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Save Our Snowth.

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Beauregard, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I...Oops. *grabs the clothes, Katie and her Jewel-encrusted sister and runs*
  2. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    *Speaks with his mouth shut*

    Mmm'mm mmmmm meeh mmuhmuh!
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Anchorman: And in further news, Beauregard's Bank has been declared to be bankrupt. It has not yet sought a bailout from our government, nor do I think our government would give him a bailout anyway. All his assets have been seized and will be put on auction to pay off his creditors.
    *Takes secondhand clothes, Katy, and her jewel-encrusted sister away.

    It also appears the charity to save a SNOWTH, whatever that may be was nothing more than a sham, as the SNOWTH was receiving absolutely nothing concerning the charity's profits. What's more, this Beauregard is now an escaped criminal. If you see him, clobber him with a few balloons filled with custodian's surprise. A good 'Splut' will immobilize him while you call the police.

    And now, the weather with Ollie. How's the weather out there Ollie?
    Ollie: IT'S HOT! ! !
    Thanks Ollie. And now we return to your regularly-scheduled programming.
  4. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    Good thinking, Katie, lol! ;)

    I was just about ask exactly what Snowth gets out of this? So you get the jewels, while Snowth gets the donated clothing. that's a faaaaair deeeeeeal. Riiiiiiiiiight-riiiiiiiiiiiight... *insert Lefty smilie*:rolleyes:
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Beauregard: *wonders by with fake moustache and beard* What? I'm a huge fan of Jerry Nelson, oka? *runs away*
  6. Pork

    Pork Active Member

    Woah! I disapear for a few days or so and...SNOWTHS BACK!

  7. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    Quick! After that mustache impostor!
  8. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    *Takes back HIS Fifi.*

    Are you sure this thread is spelt right anyways? *Holds eletric shaver.*
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You leave the skunk alone! Noone cuts one of ma girls. *Surprised we returned to that incident.
    *Off to leave some chocolate frogs.
  10. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Incidentally I'm very pleased to announce that in the meantime after a brief personal argument Snowth and the Chipettes have all decided to forgive each other and make up.
    Provided that Snowth keeps his promise to find a modelling talent agent for Brittany of course, and her sisters want a piece of the action now also. ;)
  11. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Shave Our Snowth thread? *grabs foam and wirebrush*
  12. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    Window washes Snowth thread! :sing:Po-li-shing; Po-li-shing:sing:*Squeak-ie squeak-ie*
  13. Teheheman

    Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Um, Count, I'm sure that Beau can argue for a bailout, or at least attempt to get one. Don't underestimate the abilities of Beau to get one.

  14. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    *wearing a black hood, holds up a pair of clippers*

    *holds up one of the pink doo-dooers*

    *clippers whirr*


    *A pile of pink fluff falls about my feet*

    The deed is done...
  15. Teheheman

    Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Wait, so does that mean that Snowth was nothing but a ball of pink fluff or does that mean he's all clean and shaven now? And what do we do with all this pink fluff?

  16. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    *Gives him a purple painted Stinky.* Here. *Cuddles his Fifi.* My childhood crush...


    *Shaves a line in Beau's hair!*

  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Chucks Stinky out the window. *Takes Fifi back. Yous gotsta pay if yous wanna play. *Puts pink fluff into pillows and sells them on MCBay.
  18. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    So, does this mean our Snowthy's back? :excited:

    Sorry, it's not a delayed reaction- I've been away. ^^;;

    *Feels so out of touch* XP
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yep, Snowthy's back.
    What about his back?
    No, I mean Snowth returned.
    Returned what?
    Oh just forget it.
  20. Teheheman

    Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Yep, Snowseph's back, and apparently naked since he just got shaved.


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