "Yeah I promise," he winked.

    Gonzo smiled and walked out of the room.
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Zongo returned to the quarters of Onzogo to report on Gonzo's condition. "Sir, Des Filmer has delivered your message, and Gonzo will be joining us in two Earth days."

    Onzgo nodded. "Thank you Ed."

    Zongo looked puzzled. "Ed?"

    Onzgo shook his head. "Sorry, sorry Zongo. Do forgive me, it's just my mind, it seems to be slipping these days."

    Zongo nodded. "It's quite alright sir, shall I leave you alone?" he asked.

    Onzgo nodded. "Please, if any news comes in on Gonzo, report it to me immediately."

    "But of course," Zongo said, bowing. As he left, he turned back to the leader and sighed. It was coming to and end.

    Onzgo sat alone in his dark, secluded chamber, pondering life, his life and the lives of others. It all seemed like such a blur now, and he let it pass by. He should have enjoyed it more while it lasted, but it was too late now. Onzgo was dying.

    A voice echoed over the alien's large head. "Pardon the interruption my leader, but there's a video call for you," the voice said.

    "Put it through," Onzgo said. He turned to the wall where an alien stood in a dark black cape and a bright red suit. His nose was long like a Gonzonian's, except thicker and gray. His sleek black skin showed off his glowing yellow eyes, that were much smaller than a Gonzonian's.

    The alien stared down. "Onzgo, I have my ships and weapons ready, I can obliterate your entire fleet and the star ship the remainder of your species lives on, just like I did your planet," it said in a deep, booming voice.

    Onzgo glared at the brute. "I have heard your threats before Exod, and your demands are being met. Why do you insist on torturing me and my people?"

    Exod laughed a deep maniacal laugh. "Because it's so much fun for me of course! And as always, to deliver the friendly reminder that if my demands aren't met by the dedlin, I will strike and you will rue the day your people crossed me."

    The wall turned off and Exod disappeared. Exod's many demands were outrageous, ten-million Szkexels (the Gonzonian form of currency), an entire fleet of high powered, dual-engine, hyper drive compatible ships and finally, to marry Onzgo's only daughter Flanzgo.

    His daughter was often reveared as the most beautiful Gonzonian ever spawned. Her radiant pink feathers and purple beak made her near irresistable to admirers. And she was Onzgo's pride and joy.

    This is why Gonzo was needed. Gonzo could unlock the secrets from the remains of their planet that was destroyed when Gonzo was launched to Earth in an escape pod many Earth years ago.

    Now all Onzgo had to do was wait for his little brother to arrive.

    Waiting was never one of his strong suits.
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    "So Bobo," Butch said. "Uh, we read-HEARD! Heard, sorry, we heard that you've uh, got an alien in the house."

    Bobo placed a plate of sandwiches in the middle of the table where Butch and Clyde sat. "Well not right now," Bobo said sitting down. "Y'see, he had a little accident, he's in the hospital right now."

    Butch and Clyde looked at each other. "Well, that's really the only reason we came," Clyde said, standing up. "We'll be seein' ya Mr. Bobo."

    Butch pulled the pink Muppet back down. "Sorry for my assistant Bobo, but he's a little tense," Butch said kicking Clyde under the table. "But, uh, do you have any idea when the alien might be home?"

    Bobo scratched his head. "Hold on just a second there, you don't have any of those, uh, those really big guns do ya?"

    "Not with us, but-" Clyde began.

    Butch clamped his hand over Clyde's beak. "No way Bobo, we would never, ever think of harming your friend the alien. We just want an autograph, we're huge fans," Butch lied.

    Bobo stared at the two of them and stroked his chin. "Well me too! But, uh, just make sure you ask for the autograph at the right time, if you know what I mean," Bobo whispered to Clyde.

    Clyde smiled and nodded. "How much do you think we could get for one of those autographs on Ebay?" Butch kicked Clyde again. "OW! Why do you keep doing that?"

    "Doing what?" Bobo asked.

    Butch picked up a sandwich. "Making these delicious sandwiches, heh heh..."

    "Uh..." said Bobo, confused.

    "Never mind, never mind," Butch shook his head. "But, uh, just outta curiosity here, does your little alien friend have a spaceship?"

    "A spaceship?" Bobo asked as he was cleaning up the plates from lunch. "Well Gonzo doesn't have one, but I guess Bunsen and Beaker do have a couple down there in the basement..."

    Butch stood up. "Great! Thanks so much, that's all we needed to konw," he said pulling Clyde out of his chair and pushing him towards the door.

    "Yeah! Thanks!" Clyde said. "And any chance you can get me that autograph?"

    "Yeah sure, no problem little buddy, heh heh," Bobo laughed as the two "C.O.V.ies" walked out the door.​
  18. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    Loving it...
  19. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    It is really great Ryan! I really liked the scene between Gonzo and Artie. It was nice. Other great humorous things with the Muppets at home, and more obscure Muppets that we don't usually see too, it's kind of nice!
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Ryan... Great chapter and all...

    Just lemme get these nitpicks outta the way first. *Pushes picks off of nits.
    1 The peppers Bobo's using for sandwiches, should be "jalapeños".
    You can get the n with the funny Spanish squiggle line by pressing the NumLock key on your keyboard, holding Alt down and type 164 on the numpad. Then let go of Alt and unlock the NumLock to keep writing.
    2 The Gonzonian who's in charge of the mothership... That's the one Jerry Nelson voiced in MFS, right? Cause his name was Uber-Gonzo.
    Oznog was Gonzo dressed in a sort of white vaudeville outfit, with a straw hat topped by a Christmas sprig. He was part of the Teppums from JHH.
    3 Is Uber-Gonzo's daughter's name "Flanzog"? Or should it be "Flaznog"?
    Just asking to get it straight, since there've been some prevalent typos with those names in the previous chapters.

    Now, on to the good...
    Was funny to hear the Muppets grumbling on the EM bus on their way to see Gonzo.
    The scene with Arnie and Gonzo was nice... Gives Gonzo a reason to come back, and hopefully resume his daredevilish ways.
    Butch and Clyde... You've got a good thing going with them poking and prodding around the MBH, even if they are on the villainistic side of things.

    But the part I liked the very most was near the beginning... Scooter reading and checking off names of who was on the bus...
    Posted by Prawny: "Scooter stood at the door of the Electric Mayhem bus with his handy clipboard. "Alright, Yolanda, Yorrick, Zippity Zap and Zoot," Scooter checked off on his list as a female rat, purple skull, teal frog like creature wearing sunglasses and a hat and the fifty year-old burnt out Zoot boarded the bus. Scooter flipped through the pages on his checklist. "Well, we're only missing one person...Where is-Oh, it's my name, heh.""
    His momentary self omission made me laugh, and I rully liked how you quickly described each Muppet in turn.

    Post more... Please... Soon-ish?

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