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Sesame Street films

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikebennidict, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Ziffel New Member

    One more thing about this fishing one. I remember a boy (I'd say probably between 10 and 13) narrating the entire segment. It might have been that his dad was a fisherman and he had learned the trade by going out on the boat with him and was therefore explaining the process to the viewers. Or maybe SS just selected a boy to narrate since children were the primary audience. But I think he mentions at the outset that he has gone out on these expeditions before.
  2. mikebennidict New Member

    this one was another dolphin film made in the 80s with Raposo singing a song called water baby. while the song title sound dumb to me it was still a nice song. this other one might have been mentioned already though i'm not sure. i 1st saw also in the 80s but read once on one of the SS yahoo groups it apparently goes back to the early days. the film about Peanut butter being made and the song it takes a lot of little nut to make a jar of peanut butter. looks older and if it is it's interesting that they at some point pulled it out of the vault one day after not showing it for years. like they must of forgotten about it or something.
  3. SesameMike Member

    Fishing boat

    A few soundbites from the fishing boat film.

    "My brother steers the boat."
    (footage of a young man struggling to turn a ship's wheel)
    "It's hard work."

    A net full of fish was brought in. I think the boy said that the captain cut the string to open the net. We then saw a huge mound of seafood-to-be plop down on the deck of the ship. A crab or two scurried about. This scene lasted a while.

    "But, all the fish we can eat, are put on ice..."
    (footage of men carring trays of fish-on-ice down into what the boy referred to as either the "hole" or the "hold" -- the interior lower decks of the ship.)

    "Baby sharks that don't have any teeth get thrown back... get thrown back in the water."
    (Camera follows a fish being cast, by hand, off the ship's deck into the sea. We then see a fish swimming near the surface of the water. Oh yeah, that was exactly the way the boy said it. I wonder if that was a real narration mistake that they decided to leave in, to give it a sense of realism perhaps.)
  4. Ziffel New Member

    I recall the line now about the fish without teeth being thrown back, and very vaguely about the narrator having a brother. And that makes sense about the net scene lasting quite a while because that part I recollect the most. Thanks for these details, Sesame Mike. Your memory is superb! :)
  5. mikebennidict New Member

    i just heard this song about fruit on MC radio and i wish i wrote the title of it down but i'm posting this here because i assume it was a film song like most of the songs Raposo sung. anyone remember such a film?
  6. Ziffel New Member

    Hi mike. Good to see you as always. I see from this site that the song is called "Fruit Song" :


    You can listen to it on windows media player. I don't think I ever heard this Raposo song before. It's pretty amusing. :) You can also hear other Raposo classics like, "I'm an aardvark" and "Bein' a pig".
  7. mikebennidict New Member

    that 1 cow film had some guy singing hey cow i see you now. etc. then would sing different verses after that. also don't know if i mentioned the bee film. camera zooms and a lady says a bee! sounding nervous. nothing really special about the film other than a bee collecting polen the music that went with it was the highlight of this one.
  8. mikebennidict New Member

    this was mentioned before in another post, the filn where Raposo was singing 2 is my favorite number, somebody suggested that the young couple who were dacing, the young man looked like Ted Kopel. don't know how old he is now but the film probably was made if not the 1st season probably not long after that.
  9. Ziffel New Member

    I don't remember the two is my favorite number, but I remember a "3 is my favorite number film" with dolphins I think. The first line was "1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 count." Do you know if Joe Raposo did this one too, mike?
  10. mikebennidict New Member

    he sung on that 1 as well.
  11. mikebennidict New Member

    i don't know what this film was about but it's another 1 i hadn't seen since the 70s. this funny sounding jazz music is playing, could of been a saxaphone and if it was it sounded funny. the camera zooms in towards the window of some store and it might of been a music store. this girl and her mom are press some what looks like buttons on this panel. it might of not been a music store i don't know and this is all i can remember so i'm sorry if this isn't enough.
  12. Ziffel New Member

    Do you remember one with a wheel rolling for a long time? I think it was a bicycle wheel. It was rolling by itself (down stairs, across sidewalks,etc.) with music in the backround. Seemed like there was a guy narrating a little bit with words like, "round" or "around". Probably supposed to be a lesson on round and by showing a wheel on the loose that keeps going for a long time through a park or something, it would keep the kids' attention all the more (as the makers of SS were masters at).
  13. mikebennidict New Member

    only such film i recall was a wheel that looked like a bicycle wheel witch did role around and ened up where to kids had this wagon and perhaps 1 of the wheels broke and it just so happened this 1 we saw rolling just ended up nearby so the boy brought it over and the girls put it on. the music that went along with this film sounded like the music that went with the one where the kids on the beach where building a road and we saw real road builders as well.
  14. Ziffel New Member

    Today I thought of one that I haven't thought of for a long time. The one with the guy paddling through the river in that kayak. And he repeatedly did loops under the water. This one seemed to be replayed quite often on SS. I always enjoyed the music (although rather repetitive) in this one too. It was also something brand new to me back then and thus surprised and amazed me that a guy kept flipping the boat. Really cool how SS really showed kids a lot of things in the world and not just taught about basic math, reading, and spelling.
  15. mikebennidict New Member

    the film with the man making the word me in the film couldn't of been Benedict. he looked older, probably over 40, and Benedict was younger.
    according to this http://entertainment.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=241380 he was born in 1938 and he did look 30 something at the time those films were made.
  16. mikebennidict New Member

    don't know if I mentioned this one but it was with a baker. can't really remember the whole film but but he draws stuff, including an oven and a cake and perhaps stuff. well the only other parts i can remember is he puts the cake in and draws a door and some kids who looked older come in and he takes the cake out and it has candles on it, obviously it's the bakers birthday. matter if fact he might of just drawn the birthday cake and not baked it. just can't remember it all that well the film probably goes back to the early days.
  17. Ziffel New Member

    That baker one is not coming to mind. How about one where an ice skater does a figure 8? I remember it leaving an 8 in the ice and she says, "eight" at the end. Don't remember much else, but I don't think too much else happened. She probably just said "eight" at the beginning (or, "I'm going to make an eight") and then did the figure 8. Wonder if she was a professional figure skater.
  18. letterman New Member

    Way back on the first page of this thread, mikebennidict mentioned the film of the Latino kids playing and having refreshments. I remeber those snow cones looking very tempting!!

    OK, how about this one...

    In the very early seasons was a film showing a boy and girl playing or walking around a creek in the country. The kids were probably about 6 or 7 years old. It may have been a winter scene. I think they had coats on, and the girl wore red tights. I recall this one especially because it is probably my earliest memory of being attracted to a girl. I was too young to even understand what I was feeling, but I simply dug that girl!
  19. Ziffel New Member

    There was a "beginning and end" one with a man who says, "Beginning" and then starts eating a hotdog. Music plays until he finishes it and says, "End." I don't think he ate it fast nor that they sped up the film. Well, actually I would say that it was eaten slightly faster than normal average time to eat a hotdog. Anyone remember or could tell where he was eating this? It was outside somewhere. Perhaps simply a park or street where a hot dog vendor was, but maybe with the circus like music playing it was at a circus. Seems like there were other things around him on the screen.
    Anyway, it was just a simple sketch. Far more enjoyable was the one with the guy taking off his clown makeup to show his everyday face ("This is my everyday face. Whcih do you like better? [Camera shows clown face]. Me too.") but that one I've seen brought up several times before in other threads. Love that classic music during the clown one too. It's been played in a lot more things than just SS.
  20. mikebennidict New Member

    the film was sped up and there where 3 others, kids waiting to get into a movie theater, a kid getting his hair cut, and an artist painting a fountain. would of loved to have seen them run the hot dog film backwards.

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