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Proposal: Fraggle Rock ; The Musical

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Mokey's sweet, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. wwfpooh New Member

    But the entire original series rested on musical scores and the relationships between each of the species involved.
  2. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Muppets, especially Fraggles, have always been about music. That's what would make a musical interesting, but I have to agree about the outfits. I know, I know Charlie Brown did a show with outfits and so did Pooh at one point and yeah, the costumes were artsy and didn't look right to me. It was too different for my taste.
  3. wwfpooh New Member

    Agreed. Deviating from the premise of a franchise irks me.
  4. Mokey's sweet New Member

    Yes, i see what you mean.

    1 - puppets :smirk:
    the original look and feel of the show, by using "Avenue Q" like puppets we can create almost a replica of the TV series by having the audince not Watch Fraggle Rock, but be IN fraggle Rock, but it makes the actors more limited to what they can do on stage and lowers the Fragglesic engery that th show needs

    2 - costumes:excited:
    this way we see the charthers in a more theatrical and "Suesscal" like form. this gives the actors more flexablity and the audince something diffrent. it gives more time to rehurse instead of learning puppetering. also this gives us a chance to do some amzing dance rotnes. it will also make the show diffrent by the achual designs themselves
  5. Mokey's sweet New Member

    That's the whole reason i'm doing the show, the messages really got me in the heart, so i wanna geives those messages to a new and diffrent audince :)
  6. Mokey's sweet New Member

    i don't mean like REALLY fancy artsy fartsy. just so the suits & make up don't look cheap, have them look soo good and soo pofesinal, if would look as if these people COULD be fraggles. so less like "Lion King" & more like "Suessical" :excited:
  7. wwfpooh New Member

    Wrong. The series itself did well considering it was done using puppets and besides, with all these "remakes" that ruin franchises, it would be nice to see one stay true to its roots for once.
  8. Mokey's sweet New Member

    i do admit that the "Charile Brown" suits were cheap and looked crappy. but these suits will look more like FRAGGLES.
  9. Mokey's sweet New Member

    OK, (Sigh) i see your point, i'll see what i can do, thanks for distorying my vision. in fact, on second thought, i'll leave it. no one wants a fraggle show, you lot have shown me that. i'll stop writing it an tell the jim henson company that i'm a complete failer, as i've always been, and sorry to all of you for wasting your time. i've such a fool to think i could do this.
  10. wwfpooh New Member

    Although that's not to say a redone musical wouldn't do well, but it might not set well with core fans.
  11. Mokey's sweet New Member

    no, no i was just being foolish. i must be a idot to think i could re-do something so timeless. i see your point, i'll just do something else. i've never been able to do anything right. i'm sooo sorry Fraggle Fans
  12. wwfpooh New Member

    No, no. Don't mistake my fandom for harsh critiques. I would love to see a fan's own take on a franchise. :) BUT...I just wouldn't want to be disappointed by another redub, for I wouldn't want it to end up like so many "remakes" have been...a spat on the legacy of the series. You can understand that, right? :(
  13. Mokey's sweet New Member

    yes, but i feel soo passionate about this show. i've lived an amazing but unknown life. when i was born i was told i was always going to be autistic, and never talk to anyone and never go to a normal school. i've proved the world wrong. and Fraggle Rock helped me come out of my autistic state, so i want to share it with the world by making it the best thing i'll never do in my life. i want everyone to understand the fraggle messages, i've written three ficton novels with such messages but this'll be my biggest step, so u can see why i'm so sensceative about this!
  14. wwfpooh New Member

    I certainly understand where you are coming from. The show was one of the few that--despite being almost sickening loveable--that loveable quality and apparent cuteness of the characters themeselves made the show work. Add in all the great lessons the show could provide and the fact that it was made by Jim Henson--who truly cared about artistic brillance--and you have a perfectly crafted peice of musical genuis filled with a heart-filled innocence that might not ever be able to be duplicated.
  15. Mokey's sweet New Member

    thank u, your first person on here to make me cry, thank you :cry: in fact, to say thank you, i'm prepareing a little surpise for you all
  16. wwfpooh New Member

    I hope it is a good cry, because I hate seeing fellow fans upset regarding something I said.
  17. Mokey's sweet New Member

    SO FAR!
    this one went wrong! go lower down the page and you'll find the real one!
  18. Mokey's sweet New Member

    sorry, something went wrong
  19. wwfpooh New Member

    Good luck!
  20. Mokey's sweet New Member

    SO FAR! (Second time round lol)

    Scene One Intro/Fraggle Hall
    (The Overture plays. Once played the instrumental “Music Box” plays as the revolving stage of Fraggle Rock is slowly revealed. Lights slowly shine onto a doozer construction as doozers drive along a doozer road on a doozer truck. The Fraggle Rock section of the revolving stage should be coated with glitter so it seems more magical when the lights slowly reveal Fraggle Rock. Once the instrumental ends the opening bass beat plays, when the music for the theme song plays gobo runs through the audience holding a postcard in his hand. When gobo steps onto the stage everyone pops out from behind Rocks, the stage is now brightly lit up and the opening number begins.)


    Fraggles; Dance your cares away (clap, clap)
    Worry’s for another day,
    Let the music play (Clap, Clap)
    Down on Fraggle Rock (Clap, Clap)

    Doozers; Work your cares away,
    Dancing’s for another day
    Fraggles; Let the Fraggles play, we’re
    Gobo; Gobo
    Mokey: Mokey
    Wembley: Wembley
    Boober: Boober
    Red: Red!

    (Short Instrumental)
    Fraggles; Dance your cares away (clap, clap)
    Worry’s for another day,
    Let the music play (Clap, Clap)
    Down on Fraggle Rock (Clap, Clap)

    (Bigger) Dance your cares away (clap, clap)
    Worry’s for another day,
    Let the music play (Clap, Clap)
    Down on Fraggle Rock (Clap, Clap)
    Down on Fraggle Rock (Clap, Clap)
    Down on Fraggle Rock (Clap, Clap)
    Boober; Down on Fraggle Rock!

    (Song Ends)
    Gobo; Ha, Ha, nice song everyone, hey!
    Mokey; Awwww is it over? I like that song
    Gobo; Yah, sorry Mokey
    Boober; Good, got socks to wash.
    Gobo; Boober! Surly you have something better to be doing than washing socks!
    (Long pause, Boober raises an eyebrow, looks up as if thinking, than looks back at Gobo)
    Boober; No not really, (Goes back to the stage set, and takes a stone trolley full of laundry from where it was leaning on the wall, and rolls it past Gobo & Mokey and through the audience) oh he joy of laundry, (sigh & exits)
    Red; (From a stone opening/window) well, that’s Boober for yah! By the way, have any of you seen Wembley? I want him to help me with my world record attempt for the longest time to balance a pickle on my nose.
    Gobo; No, haven’t seen him round since we sung the Fraggle song a moment ago.
    Mokey; Do you think he might have gone to see the trash heap?
    Gobo; Yah…yah! Your right, he might have done! I’ll go check (Is about to leave when Mokey stops him by putting her hand gently onto his chest.)
    Mokey; Wait, wait Gobo. Have you gone to outta space today?
    Gobo; yah, I got another postcard from my uncle travelling matt, see? (Shows her the postcard he’s holding)
    Mokey; Than you’d had enough adventure for today, here (Takes him to his bed on the left side of the set) you rest here (Lays him down) have a rest, read the postcard, relax and I’ll be back in a jiff.
    Gobo; Well, Mokey, I don’t mind going to....
    Mokey; (Interrupting) no, no, no it’s NO problem, you stay here, and I’ll be back as soon as possible (Gives Gobo a little kiss on the cheek than leaves) bye! (Exits)
    (Red comes down from where she originally was down to next to Gobo in her own bed where she sits crossed legged looking at Gobo)
    Red; So, where do you think Wembley went off to?
    Gobo; I don’t know, but you know how much wimbler he is, he’s probably still in bed trying to work out which side of the bed he should get out on!
    Red; (Laugh) yah, gotta point there.
    Gobo; hey, while we wait for Mokey, wanna hear this new postcard?
    Red; Oh GOD!
    Gobo; What?
    Red; You believe everything that your crazy uncle says in those postcards!
    Gobo; What you saying Red?
    Red; I’m saying it’s a bunch of Radishes! Fiction Gobo, to think you actually believe all that rubbish he writes to you
    Gobo; (Angrily) Hey! My Uncle Matt is a genius he’s not crazy and he’d never lie to me! (Sigh) you know, I can still remember the day he left to go and explore outta space (Spotlight goes onto Gobo and everything else blacks out. Guitar music plays) just like yesterday
    Uncle Matt appears as if Gobo was remembering)
    Uncle Matt; Come along now young Fraggle, I’m going to explore Outta Space, would you like to accompany me up to the entrance?
    Gobo gets up from the bed)
    Gobo; Oh Boy would I!
    Uncle Matt; Follow me Gobo, Follow me


    Uncle Matt; You see, everyday the world begins again,
    Sunny skies or rain,
    Come and follow me
    Every sunrise shows me more and more
    So much to explore,
    Come and follow me
    Matt & Gobo; Every morning,
    Every evening,
    Calling me away
    (Instrumental – spoken)
    Uncle Matt; Well, come along now, this way (Points to the left) Gobo; no, matt, I think it’s this way (Points to the right) Matt; Are, yes your right (They begin to walk across the many balcony levels of the Fraggle set) Ok nephew, now you sing
    (Back to song – sung)
    Gobo; While the sun goes round I’ll still be round,
    I’ll still be found,
    Following the sound,
    Something’s calling me,
    When the world goes drifting back to bed,
    Memories in my head,
    Wonders follow me.
    (Chorus x2)
    (Song Ends)
    (They both stop in front of a hole on the right side of the stage)
    Uncle Matt; Now, onto meet destiny!
    Scene Two – Lighthouse (Memory)
    (The stage spins around to change into the Lighthouse. If the show’s being performed in America, this would be the Workshop set, and the captain would be “Doc”. You can just see Uncle Matt trying to wriggle out of the hole in the wall; suddenly you can hear barking off stage, he goes back into the hole.)
    The Captain; (Enters with a yellow dog bowl with “Sprocket” printed on the side) Sprocket! Dinner time!
    (Sprocket enters behind the captain barking excitedly.)
    Alright now! Calm down you wee little ferret! (Places the bowl down in front of sprocket. Sprocket bends over and eats it excitingly. Uncle Matt appears in the hole again, looking confused.)
    Uncle Matt; (Gets out a note pad and speaks what he writes) the first being’s I met here in Outta Space were two strange looking creatures. The first was furless and had a peach coloured skin, he wore a Fraggle sailor’s cap upon his small amount of grey hair on the top of his head. He also wore the traditional Fraggle Sailor gowns. The second creature was small, furry, grey, long eared, long tailed and (Sniff, Sniff) ERR! Has a fearsome breath! (He stops writing and just goes back to looking at the Captain and Sprocket

    that's some of my work so far, i know it's not much, so, what you think?

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