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pick 3 celebrities for fraggle movie

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by MrsWembly, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    Nobody, No one and me.
  2. BradFraggle

    BradFraggle Well-Known Member

    I am not so sure that Jim Henson is child friendly. I always think of that Gorch sketch where Peuta and Scred get drunk, smoke up and have sex.

    Most performers have an adult side and a kid-friendly side - it all depends on the audience of the production. I don't think the producers would cast someone who was inappropriate in the role or a bad role model or anything like that. If anyone who has ever done something "non-kid-friendly" was excluded from Muppet productions there would be no one left to perform or work on them.
  3. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    ... wow.

    Looking at some (not all, but some) of the choices... I honestly can't see certain people working with the Fraggles, and still making it Fraggly.

    Will Ferrell? I could deffenitely see him in a Muppet movie, but... with Fraggles?
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    After watching The Producers and Deck the Halls, I agree that Mathew Broderick is a great actor. Having sad that, it's hard to think up ceelbrities who would work well in a Fraggle Rock movie, because Fraggle Rock never had any celebrity guest appearances.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have given it soem thought in the last 35 seconds, and I have to say that I think Weird Al Yankovic, Andy Milonakis (imagine him encountering Traveling Matt, or one of the other fraggles if they do enter the real world, and asking him a stupid question), and Whoopi Goldberg would be great to see in the Fraggle Rock movie.
  6. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Whoever they are, someone give them some calming pills before they start to film. They are not Fraggles, no matter how hard they try, they are humans. Be sure to act like humans not Fraggles my little actor friends.
  7. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Well-Known Member

    I too woulda gone with Will Ferrell... and Daka Fanning... they're both really climb'n to the top.

    Tom Hanks i doubt, only because he'd cost too much. Plus i feel he has dry humor sometimes... not saying he is a bad actor.. i love his movies... but i dont see him in the mix with Fraggles.

    i'll go with people not listed that i would like to see... Hugh Jackman, Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green.

    thinkin again tho... Mike Myers would be nice... he did Cat in the Hat so hes child friendly and he too is Canadian... not that it really means n e thing... yea i'll just keep shut now
  8. CaptainPunjab

    CaptainPunjab New Member

    I would pick Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and... hmm..... uh... Glenn Close? I dunno. Mike Myers wouldn't be a bad choice.
    I can't really think of too many actors who would go well with the Fraggles... As I said in another thread, I don't think they're the kind of characters that should be bantering with humans-- leave that to the main Muppets!
  9. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm...Glenn Close as a villian...I can see that happening.
  10. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    Lets not forget Christopher Lloyd
  11. RowlfRulez

    RowlfRulez Member

    Steve Carell
    Patrick Stewart
    Christopher Lee
  12. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    Oh, if Lena Horne were still living, I wouldn't mind seeing her make an appearance in the film either.
  13. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I don't need to mention who I'd like to see, you all know who it is... come on!
  14. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    How about Carol Burnett
  15. travellingpat

    travellingpat Well-Known Member

    Ooh Steve Carell...forgot about him...

    so my list

    Steve Carell
    Will Ferrell
    Tom Hanks
  16. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    I think I might be changing my mind on Will Ferrell.
  17. BooberKnowsBest

    BooberKnowsBest Well-Known Member

    I thought about this earlier and I think if they got the right actors to actually play parts in the movie, it would be great. But I don't think that celebrity cameos would work as well with Fraggles as in the other muppet movies. Unless they were puppeteer cameos like they did in the show sometimes.

  18. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    Very good point Jenn and welcome to the Muppet Central Forums
  19. BooberKnowsBest

    BooberKnowsBest Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much, happy to be here:)
  20. Pork

    Pork Well-Known Member

    Patrick Stewart (I agree with you RowlfRules)
    Hugh Jackman
    and somebody else

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