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Sesame Song about Pockets

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Mister Fred, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Since no one else has done this, here goes ... (everybody sing! :) )

    What would we do without pockets?
    Pockets are helpful and cute
    You need a pocket or things might go wrong
    Pockets are pals and they'll help you along
    What would we do without pockets?
    Where would we carry our fruit,
    Keep rubber bands in,
    Or put our hands in?
    Pockets are pretty to boot!
    I'm saying,
    Everyone's clothing has pockets
    Even the silliest suit
    Pockets can carry a quarter or dime
    Possibly pockets can help you tell time
    Pockets can even be magic
    Let's give a rousing salute
    Pockets are very
    Pockets are really a beaut!

    What would we do without pockets?
    We'd have to carry things loose
    You need a pocket for combing your hair
    'Cause when you're finished, your comb goes in there
    Many things come out of pockets
    Things you could not reproduce
    Pockets can help you, but listen out there
    There could be trouble, so stranger beware
    That lots of things go into pockets,
    But never tomato,
    No, not tomato,
    *giggling* Mister, oh, please, oh, no, ... ooh. :concern:

    One of Raposo's finest little-known compositions. :D
  2. Mister Fred New Member

    Other scenes/ skits from "pockets" song

    Thank You so much for your input. Now truth66 & I know more. Now we have to put all the scenes in order. This song has been in my mind for years. I didn't know the person wearing overalls full of tools was a woman. I only remember the step ladder breaking and then the next scene which is a woman wearing a white sweater putting her hands in the pockets. Can you help us get all the scenes in order? I know someone who has a video with the pockets song on it but they can't find it! Thanks again for your help. Someone out here knows more about this song/skit.
  3. mikealan New Member

    If any of you who really wants the Sesame Street song about Pockets on Unpaved #796, well, I got it from BWSmith in the last days of April 2004. If anybody wants to trade with me for the Pockets song, email me at mikealan802@aol.com.

    I'm so lucky that I have the ever-finding Pockets song, where it featured scenes like the man pouring tomato juice in his jacket pocket and a magician pulling the rainbow napkins out of his pocket! :)
  4. Mister Fred New Member


    Mikealan, what are all the scenes in order on the song and lyrics? I would like to trade for this video as would truth66. Thank you so much
  5. Mister Fred New Member

    I don't think those are the exact lyrics to the song, but that's really creative.
  6. Mister Fred New Member

    Are you going to email mikealan about tape #796 with the pockets song on it? I have been so busy lately but I do have a sad update on that former customer of mine that had the video we were after. They have split and the one that still lives there cannot find the video. They went through EVERY SINGLE ONE! Iam so upset but am glad someone else here has it. Let me know if you are going to trade with mikealan cause maybe I can. If I get that video, I'll be singing along wearing my overalls! Check out sesame beat.com, that site is the one that refered me to here at muppet central.
    Sorry that I could not come up with the pockets song / skit video. I feel so ashamed & embarassed.
  7. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song / Skit

    Mister Fred,

    I don't have anything I want to part with or trade for. I was hoping you could work something out with mikealan. I am very pleased to know that he has a copy he is willing to trade for. I have been promoted at work to upper management, so that means I will be spending more time in the office and less time in the warehouse, which means...no more overalls worn to work! I am a little bummed out, but the pay increase is worth it! I can wear casual clothes to work everyday, but no overalls! I make the switch next monday, so I will be wearing my overalls all this week. By the way, I agree with you about the lyrics posted earlier, I think they might somewhat acurate, but I think there are some lyrics still missing...but who knows I could be wrong. Hopefully you can work something out with mikealan. Thank you for your continued efforts and don't feel embarrassed or ashamed about not being able to get the "Pockets" song/skit by now, you are doing your best I am sure. I feel bad that I can't contribute myself to the struggle.
  8. Mister Fred New Member

    "Pockets song/skit"

    Good news truth66, I ran into that customer today and they found the video. I will be sure when I get over there and see it for sure. I can't believe it! Oh by the way, happy to here of your new job promotion. Iam driving truck locally now picking up trash (I'm the trash man) and happen to stop at the shop the customer works at. Small world! Get those overalls on or other clothing with big pockets. I will let u know as soon as I have it. WOW! I can't wait to see all the other scenes in the song that I never remembered.
  9. truth66 New Member


    Hi Mister Fred,

    Sorry I have not been posting very often. I have been very busy at work. The new position has me working a lot of weekends. The work is very exhausting! I hope you have gotten to finally watch the "Pockets" song/video. Please let me know what is was like to watch it after all these years and please give me explcit details of the sequence of events in the video. I sit here writing this post in my overalls. I haven't worn them for a while now and it feels so good to put them back on. I will be sure to watch the video in my overalls when the time comes. There will be no question about that! Congrats on being the trashman! I have a family member who is a trashman also and he makes good money! Thanks for the continued efforts! Keep in touch!
  10. GeeBee New Member

    That sounded like the real lyrics to me.
  11. Mister Fred New Member


    Truth 66,
    Florida has been hit with 4 major hurricanes. Thankfully my house was not damaged, only my rubbermaid tool shed came apart. I put it back together.
    Many people's houses have been destroyed or badly damaged.
    I have not gotten over to get that video and I pray there house was not destroyed. Bad news, the trashman job didnot work out and I'm back driving tractor trailer. That's kept me busy. I have asked a few people about the pockets song and some remember it. Keep asking around and we can get more answers until I have that tape. I keep 2 pairs of overalls in the truck and think of that song every time I wear them as well as my mom singing.
    If I don't get that tape soon, I might just have to try and trade with the other member here who has it. Have a safe and very happy halloween.

    P.s. I keep an oscar the grouch in the truck; he's my all time favorite.
  12. truth66 New Member


    Greetings Mr. Fred,

    Good to hear from you. I am sorry about the hurricanes in Florida. I am glad to hear that you and your family made it through okay. My uncle lived in the upper pan handle somewhere (i don't know the name of the city) and he left Florida just before the hurricanes hit and now he lives in Georgia. I have been really busy workwise. A lot of people have been out for a while because of this flu bug going around. Thankfully I haven't been sick..yet. So, with everybody out sick, I have been holding down the fort to certain extent...very trying and stressful at times. But, I've learned many valuable lessons from it. I still wear my overalls faithfully as often as I can. However, I've gained a little weight recently. Now that I am in my 30's I am noticing more and more my metabolism slowing down and I can't pound down food like I did when I a kid. Anyways, thanks for all your continued efforts. I have a new hire / friend at work who remembers the "Pockets" song, but she is clueless on the skit itself. She remembers the same bits that you and I do.
    Take care and keep in touch...remember, one can never have too many pockets!
  13. Mister Fred New Member

    Truth 66,
    I have more info on the "Pockets" song. I've been asking around and got more info. The person wearing the overalls was a woman. I have had no time latley to search for that tape cause I'm too busy at work driving truck & hauling frieght. I'll let you know of anymore info or if I get that tape. Keep me posted too.
  14. MuppetDude Active Member

    It was also Marilyn Sokol. :D
  15. truth66 New Member

    "Pockets" Song / Skit

    Mister Fred,

    Greetings and thanks for the update! Like you, I have been very busy at work. I have been thinking more about this skit and would like to know based on the lyrics that Boober_Gorg posted, at what lyrical line does the woman in the overalls (Marilyn Sokol) come into the scene? And what else has she done on Sesame Street? I am trying to picture her in my mind and I don't think I recall what she looks like.
  16. MuppetDude Active Member

    Hope you don't mind me barging in, but she appears in the second half of the song. If you want to know what she looks like, she appears in episodes #1706-1710 of SS, and the "Sausage Nose" episode of "Between the Lions".
  17. ssetta Active Member

    You mean Aunt May? I never knew that was Marilyn Sokol. You wouldn't happen to know who counselor Mickey was?
  18. MuppetDude Active Member

    I didn't know it either, but someone mentioned it was, and the voices match up. She was also in a toothpaste commercial with Emeril Lagasse last year.

    Sorry, I don't know who played Mickey.
  19. Mister Fred New Member

    That was from camp echo rock. In the "pockets" song, was Marilyn Sokol in any other scenes other than the one wearing overalls. I keep thinking she was the woman wearing the long white sweater with her hands in the pockets or the woman wearing the tan jacket in the beginning of the song opening the pocket on the jacket that had a flap & snap and later on the pocket with a zipper.
  20. Mister Fred New Member

    Was the tomato juice guy or the boy combing his hair in any of the other scenes? Was Marilyn Sokol in any other scenes other than the one wearing overalls?

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