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Oliver! - The Musical (In Muppet Style)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Twisted Tails, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Wow! I would like to do a musical too! I'd probably do either Phantom of the Opera (movie verison), Little Shop of Horrors (with original ending), or Sound of Music.
  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thanks! It took me only one night to get this chapter done. I will have chapter two posted next week maybe.
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I don't mind at all. You really got some good ideas. So, good luck and let us know when you post them.

    So, everyone Chapter 2 is coming up next week. Promise!
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I love "Little Shop" ,"Phantom" and "Sound of Music" !!!!! :flirt: (But I didn't like the movie version of Phantom (If you're referring to the one with Gerard Butler as the Phantom).....I loved the stage version better. No offense. )
  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Can't wait!
  6. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    None taken it's just I only saw that version. I know about the original ending of Little Shop though.
  7. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know about that ending. My community theater did that musical two years ago.
  8. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's kind of funny and kinda sad at the same time if that makes any sense.
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  9. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! You're doing really well.
  10. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    You're welcome! I will work on Chapter 2 today and post it, but tomorrow I am busy. Ugh! So, I may not be able to do chapters everyday for a while.or be on this website all the time either, which is good.
  11. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    Yaaaaay! A chapter!
    Twisted Tails and MissMusical12 like this.
  12. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Yeah, unfortunately I am going to be busy, but I knew I didn't post another chapter. Oh great! I am so behind. Vincent, l really love Robin. He is "cute and ruthless.", but he is just adorable. Well, I am working on Chapter 2 and will get it posted sometime this week. :)
  13. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    I only just noticed this. Yeah, if you can persuade Janken to join the ensemble, that's cool by me.
  14. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Permission granted! I am still writing Chapter Two, but I am a slow writer. So, I will post another chapter soon okay?
  15. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    *Bumps to the top*

    Here is my final cast lineup!

    :) and my human OC Megan as the narrators
    Robin as Oliver
    :sympathy: as Fagin
    Annie Sue as Nancy
    Bill Sikes - human character played by Dominic I think
    :batty: as Mr. Brownlow
    Mr. Johnson as Mr. Bumble
    ;) as the Artful Dodger
    Pa & Ma Gorg - as Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry
    Mildred as Mrs. Corney
    :mad: as Charlottle Sowerberry
    Marlon Fraggle as Noah Claypole (I thought :concern: didn't fit very well in this character. So, I go with the obvious or obessed character)
    Dr. Julius Strangepork as Dr. Grimwig
    :mad: as Bet (Yes, agin it will be her, because I have no idea if Colleen Barker would fit in the role very well.)
    :smirk: as Charley Bates (Since Kermit's the narrator instead of being a supportive character, I thought Gobo could fit maybe)
    Mrs. Applebee (Frog Scout Leader) as Mrs. Bedwim

    So, does is this cast decision great or what
  16. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Yep! Vincent, Chapter 2 is coming! Robin starts to get more dialogue. Plus we have Scooter coming up as the Artful Dodger. Yayyyyyyyyy! :)

    I promise to rully post the next chapter on Tuesday.
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  17. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone! You may want to hear this and that includes: Collgoff, Vincent Liu, MissMusical12, Dominicboo1, and other MC members.
    Good news - posting another chapter this Tueday on the 21st of this month
    Bad news - I am now pushed again to do 20 pages every day to math to study for retaking those challenging tests. Ewwwwww! But I am free on Sundays and that better happen or I will not have any relaxation to do more Chapters. Ugh! This is just terible, but I have to do it.
  18. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    That's today, for pete's sake!
    Happens to me, too. Thankfully, I like math.
  19. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah! I need to remeber that though. (sighs!)

    Happens to me, too. Thankfully, I like math.[/quote]

    Well, I don't love math, but I like it and that's good enough for me. Welll, time for the surprise! Ta-da! That's right! It's the seeeeecond chaaaapter!

    Chapter 2 – For Sale or Consider Yourself Part of the Family

    Is the author okay? I hope he or she would not faint that Oliver would be for sale. Ahem! Oh good! You’re here! I know this story will have a happy ending as other stories of Charles Dickens should have. I have been through a lot of worse things than Robin and Oliver have. I lost my good old friend, you know, Jim Henson. Oh boy! Am I getting off track now.”

    Megan, a human Muppet fan enters and says, “Kermit, are you okay?”

    Oh yeah, but um…I was thinking about Mr. Henson.

    “That’s what I have been thinking about too. You’re not the only one that got off track, so did I.”

    Now where were we? Oh yeah, we left off where the board of the workhouse were outraged of Oliver’s strange behavior and Mr. Bumble, the beadle of the workhouse takes his matter into his hands to sold Oliver.

    “Well, I know you’re no Charles Dickens, Kermit, but well I seen your specials, movies, some classic segments from Sesame Street as a news reporter, and you have to handle all of the chaos from your friends.”

    Well, um, thank you, Megan.

    “Kermie,” the voice called out.

    “Oh, now what? The more visitors we get, the less time we are going to continue our story.”

    Miss Piggy enters. “Kermie, you said I was to playing to play Nancy.”

    Piggy, um, there has been a change of plans.

    “What change of plans,” Miss Piggy asked with a little growl.

    “Well, Piggy, the author make tough choices and you are Charlotte Sowerberry instead.


    “Miss Piggy, I didn’t mean to disappoint you – ”

    “Oh, so Moi is not good enough for Nancy.”

    “I did not say that and – ”

    “Oh! Then you except Moi to be beautiful?”

    “Well, yes! You know what? If you want another role, then you will be Bet.”

    “Oh! Thank you Thank you!”

    “Your welcome, Miss Piggy! (Whispering) You are very gorgeous and don’t miss your cue.

    “That’s very kind of vous. All right! Bye!”

    “Whew! That was close! Now can we go back to the story?”

    Yeah! I was going to say that too.


    Mr. Bumble (Mr. Johnson):
    One boy,
    Boy for sale.
    He's going cheap.
    Only seven guineas
    That -- or thereabouts

    Small boy...
    Rather pale...
    Through lack of sleep
    Feed him gruel dinners.
    Stop him getting stout.

    If I should say he wasn't very greedy...
    I could not, I'd be telling you a tale.
    One boy,
    Boy for sale.
    Come take a peep.
    Have you ever seen as
    A boy
    For sale

    “Mr. Bumble wanted a workhouse boy, that had no friends, to be sold by a man or anyone to take care of him, when they saw Mr. Sowerberry, “the parochial undertaker.”

    “Wait a minute!”

    “Oh great, another visitor! And where’s Kermit?”

    “Are you a silly creature?” Gobo asked, entering to find only Megan on the scene.

    “Yes! My name’s Megan, and I am fan of Charles Dickens, Muppets, and Fraggles too I guess. So, what’s the problem now?”

    “Well, I was reading the script, but why are there Gorgs in this story?”

    “Don’t blame me!”

    “Oh! So, it’s the author’s idea?”

    “I guess! By the way, can we get back to the story?”

    “Oh…uh, sorry! Thanks!”

    “You’re welcome, Gobo! Okay, where was I? Oh yes, he was a man who wore black clothing, and also was responsible for funerals.”

    “All right, how much did you say?” Mr. Sowerberry asked with a little chuckle.

    “Liberal terms, Mr. Sowerberry...Liberal terms? Three pounds!” Mr. Bumble said with a serious tone.

    “Well, as a matter of fact, I was needing a boy.” Mr. Sowerberry said while looking at Oliver carefully.

    Mr. Bumble:
    He’s a born undertaker's mute.
    I can see him in his black silk suit.
    Following behind the funeral procession...
    With his features fixed in a suitable expression
    There'll be horses with tall balck plumes
    To escort us to the family tombs,
    With mourners
    In all corners
    Who've been taught to week in tune?

    Then the coffin lined with satin.
    That's your funeral.

    Mrs. Sowerberry (Ma Gorg):
    That’s your funeral.

    Mr. Sowerberry (Pa Gorg):
    Large enough to wear your hat in
    That’s your funeral.

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    That’s your funeral.

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    We is just here to glamourize you for that
    Endless sleep.

    Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry:
    You might just as well look fetching
    When you're six feet deep.

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    At the wake we'll drink a-toddy
    To the body beautiful

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    That’s your funeral.

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    Not our funeral.

    That’s your funeral.

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    If you're fond of overeating
    That’s your funeral.

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    That’s your funeral.

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    Starve yourself by undereating
    That’s your funeral.

    The Funeral Procession (Beauguard)
    Note: Okay, so this is so last minute, but whenever they are not around, he cleans up the house for them.
    That's your funeral?

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    Visualize the earth descentind on you clod by clod.
    You can't come back when you're buried
    Underneath the ...sod

    Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry:
    We will not reduce our prices.
    Keep your vices usual.

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    That's your funeral.

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    Not our funeral.

    That's your funeral.

    Mr. Bumble:
    I don't think this song is funny.

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    That's your funeral.

    Mr. Bumble:
    Here’s the boy, now where's the money?

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    That's your funeral.

    Mr. Bumble:
    That's your funeral.

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    We don't harbour thoughts macabre,
    There’s no need to frown.

    Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry:
    In the end we'll either burn you up or nail you down.
    We love coughs and wheezes
    And diseases called incurable.
    That's your funeral.
    No one else's funeral

    Mr. Sowerberry:
    That's your...

    Mrs. Sowerberry:
    That's your...


    “Well, bring him in, Mr. Bumble. Bring him in!” Mr. Sowerberry said sighing. [To Mrs. Sowerberry] “Now my love, I said we might consider taking this boy to help in the shop.”

    “Oh, dear me, he’s very small.” Mrs. Sowerberry said, while looking at Oliver.

    “He is small, there’s no denying, “ said Mr. Bumble with a serious tone. “But he’ll grow Mrs. Sowerberry.

    “Well, I dare say he will…on our vitals and drink.” Mrs. Sowerberry with a small chuckle. “Their workhouse boys always cost more than they’re worth.”

    “Where did he come from?” Mr. Sowerberry asked with a huff.

    “His mother came us to destitute.” Mr. Bumble started. “She brings a child into the world, takes one look at him and promptly dies…without leaving a forwarding name and address. So, he’s yours for three pounds as agreed, cash on delivery.”

    “No, no Mr. Bumble.” Mr. Sowerberry said shaking his head. “Cash upon liking. A week on approval! If we get enough work out of him…without putting too much into him, then we’ll keep him.”

    “As soon as Mr. Bumble was out of sight,” Megan started, after being silent for a while. “Mrs. Sowerberry took Oliver down a flight of stairs to a dark, cold, and stony kitchen. Brrrr! I believe the audience you know the adults may worry about their kids reading this fanfic. Where was I? Oh yes, sitting on a small stool was a beautiful girl, in her heels, with worn-out blue stockings.”

    “Oh, Charlotte,” Mrs. Sowerberry said, singly.

    “What?” Charlotte called out loud.

    “Give this little boy some cold bits of food. He has not been here since this morning. I dare say this boy is too “daintily” to eat them, are you, young one?”

    “No, ma’am,” Oliver said wearily.

    “Oliver was trembling as he ate the cold bits of the food.”

    “Will ya hurry up, Mr. Twist,” Charlotte said with a growl. [Sweetly] “So Moi can get plenty of rest.”

    “Okay, that was so not in the book, author, but nice ad-libbing. Anyway, when he was done with his meal, Mrs. Sowerberry came back to the kitchen to check on him.”

    “Well,” Mrs. Sowerberry started. “Are you done, young one?”

    Oliver nodded.

    “All right, then come with me, Mr. Twist.” Mrs. Sowerberry, with her serious tone.

    “Mrs. Sowerberry then lit the lamp and took the lamp carrier to lead him slowly to a room full of wooden coffins. Well, this is giving me the creeps, but I am so glad I am not in that kind of state as the Sowerberries are.”

    “All right then, Oliver Twist,” Mrs. Sowerberry said quietly, though still with a serious tone. “Your bed’s underneath the counter. You don’t sleeping among coffins I suppose? It don’t much matter whether you do or you don’t cause you can’t sleep nowhere else.”

    “Oliver could not linger any longer and he did as he was told. He meekly fell asleep so not to looked at those dreadful empty coffins, not to mention trying to not to think about death. Okay, author maybe we could (shudders) continue. This darkness is driving me crazy.

    Silence for a moment!

    “Okay then fine! I will continue! Arghhhh! So, the next morning was to put to work. He had to wear a tall hat despite the lightness of it, and then had to be a “mute.” After a long journey walking silently in the cold, he worked in the shop for a while, until he heard pounding on the door. He opened the door, since it took a while to get it open.
    “I beg your pardon, sir, but did you knock?” Oliver asked wearily.

    “I pound it!” Noah said, with a small laugh.

    “Do you w-want a coffin sir?” Oliver asked.

    “You don’t know who I am, right?” Noah said, feeling the obsession of liking a small boy.

    “No, sir!” Oliver said, with his head down.

    “Come near the fire, dear,” Charlotte said sweetly to Noah. “I saved some vegetables for you to keep your strength up.”

    “You hear that, workhouse! Noah’s the one you’re talking to. How’s your mother, huh?”

    “You leave my mom out of it. She’s dead!” Oliver said, raising his voice, and then having a feeling to have a sad look.

    “Here’s your tea, dear, and scrub the floor with it.” Charlotte said, at first gentle, and then yelling at him. [To the audience and author] “This creature is weird.”

    “What did she die of? Shortage of breath?” Noah said, with the more he started calling his mother names, Oliver was going to lose his temper.

    “You better not say anything about her to me.” Oliver said, with a serious tone.

    “Don’t be so cheeky, my precious workhouse.” Noah said with a small laugh.

    “Your mother,” Charlotte said sweetly. “She was a nice one, Oliver.”

    “She was a regular bad mother she was.” Noah said out loud, before panting.

    “What did you say?” Oliver asked, with his voice now raised up.

    “It’s good that she died, because she would be in a small cage or in difficult labor.” Noah said, laughing.

    “Oliver then pounced into him, having enough with him calling his mother horrible names. Talk about dreadful! Ugh!”

    “He’s hurting me! Charlotte! He’s hurting me!” Noah said, trying to pry off of him, but it was no use.

    “Don’t hurt my precious little boy.” Charlotte yelled.

    “Unfortunately, Oliver did get off of him and was leaping as Noah was chasing him. Then, he landed in an open coffin until Mr. Claypole found the lid and then he was put inside. He was inside that dark coffin pounding, because Mrs. Sowerberry was sitting on it.”

    “Oh dear! I’m going off water.” Mrs. Sowerberry said, having a feeling that she was going to faint. “Charlotte,”

    “What now,” Charlotte said, getting the feeling of impatience.

    “Go get some water.” Mrs. Sowerberry said. Ohhh! I am about to faint. Noah, go to the workhouse. Get Mr. Bumble. Tell him to come quick. Oh that horrible mute.”

    “As Noah found Mr. Bumble, they rushed to the Sowerberry shop.”

    “Well, where is he? Where’s this young rascal?” Mr. Bumble asked with a frustrated groan.

    “In the black coffin, master.” Noah said, panting.

    “Mr. Bumble without hesitation pound his staff on the coffin where Oliver is inside that dark box.”

    “Oliver?” he asked.

    “Yes, I’m here sir!” Oliver said out loud from inside.

    “Do you know this voice, Oliver?” Mr. Bumble asked, with the seriousness in his voice.

    “Yes, I do!”

    “Ain’t you afraid of it? Ain’t you a-trembling when I speak?”

    “No, I’m not, sir!”

    “Oh! He’s gone mad or he wouldn’t dare to speak to you like that.” Mrs. Sowerberry yelled with a growl.

    “It’s not madness, it’s meat!” Mr. Bumble explained.

    “Meat? Mrs. Sowerberry asked with a shriek.

    “Meat, ma’am, meat.” Mr. Bumble said with a sigh. “You've overfed the boy. You've raised an artificial spirit in him unbecoming to his station in life. This would never have happened if you'd kept him on gruel. I'll be glad to give you the recipe.”

    “Well, having a rest, Mr. Bumble?” Mr. Sowerberry asked, as he entered the shop a little tipsy.

    “He’s sitting on Oliver, dear,” Mrs. Sowerberry said, with a stern look.

    “Right, we all must sit on Oliver,” Mr. Sowerberry, as he had no choice, but to sit on the coffin with Mrs. Sowerberry, Noah, the weird creature that was truly not a human, Charlotte after taking a while to get her strict mother a cup of water, and Mr. Bumble, the “beadle” of the workhouse.

    “Have you been drinking again?” Mr. Bumble asked with a groan.

    “I met a friend in the cemetery,” Mr. Sowerberry said, before clearing his throat to keep his mouth shut for now.

    “Help!” Oliver’s voice cried out from inside the coffin.

    “Who’s in there?” Mr. Bumble asked, recognizing that voice before. “That coffin should not have been occupied until tomorrow.

    “It’s reserved for an important client,” Mr. Sowerberry said to Mr. Bumble.

    “Stand back!” Mr. Bumble said, with a groan, then taking the lid out before he hopped out of that dreadful object.

    “What’s your explanation, you rascal?” Mr. Sowerberry said, with his serious tone.

    “He called my mother names!” Oliver said out loud, with anguish in his face and his little cheeks going red.

    “What if he did, you ungrateful wretch? She deserved what he said and worse.” Mrs. Sowerberry yelled.

    “She didn’t! It’s a lie!” Oliver said out loud.

    “Hold your tongue, young one.” Mrs. Sowerberry screamed. “Well, put him in the cellar. That’ll teach him.”

    “Yes?” Mr. Bumble asked, making sure if that’s what Oliver deserves.

    “It’s really quite comfortable.” Mrs. Sowerberry said in her soft tone to Mr. Bumble.

    “So, Mr. Bumble dragged Oliver in a dark and damp cellar to stay there until they figure out what to do with the “troublemaker.”

    “Stay there until we decide what's to be done with you.” Mr. Bumble said, once he was inside the cellar.

    “Here's your baggage, workhouse.” Noah said panting, as he threw his small luggage to the cellar.

    “Oh! Three pounds, indeed! You can take him back.” Mrs. Sowerberry said screaming before she slammed the door.

    “Now he was alone! He looked through another row of coffins. There was something that he was missing that nobody gave him like his mother did before she was gone.”

    Where is love?
    Does it fall from skies above?
    Is it underneath?
    The willow tree
    That I've been dreaming of
    Where is she?
    Who I close my eyes to see
    Will I ever know?
    The sweet hello
    That's meant for only me
    Who can say where she may hide
    Must I travel far and wide?
    Till I am beside
    That someone who
    I can mean
    Something to
    Where is love?
    Every night I kneel and pray
    Let tomorrow be the day
    When I see the face
    Of someone who
    I can mean
    Something to
    Where is love?

    “Oliver decided to run away. So, he walked twenty miles every days and it took him seven days to get to London.”

    “Is it me or did I hear Marlon was Noah,” Red said with a groan.

    “Red, get back here,” Gobo said off the scene.

    “Whoa! What is with these interruptions?” (Groans!)

    “Ha! Silly creatures DO exist.”

    “Okay everyone! So I am a silly creature and I am not an animal. Will everyone please stop INTERUPPTING me?”

    Silence for a moment!

    Hi ho, Megan. Is the scary part over now?

    “For the last time Kermit yes. While you were gone, I had a lot of (groans) weird creatures interrupting. Oh and um, we’re at the part where Oliver gets to London on the seventh day.

    “Well, um…I would take a bike to London instead of having sore flippers.”

    “Kermit, in Oliver’s day, they had carriages, not bikes. They weren’t invented yet.”

    Well…yeah I would probably take a carriage too.

    “I think we better get back to the story. Where was I? Oh, yeah! He was standing on a ledge until he met a fine boy with his lightweight tall hat and a good grinning smile.”

    “Hungry?” the Artful Dodger asked. (Please note – you may be surprised that Scooter is in this role fer sure.)

    “Yes, I am. I've come a long way. I've been walking for seven days.” Oliver explained to Dodger.

    “Been running away, have you?” Dodger asked.

    “I'm an orphan. I've come to London to make my fortune.” Oliver said, smiling meekly.

    “Oh! You have, have you? Got any lodgings? Money?” Artful Dodger said to Oliver with a small smile.

    “No. Do you live in London?” Oliver asked, meekly.

    “I suppose you want someplace to sleep tonight, eh?” Artful Dodger said with a smile.

    “Uh, Megan, I do end my speech like that when asking questions.” Gobo said entering.

    “Are you serious, Gobo?”


    “I think we need to get back to the story.”


    “Do you know of anywhere?” Oliver asked to Dodger.

    “As it so happens, I know a respectable old gentleman.
    What'll give you lodgings for nothing.” The Artful Dodger said.

    “Really? He must be a very kind old gentleman.” Oliver said, with a small grin.

    “Oh, yes, he's very kind. And I'm a particular favorite of his. Well, if you're coming along, I better know whom you are.” Artful Dodger said, after checking his pockets full of handkerchiefs.

    “My name is Oliver. Oliver Twist.” Oliver said, introducing himself to Dodger.

    “And mine's Jack Dawkins...better knew between me more intimate friends as the Artful Dodger.” Dodger said to Oliver.

    “Hey, uh, you the silly creature?” the purple fraggle said, entering.

    “Yes! What’s your name?” Megan asked, forgetting names so easily.


    It’s nice to meet you Janken. By the way, your in the ensemble.”

    “Gosh! Well, that’s nice!”

    “Also, are you wearing anything?”

    “Oh doozersticks! You’re right! I forgot my jacket! I gotta go! Bye”

    “I hope he doesn’t miss his cue. Finally, no more interruptions, or speaking of which, breaks the fourth wall or something. Now I guess we are back to the story.”

    “Pleased to meet you Mr. Dodger! You sure the old gentleman won't mind?” Oliver asked.


    (Breaks into song!)
    [The Artful Dodger – Scooter]
    Consider yourself at home
    Consider yourself one of the family
    I've taken to you so strong
    It's clear we're going to get along
    Consider yourself well in
    Consider yourself part of the furniture
    There isn't a lot to spare
    Who cares Whatever we've got we share
    If it should chance to be we should see some harder days
    Empty larder days Why grouse
    Always a chance we'll meet somebody to foot the bill
    Then the drinks are on the house
    Consider yourself our mate We don't want to have no fuss
    For after some consideration we can state
    Consider yourself one of us
    Consider yourself

    [Oliver – Robin]
    (Spoken) At home

    [The Artful Dodger]
    Consider yourself

    (Spoken) one of the familiy?

    [The Artful Dodger]
    We've taken to you

    (Spoken) so strong?

    [The Artful Dodger]
    It's clear we're going to get along
    Consider yourself

    (Spoken) Well in?

    [The Artful Dodger]
    Consider yourself part of the furniture
    there isn't a lot to spare
    who cares
    Whatever we've got we share

    [First and Second ladies – Two Female Muppet Whatnots (Weird!)]
    Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah and uppity
    There's a cup of tea for all

    [The Artful Dodger]
    Only it's wise to be handy with a rolling pin
    When the landlord comes to call

    Consider yourself our mate
    We don't want to have no fuss
    For after some consideration we can state
    Consider yourself one of us
    Consider yourself at home
    Consider yourself one of the family
    We've taken to you so strong
    It's clear we're going to get along

    ”Now, hammer up, hammer down! Hammer up, and hammer down!
    Lift! Drop!
    Hop! Not too slow, boys.
    Hammer up hammer down! Lift! Down! Up! Down! Lift! Dr- Ernie!”

    “Yes, Biff!” Ernie said.

    “It’s hammer up, hammer down! Lift! Down! Up! Down! Lift! Drop! Not the other way around.” Biff said.

    “Oh, sorry Biff! I’ll do better next time.” (does his signature laugh!)

    If it should chance to be we should see some harder days
    Empty larder days Why grouse
    Always a chance we'll meet somebody to foot the bill
    Then the drinks are on the house
    Consider yourself at home
    Consider yourself one of the family
    We've taken to you so strong
    It's clear we're going to get along
    Consider yourself well in
    Consider yourself part of the furniture
    There isn't a lot to spare
    Who cares Whatever we've got we share
    Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah and uppity
    There's a cup of tea for all
    Only it's wise to be handy with a rolling pin
    When the landlord comes to call
    Consider yourself our mate
    We don't want to have no fuss
    For after some consideration we can state Consider yourself
    Consider yourself
    One of us

    “Wow! That was awesome! Okay now I know we may be a bit behind, but I believe I need a nap for now. More story coming up hopefully soon right after (yawns) I take my nap. Zzzzzzz! Zzzzzzz!"

    Well, um…I guess we will take a break then. Meanwhile, I will check on Piggy, Rowlf, and Scooter while Megan naps.

    “Zzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz…”
    Surprise - Marlon Fraggle as Noah Claypole (I thought Gonzo would not fit in this role very well. He is however in the ensemble for this fanfic. Fer sure! :flirt:)

    Cameo Apperances, but part of the ensemble - Biff, the construction worker and Ernie
    I bet you didn't see that coming.

    Chapter 3 will be coming up later this week hopefully! And Please Comment!
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