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Sesame Song about Pockets

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Mister Fred, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Mister Fred New Member

    No, truth 66 I don't think my wife will watch it with me in her overalls. She has watched very little sesame street if any. I watched the 1st video and it's about numbers. The count is an elevator man in one scene and counts the floors. Another scene is the telephone ringing and he counts the rings. The other video is big bird's birthday party and I took it back to the customer. There kids like the captain kangaroo & picture pages video's I gave them. I will have to go through all the other videos when they find them, some were loaned to a friend of there's. What was your favorite scenes in the pockets song ?
  2. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song / Skit

    Mister Fred,

    My first and favorite scene (of course) is the man wearing overalls with tools in his pockets breaking the step on the stepladder when he steps on it (becauase it's just too funny). The other scenes I like are the man pouring tomato juice into his shirt pocket (because it's so absurd), the magician pulling the long colorful hankercheif out of the little pocket of his tuxedo jacket (because it seemed to take forever to get out of his pocket), and the little boy combing his hair and then putting the comb in his back pocket (becuse I grew up during the 80's and I always carried a little black comb, and jumbo comb in my back pocket. I believe that was a fashion trend at the time).
  3. Mister Fred New Member

    Detective on the search for the "Pockets"song/skit

    I will be doing detective work with that customer tommorow. We have to go to there friends house and go through the video's that there friend borrowed. I have a christmas present for that customer, An apron with pockets! Pretty cool uh? I forgot when you mentioned it but I hope you had a happy 30th birthday. I can't wait to go through the video's. Then finally I will see and hear all of the "Pockets" song / skit. I feel bad that this case is taking so long. Hopefully too I will find some of my other favorites such as anything with Oscar the grouch, Don Music, films of making new paper out of old paper, making new bottles out of old bottles, the counting segment when the baker falls down the steps at the end, and the telephone rock. Thanks for your input on your favorite scenes from the pockets song. My favorites are the very first scene, the woman with the tan jacket opening the pocket that has a flap with a button or snap (cause you put things in pockets), the other scene with the woman with the tan jacket opening the pocket that has a zipper then pulls the pocket inside out (If I remember correctly, I think something was in the pocket), and my most favorite is the woman with the white sweater putting her hands in the pockets (this always reminds me of that school teacher I had that always had her hands in her pockets). I'll let you know what scenes and song lyrics are as soon as I find that video.
  4. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song / Skit

    Mister Fred,

    An apron with pockets is an awesome gift! Hopefully the receiver of this gift likes and appreciates pockets as much as you do. And don't feel bad about the search for the "Pockets" song/skit taking so long. I have been waiting for about 25 years, so a little while longer is no big deal. I'm just happy to talk with someone who actually remembers this skit. For years no one I talked to could remember this song/skit. In fact, I actually stumbled across this website by accident as fate would have it. And when I saw your post about the "Pockets" song, I was like, no way! I can't believe someone actually remembers this! You know how you have bits and pieces of a memory deep in the recesses of your brain and how you are sure that your memory is true, but you can't find someone else to confirm it? That's how I felt about this song/skit until I saw your post. Until then, I was questioning whether or not I actually dreamed up the "pockets" song/skit. By the way, there is another SS segment that I would like to have as well. Now I can't remember her name, but the woman who was deaf and used sign language to communicate. I liked her a lot! She always came across sweet and nice. I don't know if she did a lot of skits, but any she did I would like to get. She really taught me a lot about being sensitive to others and not to be afraid of the handicapped. They are no different than anyone else. I'm actually going back to college this spring to get my teaching credentials so I can teach deaf children. That is my new goal! I am tired of doing the work I had mentioned in a previous post. I mean I will still do it while in school, but at least now I am on the path to a meaningful and fulfilled life. Thanks for being so diligent in searching for this song/skit. I am sorry I haven't been much help, but no one I have spoken with can remember this. I often get someone with a vague recollection, but they can't expand on it at all. My local library has some old SS episodes on VHS, but they keep getting taken out. I will keep trying to see which episodes they have in. Do you remember the episode # of the "Pockets" skit?
  5. ssetta Active Member

    It was on Sesame Street Unpaved show #796.
  6. Mister Fred New Member

    The lady you are thinking of that is deaf is Linda. I have not seen her on Sesame Street in a long time. It is very good that there is someone in the cast that is deaf. Now with new tv's, people that are deaf can push a button and all the words being said appear on the tv screen. When I go through those videos, I will see if Linda is on any of them. Iam quite sure cause these videos are from them 1970's & maybe early 1980's. Like ssetta said, episode #796 has the pockets song on it. I know it was on others cause I seen it about 8 times when I was a kid but I don't know the episode #'s. It has been mostly on when the letter P is on. As soon as I get through the video's, I'll let you know what I got.
  7. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Mister Fred,

    Linda was a great addition to the cast and wonder what she is doing now. I hope she still teaches kids in the same capacity that she did back on SS. I did some research at my library the other day for SS on videotape and unfortunately the don't have any old episodes from the 70's or 80's with the "Pockets" song/skit. Basically all the episodes are all holiday episodes from recent Chritmases or all Elmo based videos. Are having any further luck?
  8. Mister Fred New Member

    Pockets song/skit

    I have not been over to get the video's yet. Sorry. But I have found out more about the pockets song. My step mother doesn't remember any of the scenes or song lyrics, she's only heard of it. I asked a lady at the nearby gas station who likes the muppets and I told her about this site. Good news too, she remembers the pockets song and remembers all the scenes we've mentioned and I FOUND OUT ANOTHER SCENE from her. After the scene with the boy combing his hair, the next scene is someone with a wallet putting it in there pocket. The scene after that is the lady with the tan jacket opening the pocket with a zipper then pulling the pocket inside out. I would like to know if we could put all the scenes in order before I get that video. I want to know where that scene is with the man pouring tomato juice in his shirt pocket.
  9. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song/Skit

    Greetings Mr. Fred,

    Happy 2004! Sorry I took so long to respond, I have been incredibly busy since Christmas right on through to New Years! But, now it looks like I am back on track and can slow down a bit. I don't remember that scene with the wallet, but the whole skit is a big blur to me anyways. I haven't found out anything else as of yet, but I will keep on searching. Have you watched any other videos yet? Hopefully, by now you have seen the one episode with the "Pockets" song on it. Please keep me informed.
  10. Mister Fred New Member

    Detective on the search

    truth 66, sorry I have not responded in so long. With my new job I'm out of town alot so I have not been over to pickup that video yet. Oh, happy 2004 to you as well. Tommorow 2/27 is my birthday! I'm going out to eat at RED LOBSTER!!!! Sorry this is taking so long and like you, I REALLY want to see that video. I'm gonna get another pair of overalls at walmart. Maybe you will one day meet a nice girl that wears overalls. Then both of you can watch the pockets song/ skit together and sing along. That would be cool. I'll keep you posted and let you know as soon as I get the tape. Good luck if your going back to school.
  11. truth66 New Member

    Gotta have my pockets!!!

    Greetings Mister Fred,

    Man, I thought you fell off the planet! Anyways, I figured that you were really busy. I have been extremely busy as well. I am back in school learning sign langauage. It is a lot of fun! Learning not to speak with my voice and rely upon my hands and facial / body expressions to communicate is very challenging! I have been so busy with work and school that my searching for the "Pockets" skit has been not so extensive. Sorry! I am glad to hear your going to buy a new pair of overalls...WAY COOL! I actually prefer used overalls. There is this awesome swap meet I go to sometimes where they sell used overalls. They are already broken in and are usually in excellent condition. Plus they don't cost and arm and leg. New overalls are too expensive! I hope someday to meet "Miss Right" and she will definitely have like wearing overalls and love pockets too. My high school girlfriend and I, when we were dating used to walk together with our hands in each other's back pocket. I miss those days! It was a great feeling of closeness with her. By the way, have a great birthday! Have fun and enjoy Red Lobster! I haven't eaten there in years. It is an awesome restaurant!
  12. Mister Fred New Member

    I got more good results now. Alot of other people I have talked with remember the pockets song too! Small world! Why don't you ask your mom what she remembers next time you see her. Someone has to know more scenes and song lyrics than we do. I have had some trouble getting ahold of that customer with the video cause sadly they are currently seperated. Don't worry, let me do the dirty work. I got a new pair of overalls at walmart. They have a pocket with a flap and snap on the bib part plus a pocket with a zipper, a utility pocket on the right side pant leg plus 2 back pockets and 2 big deep front pockets. Every time I wear them, I think of that song!
  13. BWSmith New Member

    The "pockets" song appears in SSU episode #536 from 1973.
  14. ssetta Active Member

    It's actually not #536, it's #796 from 1975.
  15. dalexandre New Member

    I remember Linda being on the show and i watched it during the early nineties. However, i may have been watching reruns aswell.
  16. truth66 New Member


    Hello Mr. Fred,

    I appreciate your continued efforts to find the "Pockets" song/skit. Work and School has kept me very busy! I have to 2 final exams in 2 weeks, so I have been keeping my nose to the grindstone and have had barely enough time to sleep. The good news is that I am taking the summer off from school, so a break will be very refreshing. I will pick up school again in the fall. I am glad that you got a new pair of overalls. The weather here has gotten really hot, so I haven't been wearing my overalls. I may have to just hang them up until this fall. The alternative for now is wear my new cargo shorts and carpenter jean shorts, they have a ton of pockets.
  17. Mister Fred New Member

    BWSmith, Do you remember any of the scenes or lyrics from the "pockets" song? Truth 66 and I have had this song stuck in our minds for years. My mom used to sing along everytime this song was on. Can you help us out? Any scenes or song lyrics you remember?
  18. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song / Skit

    Can anyone else out there remember the "Pockets" song / skit? Perhaps recall some of the lyrics outside the beginning lyrics..."What do we do without pockets...pockets are perfectly fine. You need a pocket for combing your hair." I know there are a bunch more lyrics, I just can't remember them. Please help!
  19. fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    some other scenes

    Some other scenes from the film- a guy at a fruit market trying to carry a ton of apples in both arms, but he doesn't get very far. But pockets are convenient for holding an apple or pair. (That fits into the lyrics somewhere)
    A scene of a kangaroo with her baby peeking out. ('Cause many things come out of pockets, things that we can't reproduce)
    But stranger beware!- A kid tries putting his hands in his pockets while ice skating and takes a header.

    And of course, the carpenter so weighted down with tools she breaks the step on the ladder, and the guy pouring the tomato juice in his pocket

    Look carefully. Around the same time, they made the film of the kids watching a movie, and they're yelling at the man not to go in the door marked DANGER! He ignores them, and a big explosion ensues. It's the tomato juice guy!!!!
  20. truth66 New Member

    Other scenes from the "Pockets" song / skit


    Thank you for the update. The carpenter weighted down with tools breaking the step on the ladder is my favorite scene. However, I always thought the person was a man, not a woman. Anyway, I was very very young when I saw the skit, so my memory is a bit hazy. Do you remember what she was wearing? I thought she was wearing overalls, but now I am not so sure. Please confirm. I also liked the scene with the man pouring tomato juice in his shirt pocket. Did he just pour the tomato juice in his pocket or did he also slap the pocket afterwards splattering the juice everywhere? Please confirm on this one too. Thanks again for the additional scenes information. I really appreciate it!

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