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Sesame Street Fan-Fic: Street Smarts

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... If you need help naming, er, numbering those chapters... Prawny, you know how to reach me, so drop me a line if you get stuck. Now post mooore soooon! Please!
  2. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Somehow I missed this chapter yesterday when I was on here but that's ok because I AM ONLINE AT WORK!!! Woo-hoo! It feels so good too. Anyway, LOVE this chapter, LOVE the scene with Cookie Monster. How much I love that furry blue monster, truly my favorite SS Muppet of all time and you wrote him to a tee! I may have a story about him up my sleeve in the future but I gotta finish the Rowlf saga first. Anyway, so cute with the remembering of when Miles was first adopted (I remember that, I feel so old) and VERY cute scene with Miles and Gabi. Anyway, I really, really must read more. MORE PLEASE!!
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Five Chapters in My Story

    Every single Sesame Street resident gathered outside Hooper’s Store, where a brown upright piano sat in front of some makeshift stage curtains.

    "Oh boy," Big Bird said from his table with Gordon, Susan, Snuffy, and Cookie Monster. "I love a good play."

    "Me love a good playbill!" Cookie Monster said.

    "Try to hold your stomach Cookie," Gordon said. "We’ve still got dinner with Kermit tonight at Charlie’s."

    "Oh Gordon, me no know if me can wait that long!" Cookie shouted.

    "Calm down Cookie Monster," Big Bird told the ravenous blue ball of fur. "And if you need to you can eat the table cloth."

    "No he-" Susan started, but was interrupted by the consumption of the table cloth right from underneath her. Susan sighed. "At least we still have the pageant to look forward to."

    "Yeah. But where is Miles?" Gordon looked at his watch. "He’s gonna be late if he doesn’t hurry."

    "Don’t worry," Susan said. "He’s probably just working over time at Hooper’s."

    "But Alan’s here." Big Bird pointed to Alan who was sitting with Gina and Baby Bear’s family at a table in front of them.

    "If it’ll make you feel better," Susan said. "I’ll go ask Maria if she’s seen him." Susan stood up and began to walk towards Maria’s table, but walked into Maria instead.

    "Oh, excuse me Susan," Maria said.

    Susan smiled. "Don’t worry about it Maria. But have you seen Miles? He’s not here yet."

    "No," Maria said. "I was actually coming to ask you if you’ve seen Gabi."

    "No... well, hmm, that’s strange. They’re both late..."

    "I’m sure they’ll turn up." Luis came up to Maria, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Now come on, they’re about to start the show."


    "Alright places people! Places!" Prairie Dawn shouted to her cast, running around behind the stage curtains. "This is the biggest production of my life! And I’m not gonna let it get messed up!"

    "Zoe! Come back! You need more wouge!" Baby Bear called.

    "Baby Bear!" Prairie shouted.

    "Yes, miss diwectow?"

    "Get everyone out of make up and out here now!!" she cried.

    Baby Bear tossed his makeup equipment and ran off.

    "It’s so hard to find good help these days," Prairie muttered.

    The cast, consisting of Grover, Zoe, Elmo, Telly, Rosita, Herry, and Baby Bear all joined Prairie backstage, chattering constantly.

    "People! PEOPLE! Quiet! We’ve got a show to put on here! Everyone take their places for the big opening! Grover, Rosita, Zoe, let’s move it people!" Prairie shouted.

    Her cast stared back at her blankly.

    "Well, don’t just stand there! GO!"

    The cast did as they were told and scurried off. All but Baby Bear.

    "Well, what are you waiting for?" Prairie asked.

    "You to play the piano opening." Baby Bear said.

    "Oh! Right!" Prairie ran off to her piano, garnering applause from the audience. "Thank you, thank you." She half-bowed, then took her place at the piano, playing the opening bars.

    "Welcome, oh welcome
    To our little play
    Sesame Street is what
    We’re celebrating today!" Prairie sang.

    The audience applauded as the curtains opened on a makeshift Sesame Street set. Grover came walking out with an afro wig on his head, and holding Rosita’s hand. "Sally, Sally, welcome here
    To Sesame Street
    Where everything happens
    Is not it neat?

    "In the beginning
    Things were different
    Gordon had hair
    And Oscar had a different scent," Prairie continued.

    Gordon rubbed his bald head, Susan laughed and put her arms around him.

    Zoe popped out of a prop trash can. "My name is Oscar
    My skin is orange
    I love trash
    Including... this... door hinge?" Zoe sang, holding up a door hinge.

    "Later we heard Ernie sing
    About his squeaky ducky
    Here’s the song now
    Boy, aren’t you lucky?" Grover, Zoe, and Rosita sang, making the transition into the next scene.

    Herry pushed out a bathtub with Elmo inside holding Rubber Duckie. "Hi everybody! Elmo- I mean, Ernie is so glad to be here!"

    "Rubber Duckie, you’re the one
    You make bath time lots of fun
    Rubber Duckie Ernie’s awfully fond of you!" Elmo sang.

    "What would Ernie be
    Without Bert at his side?
    Not very tidy
    And always outside," Prairie sang.

    Telly came on stage wearing one of Bert’s shirts stretched across his body. "Oh, uh... Ernie, oh Ernie,
    You’re flooding the house
    You’ve got water everywhere
    You’re drowning the mouse."

    Bert lowered his eyebrow in the audience. He was sitting at one of the front tables with Ernie, Bob, Hoots, and The Count. "I’m not that mean."

    Ernie put his arm around Bert. "No, of course not Bert. But Elmo did capture me great with his red fur." Ernie laughed.

    "Big Bird is tall and yellow
    He’s nice and sweet
    His best friend is Snuffy
    And they live on Sesame Street," Prairie continued.

    Baby Bear walked on stage on stilts and covered in yellow feathers. "My name is Big Bowd
    I’m tallew than most
    But don’t be afwaid
    I’m a fantastic host."

    Herry then ran out with a furry Snuffleupagus-like trunk on his nose. "Hi there, I’m Snuffy
    My nose is real long
    I’m not imaginary
    Just listen to this song." Herry sang.

    Snuffy laughed his deep, belly laugh. "Oh, look at that, Bird. They’re acting out us!"

    The entire cast came out, Grover as Gordon (this time bald), Zoe as Susan, Rosita as Maria, Telly as Bob, and Elmo as himself.

    "I pwomise, I pwomise
    Snuffy is weal
    Just come with me
    And then you will squeal," Baby Bear said.

    Elmo grabbed on to Herry’s trunk. "Elmo will hold Snuffy’s furry trunk
    For his friend Big Bird
    So Snuffy won’t run away
    Then the grown-ups will arrive in a herd!"

    As the play continued, Miles and Gabi tried to cover up their late arrival, and the fact that their hands were clasped together. Trying not to catch either of their parents’ eyes, they tip-toed to a table set up in back where some of the Muppet animals sat.

    "So how are we gonna tell them?" Miles whispered to Gabi.

    "Shh, we’ll figure it out later, let’s watch." Gabi put her finger on Miles’ lips, quieting him instantly.

    Meanwhile, on stage, Grover and Zoe were reenacting Miles’ adoption day, by holding Baby Natasha.

    "Aw," Gabi whispered. "You were so cute back then."

    "And?" Miles smirked.

    "And you’re still cute now." She grinned.

    "Hey, if you’re going to talk, why don’t you moo-ve?" Gladys the Cow asked.

    "Sorry," Gabi said.

    The curtains closed on the performers who were met with massive applause. But Prairie wasn’t done.

    "Our show’s not yet over
    As you will soon see
    Now here to sing
    A grouch and a froggy!
    " Prairie sang.

    The curtains pulled open again to reveal Kermit sitting on a yellow metal barrel, and Oscar with his head sticking out of his trash can.

    "It’s not that easy bein’ green," Kermit sang. The audience clapped and cheered for their favorite frog. "Havin’ to spend each day the color of the leaves."

    "When I think it could be nicer
    Bein’ gray, or brown, or puce
    Or something much less colorful like that
    ." Oscar took over the song.

    Kermit frowned. "It’s not easy bein’ green
    It seems you blend in with so many other-
    " Kermit started again, trying to regain his song.

    "-beautiful things
    And Grouches tend to pass ya over
    ‘Cause you’re not all dingy looking
    Like mud in the water, or smog in the sky," Oscar sang.

    "But green is the color of spring," Kermit got another line in.

    "And slime, heh heh." Oscar chuckled.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "And green can be cool, and friendly-like
    And green can be big like an ocean-

    "Or angry like an alligator
    Or sour like a pickle." Oscar smirked.

    "When green is all there is to be
    It could make you wonder why," Kermit and Oscar sang together.

    "But why wonder, why wonder
    We are green, and it’ll do fine

    "Yucky!" Oscar shouted.

    "No, Oscar, beautiful," Kermit smiled. "And I think it’s what I want to be."

    Oscar nodded. "Me too, Frog, me too."

    The audience gave the frog and the Grouch a standing ovation. Kermit grinned and nodded, while Oscar waved them off and retreated back into his can.

    Kermit stood up on the barrel and quieted down the crowd. "Prairie, may I?" he asked the pianist.

    "Oh, by all means," Prairie said.

    Kermit grinned. "Thank you, oh thank you
    For coming tonight
    We hope you thought that
    Our performance was just right.

    "And now I invite you
    Come with me, oh please
    To dinner on Sesame Street
    At the restaurant called Charlie’s." Kermit hopped down off the barrel. "See you all there everybody!" Kermit waved, as the curtains closed to roaring applause.
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    SO cute! I loved the play and how many of the classic moments were acted out! And Miles and Gabi coming in late...hmmm, me thinks me knows where that is going! It's awesome! Keep it coming Prawnie!
  5. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I liked it too!:) And I also think I see what's going to happen with Miles & Gabi.;)
    (BTW..I LOVED the way Prairie wanted everything to be perfect!)
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... I approve of this chapter, it amused me. Thank you Prawn. Very nice to see the frog and the grouch talking about a deep subject like green. And you'll probably need to send out six suits out to the wash for what those two kids are planning... So I say this, you're hired. Now post more.
  7. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Six Dancing Feet Leaving Footprints in the Sand, Six Lovely Chapters Written By These Hands

    Sesame Street has taught about heads many times in the past, but not once has it taught about the feeling of being at the head of a table.

    Kermit sat up tall in his euphoric position, looking out over a cast of characters almost forty years in the making. There was Susan and Gordon, who had been here since the beginning, The Count, Grover, Herry, and Cookie Monster, who came a little later, and then there was Zoe, Rosita, and Baby Bear, who were new to the Street, but fixtures nonetheless.

    Next to Kermit at the large table at Charlie’s Restaurant, was Bob on his right and on his left was Cookie Monster (who was already beginning on his appetizer of napkins and sugar packets). Kermit turned to Bob, Bob just looked back smiling that same grin he’d had for thirty-eight years. "What is it, Kermit?" Bob asked cheerfully.

    "Thanks, Bob," Kermit said blankly.

    Bob eyed Kermit suspiciously. "Well, you’re welcome. I guess."

    "Thank you everyone!" Kermit stood up from his seat. Everyone at the table stopped what they were doing and looked down at the frog. "I know I’m not necessarily the most permanent member of our family here, and I don’t know a lot of you as well as I should, but I just want you all to know how much I deeply care for you all." Kermit lifted his glass of water in toast. "Here’s to you guys. Thanks for making the past thirty-eight years of this frog’s life something worth its weight in gold."

    "And cookies!" Cookie Monster shouted.

    "And cookies!" Everyone declared, drinking from their water glasses.

    "Now if only we could get a waiter!" Oscar whined from the end of the table.
    "I know what you mean," said a small blue Muppet with a brown mustache from another table. "I’ve been coming to this place for over thirty years, and the service has always been terrible!"

    "Well then why do you keep coming back?" Ernie asked.

    The customer looked left to right. "Well... don’t tell anyone, but I really actually like that furry blue waiter they have working here. He’s a great, funny guy."

    "Oh, thank you sir, I knew you appreciated me." Grover the waiter popped up from behind the fat blue customer’s table. "And your food will be out as soon as I deliver your order to Charlie."

    "But I’ve already been here for an hour!" the customer complained.

    "Oh, I know, but I was teaching a very important lesson today," Grover told the customer.

    "Oh, yeah? What’s that?" asked the annoyed customer.

    "Patience." Grover nodded.

    "Augh!" the customer groaned, collapsing onto the table.

    Grover the waiter walked to the head of the table. "Hello there rather large group of people. My name is Grover, and I will be serving you today."

    "Grover," Big Bird said. "We know who you are."

    "I am sorry sir, but I am not allowed to converse with potential customers." Grover looked around, the whispered. "Sorry Big Bird."

    "But... Grover, if you can’t converse with us, how are you supposed to take our orders?" Maria asked.

    "That is just it Mari- I mean, potential female customer of Spanish descent. If I take your order you are no longer a potential customer, you are a full fledged customer," Grover said.

    "But, Grover, don’t you think you should take that poor man’s order to Charlie?" Gina asked, motioning towards the fat blue customer.

    "Oh, no, it is fine, he can wait. After all, he loves me." Grover beamed. "Now, will this be one check or separate?"


    Alex Hooper walked down the dimly lit sidewalk, stopping in front of a set of multicolored doors. He placed his hand on it, rubbing his finger down it. "Twiddlebug, make sure this is the first to come down."

    Mayor Twiddlebug flew behind Alex Hooper with another, blue, stumpy Twiddlebug flying behind taking notes. "Did you get that, Tom?"

    "Yes sir, I did," said Thomas Twiddlebug, personal assistant to the mayor. He scribbled the note down on his notepad and flipped the page over.

    "Good," Mayor Twiddlebug said, flying up to Alex Hooper’s shoulder. "Does everything look alright, sir? Up to standard and all?"

    "It will be," Alex said, turning the corner. "Once I tear this whole place down."

    "Um, by this whole place, do you mean that quaint little window box over there?" Thomas Twiddlebug pointed to Ernie’s window box.

    "It’s part of this street, isn’t it?" Ales asked.

    "Well, yes, yes it is," Mayor Twiddlebug said. Thomas was completely thrown off guard. "Um, what about that window box, up there, on that apartment?" asked Mayor Twiddlebug, pointing up at Elmo’s apartment building with a window box sticking off one of the windows.

    Alex turned violently and locked eyes with the Twiddlebugs. "It’s part of this street, isn’t it?" he asked harshly. Both Twiddlebugs nodded meekly. "Exactly. It’s coming down. All of this is."

    Alex Hooper stomped up the stairs of the Furry Arms Hotel. "Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need my sleep. As of tomorrow, this street is emptied, and I take over."

    "Goodnight Mr. Hooper," Mayor Twiddlebug said softly as Alex made his way into the hotel.

    Alex spun around in a flash. "What did you call me?" he hissed.

    Mayor Twiddlebug cowered behind Thomas Twiddlebug. "Uh, well, M-M-Mr. Hooper," he stuttered.

    "Never call me that, understand? Never." Alex turned back, and went into the hotel.

    "What are we going to do?!" Mayor Twiddlebug grabbed Thomas Twiddlebug’s shoulders and began to shake him violently. "He’s going to destroy Twiddlebug Town!"

    "And my home!" Thomas said. "How am I supposed to tell Tessie and the kids that?"

    "I don’t know! How am I supposed to tell an entire town of Twiddlebugs?"
    "Well, if someone wouldn’t have given Alex Hooper the deed!"

    "I didn’t give it to him!" Mayor Twiddlebug defended himself. "It wasn’t even mine to give. He just called and asked if I knew where it was, and I couldn’t lie to the man!"

    "Well what are we going to do?" Thomas Twiddlebug asked.

    "I don’t know." May Twiddlebug sighed. "At least not yet. I think we both just need some sleep, we’ll figure this out in the morning."

    Thomas Twiddlebug nodded. "Goodnight Mayor."

    "Goodnight Thomas, give Tessie and the kids my best." Mayor Twiddlebug flew off towards Elmo’s window box.

    Thomas Twiddlebug let out a huge sigh, then angrily threw his notepad on the ground, and flew back to his home.


    Miles and Gabi watched the usual chaos ensue during dinner, their hands clasped beneath the table, and their chairs closer together than any others.

    "So Miles," Gordon said, taking a sip of his water. Susan and Gordon sat directly to Miles’ left. "Why were you late for the pageant tonight? Did Alan have you cleaning late at Hooper’s?"

    "Hey, I did not," Alan said from across the table. "I actually closed the store early today."

    Miles shrugged. "Sorry dad, I fell asleep on the couch at home, lost track of time." Miles turned to Herry Monster, who was next to Alan. "Hey, Herry, you were great in the pageant today," Miles said to the monster, trying to steer the conversation away from him.

    "Oh, thanks Miles. I really thought that-" Herry started.

    "And what about you Gabriella?" Luis asked Gabi. Luis sat to Gabi’s right, with Maria at his side.

    Gabi hesitated. "Well... after I left Hooper’s, I saw someone waiting outside the Fix-It Shop, they needed help fixing their waffle-iron."

    "That’s strange," Maria said. "Luis, didn’t you put up the ‘closed’ sign before we left?"

    "I thought I did," Luis said. "But maybe I forgot, I don’t know."

    "Yeah, so I helped out the little guy with his waffle-iron, I took it inside the shop for you guys to work on tomorrow." Gabi lied through her teeth.

    "Looks like we’ll have to open up tomorrow after all," Maria said.

    Miles tightened his grip on Gabi’s hand. Gabi looked up at Miles affectionately. "Too close" Miles mouthed.

    "I know" Gabi replied.

    Down at the opposite end of the table, Elmo, Telly, Baby Bear, Prairie Dawn, Zoe, and Rosita sat together. "Prairie Dawn, Elmo thinks that Prairie Dawn’s play was the best one Elmo’s ever been in."

    "Oh, thank you." Prairie blushed. "It was an original composition, you know."
    "I tell ya, Prairie," Telly said. "I had a great time playing Bob."

    "And I had a gweat time playing Big Biwd!" Baby Bear munched on a bread stick.

    "And you all did a great job," Prairie said.

    "Rosita," Zoe said. "What are you doing with your silverware?"

    Rosita was making her fork and spoon dance around the table. "Oh, I am doing a little play of my own. I call it ‘Left at the Fork in the Road’."
    "Oh," Zoe said. "I get it."

    "Yeah, would you like to play?" Rosita asked.

    "Sure," Zoe said.

    Rosita started to hand Zoe her spoon, but dropped it underneath the table. "Aye carumba, not again," Rosita said.

    "Oh, Elmo will get it Rosita! Stay right there!" Elmo said, crawling underneath the table.

    "Oh, gracias Elmo!" Rosita called.

    Telly grabbed onto Baby Bear’s shoulders nervously. "What a brave monster."
    Under the table Elmo crawled next to shoes and fuzzy feet. "Oh spoon, where are you?" Elmo whispered.

    "Ah ha!" Elmo saw the spoon ahead of him by a pair of tennis shoes and heels. He grabbed up the spoon, then looked up at two hands grasped together.

    "Excuse me," Gordon’s voice said as he got up to go to the bathroom. Elmo watched the feet disappear from his sight.

    "If that was Gordon’s feet... then these are Miles’ feet," Elmo pointed to the tennis shoes. "And that means... these are Gabi’s feet!" Elmo pointed to the heels.

    "That means that that is Miles’ hand, and that is Gabi’s hand," Elmo said, looking at the held hands again. "And when two people hold each other’s hands... that means... GREEN FROG!!" Elmo screamed, making every single pair of feet underneath the table leave the floor.

    Kermit looked all around. "What? What’s wrong, Elmo? ...Elmo?"

    Elmo darted out from underneath the table between Miles and Gabi. "Excuse Elmo hand in hand- Elmo means Miles and Gabi! Sorry!" Elmo began to run towards Kermit holding the spoon out in front of him. "Green frog, green frog, green frog!" Elmo whined.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Elmo, Elmo, calm down. What’s wrong?" Kermit asked the jittery monster.

    "Elmo needs to talk to green frog," Elmo whispered.

    "I could tell that," Kermit said. "Why are we whispering?"

    "Elmo doesn’t know," Elmo whispered. "But Elmo does need to talk to green frog."

    "Can it wait, Elmo? Our food will-"

    The kitchen doors flew open and Grover walked out carrying a large tray of food. "Hello everybody! Food at twelve o’ clock!"

    "Actually, it’s only eight," The Count said.

    "Our food’s here, Elmo," Kermit patted the young monster’s shoulder. "We’ll talk after dinner."

    "But- but... okay green frog," Elmo said. He made his way back to his seat and handed Rosita her spoon.

    "Gracias, Elmo, but is everything okay?" Rosita asked.

    "Yeah, you scared us to death!" Telly said.

    "It was great." Oscar laughed.

    Miles and Gabi looked at each other. "Too close" Miles mouthed. Gabi simply nodded, and turned her attention to her food.
  8. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Oooohhhh!!!!Prawnie,this is great! Kathy...uh...I liked that chapter! :) I'm wondering though why Alex didn't like being called "Mr." Hooper? Then again maybe it's because of his uncle who everyone loved.
    As for Miles & Gabi...I can't wait til their parents find out!:excited:
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Loved it! Everything was almost perfect, few instances where names got chopped off. Very much like how you worked in the main Twiddlebug family and that now they're realizing even their community will be affected. Dinner at Charlie's was superb. Especially Elmo discovering the secret between Miles and Gabi. Caught the reference to the fanfic in that other half's agenda, and I was moved by Kermit's little speech at the beginning.

    But the chapter's title... Reference from the song about 6 the Count sang about six kids at the beach?
    In any case... Post more!
  10. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    You're right about the chapter title Ed. And I'll get the next chapter up later today. :D
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Love the chapter! The restaraunt scene was just priceless with Elmo under the table! I was laughing out loud, I really thought he was going to blow Gabi and Miles' cover! The stuff with Alex Hooper too, not wanting to be called Mr. Hooper, very interesting. Oh I have to read more!
  12. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Excuse me.


    That is all.

    Wait, no it isn't.

    MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There, that's all.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Huh? Hey Lisa, I thought you didn't exist today... So what are you doing glomping your other half? Must be cause his main roomie's birthday's today. Oh well...

    Hey Prawn! Your other half just crossed over the border from the Land of Limbo to glomp you! So make that glomp noteworthy and post more story, pronto please!
  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Said the Alligator King to the Seventh Chapter, ‘My Chapter, You Win the Crown’

    Kermit and Elmo had slipped out into the lobby of Charlie’s Restaurant while everyone else (especially Cookie Monster) enjoyed dessert.

    "Okay, Elmo, what’s going on?" Kermit asked with a smile.

    "Elmo saw hands!" Elmo shouted.

    "Were they your hands?" Kermit smirked.

    "No, no, no! They were not monster hands they were people hands!" Elmo said.

    "Well, that’s extremely possible. We do have people here," Kermit said. "Now what was so special about these hands?"

    Elmo looked around, then leaned in close to whisper. "They were touching."
    Kermit slowly scrunched up his face. "I don’t believe this..."

    "Oh it is true, green frog!" Elmo said. "Elmo can prove it to you!"

    "Elmo, listen, hands touch all the time. I mean, when people clap, or scratch or-"

    "But the hands belonged to two different people!" Elmo shouted.

    "Stop shouting," Kermit said calmly. "Elmo, it’s normal for people who love each other to hold hands. Who was it? Susan and Gordon? Maria and Luis?"

    "No." Elmo shook his head. "It was Miles and Gabi!"

    Kermit was taken back. "Well that’s... something." He stood up to return to the table. "But it was probably just a misunderstanding."

    "No, no, green frog. Elmo can prove it!" Elmo said.

    "Oh? And how can you do-"

    Before Kermit could finish, Elmo grabbed onto the frog’s wrist and pulled him underneath the table with him.

    "Elmo, this is outrageous!" Kermit said, starting to get out.

    "No!" Elmo pulled him back in. "Elmo can prove it!"

    Kermit moaned. "Okay, just make it fast! Cookie Monster has probably already finished my dessert."

    Elmo and Kermit crawled past the many feet once more. "At least from down here I can keep everyone in toe," Kermit said.

    "Pst, green frog," Elmo whispered. "Look!"

    Kermit looked up at the two clasped hands, and sure enough they belonged to Miles’ and Gabi’s wrists. "Well I’ll be hog-tied... on second thought, no I won’t."

    "See? See green frog? Elmo told green frog that Miles and Gabi were holding hands." Elmo folded his arms confidently.

    "Yes, you were right Elmo," Kermit said.

    "Yay!" Elmo shouted. "Green frog said Elmo was right! Yay!"

    "Shh, Elmo, you’ll-"

    "Kermit? What are you doing down there?" Gordon asked, looking under the table. The two hands separated almost instantly.

    Kermit frowned. "Uh, well, you see I... I lost my contact lens."

    Grover popped up behind Kermit and Elmo, making them both jump. "But Froggy baby, you do not wear contacts."

    "Grover?" the flabbergasted frog asked. "Uh, well, how do you know?"

    "Because, Froggy, I tried to sell you glasses once, and you said you did not need them." Grover got out from under the table, and Kermit and Elmo did the same. Grover began dusting off Kermit.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Grover, is there some reason you’re here?"

    "Oh! Yes, yes there is." Grover stood proudly.

    "What is it?" Kermit asked.

    "I am here to give you the bill," Grover said.

    "Okay, well hand it over." Kermit motioned.

    Grover shrugged. "He asked for it." Grover reached behind him and pulled out an orange anything Muppet, handing him to Kermit, who collapsed under the weight.

    "Sorry Kermit," the Muppet said, walking away.

    "Don’t worry about it Bill," a squashed Kermit said.

    "Oh, and here is your check," Grover handed Kermit the bill.

    Kermit pulled out his wallet and opened up the bill. He reached for his credit card, but stopped when he saw the total. "Uh, Grover... this is just a blank piece of paper."

    "Yup." Grover stood up straight, grinning.

    "Did... did you grab the wrong bill?" Kermit asked.


    "Oh no!" Telly cried. "He’s gonna make us wash dishes!"

    "No Telly, I am not."

    "Well... then how much do I owe?" Kermit asked.

    "Nothing," Grover said. "I covered it."

    "But- but Grover, I said I was gonna buy dinner for everyone," Kermit said.

    "Do not worry about it Froggy baby, I wasn’t even scheduled to work tonight, and Charlie isn’t even here," Grover said.

    "Then... who made the food?" Alan asked.

    "Cute, furry, loveable Grover, of course," Grover said.

    "Grover... you shouldn’t have." Kermit smiled.

    "No, probably not," Grover said. "But I did. Whatcha gonna do?"

    "This," Kermit said, pulling Grover in for a hug.

    "Oh, Elmo too!" Elmo said, hugging both Kermit and Grover.

    "Aww, this is so cute..." Grover said.

    "C’mon everybody," Kermit said. "Group hug!"

    Everyone hugged. Everyone laughed. Everyone shed a tear. Everyone knew what was coming the next morning.


    Gordon woke, just as he had every morning for the past thirty-eight years. The same way, out of the same bed, into the same bathroom. The same.
    Susan watched her husband get ready to greet the day out of the corner of her eye, just as she had done every morning for the past thirty-eight years. The same way, in the same bed, the same Gordon. The same.

    Across the hall, in another apartment, Maria placed bread in a toaster that had never broken in thirty-eight years. Luis sat at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper the same way he did every morning, sports, comics, news. Not much had changed in nearly thirty-eight years.

    Underneath Maria’s apartment, the sun peeked into Ernie and Bert’s bedroom. Ernie sat up in his bed and yawned, he hopped out of bed, putting on his slippers, then tip-toed out of the room, letting Bert sleep in. Just like every morning.

    Outside the apartment building, Oscar slowly crept out of his can, checking for anyone who might here him. "Good morning world," he said, then quickly retreated back inside, just as he had done for thirty-eight years.

    Next store to Oscar’s can, behind multi-colored doors, Big Bird pressed his ear against the door, listening to Oscar’s morning greeting. "Good morning Oscar," Big Bird whispered, just like he did every morning.

    Super Grover flew across the new morning sky, patrolling, and trying not to crash into migrating birds, just like every morning (except for mornings when his Super Mommy couldn’t get his Super Suit to the dry cleaners).

    Cookie Monster sat waiting outside Hooper’s Store, just as he did every morning. Alan opened up Hooper’s for Cookie Monster, just like every morning. Baby Bear came in for his already prepared bowl of porridge, just like every morning. Telly came in a bit later for some specially prepared toast triangles, just like every morning.

    Elmo stretched out his arms to the shouting of his alarm clock, just like every morning. Prairie Dawn woke to the gentle hand of her mother on her shoulder, just like every morning. Zoe practiced her early morning dance routine, just like every morning. Rosita met her best friend Herry outside her home, just like every morning.

    But unlike every morning, Kermit stood on his porch with a coffee cup. It was mostly for show however, the frog despised coffee. He stirred it around a bit, then tossed it out over his porch. He let out a long sigh, then retreated back into his home. He tossed the coffee mug into his suitcase. He closed it, and left his home, just like he had sporadically for the past thirty-eight years. But this time, he didn’t know when, or if he’d be back.

    Also new this morning were Miles and Gabi sitting together on a fire escape outside 123 Sesame Street. "Well... we’ve got to tell them," Gabi said quietly.

    "How?" Miles asked firmly. "How am I supposed to tell my mom and pop that I’m not going with them when we leave Sesame Street?"

    Gabi sighed. "The same way I’m supposed to tell my mom and dad."

    Miles stood up and paced around the fire escape. "Man, this would be so much easier if we didn’t have to leave."

    "You think so?" Gabi asked. "Do you think they’d be anymore supportive if we were staying on Sesame Street?"

    Miles sighed. "I can hope, can’t I?"

    Gabi stood up and put her arms around Miles. "I don’t think you can stop hoping."

    "C’mon," Miles said, grabbing Gabi’s hand in his. "I think we’ve got some news to drop."

    The couple climbed down the fire escape and walked out of the alleyway, right into Kermit. "Oh, hi-ho guys," Kermit said cheerfully. Miles and Gabi quickly released their hands and looked awkwardly around the street. Kermit smirked. "You guys don’t need to hide anything from me," he said.

    Miles and Gabi looked at each other. "How did you know?" Gabi asked.

    Kermit shrugged. "According to most people here, there isn’t anything I don’t know."

    Gabi giggled and Miles smiled. "Well... that’s what’s goin’ on right now Kerm," Miles said.

    Kermit nodded. "I see. Anything I can do?"

    "Not unless you can think of a way to tell our parents without completely throwing them for a loop," Gabi said.

    Kermit looked down at his suitcase. "Well... I guess it wouldn’t hurt to bust out the old news gear one last time."

    "What do you mean?" Miles asked.

    "I’ve got an idea," Kermit said. "Give me fifteen minutes, then bring your parents, and anyone else you want to tell, to Hooper’s."

    "Thank you Kermit!" Gabi hugged Kermit.

    "Aw," Kermit patted Gabi’s back. "Anything for you kids. Now, uh, Miles, do you still have that video camera?"

    "Sure I do, it’s in my backpack," Miles said.

    "Oh good. I’m gonna send Telly by in a minute to grab it, alright?" Kermit asked.

    Miles nodded. "Whatever it takes." Miles grinned.

    "Great. See you in fifteen!" Kermit said, running off towards Hooper’s Store.
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    Truly triumphant Prawny. Loved Kermit and Elmo finding out about the secret. And the writing through torture lines shows when you narrate how everybody's waking up and everything's the same on this last day on Sesame Street. But even more I love that Kermit came by and he'll help break the news to everybody. Very much looking forward to the next chapter, so please post more soonerishkibbible!
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