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Oliver! - The Musical (In Muppet Style)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Twisted Tails, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thank you! This chapter took like almost a week to get done. Ugh! I hope my next chapter doesn't take that long.
  2. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    I'm liking where this is going so far. Nice work with breaking the fourth wall numerous times. Keep up the good work!
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know! Next chapter will less of it but it might have some inside jokes so you'll never know.

    Arron & Charlietheown - Rowlf as Fagin will be in the next chapter. Nancy & Bet as well. I am sure Miss Piggy is somewhat disappointed for not getting the rols she wants but she will get enough spotlight I hope.
  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    *Bumping into the top*

    Hi everyone! I am still working on the next chapter. Oh boy! Not only am I slwo at typing, I am also busy. Rats!!
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3 – “It’s a fine life!”

    “Hi everyone!” Megan said after reading part of Oliver! By Charles Dickens. “It’s great to be here. By the way, Kermit is taking a break and has to take care of Robin. I know you have all been wondering why, ‘cause Jerry Nelson has passed away just last month.”

    “I heard that!” the voice-over said.

    “Who said that?” Megan said.

    “It’s me, your author!” the voice over said.

    “Oh, hi author! I hope you are having a good day.” Megan said, with a chuckle.

    “I guess I am, but how do you know I am here?” the voice-over asked.

    “Because you miss Colette is the author.” Megan said.

    “Right! I am so glad you did not mention my Internet name. That’s top secret!” Colette, the author said.

    “Well, that was awkward! Now, before we begin, I might have come commentary here. These are my good friends, Jaz, Colleen, Dominic, Vincent Liu, Charlie, and MissMusical12, since we don’t know what her real name is. You go first, Jaz!”

    “This is great story so far, but what we are missing so far is Fozzie. I love that bear! However, I wouldn’t mind if he is part of the bar scene and the chorus isn’t bad either. So, I would some dialogue from him.”

    “Well, the story is really neat. I will agree with Jaz, because so far we know he is in the chorus, but maybe can have his reactions if Mr. Skyes appears in the scene. Having Gobo as Charlie Bates may not be a bad idea either. So, what else would you choose, eh?

    Vincent Liu:
    I know I been busy, but what I read so far is great. I love Robin as Oliver. I kind of thought that the Fraggle creature Marlon, as Noah Claypole was pretty funny. So, it was okay, and I understand that Gonzo would be a vague choice to be such a mean character.

    Rowlf is my absolute favorite of all the Muppets. He is calm, and I believe this Fagin should not be a very mean one. So, he is a good old dog. I say this story might have gone to the dogs. (Laughs!)

    I love musicals! What the author is doing is very amazing. I understand there might be some weak points, but other than that, not bad at all. Now don’t forget everone, that we should pay a tribute to Jerry, Jim, and Richard right now.
    “Sorry, I’m late, Megan.” the girl entered. “My name’s Sara and Scooter is my favorite Muppet. I don’t mind him being the Dodger character. Don’t forget that the “Consider Yourself” was from the TMS episode with Edgar Bergen and his wooden puppet, Charlie McCarthy.”

    “Sara,” Charlie said clearing his throat. “My name’s Charlie!”

    “Well, that was Edgar’s wooden puppet. Before the Muppets even existed, there was ventriloquism and wooden puppets. Jim’s were made from felt.

    “You are such a spoiler, Sara.” Megan said.

    “Well, it’s true. Okay, I will stop using the p word. My bad!” Sara said out loud.

    “Well, we are about to get back the story, and guys you have a good rest of the week. It’s time to get back to Oliver. Hmmm! Oh yeah, Dodger was taking Oliver to Fagin’s house and he meets the boys that were once poor and the good old guy himself.”

    “Oh no, not again!” the gang member of Fagin’s said, who was very young and has little experience of doing the leader’s job. The other one, although he didn’t know why he joined in, but he wanted to still be with his friends said, “Get out!”

    “Hey Fagin,” Said Dodger. “I brought a new friend to see you. Oliver Twist!”

    Fagin then came from his hiding place. He wore an old green cloak and he looked very poor. Although not very terrible or mean, he seemed rather nice.

    “I hope I shall have the honor of your intimate acquaintance.” Said Fagin, with a rather calm voice he had. “We are very glad to see you, Oliver. Very.
    Aren't we, my boys?”

    “Of course we are.” Fagin’s gang said.

    “At that moment, the boys started grabbing Oliver’s things.”

    “Hey! Give me back my things! Leave it!” Oliver protested.

    Fagin was not impressed of what kind of trick they were doing to the new boy.”

    “Leave him alone!” Fagin yelled.

    “The boys gave him back those belongings and apologized to him since he seemed very quiet and not much into this kind of business.”

    “Dodger, take off the sausages!”

    “Dodger did as he was instructed. He also found some nice fresh radishes for the younger and small boys.”

    “Charlie laid a place at the table for Mr. Twist.”

    Charlie Bates is the second most leader of the gang. He was very skilled at this kind of game. He wore a hat and nice fitting old small London clothes, but he kept his signature vest on

    ”The Dodger tells me you have come to London...
    to seek your fortune.” Fagin asked.

    “Yes, sir.” Oliver answered.

    “Well, we must see what we can do to help you, mustn't we?” Fagin asked to Oliver.

    “Thank you, sir!” Oliver said, since he always learned his manners.

    “Hey! These sausages are moldy!” the boy of the gang said. He is not a creature or a frog, but he was a human with small brown hair and looked very young.”

    Fagin felt so terrible! Why didn’t he cook the sausages enough so they would be so cold or too warm? Not to mention, he wasn’t good at cooking.

    “You're staring at the pocket-handkerchiefs, aren’t you, my boy?” Fagin said. “We hung them up, ready for the wash, that's all.”

    “Is this a laundry then, sir?” Oliver asked to Fagin.

    “That's right, a laundry.” the boys answered.

    “Not exactly, my boy. I suppose a laundry would be a very nice thing, indeed! But our line of business pays a little better. Don't it, boys? You see, Oliver...” Fagin said.

    (Breaks into song!)
    In this life one thing counts
    In the bank, large amounts
    I'm afraid these don't grow on trees
    You've got to pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin’s Boys:]
    Large amounts don't grow on trees.
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    “At this moment…I know this is still a Muppet version everyone, but one of the creatures named Boober came to be part of the gang, because he washes and cleans the handkerchiefs. He knew they were stolen, but he had to do something more of his style than be involved in a foolish and silly game. Oliver didn’t even know what pick-pocketing even was.”

    “Let's show Oliver how to do it!” Fagin said. “Just a game, Oliver, just a game”

    Why should we break our backs stupidly paying tax
    Better get some untaxed income Better pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin’s Boys:]
    Why should we all break our backs
    Better pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin:]Robin Hood, what a crook
    Gave away what he took
    Charity's fine Subscribe to mine
    Get out and pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin’s Boys:]
    Robin Hood was far too good
    Get out and pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin:] Take a tip from Bill Sikes
    He can whip what he likes
    I recall he started small
    He had to pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin’s Boys:]
    We can be like old Bill Sikes if we pick a pocket or two

    Dear old gent passing by
    Something nice takes his eye
    Everything's clear Attack the rear
    Get in and pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin’s Boys:]
    Have no fear Attack the rear
    Get in and pick a pocket or two

    When I see someone rich both my thumbs start to itch
    Only to find some peace of mind I have to pick a pocket or\ two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    [Fagin’s Boys:]
    Just to find some peace of mind

    [Fagin & His Boys:]
    we have to pick a pocket or two

    “All right! Put them all back in the box, boys.” Fagin said in a rough voice. “All of them!”

    “Then he looked at Charlie in the eyes as though he looked young enough to trust this poor fool.”

    “Come here, Charlie!” Fagin insisted.

    “Yes, sir?” Charlie responded to Fagin.

    “Charlie shyly dropped some treasure in the box for Fagin to have.”

    “Good boy!” said Fagin to Charlie. As Charlie walked away to join the boys and his friends, Fagin muttered, “What a crook!”

    “Later that night, Fagin went to a pub also known as a local club bar for the poor men. The women were there too, but they were much cleaner than the boys. He meets Bet, Nancy’s best friend, and she was older than her. Fagin knows she’s something cooking good and delicious. He could tell it was definitely not meat.”

    “Is he here?” Fagin said to Bet. She was silent for a moment doing her duty.

    Mr. Sikes, has he come yet?” Fagin asked.

    “Nancy’s inside waiting for him, dear.” Bet said in a sweet tone.

    “How’s business?” Fagin asked to Bet. “Nice and brisk?”

    “Watch it! Don’t burn you fingers.” Bet warned to him not to get his hands or fingers too close to the food she was cooking.

    “I never do, my dear!” Fagin said in a soft tone. “Not if I can help it.”

    “I will go get Nancy then.” Bet said placing her spoon in the cooking pot before she headed to the pub to find Nancy.

    “Nancy! He’s back! Sikes is coming!” Bet called out as she ran as fast as her thin legs could carry to find Nancy.

    “Before Fagin’s frightful eyes was Bill Skies. This man was cold and stern. He wanted money for Fagin. You will find out that his patience wears thin if Fagin doesn’t bring any coins so he could be left alone. His dog, Bullseye was his dog, but not as mean-spirited as a master was. He was more of an evil white and shorthaired creature. He started to give him treasures that used to belong to him and puts them in his bag.”

    “Beautiful!” Fagin responded with a soft and calm tone.

    “Bill still did not talk as he kept dropping valuables that were not fragile or even made out of glass.”

    “Beautiful!” Fagin said with his voice raised up, but still in a calm manner. “You done well, Bill!”

    “I have been doing my job, Mr. Fagin,” said Bill, but with his voice still stern in his cold state.

    “All in one job and such a professional,” said Fagin.

    “You know I don’t treat people like you in a good way.” Bill snapped.

    “Yes, sir!” Fagin said in a calm manner. “Now, Bill-”

    “Did you carry cash at this time of night?” Bill interrupted with a fierce tone.

    “No, sir!” Fagin answered. “You see, all those thieves and robbers lurking in darkness and I wouldn’t dare let anyone go near my treasures. Besides, I’ve got to price it first, and um… Nancy’s waiting. She will give you a good supper.”

    “Bill gave Fagin a cold stare realizing that he talked too much and never shuts his trap.”

    “Tomorrow, Bill with my word on it.” Fagin said with his calm manner.

    “Yes, that will be fine, but don’t forget cash or coins. Just bring me the money the next day or else.” Bill said with his serious voice.

    “As soon as their meeting was done, Fagin and Bill went straight to the pub so Nancy could celebrate with her buddies with Bill’s return from his duties.”

    Small pleasures Small pleasures
    who would deny us these?
    Gin toddies Large measures
    No skimping if you please
    I rough it I love it
    Life is a game of chance
    I never tire of it
    Leading a merry dance
    If you don't mind having to go without things
    It's a fine life

    (Pub Singers)
    It’s a fine life!

    (Nancy)Though it ain't all jolly old pleasure outings
    It's a fine life!

    (Pub Singers)
    It’s a fine life!

    When you've got someone to love you forget your care and strife
    Let the prudes look down on us Let the wide world frown on us
    It's a fine, fine life

    (Pub Singers Including Nancy)
    It's a fine, fine life

    (Nancy)No flounces, no feathers
    No frills and furbelows
    All winds and all weathers
    ain’t good for fancy clothes

    These trappings

    (Pub Girls)
    These tatters

    These we can just afford

    [Bet]What future
    what matters

    [Nancy & Bet]
    We've got our bed and board

    [Nancy]If you don't mind having to deal with Fagin
    It's a fine life

    [Pub Singers & Fagin]
    It's a fine life

    (Nancy)Though diseased rats threaten to bring the plague in
    it's a fine life

    (Pub Singers & Fagin)
    It's a fine life

    (Nancy & Pub Singers in the back)And the grass is green and dense
    On the right side of the fence
    So we take good care of it that we get our share of it
    And we don't mean pence
    If you don't mind having to like or lump it
    It's a fine life

    It's a fine weee!

    (Pub Singers)Though there's no tea sipping or eating crumpets
    it's a fine life!

    (Nancy)It's a fine life
    Not for me the happy home
    Happy husband, happy wife
    though it sometimes touches me
    for the likes of such as me
    Mine's a fine

    “Bill, however, left the party before the party even ended. He noticed that his dog Bullseye was wandering around the cold and dark place.

    “Bullseye, come here, will you?” Sikes called out for his companion and the only dog he could count on. “Bullseye, come here!”

    “Later that night, poor old Fagin although there were times where he felt terrible for his life as a crook. He was looking through his treasures in small box. The noise was definitely making Oliver stir in his peaceful slumber.”

    “Worth all the rest put together.” Fagin said in a calm manner. “Can I help it? This is my private treasure. My little pleasures, and then a cup of coffee... and a quick count up.”

    “Oliver woke up and quietly tiptoed to find out what Fagin is up to. He felt he was sneaky as a dark black cat.”

    “I mean, who's going to look after me in my old age? Would you, birdie? Will you?

    “The bird never speaks, but made small noises. Since animals never talked, they made noises to figure out what they are saying trying to say. Fagin then noticed the boy that was awake and stared at his pretty treasure.”

    “Why are you watching me?” Fagin said with his loud tone. “Why are you awake?” Speak out! I want to know every detail you saw!”

    “I'm sorry, sir.” Oliver responded.

    “Did you see where I fetched the box?” Fagin questioned to Oliver.

    “I don't think so, sir,” said Oliver.

    “Be sure! Be sure!” said Fagin.

    “Quite sure, sir,” insisted Oliver.

    “Well... if you're sure... so I'm sure.” Said Fagin with his calm manner and soft manner. 'Course I knew all along, my boy. I didn't mean to frighten you. Brave boy, Oliver! Did you... did you see any of those pretty things, my boy?”

    “Yes, sir,” answered Oliver.

    “They're mine, Oliver. My little treasures are all I've got to live on in my old age. It's a terrible thing, old age.”

    “Yes, sir, said Oliver. “I'm sorry, sir. Can I go back to sleep again now, sir?”

    “Certainly, my boy, go to sleep,” said Fagin. “Pleasant dreams!”

    “Same to you, sir!” said Oliver.

    “Well everyone, it is time to turn in for now. So I might as well get plenty of rest for a while. Goodnight, ladies and gents!”
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  6. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    Yay, new chapter! But I can't read it now, I'll get car sickness…
  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I know! Let me know what you think of it and be honest.
  8. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Really enjoyed it! Great job! :)
  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4 – “I’d Do Anything!”

    Megan (narrator):
    “Ah yes! You’re back! I apologize if Kermit’s not around, but he’s been busy, but he might be back soon. Some scenes may sound so PG also knows as for parental guidance, but I hope that doesn’t bother you. We left off where Fagin is an awful, but very gentle man to Oliver and his boys. The next morning, Nancy and Bill were alone in the house as she was cooking a delicious meal for Bill.”

    “Nancy! Nancy,” Bet said calling out to Nancy and losing her patience.

    “I’m coming!” Nancy called out to her best friend, Bet from the window.

    “Nancy didn’t know why she married Bill Sikes. The first night they met, she thought he was a tough man, but seemed very nice to the beautiful and blond hair-curled kind of girl. As he got older, his gentleness was gone as he got more into the drinking business and he was even after Fagin, that calm thief that will never ever learn to nod.”

    “Bill?” said Nancy. “Bill your breakfast is ready.”

    “Oh for god’s sake,” Bill groaned rousing from his hard and peaceful sleep.

    “Oh, I’ll warm it up for ya supper,” insisted Nancy feeling so gitty of how Bill was acting silly.

    “Go down to Fagin’s and get the cash will ya?” Bill said, moaning with his rousing slumber.

    “All right,” Nancy said.

    “Nancy started scraping off the bacon from the cooking plate into a clean plate for her husband Bill. We will remind you that he hated noises even when Nancy was being nice to that rough Englishman.”

    ”Nancy, I am trying to sleep,” said Bill, waking up and now raising up his gruff voice.

    ”Nancy walked over to their nice warm bed, where Bill was already up and now feeling lousy than ever before.”

    “Oh Bill! Ya do love me don't 'cha?

    “Course i do,” said Bill sitting up with his face stern and cold as ice. “I live with ya don't i!”

    ”Nancy only gave him her sweet grin, grabbed the basket and went goes to Fagin's with her best friend, bet. Meanwhile, back at the old shack, the boys were finishing their meat or their diet, which was radishes.”

    ”That bits for me aint it Fagin?” Dodger asked as cheekily grabs his toast of fork.

    “Dodger always had the appetite to eat small pieces of meat.”

    “Eat, my boy,” said Fagin with a chuckle. “You must have those appetites. Hurry up and finish your breakfast. It's time to get to work.”

    “Aren’t there any more radishes then?” Charlie Bates asked.

    “His boys were more on a vegetable diet. They never eat a creature made out from meat.”

    “You want some supper tonight?” Fagin asked, but he didn’t know which boy he questioned to.”

    “Nancy and Bet entered to Fagin’s hideout to meet the scoundrels and Fagin, the poor fool.”

    “Aye, Aye!” answered Nancy; since she could tell that Fagin was asking her if she wants supper.

    “Nancy!” said the boys cheering.

    “You can tell from the boys that they liked or loved her, but she would always bring those treats and they would act like wonderful gentlemen.”

    “Who wants some bull's-eyes and radishes,” Nancy asked, as the boys run over to her. “Wait a minute now. One at a time,”
    “Nancy could tell they were very hungry and haven’t eaten very much except meat or fruit to be certain.”

    “Oh, go on then. Go and share them,” Nancy said with a sigh.

    “The ladies,” said Dodger. “They must meet our new boy,”

    ”Well!” Nancy said, looking at the meek boy washing his face and then putting on his small clothes. “What have we got here then?”

    ”You must meet our new lodger, Mr. Oliver Twist, Esquire. Nancy and Bet,” said Fagin, introducing the girls to Oliver.

    “Charmed,” responded Nancy.

    "She noticed that Oliver was not like the other boys, and he seemed rather cute and adorable."

    “Oh, yes, we're all ladies and gentlemen around here,” said Dodger. “We're all quality.”

    ”Don't take any notice of them 'cause you've got manners and they aren’t,” Nancy said to Dodger.

    “From the looks of Dodger, she believed that Dodger is supposed to treat Nancy like a lady, not like a bratty little girl.”

    “What do you mean I haven’t got any manners?” responded Dodger. “I'm a regular gent. Permit me to assist you across the road.”

    ”I was only going to the palace,” said Nancy, with a chuckle. “Doorman, a cab, if you please,”

    ”Allow me the privilege to escort you in my own carriage,” said Dodger, kindly taking Nancy’s hand. “After you, your grace,”

    “Oh, Sir Artful, you are too kind,” said Nancy, with a smile in her face.

    I'd do anything for you, dear

    for you mean everything to me
    I know that
    I'd go anywhere for your smile, anywhere
    for your smile's everywhere I'd see

    Would you climb a hill?


    Wear a daffodil


    Leave me all your will


    Even fight my Bill

    (Spoken) What, fisticuffs?
    I'd risk everything for one kiss everything

    Yes, I'd do anything

    (Spoken) Anything?

    Anything for you

    “The boys turn around and around like a merry-go round until they fell down the floor laughing. Nancy then walks over to the meek and young Oliver.”

    I’d do anything,
    For you dear anything!
    For you mean everything to me.

    I know what I’d go
    Anywhere for your smile anywhere
    for your smile everywhere I'd see

    Would you do moi’s hair


    Lend yourself a chair



    Catch a kangaroo



    Go to Timbuktu

    And back again
    I'd risk everything for one kiss
    Yes, I'd do anything

    Bet & Nancy:
    (Spoken) Anything

    Anything for you

    “Dance, Nancy,” insisted Dodger.

    “Oh, all right, Dodger,” said Nancy, in a kindly manner. “C’mon boys, 1-2-3,”

    “The boys danced around the room until they were bloody exhausted. Excuse my English, but it ain’t good sometimes.”

    Would you rob a shop?


    Would you risk the drop?


    Though your eyes go pop


    When you come down plop

    Hang everything
    we'd risk life and limb
    to keep you in the swim

    Yes we'd do anything


    (Spoken) Anything


    Anything for you

    ”Well, come on and get out, and get to work then.” Fagin demanded to the boys. “No argument! There’s a fine picking. Get out! Earn your keep.

    “You promised we could go and see the hanging,” complained Dodger, although his voice sounded young.

    “Be sure it aint your own,” warned Fagin.

    “Fagin, I'm waiting,” said Nancy, being impatient at times.

    “Waiting my dear?” Fagin asked. “What for,”

    "Bill will give you what for if you don't fork out,” said Nancy to Fagin with her serious tone. “Now, come on, and hand it over. Start counting!”

    “At this very moment, Dodger tried to pickpocket Nancy not by handkerchiefs to be exact. Instead, it was money he was looking for in a sneaky way. When Nancy saw this, she whacked his hat to the head.”

    “If it's all the same to you!” said Nancy, with her seriousness from her tone of voice.”

    ”Fagin immediately kicked Dodger and he fell over to the floor.”

    “What was that for,” asked Dodger, before getting himself up off of the dirty floor.

    “For getting caught!” responded Nancy, realizing that this boy needs to learn his manners including not stealing.

    “I was only practicing,” said Dodger, with a small grin.

    “I only wish, you had to get rid of the stuff,” said Fagin in a calm manner. “That’s all i wish!”

    “Bill might think the count's a bit short, wouldn’t ya say,” asked Nancy.

    “Here, take it!” said Fagin sighing, as he was giving the amount of the coins he had. “I'll starve if you'll find me lying in the utter with me feet sticking up in the air.”

    “He still might, come on!” said Nancy with a quiet manner and a harsh tone of hers.

    “Fine,” said Fagin sighing. “The boys and I will live on air! Til’ I find a customer,”

    "Eartless, that’s what i am,” said Nancy with a laugh. “Come on, Bet.”

    “Bet did she was instructed. Then, Nancy was about to bid her goodbye to the boys.”

    “Ta-ta, kids.” Nancy said waving goodbye.

    “Bye, Nancy,” the boys said back to the young Nancy as she exits to get out of Fagin’s lodge or to be precise his hideout.”

    "Hey, Fagin! Young Oliver wants to come on the game with Charlie and me," insisted Dodger, since he was trying to talk to Fagin.

    "On the job, you mean?" asked Fagin, before he continued writing down how many jewels and treasures he has.
    "Can I, please," pleaded Oliver. "I'd like to."

    "Would you, my boy," asked Fagin, before Robin nods his head with a "yes." "Why not? You've got to start somewhere... and you couldn't do it in better company. {Whispers to Dodger] Look after him, Dodger."

    "Hats on, boys," Dodger called to the boys. “Time we were off.”

    The boys did as they were told. They started putting on their funny or silly looking hats.”

    “Then, I can go, sir,” asked Oliver, with a small weak smile.

    “Good luck on your first job, my boy,” said Fagin, with a smile on his face. “I'll be waiting for you here when you come back.”

    "I…I might as well wait here too," interjected a blue creature with fiery red hair.

    Line up!

    Line up!

    Single file!

    Single file!

    Quick march! Left.




    Aye, aye!

    You can go but be back soon
    You can go but while you're working
    This place I'm pacing 'round until you're home safe and sound
    Fare thee well, but be back soon

    Who can tell where danger's lurking
    do not forget this tune

    Be back soon

    How could we forget, how could we let our dear old Fagin worry
    we love him so we'll come back home
    in such a great big hurry

    It's him that pays the piper
    It's us that calls the tune
    so long, fare thee well, pip-pip cheerio, we'll be back soon

    Cheerio but be back soon
    I don't know, somehow I'll miss you
    I love you that's why I say cheerio, not good-bye.
    Don't be gone long, be back soon

    Give me one long last look, bless you
    Remember our old tune
    be back soon

    You can go but be back soon you can go but bring back plenty
    of wallets full of cash

    Don't want to see any trash
    Whip them quick and be back soon

    Only thick ones now, not empty
    get rich this afternoon

    Be back soon

    (Charlie (Gobo)):
    Our pockets hold the time into gold that chimes upon the day

    (One of the boys (Ed Frog)):
    A wallet fat, an old man's hat

    The jewels from the tower

    (Boys):We know the nosey policemen but they don't know this tune
    So long, fare thee well, pip-pip cheerio, we'll be back soon

    Cheerio, but be back soon
    I don't know, somehow I'll miss you
    I love you, that's why I say cheerio, not good-bye
    don’t be gone long, but be back soon

    Give me one long last look, bless you
    Remember our old tune

    Be back soon

    And when we're in the distance you'll hear this whispered tune

    So long, fare thee well, pip-pip cheerio, we'll be back soon

    So long, fare thee well, pip-pip cheerio, we'll be back soon

    So long, fare thee well, pip-pip cheerio, we'll be back soon

    Cheerio, but be back soon I don't know, somehow I'll miss you
    I loves you, that's why I say cheerio, not good-bye

    And when we're in the distance you'll hear this whispered tune
    So long, fare thee well, pip-pip cheerio

    We'll be back soon

    “Dodger,” Charlie called out to them. “Oliver! Come on!”

    “We will come back with this fanfic after these messages. Wait a minute! Who wrote this stuff? Can anybody…forget it okay? I’ll be right back! So, don’t go away!”
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    Gee thanks! It takes the guts for me to do this Oliver musical the right way.
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    Chapter 5 – The Chase, Confession, and the Guilt

    “Ah, yes! You’re back I see. I am still letting Kermit spend some time with Robin. Where was I? Ah yes, the boys were now wandering through the streets of London. Dodger tried to steal some food, but a busy woman caught him and told him to leave if he wasn’t buying anything. So, the gentlemen wandered around further after Dodger’s failed attempt to get the food without noticing. Then, there was this gentle old gentleman with gold spectacles and a fine-looking face with… purple skin. Hmmmm!”

    “He’ll do,” whispered Dodger.

    “A prime plane, eh,” insisted Charlie. Then, he knew this was a trick. “Now, wait a minute! I am not stealing his wallet”

    “Well, then I’ll steal his wallet,” sighed Dodger, whispering.

    “I have a bad feeling we’ll get caught, but it’s my loss, eh,” said Charlie.

    “Since I am the Dodger, I shall take his wallet,” said Dodger with a sneaky tone.

    “Charlie accepted his plan, and then when this “prime” gentleman wasn’t looking, Dodger immediately robbed his wallet and the two boys ran away quickly. “Oliver found out he was going to the one caught, not Dodger or Charlie, and then ran away as fast as he could.”

    “Stop that boy,” the old gentlemen with the spectacles called out. “One! That is one thief! Ah, ah, ah!”

    “Leave him to us,” the policeman said with a serious tone. “We'll catch him!”

    “The poor boy knew he was getting chased until a passerby noticed him right away before the police arrived.”

    ”He went that way,” the passer-bye with green skin said.

    “Have you seen him,” the policeman asked.

    “No, he's disappeared,” responded the green skinned passerby. “He's gone.”

    “Charlie and Dodger tried to hide him, but the passerby found him and started running away again.”

    “Come here,” the policeman said with the seriousness in his tone. “Come here, you!”

    “But sakes alive, they finally caught him. He was covered with dirt and some dust, but he wasn’t hurt.”

    “Can you identify this boy as the thief, sir,” the policeman said.

    “Yes. Vell, I saw him running away,” said the old gentlemen.

    As the police took Oliver away, Charlie and Dodger knew Fagin would get mad if Oliver is caught instead of them. They went back to his hideout, and then once Dodger confessed that Oliver is the one caught for stealing the wallet and not himself, he responded with a loud and angry voice.

    “Why didn't you bring him back with you?”

    “How could I help it,” insisted Dodger with a fear look in his face.

    “A fine thing,” Fagin said quietly, feeling dreadful. “Oliver will be in the lockup. In the morning he's in front of the beak! For pinching a wallet.”

    “So he goes to jail,” Bill said with an evil look in his face. “What's it matter?”

    “I'm afraid he may say something, which will get us into trouble,” said Fagin. “That's very likely. You see you're blowed upon. And I'm afraid, you see... that if the game was up with us... it might be up with a good many more. And it would come out rather worse for you... than it would for me.”

    “Why, you miserable... sneaking, treacherous old...” said Bill, now about to grab one of Fagin’s ears.

    “No, Bill,” said Nancy, when she found out that her husband was about to hurt Fagin, the poor soul he was.

    “You go down to that court in the morning and find out what happens,” demanded Bill to Fagin.

    “Me?” responded Fagin. “Go to court with a magistrate sitting there?”

    “I will go and they won't know me,” insisted Nancy, since Fagin was too laid-back to go there. “Good girl. Clever girl.”

    “And if he does talk,” said Bill to Nancy if anger in his face and eyes. “You come and tell us quick. Quick!”

    “Nancy did as he instructed her to, and then left the lodge to go the court for Oliver’s trial. There was some talk of where this young fellow just came from.”

    ”Silence,” said the judge “Silence in the courtroom, please?”

    The jury and the people stopped talking, because the trial just began. The judge was Mr. Fang, with some gray hair with a yellow face.”

    ”Well, what crime is this one charged with,” questioned Mr. Fang. “He looks a thorough-paced old reprobate to me.”

    “The man which people call him Mr. Brownlow did not speak up right away.”

    ”Speak up, man,” yelled Mr. Fang. “What's he charged with?”

    ”He's not charged at all, your vorship,” said the policeman. “This gentleman appears against the boy.”

    “Boy,” responded Mr. Fang. “What boy? I see no boy.”

    “That one boy was from the dock, your vorship,” said Mr. Brownlow. Ah, yes.”

    “Stand up, boy,” Mr. Fang demanded Oliver. “I can't see you.”

    “He is standing up, your vorship,” insisted Mr. Brownlow.

    ”Don't be impertinent,” yelled Mr. Fang. “Put him on a box.”

    Mr. Brownlow did so and found a box or two so they could see the meek and young boy that was accused of such an awful crime he never had before. The old gentlemen tried to speak up again, but Mr. Fang told to “hold his tongue.”

    “Well, what's he charged with,” Mr. Fang asked to the policeman.

    “Picking pockets, sir,” answered the policeman.

    ”What's your name,” questioned Mr. Fang.

    “Oliver did not say anything and he seemed too quiet in front of a gruff judge.”

    ”Hmm,” said Mr. Fang. “And does your father know you're here?”

    ”He's an orphan,” answered the policeman.

    ”Where do you come from,” questioned Mr. Fang to Oliver. “Where do you live? Who looks after you?”

    ”He doesn't seem able to say where he lives... or anything else, sir,” said the policeman.

    He has been a liar as well as a thief, and then insolent into the bargain,” said Mr. Fang, with anger in his face. “That settles it. The boy is committed to three months with hard labor.”

    “This is disgraceful,” shouted a fellow Englishman.

    “I demand to be heard. You've not yet...

    “Sir,” said Mr. Fang, but the old gentlemen would never listen to him.

    “I was there,” insisted Mr. Brownlow.

    “Remove this lunatic,” shouted Mr. Fang. “Clear the court.”

    ”I will speak,” said the Englishman. “I saw what happened. It was outside my shop. Two other boys stole Mr. Brownlow's wallet.”

    ”This child had nothing to do vith it,” said Mr. Fang sighing.

    ”But sentence has been passed,” said Mr. Brownlow. “Hasn't it?”

    “Yes, case dismissed,” shouted Mr. Fang banging the mallet. “That boy is free to go.”

    “Once the trial was over, the boy felt relieved but still feeling weak from eating small amounts of food.”

    “He didn't talk,” said Mr. Brownlow to the old lady. “The case vas dismissed. What a great judge.”

    “Fetch the boy,” insisted the old lady. “I've done my share.

    There she saw Oliver now tired and now he felt he had to belong somewhere.

    “Now, come on, my dear,” said the old lady.

    “Where are we going,” asked Oliver to the old gentlemen.

    ”Ah, at least I can make some amends, said Mr. Brownlow. “You're coming home with me. Jump in,”

    “Dodger, after him, whispered Fagin, trying not to let the other boys hear him.

    “Aw, come on Fagin,” said Charlie, with a small smile. Why don’t you just let the kid go, eh?”

    ”He can still blab,” whispered Fagin to Dodger, pretending he did not hear his smart leader, Charlie.

    “Leave him be,” insisted Charlie to Fagin and the boys.

    “Fagin could tell some of them want Oliver to be left alone. Then, he came with a plan.

    ”Dodger, don't lose him,” demanded Fagin to Dodger.”

    “And so Dodger did as he was told and he did the best he could to follow him. Whew! Boy, am I so bloody tired. All of this reading made me hungry. I would like some b- I mean some good delicious beans to eat before I sleep. Wait a minute! Did I just say that? I didn’t mean to be that weird to anyone. Maybe I am not so…. ah forget it. Where was I? Ah, yes! The next morning, he woke up and feeling feeble. He no longer felt very weak, but he never ever slept on a soft and silk bed before. The old lady draws her curtains and makes sure he was sound asleep. After she left, the only sound that woke Oliver up was the singing outside of the house he was now staying at. As he came to a fence he saw with his very own eyes all different kinds of people (Muppets too) were selling something. He could tell it was the singing voices that woke him up after all.”

    (Rose Seller (Betty Lou)):
    Who will buy my sweet red roses
    two blooms for a penny?
    Who will buy my sweet red roses
    two blooms for a penny
    that will buy my sweet red roses
    two blooms for a penny?
    Who will buy my sweet red roses
    two blooms for a penny?

    (Milkmaid (Red Fraggle)):
    Will you buy any milk today
    Any milk today, mistress

    (Rose Seller (Betty Lou)):
    Will you buy my sweet red roses?

    (Milkmaid (Red Fraggle)):
    Any milk today, mistress

    (Rose Seller (Betty Lou)):
    Two blooms for a penny

    (Radish Seller (Mokey Fraggle)):
    Ripe radishes, ripe
    ripe radishes, ripe

    (Milkmaid (Red Fraggle)):
    Any milk today, mistress

    (Rose Seller (Betty Lou)):
    Will you buy my sweet red roses?

    (Radish Seller (Mokey Fraggle)):
    Ripe radishes, ripe

    (Milkmaid (Red Fraggle)):
    Any milk today, mistress

    Knife Grinder (Mr. Johnson)):
    Any knives to grind

    (Rose Seller (Betty Lou)):
    Who will buy?

    Milkmaid (Red Fraggle)):
    Who will buy?

    (Radish Seller (Mokey Fraggle)):
    Who will buy?

    (Knife Grinder (Mr. Johnson)):
    Who will buy

    (Oliver (Robin))
    Who will buy
    this wonderful morning
    such a sky you never did see
    (Rose Seller (Betty Lou)):
    Who will buy my sweet red roses?

    (Oliver (Robin)):
    Who will tie it up with a ribbon
    and put it in a box for me

    (Radish Seller (Mokey Fraggle)):
    Ripe radishes, ripe

    (Oliver (Robin)):
    So I could see it at my leisure
    whenever things go wrong
    and I would keep it as a treasure
    to last my whole life long

    (Milkmaid (Red Fraggle)):
    Any milk today

    (Oliver (Robin)):
    Who will buy this wonderful feeling
    I'm so high
    I swear I could fly

    (Knife Grinder (Mr. Johnson):
    Knives to grind
    (Radish Seller (Mokey Fraggle)):
    Ripe strawberries, ripe

    (Oliver (Robin)):
    Me, oh my, I don't want to lose it
    so what am I to do to keep the sky so blue
    there must be someone
    who will buy

    Toy windmills, onions, knives to grind
    Ballads, white turnips, and oranges

    Who will buy?

    Who will buy this wonderful morning
    such a sky you never did see
    who will tie it up with a ribbon
    And put it in a box for me

    There'll never be a day so sunny
    It could not happen twice
    Where is the man with all the money
    It's cheap at half the price

    Who will buy this wonderful feeling
    I'm so high I swear I could fly
    Me, oh my, I don't want to lose it

    So what am I do to
    To keep the sky so blue
    there must be someone who will buy

    There'll never be a day so sunny
    I know it could not happen twice
    Where is the man with all the money
    It's cheap at half the price
    at half the price

    (Company Including Oliver):
    Who will buy this wonderful feeling
    I'm so high I swear I could fly
    Me, oh my, I don't want to lose it
    So what am I to do to keep the sky so blue
    There must be someone who will buy
    Buy, buy

    “Okay, now I am tired. Well, Excuuuuuse me, okay? And please don’t tell me that I am quoting words from a famous star or actor…actress… frog it. I need to sleep now.”
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    It looks like I have not received any criticism so far. So, Please Comment! I would love to have any criticisms or concerns so I can make it better on the next chapter.

    Chapter 6 – “As Long As Bill Needs Nancy”

    “Morning, ladies and gents. My mother was bloody harsh. Seriously she was like I was supposed to be in bed instead of reading a Charles Dickens book or talking to you readers. I mean she wants me to have a have a real job, but I don’t feel like I am old enough. Okay, now you do know that I was off task. Well, sorry about that. I see Kermit is still busy I think. So, I am now going to continue to narrate this story, before mum finds out and screams at me. That one night at the Pub, all of the fellow men that is the drinkers of gin and beer and the ladies were now celebrating another night of success and their anthem was “oom-pah-pah. “The chairman was actually the man that owned this Pub if you what I actually meant.”

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” bellowed the chairman. “Breathers and sinners all! I call upon your our Goddess of Virtues to give us her well known rendition of the old school song – Oom-Pah-Pah!”

    “All right, shut up, you lot,” said Nancy to the chairman. [To everyone] “A bit of culture now! ‘Ere we go!”

    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    There’s a little ditty
    They’re singing in the city
    Especially when they’ve been
    On the gin
    Or the beer
    If you’ve got the patience,
    Your own imaginations
    Will tell you just exactly what you want to hear

    (All Including Nancy):
    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    That’s how it goes,
    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    Everyone knows

    They all suppose what they want to suppose
    When they hear oom-pah-pah

    Mister Percy Snodgrass
    Would often have the odd glass –
    But never when he thought anybody could see
    Secretly he’d buy it
    And drink it on the quiet
    And dream he was an Earl
    Wiv a girl on each knee

    (Customers (Fozzie, Gonzo, Purple Muppet Whatnot, & Link) & Nancy):
    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    That’s how it goes
    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    Everyone knows

    What is the cause of his red shiny nose?
    Could it be… oom-pah-pah!

    Pretty little Sally
    Goes walking from the alley
    Displays her pretty ankles to all of the men
    They could see her garters
    But not for free-and gratis –
    An inch or two, and then she knows
    When to say when!

    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    That’s how it goes
    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    Everyone knows

    Whether it’s hidden, or whether it shows –
    It’s the same oom-pah-pah

    She was from the country
    But now she’s up a gum-tree –
    She let a feller feed’er, then lead’er along
    What’s the good o’ cryin’?
    She’s made a bed to lie in
    She’s glad to bring the coin in
    And join in this song

    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    That’s how it goes!
    Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
    Everyone knows

    She is no longer the same blushing rose
    Ever since… oom-pah-pah

    (Spoken) Altogether now!

    There’s a little ditty
    They’re singing in the city
    Especially when they’ve been
    On the gin
    Or the beer
    If you’ve got the patience
    Your own imaginations
    Will tell you just exactly what you want to hear…

    Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
    That’s how it goes
    Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
    Everyone knows.
    They all suppose what they want to suppose
    When they hear oom-pah-pah

    Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
    That’s how it goes
    Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
    Everyone knows.

    They all suppose what they want to suppose
    When they hear… Oom-pah-pah!

    (Everyone Including Nancy):

    “The ladies and the men started cheering until when a dark shadow came and it was none other Mr. Sikes. I don’t want to mention his first name right now, because he reacts in a furious rage whenever his real name was ever mentioned.”

    “Bill Sikes,” said the green skinned Muppet Whatnot.

    “Holy macras,” Bet reacted. “He’s taller than Moi.”

    “Bet,” snapped Nancy.

    (Mr. Sikes):
    Strongmen tremble when they hear it!
    They’ve got cause enough to fear it!

    It’s much blacker than they smear it!
    Nobody mentions
    My name!

    “Bill Sikes,” Fozzie said trembling.

    “I said NOBODY mentions my name, understood,” said Sikes sneering at the bear before walking around to the others.

    Wiv me
    Jemmy in my hand
    Lemme see the man who dares
    Stop me.
    Taking what I may
    He can start to say his prayers!

    Biceps like an iron girder
    Fit for doing of a murder
    If I just so much as heard a
    Bloke even whisper…

    (Spoken) My name! Bill Sikes…

    Some Toff, slumming wiv his valet
    Bumped into me in the alley
    Now is eyes’ll never tally
    He’s never heard of…
    My name!

    One bloke
    Used to boast the claim
    He could take my name in vain…
    Poor bloke…
    Shame ‘e was so green
    Never was ‘e seen again!

    Once bad – What’s the good of turning?
    In that dark, I’ll be there a burning
    Meanwhile, thing of what I’m earning
    All on account of…
    My name!

    What is it? What is ir? What is it?

    (Spoken) Bill Sikes.

    “That’s right, Nancy,” said Bill with a sniff. “Only you mention my name, but NOBODY else in this forsaken Pub shall never mention my name when I arrive EVER.”

    “The ladies and gentlemen heard his words and they sworn they would never mention his name again. The next day, Bill and Nancy checked in Fagin’s hideout to check on the boys and the poor fool himself. After everyone being silent for a few more minutes, the silence was interrupted by Sikes that banged his stick on the floor.”

    “We've got to get him back,” said Bill with a sneer. “Do you hear? Nab him the first time he sets foot out of the door.”

    “He never goes out alone,” explained Nancy to Bill. “You know that.”

    “Don't you back answer me,” said Bill with his dark tone. “Three days since I spotted him. And what have you done about it? Nothing! We've got to get hold of him somehow.
    Now, who's coming?”

    “I suppose it'll have to be me,” insisted Dodger.

    “Shut your trap, Dodger,” whispered Fagin to Dodger. “You've caused enough trouble already. It's got to be done quiet, no fuss. Someone who has the boy's confidence
    Nancy, my dear, what do you say?”

    “It's no good trying it with me,” said Nancy quietly.

    “And just exactly what do you mean by that remark,” said Sikes coldly to Nancy.

    “What I say! I'm not going,” Nancy said out loud. “Can't you leave the boy alone? He won't do you harm. Why can't you leave him where he'll have the chance of a decent life?”

    “You'll bring him back here, my girl,” Unless you want to feel my hand on your throat."

    "Nancy had this guilt. She was not the kind of girl to do Bill's dirty business such a kidnapping a poor boy."

    “Nancy, my dear... we must have that boy brought back, said Fagin, softly to Nancy. "If he talked, think what would happen to us. Think what would happen to Bill. It would be the gallows for him. The drop. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you, my dear? Not to your Bill."

    “She'll go, Fagin,” said Bill evilly.

    “No, she won't, Fagin,” yelled Nancy to Bill.

    “Yes, she will, Fagin,” said Bill, before knocking her over by hitting her hard.

    “The boys silently stood up and found out that this Sikes was much worse than Fagin. He would never hit a beautiful girl like Nancy.”

    “She'll go,” sneered Bill. “Even if I have to drag her there myself,”

    “Fagin helped Nancy while the boys stood there watching. Although they never moved, they believed what Bill was planning and his bark was much worse than his bite. Nancy, still with her guilty conscience had to listen to Bill no matter what he said to her.”

    As long
    As he needs me
    Oh yes
    He does need me

    In spite of what you see
    I'm sure
    that he needs me

    Who else would love him still
    when they've been used so ill
    He knows
    I always will
    As long as he
    needs me

    I miss him so much
    when he is gone
    but when he's near me
    I don't let on

    The way
    I feel inside
    the love I have to hide
    the heck
    I've got my pride
    As long as he needs me

    He doesn't say the things he should
    He acts the way he thinks he should
    but all the same
    I'll play this game
    His way
    As long
    As he needs me

    I know where I must be
    I'll cling on steadfastly
    As long as he needs me
    As long as life is longI'll love him
    Right or wrong
    And somehow I'll be strong
    As long as he
    Needs me

    If you are lonely
    Then you will know
    When someone needs you
    You'll love them so
    I won't
    Betray his trust
    Though people say I must
    I've got to stay true just
    As long as he
    Needs me

    "Okay, I may have to stop for now before mum finds out that I am not doing something job-related. See you soon, ladies and gents!"
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    Like thanks floydxjanice776! I am rully glad you read the whole or like at least parts of it and I am rully okay with that. Working on the next chapter, hmmm I will try to get a cameo or two for Floyd & Janice, but I am doing like the best I rully can on this fanfic.
  14. No problem. Okay. ;)
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    Chapter 7 – “The Plan & Fagin’s Situation”

    “Ah, I see your back. My mum finally is no longer at my cases anymore. What was she bloody thinking about? Ignore my kind of understanding, but that’s how I speak. Ahem! Meanwhile, back at the house where Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Beldwin lived. Oliver now looked rather clean and polite too with his clean clothes he had on. He was about to ask one of the maids, named Rose.

    “Can I answer it, Rose,” Oliver asked, before walking to the door.

    “Thank you, dear,” the old lady called back.

    At the door, there was a polite gentleman giving some books to Oliver.

    “Books from Mr. Jessop.”

    “Thank you,” Oliver responded in his gentlemen kind of matter. He was never taught polite manners in his life until the old lady and Mr. Brownlow teached him about manners.

    “Please, sir, these books came for you,” he said to Mr. Brownlow.

    “Ah, good,” said the old gentlemen, although he was deeply quiet. “Vait, there's some to go back.”

    “The boy's gone,” explained the small boy. “Can I take them? I know where the shop is. Please let me take them. I'll be very quick.”

    “All right then,” said Mr. Brownlow. “Mrs. Bedwin, the books are on the table beside my bed.”

    As soon as the old lady left the room, the old gentleman asks him for a favor.

    “Now then... you vill take those books to Mr. Jessop and tell him... you have come to pay the four pounds ten that I owe him. This is a five-pound note, so there'll be ten shillings change. You under... understand?”

    “At that moment, he stared at the portrait of a beautiful painting of a female frog. She had beautiful dark eyes with small brown hair and some type of clothing that she was wearing.”

    “She's a very pretty lady, isn't she, sir,” Oliver asked.

    “Yes,” said Mr. Brownlow in his gentle voice.

    “I'll take the books for you,” insisted the boy before he was out the door.

    “A new suit of clothes, valuable books and a five-pound note in his pocket,” said the visitor with a unique voice.

    “You expect him to come back,” the old gentlemen asked while walking slowly closer to that familiar painting with such beauty and the emphasis of it.

    “Don't you,” responded Mr. Brownlow. “If he does, I'll eat my head with my hat on it. Look at that portrait. Do you see a likeness to the lad?”

    “That's your niece, isn't it,” asked the gentlemen. –

    “That's what I mean.”

    “Wasn't she the girl who...”

    “Who ran away, and now there goes a young, innocent face and nothing more, but a mere coincidence. I'm not so sure. Born in a workhouse at Dunstable, he thinks. That's all he can tell us. Very vell,”

    Outside, Oliver was singing a lovely melody that made him happy.

    Who will buy this wonderful morning?


    “Morning,” answered the rose seller.
    Such a sky you never did see?
    Who will tie it up with a ribbon
    and put it in a box for me

    “Unfortunately, what he did not see behind his trail was Nancy and Bill Sikes. As he was walking through the streets, he saw a puppet show so he decided to stay there for a while until he continues his journey to make sure he was doing what Mr. Brownlow wants for the boy. Nancy started whispering to Oliver and then she kindly took his small feeble hand to take him to a cart. The trap was about to be set. Sikes had the cloak ready. Oliver knew he was in trouble.”

    “Help, help,” he yelled before he was sacked up and hurled inside the cloak.”

    “Get in the cart,” instructed Bill to Nancy.

    “Bullseye, come here. Bullseye! Bullseye, come here.”

    “The dog which was Bill’s master followed him as well. Meanwhile, back at the lodge, the boys were quiet and sitting still staring at the poor terrible man. One of the boys, Wembley was helping another one (Boober) cleaning the shiny treasures the man thought it was his. Then, they heard a dog barking. It meant that the boy they liked as a friend probably has come back.”

    “Oliver's back,” said Fagin with a grin.

    “Look at his togs,” said Dodger looking at his clothes.

    “He's got boots, too,” said Charlie with a small laugh. “Quite the little gent, eh,”

    “Lovely bit of stuff,” mutter Dodger, as he and the boys have seen that the boy was clean and his clothes were proper like a gentleman would wear them.

    ”Delighted to see you looking so well, my boy, and the Dodger will give you another suit for fear you spoil that Sunday one,” said Fagin with his small laugh.

    “Look at this,” said Dodger swiping the paper bill from Fagin, but he took it back from him.

    “I'll bank it for you.”

    “What's that,” asked Mr. Sikes. “That's mine, Fagin.”

    “No, no, my dear, Mine. Ours. You shall have the books.”

    “You hand it over, you avaricious old bag of bones,” said Bill with his evil cold stare from his stern face. “That's for our share of the trouble. You keep the books. Start a library.”

    “Mr. Brownlow will be here after you if he finds out... you've got his books and money,” yelled Oliver feeling angry and furious at Mr. Sikes.

    “So he'll be out here, will he,” said Bill with an evil smile. “Out here or after us, what did you tell him about us?”

    “Nothing!” responded Oliver with an angry tone.

    “Not only did Oliver hate that thief and hard soul, that cold-blooded murder was trying to ruin his life.”

    “Fagin, I'll wager this young rat's told him everything,” exclaimed Bill with a smirk in his face. “What did you tell him?”

    “Oliver’s response was by hitting him. He tried to run away, but Bill caught the boy by putting him down and his next terrible task was to whip him and pretend like he was his weakling if you know what I mean.”

    “No,” Nancy cried out. “Leave him alone!”

    "You stand off me," Sikes yelled grabbing her and pushing her out of his way.

    "No violence," Fagin insisted, even though Bill will always ignore his warnings.

    "You'll have to kill me before I let you lay a hand on that boy," said Nancy crying out for mercy.

    "Just don't you tempt me, and you keep OUT of this," yelled Bill pushing Nancy out of his way for the second time.

    "While Sikes got out his belt, Fagin had a few words to say to Sikes."

    "If he says he didn't tell him, he didn't tell him."

    "Hit me why don't you," questioned Bill with a sneer.

    “I won't stand by and see it done, Bill,” said Nancy now struggling and pulling Bill’s belt as if they were fighting like an unfamiliar couple they were. “Leave him be.”

    “At that moment, as the fight started to get rotten, Dodger found him, pulled themselves together and went to a area where it was safer while they watched.

    ”Let him be or I'll put my mark on you and I don't care for any consequences,” yelled Nancy.

    ”Why Nancy, you're wonderful tonight,” exclaimed Fagin with a chuckle. “You have such talent, and such a joker.”

    ”You take care I don't overdo it, Fagin or I'll put the finger on all of you and I don't care if I hang for it,” said Nancy, furious with Sikes and Fagin’s manners.

    “Do you know who you are and what you are,” asked Sikes with his dark and quiet tone.

    “You don't have to tell me,” huffed Nancy with seriousness in her tone.
    “A fine one for the boy to befriend,” snapped Sikes with his darkness tone.

    ”Yes, I am! God help me,” explained Nancy. “And I wish I'd been struck dead before I'd lent a hand to bring him back here. From tonight, he's a liar and a thief... and all that's bad. Isn’t that enough for you without beating him to death?”

    “Come, come, Sikes,” said Fagin with a calm tone. “We must have civil words. Civil words.”

    ”Oh, yes! You deserve them from me, don't you,” said Nancy mad with rage to Sikes and Fagin as she was about to head out to the door. “I thieved for you when I was half his age... and it's your dirty work I've been doing ever since!”

    “What if you have? Isn’t it your living,” asked Sikes now angry at Nancy for preventing him to hurt Oliver in the first place.

    “He's right, you know,” answered Fagin. “A living is a living.”

    “Some living,” said Nancy as she bolted out the door. “The Lord must help me! Some living!”

    “Some living indeed and now Fagin had to yell or even make the boys feel bad no thanks to Sikes and Nancy’s anger.”

    “Get to bed, all of you,” Fagin said softly, but the boys were still as stone. “Get to bed, I said! All this violence, all these scenes, screams, dramas! I'm asking you, is it necessary?”

    “Not yet, Fagin,” answered Bill with his dark tone. “Not yet. But if this godforsaken little good-for-nothing...
    has uttered one word, one word, mind you...”

    “If he has, the little devil,” Fagin started calmly. “We sit down, we talk it over, and we think it out. We decide upon a proper course of safe action. We stay calm!”

    “Do we,” exclaimed Sikes. “And while we're sitting here thinking and talking... and staying calm... our collars get felt, don't they? And it's, "Come along with me, if you please.'' No, thank you very much. You've thought us into this little lot. You can think your way out of it.
    But from now on, Bill Sikes takes the law into his own hands. These hands.”

    “Then, at this very moment, he put his hands around Fagin’s neck. I warn you he would be an evil man.”

    “Have you ever heard the sound a chicken makes... when they're wringing its neck,” Sikes asked while he still had his hands around the poor fool’s neck.

    “Can't say I've had the Pl,” said Fagin trying to speak and not to choke out.

    ”They squawk, Fagin,” explained Sikes with his dark look from his eyes. “They squawk. Not a very pretty sound.

    “No, Bill,” answered Fagin.

    “And then they die, don't they,” questioned Bill.

    ”Yes, Bill,” answered Fagin although his voice was getting too soft since Mr. Sikes’ hands were still around his neck. “I mean, no, Bill.”

    “Then, they say, some even start squawking before that event,” Sikes explained to the poor fool. “They get what you might call a premonition. Now then... you wouldn’t be having a premonition of that sort by any chance, would you?

    “Not me, Bill,” Fagin answered. “The lips are sealed.”

    “I'm glad,” said Sikes with a smirk. “'Cause if anyone here should lead the law to me... and I gets to hear of it... then it will be your neck... your scraggy old neck.”

    “Sikes lets go of his neck and Fagin starts rubbing it since it got so sore no thanks to Mr. Sikes.”

    “You think about it, Fagin.”

    “Once Bill was out the door. He started looking at the boys now in their nightclothes giving one at him and then closing their eyes to sleep. Dodger had his white nightclothes on with a soft pillow around on of his shoulders.”

    “He is a violent man, Dodger, a very violent man he always is,” Fagin said quietly since his boys were asleep. “When that man's back is up, no one is safe.”

    “Dodger then had to sleep with the young Oliver. His hat was still on and he didn’t mind sleeping with it either.”

    “Look after him, Dodger.”

    “Dodger nodded and finally fell fast asleep.”

    “And I'll look after myself,” Fagin said to himself before going to his hideout.

    Fagin (Rowlf):
    A man's got a heart, hasn't he
    Joking apart, hasn't he
    And though I'd be the first one to say that I wasn't a saint

    I'm finding it hard to be really as black as they paint

    I'm reviewing the situation
    Can a fellow be a villain all his life?
    All the trials and tribulations!
    Better settle down and get myself a wife
    And a wife would cook and sew for me and come for me and go for me
    And go for me and nag at me, the fingers she would wag at me
    The money she would take from me
    A misery she'd make from me

    I think I'd better think it out again

    A wife you can keep anyway
    I'd rather sleep anyway.
    Left without anyone in the world and I'm starting from now
    so “how to win friends and to influence people”
    So how?

    I'm reviewing the situation
    I must quickly look up everyone I know
    Titled people - with a station -
    Who can help me make a real impressive show!
    I will own a suite at Claridges and run a fleet of carriages
    and wave at all the duchesses with friendliness
    As much as is befitting of my new estate

    “Good morrow to you, Magistrate!” Oh gosh!

    I think I'd better think it out again

    So where shall I go – somebody?
    Who do I know?
    Nobody! All my dearest companions have always been villains and thieves
    so at my time of life I should start turning over new leaves

    I'm reviewing the situation
    If you want to eat -- you've got to earn a bob
    is it such humiliation
    for a robber to perform an honest job?
    So a job I'm getting possibly
    I wonder whom my boss will be
    I wonder if he'll take to me
    What bonuses he'll make to me
    I'll start at eight and finish late
    At normal rate and all but wait

    I think I'd better think it out again
    What happens when I'm seventy?
    Must come a time… seventy
    When you're old and it's cold
    And who cares if you live
    Or you die
    Your one consolation's
    The money you may have put by

    I'm reviewing the situation
    I'm a bad one and bad one I shall stay
    You'll be seeing no transformation
    But it's wrong to be a rogue in every way

    I don't want nobody hurt for me
    Or made to do the dirt for me
    this rotten life is not for me.
    It's getting far too hot for me
    There is no in between for me But who will change the scene for me
    don’t want no one to rob for me
    But who will find a job for me

    I think I'd better think it out again


    “Now I am getting tired! I might as well rest for now. So, good day, ladies and gents!
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    Hey everyone! I know you are waiting for more, but before I go any further, my computer crashed last year and the stuff that is going on is not only dramatic, but annoying. My mom wasnts me proactive with other things than doing fanfictions. Grrrr! Now I think of her as an irrating Muppet. LOL!

    I don't know if I am kidding! Hopefully I will post another chapter before I go to school. :sigh:

    Due to technical difficulties, now I have go back to the drawing board and get that next chapter done... if I have the time to do it.
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    *bumpijng up back my own thread*

    I need help! What cameos would you like for my next chapter?
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    Okay! There will be no more waiting! Here is my next update.

    Chapter 8 – Something Fishy Is Up With Sikes :fishy: :batty:

    Announcer: "And now we return to the Muppet musical version of Oliver!"

    "Ah yes you're back. Everyone told me to get rid of my English accent, but I said, "Never!" (Clears throat) We now come to Mr. Brownlow's house when it had its strange visitors. They were none other than Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Corney. In this version Mr. Brownlow, it would be Count Brownlow, because he loved to count and sometimes say numbers before saying anything that doesn't have to be about you guess numbers. You may call that weird, but there was never a Mr. Brownlow in the novel that was ever into numbers. Mr. Bumble had some explaining to do to this loveable family."

    "Well, you see sir," Mr. Bumble said to Count Brownlow. "The instant I received your communication regarding dear Oliver... I decided we must take the first coach to London."
    "I decided," said Mrs. Corney.

    "That's right," Mr. Bumble interrupted before she could finish. "That would be of course my dear wife."

    "That was one, one trip and it was good of you to come," said Count Brownlow. "Vhat have you got to tell me?"

    “Well, sir,” Mr. Bumble said as he took out an item that looked more like a locket. “This locket once belonged to the boy's mother and was found by that woman after she passed away. Well, that would be the boy's mother that is, not my dear wife.”

    “You, you kept this one, one locket all these years?” Count Brownlow asked.

    “Why should I not, sir,” questioned Mr. Bumble.

    “Now, did it not ever occur to you that this might provide three, three clues such as the boy percentage, his identity, and his name –” explained Count Brownlow.

    “B-but he had no name, sir,” muttered Mr. Bumble. “His mother was unmarried.”

    “It was your one, one duty to show this evidence to the higher number of authorities. That one, one behavior from you madam was shameful.”

    “How dare you speak to me so,” bellowed Mrs. Corney. “I only came here to help you.”

    “You came here to profit from two things, your own greed and dishonesty.” You sir think this locket properly belong to one, one wife.”

    “Be quiet, you old fool,” said Mrs. Corney.

    “Your one reward and take it before I change my mind,” informed Count Brownlow although a little bit mad to those strangers for coming to his house to look for nothing, but trouble. “Now, think yourself lucky you’re not in two. That’s two hands of the law. Ah ah ah! Madam, show these two people out."

    “There’s gratitude for you,” muttered Mrs. Corney, furious and discouraged by the way Count Brownlow was acting to her.

    After the disgruntled woman left, Mr. Bumble, the blue-skinned man stayed behind to have one last word to Count Brownlow.

    “Well sir, I hope this unfortunate circumstance won’t deprive me of my parochial office.”

    “My one hope sir is that it vill.”

    “B-but it was Mrs. Bumble, sir. I knew nothing of it till’ yesterday.”

    “There are supposed to be zero, zero excuses from you. In the eyes of the law, you are the guiltier of the two… for that one law supposes that your wife under one, one direction.”
    “I-if that’s what the law supposes, then the law’s useless. If that’s the one eye of the law, then the law is a bachelor. The worst I wish the law is that his eye may be opened by experience. By experience, sir! Hmpfh!”

    Once the frustrated Mr. Bumble left, Mrs. Bedwin, an aging female frog with a small gown on her now wanted to make an explanation to Mr. Brownlow.

    “Sir, the locket… I didn’t really see it before.”

    “I recognized it only one, one time that long ago,” explained Count Brownlow with a sigh, while looking carefully at the locket. “I gave it to my niece Emily on her thirtieth birthday.”

    “So, it wasn’t that troublesome male frog that made her run away,” the old lady frog asked.

    “No, it’s not that, Mrs. Bedwin. She must have gone to that one, one workhouse and had her tadpole there.”

    “But once it became a frog, the poor thing was probably was working there.”
    “That’s one, one poor little frog.”


    At Sikes and Nancy’s bedroom, the paled looking lady pig with shabby hairdo had on her lovely dress. What she saw was Oliver coming weary up to the stairs with Sikes, but something wasn’t right. What was that rough man doing to the poor thing?

    “What’s going on,” she asked.

    Bill Sikes did not answer. He took his tool chest out that was underneath the bed all along.
    “Bill, why did you bring the boy here?”

    “Because he’s coming on a job with me.” Answered Mr. Sikes.

    “But… why him,” Nancy asked.

    “Because I need a little one, that’s why,” explained Sikes. “He’s nice and thin on this particular job. That’s what counts.”

    “Do I have to go,” Oliver asked, since he was more scared of Sikes more than Nancy.

    “One word while you’re out with me, and you know what will happen.”

    Just at that moment, he pointed his weapon at Oliver, before putting it away. Nancy did not the sound of it either when she heard a click. She had to do something about his evil scheme he was planning on poor Oliver.

    “You can’t do this to him, please?” Nancy pleaded. “You can’t do this, Bill. I won’t let – ”

    “Nancy Louise Sikes,” Bill yelled, before calming down. “We will have no more of that, understood?”
    Nancy shook her head. She couldn’t believe this. What has become of him? Why did she have a right to marry him? Did he force her to marry him or was it her choice to choose him instead of another man she could have?

    “You just be at the tavern at eleven,” said Bill before he left with Oliver only five inches tall following him.

    After he was gone, she looked at the window to see Oliver getting into the carriage with that awful man before hearing calling his dog, Bullseye to follow his master. Once the carriage trotted away, Nancy felt the pain and she knew what he was going to do. Not only get poor Oliver in trouble, but to even kill him. Before she left the house, she put on her shawl that went around her neck and on top of her head. What Nancy had to do right now was to find help before it’s too late.


    The shabby hair-looking lady pig wandered lonely to the streets until she saw the fancy house she saw many days ago. She remembered that the frog did live there before Sikes captured him. She was frightened wondering what will ever come of the boy even if he is not the way she pictured it. She rang the doorbell before the door opened and it was an old lady frog.

    “Ma’am, I cam here, because it’s about Oliver,” explained Nancy. “Will you tell Mr. Brownlow?”

    “Come inside, dear. Mr. Brownlow-"

    “Oh please don’t call him down here,” Nancy pleaded, “I just want to leave a massage.”

    “Miss, he may have to see you you now-”

    “No, I can’t stay,” interrupted Nancy, now having a feeling she is a desperate English lady pig.

    “Vhat is it,” asked Count Brownlow. At that moment, she saw a beautiful lady pig believing that she was beautiful, but he could tell something was wrong.

    “It’s about the frog,” said Mrs. "Applebee" Beldwin.

    “Is there one piece, two, two pieces of news-”

    “He’s in terrible danger, sir," Nancy interrputed. "He was captured the other day when you sent him for the books.”

    “And vho exactly took this one, one frog?”

    “It was me and somebody else,” Nancy trembled, feeling now the knot inside her body.
    “You took him by only ONE force?”

    “Yes,” yelled Nancy before taking some deep breaths to calm down. “I wish I was never part of that awful task I did to him. The poor thing!”

    Nancy Pig was very quiet for a few moments. The, Count Brownlow said, “Who is this one frog now? Vho is this one other person you have talked about? Can’t you take me to him? You are going to help this one frog aren’t you?”

    Nancy did not answer his questions right away. She was nervous and scared.

    “Then, at least tell me vhere this one frog is?"

    “I can’t tell you any of those things, sir,” answered Nancy. "However, I will bring this “one” frog to you… It won’t be here, but it will be far, sir.”

    “Vhere then?” Count Brownlow asked.

    “The London Bridge tonight at midnight, but you need to come alone. Please promise me you will come alone. Sir, you don’t trust me, do you? You should, right?”

    “All right, I’ll be there,” Count Brownlow, said.

    “Oh, thank you, sir,” said Nancy sighing with relief.

    ‘Now, vait a minute, one, is the frog hurt, two is he I’ll treated?"

    “Please, sir, I can’t tell you any more or answer those questions. If he finds out I came here for help, he’ll kill me.”

    “Vho is this one man?” asked Count Brownlow.

    “I can’t tell you, sir,” Nancy answered. “If there was anything else I could do, I would not turn my back on him. You wouldn’t understand, sir. If I have to go back, I really have to go back. Promise me you will come?”

    Ah yes! That vill be twelve, twelve’o clock, ma’am”

    Without another word, she left the house to go back wandering to the streets. She found out that dreadful thing were to about to happen before better things come.

    “Oh for goodness sake,” Nancy said to herself. “What will Bill think about me? Should he care?”

    He doesn’t act as though he cares
    But deep inside I know he cares
    And that is why I am tied
    Right by his side
    As long as he needs me
    I know where I must be
    But, he will he never see
    That someone else needs me

    As long as life is long
    I'll love him... right or wrong
    But, something just as strong
    Says someone else needs me…
    A child with no one to take his part
    I’ll take his part, Bill…
    But cross my heart!
    I won’t betray your trust
    Though people say I must
    My heart will stay true
    Just… as long as Bill needs me

    Coming up... Floyd and Animal meet Charles Dickens and there will be more story. Sorry about the long wait everybody.
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    Chapter 9 - The Stay and the Plan

    Meanwhile, at a quiet house lived an author, Mr. Charles Dickens. He was ihis bedrobe all alone drinking the last of hos tea when there was a knock on the door.

    "Who is it?" he asked.

    "It's me man, open up," said a raspy voice.

    Charles ignored this and went on his business by putting his teas cup away to the sink and walking back to the main room, but the knocks on the door were heard... again.

    "Who is it," Dickens asked.

    "Man, it's me, would you open up, I got Animal."


    "What," he said to himself.

    He heard then more knocks on his door.

    "Who is that," he said by the tone of his voice. He was now irrated by the commotion that was occurring to him.

    "It's Floyd, man! I got Animal and the guards are after us."

    "Floyd's not here!" Dickens answered.

    "Man, you don't understand! I'm Floyd! Would you open up that door.

    "DOOR! DOOR!"

    "Animal, be quiet, man!"

    Charles finally knew this was no trick and opened up the door.

    "You live here?" he asked.

    "No, man, but Animal and I tried every house, but every time he caused trouble, they kicked me out."

    "Okay, sir, come in." Dickens said, frustrated now that being alone was too lonely for him.

    "Well, sir, I wanted to be sleep tonight but then I was afraid there will be somebody robbing my place. So, I would like for you and that wild animal of yours to stay at my house for the night.

    "Well, I had to walk Animal all day right after I got kicked out, man."

    "If anything goes wrong, you can write a note or warn of our women from a pub from London and come find me."


    "You know Animal, he likes drums, loud music, and women." said Floyd.

    "Are you selling cigars?" Dickens asked.

    "Naw, I don't sell that kind of stuff, but I do sell guitars when I don't play with them anymore."

    "All right, you have a good night then, sir."

    Once Dickens left, Floyd was tired and ready to hit the sack by sleeping on a bed upstairs and so was Animal now already warn out from his excitement. What they don't know that something bad could happen to the little green frog and the incident that could happen at Dickens house anytime soon.

    Sorry if the chapter is short, but I made a reference from the Cheech & Chong's routine "Dave's not here!"

    Until then, au revior!

    :mad:: That's my line, missy.

    Sheesh! Even some ladies have bad moods. Sheesh!

    Please comment! I'm rully like tired of having the lack of comments from this fanfic. :flirt:
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