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Sesame Song about Pockets

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Mister Fred, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Mister Fred New Member

    Does any one remember this song / skit that was on sesame street in the late 1970's early 1980's. It's a song about pockets.
    all I remember is a woman sings it and it starts off " what do we do without pockets..... pockets are perfectly fine...... you need a pocket for combing your hair" I don't remember how the rest of the song goes but I remember bits like "there are pockets that are magic". I remember someone with a tan jacket on opening a pocket on the jacket and a boy combing his hair, then putting the comb in his pants pocket. Plus a woman with a white sweater putting her hands in the pockets on the sweater. My mom would sing along anytime this song/skit was on whenever she watched sesame street with me. Does anyone remember this or have an episode of sesame street with this on there? It was on in the late 1970's, early 1980's. Let me know cause I would like to get it
  2. jeffkjoe New Member

    Yes, I remember this!

    Believe it or not, I've seen it on Sesame Street Unpaved, from their 1974 episode where Count climbs up the Sesame Street lightpost and counts the lights in the neighborhood turning on and off.

    The reason why I'm pretty sure about the date of this piece is cause when I saw the "pockets" song, there was a bit where a man pours tomato juice into his shirt pocket (?!) and then squishes it for no apparent reason....I remember thinking that his shirt looked very 1970s-ish and sure enough, the Sesame Street episode was 1974 (or 1975).

    That's how early some of these songs are. Surprised?
  3. truth66 New Member

    The "Pockets" Song

    Yeah! I vaguely remember this skit/song too. It is probably because of this song that I love to wear overalls! I never put two and two together until now. Do you know where I can get a copy of the song or the episode containing the skit/song? Preferably on DVD.
  4. Phillip Administrator

    If my memory is correct, Marilyn Sokol (Ma Otter) is singing vocals.
  5. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Skit

    Does anyone out there remeber any more about the "Pockets" song/skit? I seem to recall a guy or girl wearing bib overalls with all the pockets full of tools or something. And there are a multitude of pockets on overalls. Pretty appropriate for a song about pockets. Did I imagine this or what?
  6. Mister Fred New Member

    Yes I do know more. I don't remember a man pouring tomato juice in his shirt pocket and squishing it or someone wearing overalls with tools in the pockets. All I remember is a girl with a tan jacket opening a pocket with a button on the chest, a boy with bluejeans combing his hair then putting the comb in his back pocket, a girl again with a tan jacket this time opening a pocket with a zipper and pulling the pocket inside out, a guy pulling a hankerchief out of his shirt pocket, and a woman with a white sweater putting her hands in the pockets. I don't know how the whole song goes but I sure want to. All I know is it starts out "What do we do without pockets....pockets are perfectlyfine. You need a pocket for combing your hair." The only other bits I remember are "There are pockets that are magic."
  7. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Mister Fred,

    Hey, thanks for the update! For years I thought I saw this skit on "The Electric Company". I don't think I caught the original airing in 1974/75 because I was only 1 or 2 at the time. I saw a rerun around 1978/79 when I was around 5 or 6 years old. So, I guess my memory wasn't all that developed yet. If you find out where to get the "Pockets" song/skit please let me know I would love to hear that song again and relive some happy childhood memories.
  8. Mister Fred New Member

    "POCKETS" song/skit

    When first saw the pockets song, I thought it was on captain kangaroo. But I was confused cause the next time I watched sesame street, it was on. When I was little, I had a few pairs of overalls and once when I had a pair on, my mom put a stick of gum in the bib pocket and sang "what do we do without pockets". I don't remember someone wearing overalls with the pockets full of tools & things, but I remember someone broke a step on a stepladder when they stepped on it. This may have been the scene with the girl (or guy) wearing overalls. The scene after the ladder step breaking was a woman wearing a white sweater with pockets and her hands at her sides ready to put in the pockets. After the lady singing sings "what do we do without pockets", the woman puts her hands in the pockets. Then the lady singing sings "pockets are perfectly fine." What other lyrics and scenes do you know from this song & skit? I can list everything in order that I remembered from this song/skit.
  9. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Mister Fred,

    If memory serves me right, the person trying to climb the stepladder was wearing overalls and possibly a toolbelt with all the pockets full of tools. I think the reason the step broke was because of the weight of the tools in all of the pockets...and that's a lot of pockets! I thought it was hysterical! Never in my life had I seen someone with so much stuff in their pockets! You knew right from the start when you saw the guy (or girl) that they were doomed to break the stepladder. To this day overalls are my favorite thing to wear. Whenever I wear them I'll start humming the "Pockets" song to myself...at least what I can remember about the song...frustrating! This song made more of an impression on me than any other song I've heard on sesame street. And I heard the "Pockets" song only once!!! Weird, huh? I would love to get this song and add it to my music library. What other memories do you recall regarding this song?
  10. Mister Fred New Member

    Pockets song/skit

    What words to the song do you remember? Do you remember any of the other scenes I mentioned like the woman wearing the white sweater putting her hands in the pockets or the person with the tan jacket at the beginning opening a pocket with a button? I want to get a copy of this song/ skit as well.
  11. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Mister Fred,

    I remember about as much as you do regarding the lyrics. Like you, all I remember is a woman singing the lyrics in a high falsetto kind of way. The background music was quick and silly-like and with her singing the lyrics it really captured your attention. I remember being just glued to my television when this skit was on. If I remember correctly the scene with the guy breaking the step on the stepladder had the lyrics, "What do we do without pockets...where would you put all your tools." That's how I know the guy (I'm sure it was a guy now) was wearing overalls. And the man pouring tomato juice in his shirt pocket and then squishes it did actually happen in one scene. I remember that and thinking why would someone do that? I guess the premise of the song was to teach children about what to do and not do with their pockets. I'm sorry I can't remember anything else. Like I said before, I think I saw this skit only once. But, somehow it made an impression somewhere in the recesses of my brain that has stayed with me for almost 25 years. I'm continuing my search for this song/skit. If I find it, I will be sure to let you know. Please do the same for me.
  12. Mister Fred New Member

    Pockets song/skit

    Does the scene with the man pouring tomato juice in the shirt pocket come before or after the guy wearing overalls with tools stuffed in the pockets breaks the stepladder. I know the woman wearing the white sweater putting her hands in her pockets is the very next scene after the guy with the overalls breaks the stepladder. I know the woman wearing the tan jacket opening the pocket that has a button is the very first scene at the start of the song. Then the boy combing his hair and putting the comb in his back pocket of his bluejeans and then a woman wearing a tan jacket (maybe the same as the first one) opening the pocket that has a zipper then pulls the pocket inside out. I don't know when the scene is where a man pulls a hankerchief out of his shirt pocket ("there are pockets that are magic). You don't remember any of these other scenes? If I get ahold of this song I will let you know right away.
  13. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Mister Fred,

    I believe the scene with the man pouring tomato juice in in shirt pocket was somewhere near the end of the song but I'm not sure. I want to say near to the last scene. I thought that the boy combing his hair and then putting the comb in his back pocket was the very first scene, but I guess I'm wrong. I Also, remember there was different types of pockets profiled in the scenes (ie. pockets that buttoned, pockets that had zippers, pockets that had flaps, pants pockets, shirt pockets, jacket pockets, etc.) It has been almost 25 years since I've seen the skit. The rest is a grey area for me at best. I don't know why these are the only scenes I clearly remember. The scene where the guy breaks the stepladder I believe went like this, he comes into the scene wearing overalls and a (maybe) a toolbelt with way too many tools in his pockets (especially in his bib pocket and back pockets). He walks over to the stepladder to climb up and do something (I don't know what). As he puts his foot on the stepladder to start climbing and applies his weight to step, it snaps and causes him to lose his balance. I think he then puts his hands in his front pockets and walks away. Don't quote me on that though. I was only 5 or 6 years old at the time when I saw it. But, I think that is accurate.
    The possible good news is that I found a guy online who claims to have every SS episode on tape. So, I e-mailed him about this song/skit. He wrote me back and said that it sounded vaguely familiar but he wasn't sure. He said he would try and find it. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted.
  14. Mister Fred New Member

    Pockets song / skit

    Sesame Street just recently released a CD with about 50 songs on it or more. In all it's 3 cd's of songs of almost every song sung on Sesame Street. I looked for it at Wal Mart, but they do not have it yet. Start checking music stores as well as Wal Mart. Just maybe this 3 pack CD may have the pockets song on it. Also go to the thread titled "anyone interested in trading for unpaved episodes" right here at muppet central. There is one person who has a copy of episode #796. It has the "Pockets" song on it. I tried trading with him but I do not have another old episode of Sesame Street to trade with him. Maybe you have one to trade with him. Like I said before, I want a copy of this song / skit. This song / skit has been stuck in my brain for a long time and reminds me of one of my old schoolteachers that always kept her hands in her pockets. Every dress, skirt, pants, & jacket she wore always had pockets and she always had her hands in them all the time.
    Like you, I like overalls as well but I seldom wear them. I think girls look good in them better than guys. My wife loves to wear overalls and she "loves her pockets" so she's got a place to put her keys, and other things when she doesn't want to carry a hand bag. Also, when she's walking around, she's got a place to put her hands instead on swinging them at her sides. Let me know what you can find out about this CD. I will keep looking too.
  15. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" quest continues

    Mister Fred,

    Thank you for the tip. I will check out Wal-Mart and other music stores for the 3 CD set from Sesame Street. That guy I told you about that possibly had the "Pockets" song/skit turned out to be a bust. He was a little to young to remember the song and didn't have it...oh well! It seems funny that more people don't recall this song/skit. I think the reason I remember it is mainly because like your mom, my mom would sing this song too. Even when it wasn't on TV. Actually your old teacher reminds me of my mom. She loves her pockets too! She always wore clothing with lots of pockets...especially overalls. Which is the reason I like overalls. She always dressed me in them up to age of 5 or 6. See, I was a "chubby" kid and didn't have much of a waistline, so overalls helped with that problem. I completely agree with you as well that women look much better in overalls than guys. Anyways, I will continue my search for the elusive "Pockets" song. Don't give up hope and keep on perservering. If we try hard enough we will reach our goal.
  16. ssetta Active Member

    This 3 CD Box Set doesn't have any of the clips I want, and it definitely does not have this "Pockets" song. I don't think we'll ever be seeing or hearing that song again.
  17. Mister Fred New Member

    Pockets song / skit

    ssetta, what scenes & lyrics do you know with this song. You are right about thr 3 CD box set. I don't think we will being seeing or hearing the pockets song again. But I will continue my search with truth66 for this song / skit. It was one of my favorites on Sesame Street.
  18. ssetta Active Member

    I remember a scene with a magician pulling a long colorful something out of his little pocket. I haven't watched it in quite some time, as I don't have a clean copy, so I don't remember it that well. But I wish I could see or hear this again!
  19. Mister Fred New Member

    Thanks for your input ssetta. I believe I saw that scene you mentioned, but don't remember what happened in between. I've already listed what scenes & lyrics I remember. I would really like to see & hear this song / skit again so my grandma could see it. She has a bad habit of putting hankerchiefs / tissues in her pants waistband. She proably thinks it's her pocket. I want to find out all the lyrics to the song & all the scenes that were in it. Do you remember anything else?
  20. truth66 New Member

    Characters in the "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Question? Was anyone from the cast from Sesame Street used in the "Pockets" skit? Or were they just regular actors. I don't remember seeing anyone from the cast in any of the scenes, but I could be wrong. It has been 25 years since I saw the skit.

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