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Petition to keep Sesame Street Unpaved

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by ssetta, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Member

    OK...it's this address:

  2. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    69 signatures!
  3. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Member

    Did you post a link on alt.tv.sesame-street?
  4. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I actually did. It kind of looks like everyone over there has already signed it. Right now, we have 69 signatures, which is a big improvement this week. We need more than that, but I don't know if we'll get any. I kind of see what you're saying about this petition won't work. I think practically everyone on MuppetCentral, YesterdayLand, and alt.tv.sesame-street has already signed it. I don't know anyone else who would sign it, do you?
  5. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Correction, make that 70!
  6. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I think what we can do is get everyone to get ALL their friends and relatives to go to that petition and sign it. What do you say about that?
  7. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Why isn't anyone signing it??????

    We need more! A LOT more! It will never stay on with only 75 signatures!
  8. dirtygulch

    dirtygulch New Member

    Re: Why isn't anyone signing it??????

    ok your getting kind of annoying. not to be rude but you cant make people sign the petiotion if they dont want to
  9. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I'm not making people sign it, but I don't understand why people wouldn't want to sign it.
  10. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Member

    Because some people don't have Noggin, and thus don't care. Others may not want it back because they aren't treating it well anyway, only showing 65 edited episodes in the wee hours of the morning. Others aren't even aware it's going to be taken off. Others may doubt the success of such a petition. Others...well, you get the picture.
  11. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, I think a lot of people on this website, YesterdayLand, alt.tv.sesame-street, and all websites that have to do with classic Sesame Street, most of them have signed it already. And also, I agree about showing the same episodes, in a way. Because when most shows go into old reruns, like for example, the Mickey Mouse Club on Disney. I mean, they've had that on there forever. But I think the reason why they kept it going is because I think they did more than show the same episodes. And even when The Muppet Show was on The Odyssey, which doesn't even exist anymore. I think they changed everything. I.e., they never aired the same show twice. It would be better if Noggin did that. I wonder why they didn't. Now if CTW were able to do their own channel, they probably would change them.
  12. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Okay, just to keep track, for an update, the petition now has 81 signatures. That's a lot. But I don't even know if I want to put anymore effort into this. What is happening is, there are usually 1-8 new signatures each day, but not every day. I don't know how long it will take for this petition to have enough signatures. What may happen is, once it already has enough signatures, it would actually be too late. That is, Noggin will have already made the decision to take it off, maybe they already have even.

    I think there should DEFINITELY be either a CTW channel, or a classic SS DVD collection, or something like that.
  13. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Member

    An SS classic DVD collection would actually be pretty good. Sony Wonder's parent company also owns Columbia-TriStar Home Video, so they would probably be a good outlet for CTW "retro" DVDs...I'm sure an SS classic-skit DVD campaign would get more entries, since more people have DVD players than have Noggin....
  14. furryfella

    furryfella New Member

    A classic dvd of the old ss Would be cool! they could put some of the old shows & clips together in a boxset!!
  15. Niall

    Niall New Member

    Great idea


    I think this is where you should redirect your efforts: Take a break from this petition for a while, and then start a new one to be presented to Sesame Workshop (they're not called CTW anymore) demanding that the old episodes be released on DVD or VHS Box sets.

    I hate to be a downer, but I don't think your current petition is going to work. It was good of you to make the effort though! (and for the record, yes I signed your petion!)
  16. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Member

    Yeah, see what other DVD petitions have gotten loads of signatures (one was started here)! But seriously, a box set of episodes would not be feasible, since there are too many of them, and skits are always repeated. I'd rather go for a 2-disc set of classic skits dating from 1969-89...
  17. juliette

    juliette New Member

    According to our ssvideo friend, Sesame Workshop cannot release entire episodes of the show on video or DVD as long as the show is on the air. I personally think this is a bit silly for the oldest episodes; on the other hand, as people have said, many of the best segments of the shows are repeated from episode to episode.

    I think a series of "Best of" videos or DVDs grouped by various categories would be great, though. Or by year.

    You all know how much I would adore the "Monsterpiece Theater" compilation DVD, of course. And a DVD such as, for instance, "Best of Sesame Street: The Operatic Collection" or just "The Bert and Ernie Collection" would be wonderful. I could do all my Christmas shopping that way.

    sseta, perhaps you could organize an email campaign to Sesame Workshop to request videos like this? You could create a Web page explaining your goals, and list the phone numbers and emails of people at SW to contact.
  18. furryfella

    furryfella New Member

    ITA julie!! i would to see the best of ss too maybe some old monster clips & some other stuff too!! that would be cooler!! :)
  19. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, it would be good if it happened. You know, I think part of the reason why they don't have The Muppet Show on that Hallmark channel anymore is because they have that collection that's offered through TV. But then again, this isn't the only thing I had thought of. I think a CTW channel would be great, it would have not just Sesame Street Unpaved, but all the other vintage shows that were on Noggin. That's what often happens with old reruns. One channel takes them off, they rest for a few years, and then they'll come back on another channel.
  20. juliette

    juliette New Member

    ssetta, I don't know if you noticed the thread that Phil recently started about Nickelodeon acquiring Sesame Workshop's half of Noggin, but that indicates to me that SW absolutely has no interest in starting their own channel. Not gonna happen. You might as well give up that idea.

    Maybe a good idea would be to have a petition/email campaign to Nickelodeon asking them to broadcast Unpaved on one of their channels; if not Noggin, then Nick at Nite, perhaps.

    Incidentally, the company isn't called CTW anymore, it is Sesame Workshop for everything.

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