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Sesame Place Amusement Park

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by GelflingWaldo, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. McFraggle

    McFraggle Active Member

    That's a nice story. :)
  2. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    Ssetta,Did You Ever Go To This Theme Park? If So,How Was It? :excited:
  3. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I had fun, but I was 7 the last time I went there.
  4. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    Well You Should Go Again! Because It's Very Big,For All Ages From Now On,And The Best Water Rides Etc. When Will You Go Again? ;)
  5. HarveyK

    HarveyK New Member

    Loved it!

    When we went, there was constant ss music playing throughout the park. If anyone knows where I can buy it, PLEASE let me know. It isn't songs from the street. It had the song by the barbershop quartet group of puppets about singing high and low. Remember them?????
  6. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    I Remembered Them!
  7. floydnjanicefan

    floydnjanicefan Active Member

    There was no specific cd that the music came from. As the park is owned by Sesame workshop (or at least affiliated with them), they have access to all songs that Sesame Street has ever done. Therefore, they play a wide variety of songs from many different albums.
  8. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    But don't they often like make announcements and it interrupts the song? Or can you still hear the music?
  9. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    You Can Still Hear The Music But Just Not As Loud As The Announcement Because It's A Little Louder Then The Music!
  10. muppetmayhem

    muppetmayhem Member

  11. maxdrive

    maxdrive New Member

    does disney own sesame workshop now was well as the other muppets will sesame place become some kinda of disney world mutation of its former self
  12. floydnjanicefan

    floydnjanicefan Active Member

    No, Disney does not own any of the Sesame Street characters or Sesame-related things (other than Kermit). Sesame Workshop split away from the Jim Henson company several years ago and now they are independent from Disney. I guess it is a good thing that Sesame Workshop left the Jim Henson Company when they did, because otherwise Disney might have insisted that Sesame Street be included in the purchase of the Muppets...
  13. Mario

    Mario New Member

    Hace calor, si si, senor! :) We listened to that in Spanish class. I really want to go here, now!
  14. Muppetsdownunder

    Muppetsdownunder New Member

    I think thats why parents take their kids to Disneyland, you look around and its mostly adults there and if they have kids the adults were the ones that looked the happiest that I saw!
  15. Fuzzy and Blue

    Fuzzy and Blue New Member

    I live relatively close to Sesame Place and haven't been there since I was about 5 years old, but I can say that it's a great place to take little kids. The vast majority of the attractions are geared towards the younger audience, but the older crowd can still let their inner child come out and play :) I'd like to get a job there working in the entertainment department, but it's a matter of finding a way to get there...

  16. sanfranciscogrl

    sanfranciscogrl New Member

    Has anyone gone to the dinner or breakfast with Big Bird and friends? its a bit of money, but it looks like fun.
  17. HeartlessGiant

    HeartlessGiant New Member

    I remember the first time i went (i was pretty young, about 4 or 5, i think more like 4) and i went on the river ride. You know, the one where you get in a little inner tube and just float along.

    Problem was, i was one of those obnoxious kids that enjoyed the water but didn't like getting splashed, so i freaked out when i saw the water jets pouring all over everyone like a waterfall. I started crying and everything. Lucky for me a nice Sesame Place employee grabbed the tube and just walked me along the edge so i didn't "wander" into the waterfall.

    Here's to the Sesame Place employees! *raises glass*

    Oh, and (not to make this place sound horrible or anything, these are just things that stick out in my mind) does anyone remember that sand pit with all the punching bags? I have this very strong visual image of just a deep sand pit, with punching bags swinging around and small children all over the place screaming and trying frantically to rub sand out of their eyes. lol.

    P.S. sorry if someone already mentioned that. i didn't read the whole thread. :o

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