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Petition to keep Sesame Street Unpaved

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by ssetta, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Ernie101 Active Member

  2. ssetta Active Member

    This petition won't even work if we don't have enough signatures! WE NEED MORE SIGNATURES!!!
  3. Jeffrey Gray Member

    Trust me, Noggin won't listen. The classic SS sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the current one, which is why they shoved it into late night in the first place. And they are now phasing out the late-night classics, and I think SS will be gone by next year. No petition can save this program. To satisfy our need for classic SS, the only thing we can do now is go to PBS stations and request duplicates of whatever classic episodes still exist in their archives. Or request some sort of classic-skit-compilation DVD or duplicates of archived episodes from CTW...either choice is unfeasible...

    The truth is, CTW doesn't WANT us to see the classic episodes. That's why they give us sixty-five edited episodes in late night, twice a week. They want to target preschoolers and teens, and in order to do that, they must give the shaft to the original viewers of the original CTW programs. There's nothing we can ever do about it...so let's just keep our memories, like we did before Sesame Street Unpaved.
  4. ssetta Active Member

    That doesn't help one bit!

    You wouldn't happen to be dvakman from YesterdayLand? The woman said that if Sesame Street Unpaved radically becomes the most popular show on Noggin, they will do something to keep it. That's why I'm doing this petition. Now the last thing I need is for people to think negative, and not even try to do anything about it!

    Another thing they could do, as I have suggested, is have a CTW channel. A lot of people there think that this is a bad idea. The N wipes out most of the CTW programming. So CTW doesn't even own half of Noggin anymore. I posted a thread about a CTW channel. Why don't you read it?
  5. ssetta Active Member

    And also, don't just sit there talking negative, go to that petition and sign it!
  6. ssetta Active Member

    I don't think it's that they don't want us to see the classic episodes. Someone at CTW says that she can't understand why they would take it off, either.
  7. Jeffrey Gray Member

    All right. I'll sign it. I want SS Unpaved back, but I just have a feeling this may not work...I want it to work, I really do...but it may not work...and I am NOT "dvakman" on YesterdayLand.
  8. Ernie101 Active Member

    Man theres no need petitions dont work
  9. The Gobeek New Member

    I signed it! # 52!
  10. Ernie101 Active Member

    Its worth a try but you outta know it wont work
  11. ssetta Active Member

    Not with only 55 signatures, it won't!
  12. Foreignman New Member

    How 'bout with 56? Just signed...
  13. ssetta Active Member

    Well, we are up there. This petition was started about 2 weeks ago. But in order for this petition to work, everybody and his brother needs to sign it.
  14. ssetta Active Member

    Now we have 60! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE!
  15. Jeffrey Gray Member

    Why not post to alt.tv.sesame-street?

    And shouldn't we be lobbying for them to show more episodes, and start showing the episodes uncut?
  16. ssetta Active Member

    I actually pust that on my post for this so-called CTW channel. Anyway, what's this website you're talking about?
  17. *sigh* I wish PBS would air "Unpaved"...

    Heck, they should just cancel SS and air only "Unpaved"! :D
  18. Jeffrey Gray Member

    sseta, alt.tv.sesame-street is actually a Usenet newsgroup with a lot of Unpaved viewers...
  19. Lol, "Unpaved viewers", I love it! Sounds like a new insult! :D
  20. ssetta Active Member

    What exactly do you do to see that news group? What exactly is the address?

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