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Sesame Street films

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikebennidict, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Ziffel New Member

    Normally a film backwards is fun but in this case seeing the chewed hot dog coming out of the guy's mouth might be a little ewwww. :)
  2. Ziffel New Member

    Remember one with the voices of an adult woman (didn't sound like it was anyone of the regular SS cast) and at least one child. The camera was showing different animals with the mother animal feeding and taking care of her young. At the beginning she asks what the baby animal is doing and a boy says, "Drinking milk." Near the end a duckling is swimming near its mother and the boy says, "Look at that little duck!". Throughout the segment there is some light music playing with a "La da da da da DA da" in sort of a humming/soft singing sound also throughout.
  3. mikebennidict New Member

    sounded like an old kid to me but I remember it. that was Joe Raposo singing in this one.
  4. Ziffel New Member

    Ah another one with the great Joe Raposo. What a legend he is.

    I thought of one that I think just showed flowers throughout. There was no narration, just music. Maybe Joe Raposo composed the music. Hard to describe in words, but I remember vividly how it sounded. Until near the end, it was in 4 beats at a time, but in different styles and sounds. At the end there were three slow paced beats. The music was pretty but seemed somewhat on the sad side at times. I'm wondering if this is because of showing a flower drooping over.
  5. mikebennidict New Member

    i can only think of the one witch shows a yellow flower witch towards the end of it appears to be on either some rooftop restaurant of maybe a highrise penthouse and ut's a rainy day and the camera zooms away from it and it's looking over NYC and as it zooms to the buildings below we see that flower appear though blending with everything else.
  6. Ziffel New Member

    I don't believe that's the same one because as far as I can remember, it was all nature (flowers on a field) and no buildings or anything.
  7. mikebennidict New Member

    there was one i mentioned with is a few posts back, meaning it's somewhere in the 1st 5 colums, there was another where a kid who's talking about sun flowers, you can see him though he's speaking off camera. the only other 1 I can think of is a tractor or some kind of machine scooping up dead sun flowers and they made birdseed of of it. if it's none of those sorry, I'm out of ideas.
  8. Ziffel New Member

    Well I didn't give you much to go by. I recall the audio far more than the visuals in this one and the audio is rather hard to describe in words. :)
  9. mikebennidict New Member

    I was watching Fox news and they had a story about a snake that has 2 heads, reminds me of the film where they show animals with 2 of each like 2 wings, 2 legs and the final was a snake and the announcer says 2 heads, witch it has. and repeats herself in a suprise voice 2 heads?
  10. Ziffel New Member

    Yeah I remember that one well. But haven't thought about it in years. I remember that lady saying, "Two heads. Two heads??!!" I'm sure that clip awed a lot of kids. It sure freaked me out back then. Cuz you could see that it was a real clip of a two headed snake. I was like how can this be. Course this rare phenomenon is similar to the rare and very sad) Siamese twin occurrence in humans.
  11. Ziffel New Member

    Remember the one with the snowman and snowwoman? An unseen man and woman did the voices of these two snowpeople as if they were talking. At the end the snowwoman says, "You're very handsome." The snowman replies, "You're cute too." She says, "Thank you". Then music, which occurred throughout, closes the segment.
  12. Ziffel New Member

    Another one came to mind, probably because the preceding one had to do with the outdoors and snow, of a simple one with children sliding on snow (I think in some kind of sleds, but I think there were snow forts and they were well bundled up so maybe they slid on the snow directly). Sometimes they would go head first and sometimes feet first. You would hear, "Head first" or "Feet first" each time. Other than that, the only audio was continuous music throughout.
  13. Ziffel New Member

    There was a short one that showed a school classroom with empty desks and you hear some kids shout, "Empty!" and then some pretty odd but yet neat music plays as the camera is sped up showing a bunch of kids filing in the room and sitting down at the desks. Then the kids shout, "Full!". I think there were at least one or two other shorts like this one. Can't recall if they used the same words (empty and full) with a different environment or if they invovled demostration of a different concept all together. Seems like maybe one of them simply demonstrated empty and full but from the other way around, starting with full first.
  14. mikebennidict New Member

    there was another one of those witch took place on a subway.
  15. Ziffel New Member

    Thank you mike, yes that comes back to me now. And maybe in the subway one they strated with full first, whereas with the classroom it was empty at the beginning. Or vice versa!
  16. mikebennidict New Member

    all of those film would show the areas being empty, full and empty again.
  17. Ziffel New Member

    LOL ok, no wonder I was thinking I could have sworn the kids shouted "Empty!" first and yet seems like the clips ended with empty also!
    Yeah so I got it now. In the classroom it is empty and then the kids rapidly file in with a sped up camera and then they say, "Full!" but then they file on out quickly again.
    What did you think of the music? A little different, eh? And yet, I liked it at the same time. Just about any music or sound effects from early 70's SS was so appealing to me.
  18. Ziffel New Member

    I remember those. Especially the ones with the girl saying, "When I say three." Then the group of kids, "When she says three." "I want you to hit three times." "She wants us to hit three times." "Three times." Then they hit the drums three times.
    There were also marching band ones with adults on a football field that would play marching band music as they marched to form a letter ,which we saw from a high aerial view. Once they formed it, they would chant something that was about five letters long (I coudn't make out what exactly) then would say the letter. Can't remember if it was always a single letter or if sometimes it was a two letter word, like "it". But I don't think they had enough people to make a five letter word so I'm not sure what the chant was.
  19. mikebennidict New Member

    are you sure you're not getting this other 1 confused with The Electric Company films where the marching bands made word? the chanting part you mention got me thinking this.
  20. Ziffel New Member

    I think it might indeed be from TEC instead of SS. I seldom mix up any skits between the two shows but in this case I'm thinking I could have. And I guess the chants they did were for words and not just a single letter. Seems amazing they got that many people to form all those letters on the football field. Hopefully at least one of these will be on the TEC dvd's coming out in February. I'd like to see it again.

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