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Sketches and Songs on Sesame Street videos

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by GonzoLeaper, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

  2. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I can't remember if I've done this one or not- but I'm thinking the answer is no- so in any case- here I present to you my review of

    "Elmo Says Boo!"- a 1997 Sesame Street Home video, with approximately 30 minutes run time

    Basic Plot- Elmo goes to visit The Count at his castle to tell him funny and spooky jokes. As you might guess from the title, the whole video is Halloween-themed and what better place to spend Halloween than at the home of arguably one of the initially scarier Sesame Street characters? So anyway, The Count and Elmo tell each other jokes, and even ghosts, skeletons and bats join in. Of course The Count keeps a running count of all the jokes.
    -Song - "Bones (Inside of You)"

    -Interspersed are scenes on the outside of the castle towers where a Muppet tells a kid a joke- Baby Bear tells a girl a joke in this first scene.

    -Skit with Elmo and Julia Roberts demonstrating "afraid"
    -Cartoon of yellow and orange ball. Orange ball tries to tap yellow ball from behind and then yellow ball scares him off with a scary face.
    -Song- "Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5" (I'm thinking the singer is Lillian, if I remember correctly- it's a black lady with orange? hair- neither Susan nor Olivia- and I know she looks familiar but I can't remember if that's the right name)
    -On castle tower, Rosita tells kid a joke
    Back in the castle, the organ plays and "asks" the Count for a song
    -Song- "We Are All Monsters" (It looks like Kevin Clash redubbed Elmo's lines in the song)
    -On Castle tower, Davy and Joey Monkey tell kid a joke
    -Skit- Bert and Ernie in Egyptian pyramid (slightly edited- Ernie only calls Bert twice instead of 3 times)
    -A suit of armor tells Elmo and Count a joke
    -Cartoon- (voice counts 8 bats flying out a castle window)
    -Song- "Frazzle"
    -On castle twoer, Kingston Livingston III tells kids a joke
    -Inside the castle, bats tell Elmo and Count a joke
    -Song- "The Batty Bat"
    -On castle tower, Telly tells kid a joke

    Elmo and Count tell more jokes and then organ tells the last joke (15 is the official joke count at the end) and then Elmo and Count go to kitchen for snacks. During the end credits, Count's castle window is seen with bats and ghosts flying around.

    Last Thoughts-
    Well- it's a pretty good video, all in all. This is probably the closest Sesame Street has come to doing a video dedicated to The Count. There's lots of good Count songs- and some classic sketches (particularly Ernie and Bert) and it's a fun Halloween-themed video to watch. So I'd definitely recommend it.
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    What about Learning About Numbers? The Count basically co-starred in that video, and that video featured four sketches with the Count.
  4. jrod

    jrod New Member

    Does the baker or jazzy spies films sketch appear in any of these?
  5. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    True- I'd forgotten about that. Been a while since I've seen that one. I guess I was thinking "Elmo Says Boo!" is 1 video where I've seen the most Count songs- on top of the fact that The Count is one of the main stars of the video. But it seems like a couple of other characters have gotten "Best of" videos- Ernie and Bert, Grover, Kermit, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo- it'd be nice to see The Count get his own tribute.
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I have recently written a "The Best of The Count" fan fiction story at Muppet Central. You might want to read it. I also wrote a fan fiction close to a year ago called The Best of Herry Monster. There should also be The Best of Oscar the Grouch. That'd be cool.
  7. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, here's my review of the Sesame Street Home Video release "Guess That Shape and Color"- a 2006 release (well, it's copyrighted 2005 but wasn't released until June 6, 2006)- with approximate running time of 40 minutes.

    I should point out that the DVD has a few special features, like previews of other videos (Sesame Street: Elmo's World- Pets and Sesame Street: Elmo's Potty Time- wow, this one has a really rocking song about using the potty- I'll probably review this one soon :)) and a bonus game. I would highly recommend you play the bonus game because with each correct answer you get a nice treat- a song to accompany the question category.
    After identifying a circle, you get to see a song from Ernie about circles. (Definitely a newer production with Steve Whitmire as Ernie- but not sure what year)
    Then when you decide that a stop sign is indeed the shape of an octagon, you get to see a live action film of stop signs.
    And then when you pick out an orange food that grows underground (sweet potato)- you get to see a really classic Sesame Street song- "Farmer" Ernie in his garden singing about how "plants grow high and grow low- some grow above the ground and some grow below." I remember seeing this one in the 80s- but haven't seen it in forever. Nice to hear Jim Henson as Ernie singing a classic song again!
    And then you pick out a food that's good for breakfast, like a strawberry (sorry- pistachio ice cream and jelly beans are "sometimes" foods, apparently!:smirk: )-you get to see an animated song about a kid who eats the colors of the rainbow- showing off real life footage of the foods he's singing about.

    Okay- now to the actual video.
    Zoe and Elmo are sitting on the 123 stoop trying to decide what game to play when game show host Mr. Square pops up out of nowhere and challenges them to find squares on "Sesame Street Squares" (before the mouse runs up the clock and rings the bell! I like the mouse and his trainer! :)) They go to Hooper's Store to look for 7 squares (wow- I jut noticed that Hooper's Store has a sign up saying "Free Coffee"! :)) And Alan has to leave to deliver porridge to Mama Bear- but then Zoe and Elmo notice the closed sign and that's their first square. They then rush off to Bob and Baby Natasha to look for more squares. Bob's reading a book of tongue twisters and E and Z notice that Bob's button and the book cover are squares. (Every time Z and E make such a discovery, Mr. Square pops up with his game show music and gives us the countdown on where they are.)
    Z and E leave Bob wondering what just happened and then go with Big Bird to look for squares and find Cookie Monster, who's on a cookie eating break from eating cookies. (The cookie box declares cookies to be the perfet energy snack!) Cookie Monster's right next to Oscar's trash can too, who then pops up with his "Un-Welcome" sign- another square!
    Telly then shows up with 2 triangles to help Big Bird, Zoe and Elmo and show them that 2 triangles can sometimes make a square!
    Grover then shows up in his delivery job outfit and has to deliver a postcard to Mr. Square (by the way- it has a subway train on it that says "Greetings From Astoria!" Reference to Waldorf's wife, maybe? :))
    And so they win a cow (Gladys) doing a square dance. And the postcard is from Mr. Square's mom telling him to come home for a square meal.
    And then Mr. Can You Guess (looking remarking similar to Mr. Square) suddenly shows up and starts the "Can You Guess?" game. (He pretty much hosts this part of the video, enlisting unseen kids as contestants whose voices we hear throughout it). It seems that the kids do indeed want to play the game (as we hear them screaming affirmation) and then he offers us shape questions.
    After identifying a triangle in the first question, we get to have a nice triangle song with Telly and Benny and other Anything Muppets in an Egyptian number. (Perhaps it's called "Telly Tut"?) They sing about King Tut- but there's a possible reference to the 1956 movie "The Ten Commandments" as Telly echoes Pharaoh's words- "So let it be written, so let it be done."
    - Back to the game- It turns out that we learn from the next question that a square has 4 angles and so we get treated to classic 1980s song "Hip to Be A Square" (which is a parody of classic 1980s song "Hip to Be Square" by Huey Lewis and the News)
    Next- we identify two rectangles in a picture of a boat and then watch Papa Bear and Baby Bear checking out Mondrian's painting of rectangles and squares. (And naming examples of each)
    And then they find another painting with more rectangles and squares and discuss more examples.

    Back to the game- Mr. Can You Guess changes his outfit to a fruits and vegetables outfit (and gets a new hairdo and loses his glasses) and asks us to find a fruit that shaped like an oval (which is a watermelon).
    Then we get to see a short song about watermelons with a live action kid eating an animated watermelon.

    Next- which food is a fruit? It's an orange!
    And then we get to see a quick live action parody of Dragnet with a girl dressed as a detective (Jane Tuesday) telling us about oranges, along with a boy as Captain Vitamin C.

    Next in the game- pick the right food to finish the pattern.
    After answering this question- we've finished all the questions- and so the prize is to play another game!!!

    But first we see a quick animated musical number where live action vegetables spin around in patterns.

    And then it's finally back to the Street where a bunch of girls are skipping rope- along with Zoey and Elmo. And all they have to do is mention that they're hungry and Mr. Healthy Food (the game show host we saw in the last game in his food outfit) shows up to play the Healthy Food Game.

    Elmo and Zoe have to find 4 healthy foods with different colors before the mouse climbs the refridgerator and plays a grand piano!
    (Who's the mouse? Who's the mouse? LOL)
    Elmo and Zoe go off to the fruit stand by Hooper's Store- and Luis shows up looking for red peppers for his fajitas that he's cooking. Elmo and Zoe were looking for red apples, but instead find red peppers.

    Zoe and Elmo see what Gina's having for lunch and find out that she's having a pumpernickel baloney sandwich- but they need something white. Luckily, a farmer and cow show up and he milks the cow- to produce a glass of milk. Did then the cow (I think it's Gladys though the voice is a bit different) says, "Did I mention that I'm 'proud to be a cow' Not everyone can make food that's chock full of vitamin D."
    (Nice reference to Gladys' "Proud to Be a Cow" song)
    The cow and farmer suggest Elmo and Zoe hit the garden to find a green food (and the host tells Gina to enjoy her baloney for some reason)- and at the garden they find Susan and a girl named Bianca planting vegetables. They show them the lettuce that they've grown.

    Now the cow, Zoe and Elmo are looking for a purple food and Big Bird asks them to watch out because Snuffy's coming through with a giant purple eggplant to get to his cave for his mom to make eggplant parmalapagos- an Italian/Hawaiian dish! :)

    And with that- Elmo and Zoey have won the game. And everyone celebrates (Big Bird even comments that he doesn't even know what's going on)
    And the prize is that Zoe and Elmo get to eat the food that they found. Snuffy says hey should take all the food to his mom to have a picnic lunch! And off they go! :)

    Concluding thoughts-
    The video was better than I thought it might have been. We seemed to kind of jump from game to game- but it was pretty fun. Probably the thing I appreciated the most was a few in-jokes here and there that I pointed out throughout the review. And it was really nice to see a lot of the human characters in here- Alan, Bob, Gina, Luis and Susan! And a lot of other characters were in there besides just Elmo and Zoe- Big Bird, Oscar, Telly, (Baby Bear and Papa Bear in a segment), Gladys, Grover, Cookie Monster, (Ernie in segments) and always nice to see Snuffy in here too- and hear his mom and cave get mentioned. As I said, be sure to play the bonus game as there's a few other songs in there too- standout classic material seems to be "Hip to Be a Square" and Ernie's gardening song in the bonus game.
    Though the new host was fun- it's a shame they didn't use a classic game show host like Guy Smiley- or even Sonny Friendly!
    Nonetheless, as always- it's good fun from Sesame Street and recommended.
  8. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Now this is interesting. I was just looking at the Amazon.com listing for the "I'm Glad I'm Me" video (which has been previously reviewed here by me- I really, really liked it!:) ) but check this out.

    The reviewer on Amazon says that the video is about Grover wanting to be someone else and his Sesame Street friends cheering him up and telling him to be happy to be himself.
    This is interesting- this does not seem to be the 1986 video I remember watching... Amazon's listing says that the video was released on April 18, 1995- which may have been a rerelease... but I wonder if the storyline was somehow drastically changed or if this is just a different video altogether that's somehow gotten mixed up somewhere?
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Your mention of it being a long time since you last saw Ernie's song from the video has prompted me to point out that it was recently included in episodes from the 35th and 36th seasons.
  10. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Cool! I haven't seen much of the newer Sesame Street seasons. Good to know they're still airing the classic songs and segments here and there!:)
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Well, it's been almost a year since this thread was started, and it has improved greatly. Since starting, there have been reviews for 47 different videos with sketches, plus two reviews that are just links to reviews to other threads, and at least 6 reviews of videos that don't feature segments from the show. Way to go!!

    And I would like to point out that the following still have not been reviewed: (this is only a listing of videos that featured segments, not any video that has no segments from the show)
    Getting Ready for School
    We All Sing Together
    Imagine That!

    And theres also the upcomming Old School set, but that probably doesn't count.
  12. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I have the "Getting Ready for School" video and I think I will try to pull it out and do a review soon.:)
  13. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally got to view a long awaited video!!!!

    Sesame Street: Sing Along Earth Songs!!!!
    Woo hoo! This was an awesome video! It's been reviewed on here already, so I didn't think I'd bother to review it again in much detail- but I will mention a few cool things about it.

    Some songs on the video I remember seeing- and some I'm not sure if I've ever seen before. It was really funny to see Oscar singing "Just Throw it My Way" (obviously a parody of Frank Sinatra's "My Way"- that was awesome!:grouchy: )
    And Bip Bipadotta singing "Air"! And a Willy Wimple cartoon! I loved those as a kid. I remember the "Box City Recycling Rap" from the early 90s. "Oscar's Junk Band" was great to see- and I totally remember Bert's "Keep the Park Clean for the Pigeons"
    And Ernie's "Little Plant" song- I hadn't thought of that in forever- but when I saw it, all the memories came right back. I love that little song. And of course, one that I'd been waiting to see again for a long time- Kermit's "On My Pond"!!!:)
    (Though it seems like this version was slightly different from the audio version I've heard- perhaps a different audio version was created for album releases?) Check out this MP3 here for comparison.

    (And of course, the song was cut off a bit at the end- as I'm pretty sure all the people pick up their trash at the end...)

    But it was still great to see it again.
    And initially I thought it would have been great to see "We Are All Earthlings" on there as a closing song- (and it is an incredible song), but I think Big Bird's "What a Gift" is an even better song to end it on- as we contemplate the wondrous beauty of God's gift of creation!:excited:

    Oh yeah- and I loved the little joke at the end of the video- when Grover is saying Good Night to everyone, he says to one of the Muppets- "Good Night, John-Boy" LOL!!! That was awesome! (That close-off was something of a traditional closing off to one of the main characters on The Waltons)

    Overall- it's a great video and I'd definitely recommend it.
  14. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Kinda unique review

    Well, I don't know if everyone here has heard about this one- but I just recently watched a brand new Sesame Street video... online!:)

    It's a 2006 video called "Talk, Listen, Connect" and it's about 25 minutes long. This is a special project produced by Sesame Workshop specfically for families of deployed military officers. You can view the video and a special video for parents here.

    Basic plot- Elmo, Rosita and Telly are playing cowboy on Sesame Street when Elmo's dad comes to remind Elmo that he has to leave today because he's going off to help other people in his job and he will be away for quite a few long while. Elmo's mom and dad and Telly and Rosita all sing a song about how they will be there for Elmo and make sure he's taken care of. And then Elmo's father has to leave and Elmo describes all the things he does in the meantime- including staying connected through letters, phone calls and video teleconferences through a webcam. There are also live action videos interspersed of military families describing their experiences. At the end, Elmo's father comes back and Elmo and his dad sing a touching song about how proud they are of each other- and then they go enjoy the welcoming party with Elmo's mom, Telly and Rosita.

    Concluding thoughts- This is a great video which will give kids ideas on things they can do while one of their parents are away- and it will remind me them that are always loved and always on their mom and dad's minds.
    This is a great project Sesame Street is doing and it's one reason why I love Sesame Street so much- it's not afraid to tackle the tough topics like this- and it gives children hope for a happier tomorrow.

  15. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Another Kids' Guide to Life entry

    Well, some may have forgotten about this thread- but I still remembered it- and I've finally gotten around to doing another review!!!
    So here you have it-
    A Sesame Street "Kids' Guide to Life" video- "Learning to Share"
    It's a 1996 video with an approximate runtime of about 45 minutes according to the box (though the video itself says 50- take your pick)
    This video guest stars Katie Couric!

    This video starts with a quick live action clip of Katie hailing a taxi to Sesame Street- like the others in the series.

    -The video then has the "Kids' Guide to Life" theme song with the video being culled from various live action movies on Sesame Street throughout the years.

    -Another thing to note- the back of the box inexplicably has the songs listed out of order!

    Anyway- on to the

    Elmo is playing with his toy train in front of the Fix It Shop and he's so much into it that he barely notices Tara (the little girl in the wheelchair) greeting him- who then greets Maria and joins her in the Fix It Shop.

    New Song- Elmo sings a song called "This Is My Train" which is all about how he loves trains. (has live action video clips of trains interspersed.)
    Note the chief lyric- "This is Elmo's train!"

    Zoey comes along and asks to play with Elmo's train and he starts freaking out and finally says "No!" He says he's scared she'll break it. Elmo emphasizes that it's HIS.
    In the store, Maria and Tara are fixing a TV and watching Elmo and Zoe "playing together nicely".
    They try out the TV and ind "Cooperation Today" on with their most famous cooperator- Katie Couric interviewing Jack and Jill. They argue about who will tell her what they're doing until Katie suggests doing it together. They keep arguing about who will carry the pail- Katie suggests doing it together- but they don't listen- and Jack breaks his crown and Jill comes tumbling after. Katie explains how they can hold it together and this time they do it and actually get water!
    -Meanwhile, Zoe and Elmo are still arguing about the train. (Elmo sings brief reprise of "This Is My Train") Zoe gets upset and is about to go home, when Elmo suddenly gets those two voices of good and evil in his head. And Elmo finally decides to share so he can play with his friend. Elmo does the "chugga chugga" and Zoe does the "Whoo Whoo" and wears the engineer's hat. They find some old banana peels and put them in the train to take them to Oscar.

    Classic Song-
    Cookie Monster and monster friend have to share one cookie- and Cookie Monster sings that great song, "What Is a Friend?"- in which Cookie Monster actually gives up the last cookie for his friend!!! I love this song- this is basically Cookie Monster's version of John 15:13!:) -Of course, he decides to eat the wall instead!

    Back on "Cooperation Today", Katie inteviews the three little pigs, who are building houses of straw, sticks and bricks when the big bad wolf comes along. Katie suggests cooperating to make one house- but the pigs won't listen until the wolf remembers his lines and blows the straw and stick houses down. Then the pigs go to work on making a brick house together while the wolf is distracted by a phone call on Katie's cellular phone- from Little Red Riding Hood! When he's done, the pigs are done too- and the house stands firm!

    - Classic song- "Two Heads are Better Than One"- with the Two-Headed Monster and Herry Monster!!!

    On the street- Elmo and Zoe are playing with the train and have made it to Mr. Hooper's Store. (Another brief reprise of Elmo singing "This Is My Train")
    Zoey wants a turn pushing train- and Elmo has another conversation with the voices. And he decides to trade with Zoe- but only for 2 seconds and then demands his turn again. Zoe says they should have equal turns and then Elmo agrees.

    - Classic song- "Sharing" with Grover and Prairie Dawn!!! (on a park bench sharing a sandwich and raisins)

    -On the street- Big Bird is building a tower out of blocks in the arbor area and Big Bird notices the train is headed toward his tower. He yells out for Elmo and Zoe to stop but they don't hear him in time- and the train knocks down his tower by accident. Big Bird gets very upset about it and yells at them about it as Elmo and Zoe try to apologize- Big Bird finally calms down and forgives them- and then they realize that the blocks and train go together- and they decide to make tracks out of the blocks to lead to Oscar's trash can.
    New song- "Share" is sung with Elmo, Zoe and Big Bird
    -Back in the "Cooperation Today" set- Katie is about to show us how people cooperate internationally, when an anything Muppet interrupts her with a breaking story on Sesame Street of cooperating and sharing! She rushes back to Sesame Street to cover it live. (This is where we see the clip of Katie hailing a taxi for Sesame Street)
    Big Bird, Zoe and Elmo make it to Oscar's trash can and Katie arrives to interview them. Then they give Oscar the banana peels. (Oscar refers to them as the cheerful monsters and the big yellow turkey) And Grungetta and Oscar both pop up. Oscar gets upset about hearing Elmo tell him about cooperation because grouches hate cooperation- but then he thanks Elmo when he gives him the peels. And Oskie (as Grungetta calls him here) even shares with Grungetta and gives her one. But imagine his chagrin and how upset Oscar gets when he finds out he was caught sharing on national TV! He and Grungetta slink off.
    And then Jack and Jill and the 3 pigs show up to tell Katie about how cooperating worked for them.
    And then-
    New song- "Cooperation Song" with Big Bird, Zoey, Elmo, Jack and Jill, 3 pigs and Katie Couric singing it.

    -At the end- Katie Couric sits on the railing of the 123 stoop and gives parents a special message about sharing and cooperation with their little kids. Zoe and Elmo run by playing here and there throughout it. At the end, Zoe and Elmo argue about whose turn it is to talk- then tell Katie they were just kidding- and the say "Good bye" together!

    Credits roll with reprise of "Cooperation Song" playing and video clips from video rolling. I think I spotted Gaby somewhere in the clips as one of the kids on the street.

    -And then there's a special offer from Sesame Street Magazine!

    - Okay- so overall I thought this was a great entry for the "Kids' Guide to Life" series and definitely a great Sesame Street video overall. This is probably one of the best "Kids' Guide to Life" videos- as it has quite a few classic songs and even classic characters!
    Maria is the only Sesame Street human in it and she has a brief role. Katie Couric does a large part of guest starring- but doesn't overshadow the Muppets. Nice to have Big Bird included with Elmo and Zoe so it isn't just centered on them. And it was way cool to have both Oscar and even Grungetta show up!
    And yes, there's some other songs that could have been used- but I haven't seen these particular songs with Herry, the Two-Headed Monster, Grover and Prairie Dawn in a long time! And I love the Cookie Monster song too!
    All in all- it's a great video that accomplishes what it sets out to do- and includes some nice classic clips along the way.

  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I don't think Learn to Share is very good. I like the skits in it, but there aren't very many.

    The video should have had the original version of Share with Ernie and Cookie Monster, the Sesame Street News sketch where Kermit and Telly interview each other about co-operation, Co-operation Makes it Happen, and The Geefle and The Gonk.
  17. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, of the two "Kids' Guide to Life" videos I've seen (Learning to Share and Telling the Truth) - Learning to Share definitely seems to have a better range of classic songs and sketches. I would still like to track down the "Big Bird Gets Lost" video at some point and see that one for comparison.

    By the way- I hope to obtain a copy of "Get Up and Dance" soon- so once it comes in at the library, I'll have that one to review!:)
  18. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    They Should have The Classic Stuff. such as
    -IN sketch
    -Ernie goes Rock Hunting
    -Rubber Duckie
    -Being Green
    -I love Trash
    (Although I bet most of these are already on Video or DVD)
  19. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Another different kind of review...(SPOILERS for new video)

    Well, I just picked up a copy of a new video tonight and I was quite excited about it- so I'm going to go ahead and do a quick review of the 2006 Sesame Street video- "A Sesame Street Christmas Carol".
    The run time on this video is about 45 minutes or so.

    Plot- The main plot is very loosely based on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". The only main concept that is used is the vistation of the three ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. Tim Curry narrates the story as he starts out by describing some of the happy Christmases in the past on Sesame Street- with some Street scenes from past Christmas specials. Then we see the present day Oscar being miserable in his trash can because yet another Christmas is upon him. He's planned to wait this one out and just sleep through it.
    But then a Scaredy-Pants messenger arrives for him with 3 Ghost-o-grams! He delivers the three one by one throughout the special- giving Oscar the instructions cards for each one. And then Oscar gets a visit from Rhubarb- the Ghost of Christmas Past. He's a grouch and so he hates all this sentimental Christmas goodwill and stuff that he has to show Oscar. And so he shows Oscar a retelling of "The Gift of the Magi"- whereupon we get to see a clip of the whole Ernie and Bert self-sacrifice for Christmas from the 1978 classic- "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" (It stops right after Ernie and Bert wish Mr. Hooper a "Merry Christmas" as he's leaving)
    And then we see a scene about being with friends on Christmas- and we see Big Bird's song from the 1996 special- "Elmo Saves Christmas"- where Big Bird is leaving a message on Snuffy's answering machine because he misses his friend and "all he wants for Christmas is you".
    And then the ghost leaves and Oscar thinks he'll have some peace- but then the delivery guy comes and does his deal- and Christmas Carole (a female living Christmas tree) shows up as the Ghost of Christmas Present to show Oscar the joy of Christmas going on all around him. For this round- segments from the special "Elmo's World: Happy Holidays" (which focuses on Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa) and "Elmo Saves Christmas"
    First we have Elmo visiting Santa Claus and asking him to help him figure out what to get Dorothy for Christmas (this is from the "Elmo's World" special)
    and then we see Elmo singing his song about how if it were Christmas every day, it wouldn't be Christmas at all (From "Elmo Saves Christmas") - and- in between banter between Oscar and Carole, we take a look at the other holiday traditions celebrated in winter (live action clips of families celebrating Hannukah and Kwanzaa, presumably taken from the "Elmo's World" special)
    (I found this part a little jarring- and a bit upsetting that political correctness called for this to be stuck in there- even though the video was plainly billed as a Christmas special- and all the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future had been talking to Oscar about celebrating Christmas!:smirk: )
    Indeed, after this little bit- Carole tells Oscar about how you can "Keep Christmas With You" all through the year- and we have the classic Christmas song played (although it's the version from "Elmo Saves Christmas"- too bad. I'd rather have seen the original from "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street")
    And finally- after another exchange with the delivery guy- Oscar is visited by a robot named "SAM"!!!!:) This is probably my favorite part of the Christmas special- because I'm going to count this as a modern incarnation of SAM the Robot!!! It had a similar face to the original puppet- though this version was computer-generated and only had the face and a circle for a body. But it was pretty obviously meant to be a version of the SAM robot '70s Sesame Street viewers would be familiar with. It even started stuttering on its lines every now and then until Oscar hit the remote control that came with it to fix him! And then SAM thanked Oscar. Yes! This is definitely the coolest part of the whole thing!
    SAM gives Oscar a view of the Christmas holidays in the future (which seems to be an animated segment from the "Elmo's World" special)
    And then SAM starts going haywire and playing Christmas music and Oscar is going crazy listening to it....
    Until Oscar wakes up and it's Christmas morning. And he sees the delivery guy outside his can- only he's actually just a kid and not the guy from Oscar's dream. The kid gives Oscar a Christmas gift of wadded up wrapping paper- which Oscar is quite grateful for- and then gets excited to think that Christmas is over the next day- and with a "Bah Humbag" to the kid- he drops back down into his trash can.
    And the narrator ends with basically just saying that we now have yet another Christmas on Sesame Street- and even grouches can be touched by it or something to that effect.
    And the end credits roll- and that's it!

    ---Well, after anticipating a full blown Sesame Street adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel- this was definitely not what I expected. It was kinda neat to see the footage from past Christmas specials incorporated into this special...but some of it was pretty unnecessary. Basically, it just came off more as a rehash of past Christmas specials than anything else. For those who by some sad state of affairs have never had the pleasure of seeing "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" or never even seen "Elmo Saves Christmas" (which, in retrospect, isn't nearly as bad as I had first thought of it)- then this video might be a fun introduction to them.
    As I said before, SAM was pretty much the main cool thing about it to me... And it was nice for Oscar to have a starring role by himself, as he was the only regular Muppet to appear in the main story.
    But otherwise- I'd just as soon watch "Elmo Saves Christmas", or better still "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street". I haven't seen it yet so I guess I can't really say for sure- but I think I'd like "A Special Sesame Street Christmas" better than this. :D

    (I don't mean to sound harsh- I just feel a bit disappointed in something I had higher hopes for. It's not a bad production by any means- just not what I expected. But give it a try and see for yourself.)
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Was Sam the Robot still voiced by Jerry Nelson, or somebody else?

    It's too bad that there (probably) weren't any clips from A Special Sesame Street Christmas. That rarity could have finally had some scenes available on home video.

    I think it's weird that clips from past specials were included, since those three specials were recently packaged together in a three-disc set. Could it have been a subtle promo?

    It would have been cool if it had some bonus clips relating to christmas or winter, such as:
    Sesame Street News: holiday mix-up
    Sesame Street News: waiting for Santa to get down the chimney
    Kermit and Grover build a snowman
    Ernie and Bert build a snowman
    Bert dreams of being an ice skater
    Grover demonstrates near and far on ice skates
    Sesame Street News: man in snowstorm parts 1-3

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