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Sketches and Songs on Sesame Street videos

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by GonzoLeaper, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    At long last- a new review for this thread!

    "Sesame Sings Karaoke" - 2003 video, runtime approximately 41 minutes

    Plot- Video opens with Elmo humming a song on the steps of 123 Sesame Street. (The tune sounds very similar to "The Wonder Years" (I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker, also recorded by The Beatles)
    theme song, by the way, though Elmo's just singing "La, La, La". ) We see notes coming out when Elmo's singing and one of the animated notes stays when the others disappear and the note plays both a happy and sad version of the same tune Elmo was humming and Elmo suggests that they just stick to happy songs. From this point on, Elmo remembers a day when everyone just wanted to sing and we have a really long flashback.
    - Camera swings out to Fix It Shop (I guess it's the Mail It Shop now, but I'm still used to saying Fix It Shop) and we see Bob coming out to join Alan on the street as they're singing a new song called "There's Something in the Air" (that makes them want to sing!) Big Bird joins in and others come along, including Gabi and Miles and Elmo and some sheep.
    Withhin the song, Bob breaks into a bit of "Sing" for a bit. After the song, Gabi and Miles go off to play basketball, Alan offers Bob free coffee from Hooper's Store, Big Bird goes off and Elmo goes to wait for Rosita to meet him to play. Elmo sings "Somebody Come and Play". Lots of others are playing in the background, including a few familiar monsters like the gray one and an orange one with horns. Oscar and Grungetta are seen in the background while Elmo's singing and a Honker and Dinger come by. Elmo says he hopes Rosita gets there soon. Then there's a big medley of "Somebody come and Play" with Suzy Kabloozy (cartoon) singing, Ernie with 2 birds and a squirrel in the park, and Snuffy. Rosita then comes up singing the same song and runs into Miles and Gabi and basically Rosita and Elmo spend most of the rest of the flashback sequence looking for each other and keep missing each other. Elmo goes to check with Big Bird at his nest to see if he's seen Rosita and of course, Rosita walks right by and misses him. Then "Sing" is played while claymation animations are played on the screen. And then we jump back to the sheep humming "Sing" while Elmo emerges from Big Bird's nest. Elmo and Rosita both ask the sheep if they've seen each other and both miss each other again. (The sheep are singing "Baa Baa Baa Baa Baa Baa Baa" instead of the "La La La"s). Rosita sings "I'm Going to Get to You" and the sheep join in on backup "Baa"s.
    -Classic animation clip- Claymation orange sings "I'm Going to Get to You"
    Elmo and Rosita come to the conclusion that each other forgot about their play date and they both sing a slow version of "Somebody Come and Play" and they finally wind up right next to each other and then turn around and find each other! And then they sing a happy version of "Somebody Come and Play". Bob and Alan come from Hooper's Store and Big Bird, Miles, Gabi, horned orange monster from before, sheep, and Herry all come together and sing a quick reprise of the "There's Something in the Air Today" song again. I may be totally crazy on this one but in that mix I saw a Muppet that very much resembled Roosevelt Franklin!!!!!!! He had the purple face (though the face looked a little bit off- it was still quite close) and he had the same black crop of hair and the same yellow shirt!!! He wasn't identified by anyone on the video, but I'm calling him Roosevelt Franklin! That's so awesome to see a character who hasn't shown up in forever suddenly make a cool cameo there!

    Then we go back to Elmo sitting on the stoop and he starts off his next flashback, telling about the time that everyone on Sesame Street got together to sing karaoke songs.

    -Jazz player type Muppet is seen playing the Sesame Street theme song on a harmonica from a top window above Hooper's Store, which is hosting a Karaoke night. Maria and Susan go by to set up and Bob walks by with a grey Honker and Baby Bear goes by with Telly, explaining to him about Karaoke. Elmo, Zoey, Big Bird, Baby Bear, and Telly are all there, along with Gladys the Cow, who actually has a fairly big role. And a penguin's in the audience too and a Dinger is there too.
    Orange monster with long blue nose is seen in background (Monster Clubhouse monster) For the humans, Bob, Alan, Maria, Luis, Gabi, Susan, Gordon, Miles and Gina are all there. And the kids, of course. Some interesting Muppets make cameos in the background shots like- Phoebe (green girl monster), Grandma from "Telephone Rock" song, purple AM that looks like Murray the Mediocre from "A Magical Halloween Adventure" video and even what seems to be Prairie Dawn as well (though a slightly different look from her normal appearance- I was almost thinking it might be Betty Lou, but she doesn't have the ponytails.) A duck is also looking in from the windows.
    Alan hosts the whole thing. Gladys keeps trying to sing throughout the whole thing and keeps grabbing the mic- even though she's not signed up to sing. She keeps calling it a cowaoke night. At first she sings "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" and later sings another song I"m not familiar with.
    Set list for songs-
    1. Big Bird sings "ABC DEF GHI"
    And all throughout songs, Baby Bear is trying to encourage Telly and show him that karaoke is easy and fun. Telly is made good use of with his propensivity for worrying.
    2. Rosita sings "You Say Hola" and initially messes up, but everyone encourages her to start again. Her song is interspersed with a clip of Gloria Estefan singing the same song, along with Humphrey and Ingrid, Curly Bear and his wife, Telly and Rosita and Zoey and Baby Bear. (Each of these celebrity clips has some kind of bar taking up some of the screen with the blue note on it that Elmo was talking with at the beginning of the video)
    3. Gabi and Miles sing "A New Way to Walk"- it's interspersed with "Destiny's Child's version of the song, also featuring Zoey, Elmo and Grover and Mr. Noodle (or is that Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle? :)) A couple of familiar live action video clips are shown with this song too.
    4. Gladys jumps in again and tries to sing "That's Amore" but Alan cuts her off, announcing Gina and Elmo and Alan are up next. They have a false start, but then sing "The Ladybugs' Picnic", which is of course, interspersed with the classic cartoon clips, more or less seen in its entirety, along with the blue note jumping around the screen.
    5. Baby Bear is up to sing "Let's Go Driving". And Baby Bear, who'd been so confident to Telly, is suddenly hit with stage fright. Telly rushes up to help Baby Bear and actually helps him sing the song. This is interspersed with the classic "Let's Go Driving" song video clips, as originally performed by AMs (I remember watching this one as a kid! :)), and other driving scenes are thrown into the mix too. Grover driving a taxi with Fat Blue as his customer, cartoon cars in traffic, Zoey driving a car down Sesame Street going by Oscar and Elmo, another cartoon car, live action cars gong by and then back to AMs. (Again, blue note is jumping around the screen). On the next verse, there's more clips of The Two-Headed Monster driving a green jeep, Oscar in his car (loaded with junk, of course), cartoon family in their car, black and white '20s style cars clip, Zoey riding by again, and cartoon family in car again. Back to AMs. And then back to Baby Bear and Telly.
    6. which is actually 7. Bob sings "People in Your Neighborhood"- starts out okay, but the karaoke machine breaks down. Telly offers to get his tuba to play for Bob and Rosita offers her guitar and Zoey offers her tambourine and Elmo offers his drum and Gladys offers her harmonica and Bob points out that his voice is an instrument. Then we jump to clip of Ben Stiller and Telly singing "People in Your Neighborhood", with a female letter carrier in the first verse and the cable guy in the 2nd. verse and then Ben wants to be in the song. Telly starts singing about Ben being a person in the neighborhood, but Ben decides to go put on a costume first. He comes out as a cheese and sings about a cheese being a person in your neighborhood. Telly sensibly points out that a cheese isn't a person in your neighborhood, but then says "Oh why not?" and sings along with Ben. Jumps back to Bob and his ensemble singing "People in Your Neighborhood" and whole audience joins in.
    Oscar is in the distance and getting upset that everyone's happy in the day and even at night. He drops back into his trash can upset.
    Then Gladys calls for a reprise and everyone sings "People in Your Neighborhood" again, ending with the jazz player dude briefly playing his harmonica.

    Then we're back to Elmo and the blue note who suggests that the viewers try some singing. The blue note jumps through an animated alphabet and Elmo takes viewer through the ABCs song and then offers just the tune and lets the viewer sing for themselves. Then Elmo suggests that everyone sing together and we all sing his "La La La" song again and after a reminder to keep singing, the video ends with that same tune that sounds a bit like The Wonder Years theme song.

    Many songs are repeated a lot in this video, but at least they're classic songs and there are some cool surprises in here, like favorites like "A New Way to Walk" and "Let's Go Driving". Wasn't expecting to see those again. I'd prefer the original versions over the celebrity-studded ones, but oh well. At least the songs were there. And there were some very cool cameos from very rarely-seen Muppets, especially if those Prairie Dawn (okay, she's still pretty regularly seen) and Roosevelt Franklin ones count! :) Good to see Oscar included even though he didn't have a big role, along with Grundgetta and Herry making some cameos. And Snuffy showed up in one of the songs. It might have been nice if Bert and Ernie had been there to sing too. Ernie could've sung "Rubber Duckie" or "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" and Bert could've sung "Doing the Pigeon" or they could even have sung one of their great duets like "I Like You". Grover could've sung "Monster in the Mirror", Herry could've sung "Herry's Family" song, Cookie Monster could've sung "C is for Cookie" or "Me Gotta Be Blue", Oscar could've sung "I Love Trash" and it would have been really cool to even have Kermit there to sing "Bein' Green" or one of his many other SS classics like "This Frog", "Frogs in the Glen" or "In the Quiet of the Evening".

    But it was good to see some classics and hear a lot of singing of some of my favorite Sesame Street songs, so that was cool. And there were some classic full segments and clips that made it worth watching too. It's a definitely a good one, like they all are!
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    They are especially hard to describe if they are animated/ non-muppet skits. I know how to describe the Pinball Number Count segments, but it's hard for me to describe any individual segment (it's been a long time since I last saw any complete "pinball Number Count" segment, besides the one for twelve).
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

  4. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Thanks for adding the link, Dr. Tooth!:)
    Any reviews of any Sesame Street videos are definitely welcomed! There's still quite a few more out there- one of these days maybe I'll have time to review a few more. I'm hoping this thread can help to be a somewhat comperehensive guide to the various favorite old sketches and songs that are available on different videos.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    'Bout Time for Another Review

    Title: Bert and Ernie's Word Play

    Release year: 2002

    Ernie and Bert are hosting a vaudville-type show about words. Prairie dawn is the producer (or is she the director?), and Benny seems to be her assistant. Ernie and bert start the show by showing a machine that has a chicken on top. Whenever the chicken hears the word "Go", it will lay an egg and shoota pie off on stage. Bert says "Go" several times throughout the video and get's hit in the face. Grover comes to deliver a singing telegram to Prairie Dawn. it's from the performer of the final act, who can't make it to the show. Prairie now struggles to find a closing act. Elmo and Zoe then introduce Cookie Monster, who sings about various kinds of foods. Bert and Ernie then talk about the word "Goat". A group of penguins show up to audition, and prove to be good enough, but after slipping on the slippery floor, decide not to be in the show. Elmo, Zoe, and Rosita then sing a song about sticky things. Bert and Ernie then talk abuout the word "Amigo". It get's closer to the closing and there's still no act. Bert goes on-stage to tell soem jokes to keep the audience busy. Everybody overhears two stagehands, Mo and Flo, singing
    with terriffic voices. Turns out that they were once part of a singing group, but ended their career when their high-voiced singer moved to florida. They then hear Elmo and put him in the group, and they have an act.

    *G Words
    *Cartoon: the word "Go" goes down a street
    *Kermit picks up a personalized T-Shirt.
    *I Am Chicken
    *Soul A
    *I'm a bookworm baby
    *Fat Cat (with sing-along lyrics)
    *Man shows signs reading "open", "close", and "Forget it"
    *Pigeons, Cookies, and trash (over credits)

    This video also has two cartoons (between I Am Chicen and Soul A) about words that end with some word, but I can't remember which word.
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    a list of videos not yet reviewed

    It's been awhile since the last time anybody has written any reviews or listings of skits in the videos, so i thought I'd make a checklist of all videos not yet listed. I am not going to list any video releases of television specials, movies, episodes of the show that have been released on video, video adaptions of storybooks, Elmo's World videos, any of the William Wegman's Dogs videos, or any of the videos made for some kind of video console in the 1980s (I'm not sure how to explain this, but there was some kind of console in the 1980s that people could watch videos on, and could participate in special games or activities if they used the consoles, although they could also be viewed in normal VCRs, but there were a few Sesame Street and Muppet videos released as part of this, though I'm not sure what the titles for any of the Sesame Street videos were, nor do I know whetehr they actually included segments from the show).

    Here is a checklist:

    Getting Ready For School
    We All Sing Together
    Sing-Along Earth Songs
    Telling The Truth
    Big Bird Get's Lost
    123 Count With Me
    Let's Eat
    Zoe's Dance Moves
    All-Star Alphabet (I have reviewed it in another thread a long time ago)

    If anybody has seen any of those (and I have seen some, but just haven't reviewed them) then it would be great if you could do a little review. I also have a feeling that I forgot to mention something, but I can't remember what.
  7. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I actually have the "Getting Ready for School" video at home and as soon as I can find some spare time, I'll see about doing a review for it.
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention Imagine That!
  9. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yeah! A new review!

    Well, here's something to revive this thread. I've got 2 new reviews coming.

    We'll start with "Fiesta!" - a 1997 video running at 30 minutes long. (Interestingly, it has the Sesame Street 30 years anniversay logo on the video even though the 30th. anniversary didn't take place until 1999, but perhaps this is a later release or something)

    Song list

    Numero Comparsa
    El Baile Del Pinguino
    Conga Counting Song
    It Sure Is Hot
    South American Way
    La Charreada


    Okay- Mara, Gabi, Elmo and Rosita are in the arbor area planning a carnival. Rosita brings out "carosa" (Spanish for "float") for a parade. (Note- This whole video is aimed at teaching Spanish to children, so a lot of Spanish words are used and defined throughout video)
    *Song- Celia Cruz sings "Numero Comparsa" (which teaches you how to count to 10 in Spanish)
    *Classic song/sketch- In a park, Carlos teaches Betty Lou Spanish words of introduction and casual conversation as they sing "Amigo"
    Back on the street, Maria works on fixing the float while kids pick costumes.
    *Rosita sings "Fiesta" and is accompanied by Telly, Zoe, Baby Bear, Elmo and even Betty Lou!
    On the street, everyone shows Maria their costumes as Oscar shows up. They try to get Oscar to guess what Elmo is dressed as and he, of course, refuses. Oscar doesn't want to play (he even calls Elmo "fuzzface") and tells them to stop bugging him. Elmo tells him he got it right and Elmo is a bug, much to Oscar's chagrin.
    *Song- El Baile Del Pinguino (Penguins and Eskimos do mambo dance)
    Gladys and Cathleen also show up on background vocals, along with chicken, lamb and bear
    -Back on the street, Maria leads kids in a conga dance, with Elmo's "silly wiggle" dance thrown in for a twist!
    *Song- some kids sing "Conga Counting Song"
    *Song- It Sure Is Hot- AMs sing about the weather in Spanish as an icebreaker for meeting a girl
    -On the street, Maria fixes the float and Elmo, being smallest, tries it out by diving on it and promptly breaks it again!
    *Song- South American Way- sung by some AMs
    On the street, Elmo calls on his fairy godmother (like in Cinderella) to turn his pineapple into float. Oscar pulls up in his Sloppy Jalopy just at this moment and Elmo thinks it's the fulfillment of his request. Oscar refuses to have his car used for the parade until Gabi tells him they'd have to decorate it with trash for the float, and of course, Oscar then agrees to go along with it. (Note- Oscar calls Elmo "fuzzyface" again at this point!)
    *Song- La Charreada- sung by Elmo, AMs and Linda Ronstadt (and Buster has a cameo)
    On the street, Elmo and Rosita are bugs for Carnival and Maria is a Queen Bee. The carnival is celebrated on Sesame Street with Oscar's car as the main float. Even Oscar gets into celebrating along with a Honker by the time the end credits are rolling.

    And there you have it. I especially liked Oscar's interaction with Elmo and Rosita and Gabi in this video. That was pretty cool. And one of the best parts is that Betty Lou actually showed up in 2 clips- one a very classic one and the other probably a new clip made just for the video. I've seen Betty Lou show up in books, but have very rarely seen her on the show itself, so this was really cool for me. :)
  10. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yeah! A new review!

    see above and below
  11. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    see above and below
  12. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Here's a review of "Let's Make Music" - a 2000 video with a 40 minutes running time.
    Stars Kevin Clash as Elmo, Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar and Martin P. Robinson as Telly AND Jerry Nelson and Frank Oz!!!
    Also- Alan Muraoka is on there as Alan, of course
    And cast of "Stomp" is there -one of which is Luke Cresswell (the only one specifically mentioned)

    Video starts out with Stomp cast playing Sesame Street theme song in the arbor area (they actually start inside of what is now Gina's vet office). They make the music by clapping and tapping on stuff.
    2 of them find Telly's tuba sitting on a chair by itself and take it to try to find the owner.
    *Classic sketch- Bert hears someone playing a tuba in a park and it turns out to be Simon Soundman making the noise himself, who then tries to teach Bert to do it! Bert winds up making a "moo" and having a cow come after him and chase him! (I loved this one as a kid- never thought about it much until I saw it on the video and the memories just rushed back!:) )
    -Back on the street, while Gina, kid and Honker are in Hooper's Store, Alan talks to Telly as he tells him about making music with a music group that day, but he can't find his tuba, which he needs for when he meets the music group (which is Stomp). Telly enlists Alan to look for the tuba while Stomp dudes make music with a broom in the background.
    *Stop motion live action clip (pictures of shoes tapping and doors closing)
    *live action clip- six black girls do a rhyme and stomp dance on a playground about the number six
    -On the street, some kids are playing a similar clapping game while Elmo tries to console Telly. Elmo sings a song to Telly about what makes music. (And if you haven't figured it out yet, the point of this video is that anything can make music!;) ) As Elmo sings, the kids join in along with Alan, 2 Honkers and a Dinger and Oscar and a Grouchkateer briefly chime in too.
    -Elmo then tells Telly that there's music everywhere as a Stomp member comes by shaking something.
    *live clip of hands shaking stuff, beating on cans, shaking paper, etc. All you see are hands sticking out from the top and bottom of screen.
    *live clip of 2 girls and a boy beating pots and drums in a house
    -On the street, Elmo and Telly sit on 123 stoop and talk about using your voice for music. Elmo even does an impromptu rap. Then Elmo tells Telly about using your voice to count and make music. He then demonstrates by singing the "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12" animated pinball song! :D and Telly joins in. Stomp members add to the rhtyhm by coming by and beating brooms on the floor. (They never say anything though)
    *Animated pinball clip -#12
    -On the street, Oscar holds a Grouchkateer meeting where they beat on rusty cans in their "Can Can" game. Stomp guys from start of show ask about the tuba, but Oscar doesn't know about it and he tells them they're playing their "Can Can" game right now. One guy asks if it's because they use 2 cans and Oscar gives him his famous "Ding Dong, you're wrong!" line as he explains it's called "Can Can" because you can only do it with cans. Since the Stomp guys need to ge their cans, they tell Oscar they'll be right back and they come back wearing barrells tied to their feet and walking with them on.
    *Classic sketch- Bert sings a song about Oatmeal boxes and how he makes a beat with them. (He sings his famous "Chicka Chicka Boom" line in this song)
    *live clip of African kids playing drums
    -On the street, Telly checks in with Baby Bear, but he can't find the tuba either. Baby Bear inadvertently figures out he can make music by blowing into a bottle at Hooper's Store. He then shows it to Telly and the Stomp guys demonstrate for a skeptical Telly.
    *Animated clip of animals marching along single file. (Ladybug, elephant, zebra, ostrich, frog and armadillo, all of which end up on the elephant's back by the end of it)
    *Black girls sing a song with handclaps and one of them teaches a younger girl how it's done. (This is the "Grandma's sick in bed, Called the doctor and here's what he said- "Let's get the rhythm of the..." etc. song) Then all the girls do it together. (I remember this one from my youth too!)
    -On the street, Rosita, Elmo and kids learn to make rhythms with their bodies from Luke Cresswell (of Stomp).
    *live "Body Dance" rap with kids in city clip (I also remember this one- good old late '80s rap! :))
    -On the street, Elmo introduces Stomp to Telly. They and kids start beating on everything to make music. One member even jumps out of Oscar's trash can and Oscar pops up to tell him "And don't come back!"
    -Honkers, a green Dinger, Baby Bear, Big Bird and Alan join in the music-making of Stomp and the kids. Telly finally finds the two guys with his tuba and gets it back and then everyone plays music as the ending credits roll.

    Overall, I liked this video. There's definitely some great classic skits with Bert that I had totally forgotten about. And some other good songs I remember too. Oscar again had some good interaction in this one too.
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That's odd. I made a list of what hasn't been reviewed, yet I forgot to list both videos that were just reviewed.

    I have thought about buying Let's Make Music, though I haven't been able to decide if I should or not, but knowing that Simon Soundman appears in that video helps me out with my decision.

    I saw a short clip of the Fiesta song in the DVD samples feature on various Sesame Street DVDs, and that looks like it's a segment from the show. Is there anything that helps prove that it was or wasn't created for the video? I haven't actually seen it on the show, so I don't know.
  14. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm just guessing the "Fiesta" song was just made for the video. It could have been used on the show- I just haven't seen many songs on Sesame Street that star Rosita- though I guess it's been a while since I've seen more of the current episodes.
  15. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Here's another review!

    From the Sesame Street Kids' Guide to Life series, we have the entry "Telling the Truth". This is a 1997 video (released on DVD in 2003) and it guest stars Dennis Quaid as Telly's Uncle Tommy! :)

    There aren't any classic clips used on the video, which I'll have to admit is one of the main reasons I like to check these Sesame Street videos out. But I think the storyline is a good one and it should be engaging for kids. It certainly does a good job of getting the point of the video across- to let kids know that lying is wrong and we should always tell the truth.

    I should mention that the video starts off with a theme song for the "Kids' Guide to Life" series, which actually does use a couple of classic clips from the show here and there. (They're mainly live action shots of kids- I think I recognized one from the "Brushing My Hair" song)

    The main storyline takes place at Gina's Day Care service, located next door to the Furry Arms hotel. So I guess there's one plus right there, for fans of the "Around the Corner" part of the Street. Of course, Allison Bartlett-O'Reilly is there as Gina and there are also a bunch of kids and AMs at the day care. The main characters though are Telly, Elmo and Baby Bear. Everyone is excited about the circus being in town as Elmo and others excitedly talk about what they saw at the circus. Telly is the only who hasn't been to the circus yet and he's getting sick of hearing all about it all the time. Gina calls everyone over for storytime and she reads the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Leo, the boy watching the sheep, decides to test out his call and his whole family comes running to catch the wolf. After seeing that there wasn't a wolf, they launch into the first song, called "Believe You Me". Back at the day care, Elmo is getting sleepy but he tells Gina to keep reading. As Gina goes on with the story, Elmo falls asleep and dreams that he is part of the story. Leo calls the family again to show off for Elmo and again they coming running. At the day care, Gina has to stop the story for a second to answer the phone. During the sudden break, the kids start talking about the circus again and Telly finally blurts out to Baby Bear that his uncle Tommy is a ringmaster at the circus who's also been shot out of a cannon. Though Telly begroans to the camera over why he's saying all this junk, he goes right on with his story until he gets a little shock when Gina tells him that the phone call was to say that Uncle Tommy would be coming to pick Telly up that day! Of course, everyone is thrilled at the prospect of meeting a circus ringmaster!
    Telly was immediately panicked (as Telly can do so well) and Gina went back to the story, in which Leo called his family a third time for a joke and then after that time a wolf really did come along and the family refused to come. Elmo sent Leo to physically get his family while Elmo guarded the sheep, but Elmo passed out when he saw the wolf. The family finally came back and found the wolf tied up because the sheep had taken care of him.
    When Uncle Tommy does arrive, and Telly goes out to greet him and finally winds up telling him about his lie. Telly and Tommy here sing the 2nd. song on the video "I Wanna Take It Back". Tommy encourages Telly to tell the truth and when the kids and Gina come out, he does just that. And they all forgive him. And then all join in singing a song called "The Truth". (Leo and the sheep join in on this song.) And the kids are even more excited when Telly tells them that Tommy is really an astronaut! Tommy then has to get Gina to take Telly home because Tommy gets a phone call on his cell phone and finds out that he has to go blast off to the moon, which he literally does as NASA people show up to give him a space suit and helmet and he blasts off with a backpack on, waving goodbye to the kids. And the credits roll as Tommy rises up into space.
    At the end of the video, Dennis Quaid also has a personal message to parents about helping teach children to tell the truth!:attitude:

    Overall, it was a good video approximately 30 minutes long that did what it set out to do. It doesn't really utilize any classic clips, but it does do a good job of teaching kids to tell the truth and would be a useful tool for parents.
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That sounds a bit sad that Telling the Truth doesn't have any clips. Two clips that I would have included (if I was in charge of the video) are the Sesame Street News skit where Kermit interviewed Pinnocchio and the first season sketch where Ernie ate Bert's cake and lied about a monster taking the cake and framing Ernie.
  17. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yeah, those would have been good ones to include. I think most of the "Kids' Guide to Life" series doesn't tend to include classic clips- though I think maybe a few of them do. When I get time, I'll have to try to check out some more.
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, there are three "Kids Guide to Life" videos. I've read that Big Bird Get's Lost does not have any segments at all, and as stated in my review, Learn To Share has a few classic clips. I don't know if What is Friend? is considered "classic" or not (though I think it was more recent at the time the video was released), but Sharing and Two Heads are Better than One are both classics. I think they are both from the early 1980s.
  19. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    A different kind of review...

    Well, a few of these have been covered before, but since I just got through watching this video, I'll go ahead and put up a review for this one. It's a 1991 video called "Ernie's Little Lie and Other Stories". This is one of those videos that is a stop motion film- it uses the illustrations from Sesame Street books to tell the story. There are 3 books covered on this video.
    "Ernie's Little Lie", "That's Not Fair" and "Why are you so mean to me?"

    Though it's not quite the same as watching the show itself, these videos are still neat to watch because a lot of characters sometimes show up in the books that don't show up much on Sesame Street anymore. And Carroll Spinney did the narration for all three stories. So of course his Big Bird voice was dead on- though funnily enough his Oscar voice sounded a little off, but maybe that was just me. He also attempted to imitate Ernie and Bert and Grover throughout the stories and that was pretty funny hearing that. (And he did a pretty decent job with Grover's voice.)

    In "Ernie's Little Lie"- Ernie eyes a paint set at Mr. Hooper's Store and finds out that it's the prize in a painting contest. So he goes home to paint a picture of Rubber Duckie. The mailman comes by and gives Ernie a letter from his cousin, which includes a superb painting of a tiger. Ernie sees how awesome it looks and thinks about saying that this is his entry, but then realizes it'd be lying and decides not to. Bert comes home and sees the tiger painting, which he compliments and tells Ernie he'll be sure to win with it. And he's so excited, he takes the painting for Ernie to enter in the contest, even though Ernie tries to tell him that it's not his, but Bert goes off before he can tell him. Big Bird and Oscar are the other two entrants- Oscar with a painting of his trash can and Big Bird with a painting of his nest and Mr. Hooper is officiating. He awards Ernie the prize and Ernie finally breaks down crying and tells everyone the truth about the painting. And Ernie decides to give the paint set to his cousin and everyone is happy again.
    -Main cool factor here- Mr. Hooper shows up!!!

    Then there's "It's Not Fair"- which I thought was a pretty interesting look at Bert and Ernie's relationship. Ernie suggests to Bert that they set up a lemonade stand and Bert winds up doing all of the work to get it set up. Ernie buys oranges instead of lemons from Mr. McIntosh's stand (yes- even Mr. McIntosh shows up and has a few lines!!!) Then Bert goes to get the lemons and leaves Ernie to finish painting the sign he was making. When Bert gets back Ernie has made a mess, so Ernie goes to get a bath and Bert makes the lemonade. Then when everyone comes to get some lemonade (including Big Bird, Grover, Bob, Susan, Gordon and Mr. McIntosh), everyone compliments Ernie. Bert finally can't take it anymore and explodes- saying that it's not fair that he does all the work and has to fix all of Ernie's mistakes. Ernie goes off to get a surprise for Bert to show him he's sorry and he brings Bert a new dust pan and broom, which Bert goes nuts over. And of course, all is forgiven and everyone's happy.
    - (And yes- Bob, Susan, Gordon and Mr. McIntosh all have lines- but the only one doing any voices is Carroll Spinney- so it's fun to hear his take on all the characters)

    And finally there's "Why Are You so Mean to Me?"
    This one stars Grover. Grover's mom sends Grover off to school, who's excited because it's the day of the class picnic. His mom gives him a baseball bat and he can't wait to play baseball (he's never played before.)
    He tells Truman about this on the way to school and then they get to the picnic. He has fun there up to the time after lunch, when they're ready to start the baseball game. Truman and Jill pick the teams and Grover is last to be picked and Truman is forced to take him, but he thinks Grover will lose the game for them because he's never played before. As it turns out, they do lose the game and Grover misses all the pitches. All the kids (mostly AMs) make fun of him (apparently including Betty Lou- hmm, I would have expected better of her:attitude:)
    Grover walks home sadly later on and stops by Oscar's trash can where Big Bird is working on a painting of Grover. Grover is upset and tells Big Bird that his painting stinks and consequently makes Big Bird upset, who asks Grover, "Why are you so mean to me?" Finally, Grover spills the story out and Big Bird practices baseball with Grover, using Oscar's battered old baseball that he lends them, and then tells them to get lost. Finally, Grover is able to hit the baseball and Big Bird misses all his tries, pointing out that he's even worse than Grover!;) (Big Bird is definitely a good friend in this story.) Grover tells Big Bird that he didn't mean what he said earlier and that he likes his painting and asks if he can have it, and of course Big Bird says yes. Grover gets home and tells his mom about what happened and she comments that Big Bird is a good friend to Grover and they hang up Big Bird's painting. And Grover's mom tells Grover that even if he isn't good at baseball, he'll always be good at being Grover!:)

    And there you have it. Oh, one other thing I should mention. Big Bird also sings a song at the start and end of the video- most of the lyrics comprising of "Read along with me" (so it's an original song for the "read along series" which is kinda cool.) And the start and end of the video has the endsheets used on a lot of Sesame Street storybooks I used to get as a kid in the '80s- you may remember them- with everyone sitting on or around the 123 stoop reading a book- Ernie, Bert, Herry, Cookie Monster, Grover, Big Bird, Sherlock Hemlock, Little Bird, Betty Lou and Oscar.

    And the end of the video says that's there's three others in this series.
    "Don't Cry Big Bird and other stories", "I Want to Go Home! and other stories" and "Ernie's Big Mess and Other stories".
  20. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    I have some favorite SS songs and sketches. For instance I love the Light and Heavy Sketch with Kermit and Grover. The first two times Kermit carries the light things (Big Bird's Feather, and Ping Pong Ball) while Grover Carries the heavy things(Piano, and Boulder). Finally Grover asks Kermit to switch so that he does the light and Kermit does the heavy. Kermit Carries a Hoagie (or a sub) and Grover Carries a balloon which carries him away. Another one was when Ernie was a doctor and Bert was the patient. He does all the things a doctor is supposed to do. Then when Bert wants to know if he's healthy Ernie says he will tell him in about 23 years. My favorite songs are Monster in the Mirror, I'm a Bookworm Baby, Do De Rubber Duck, The Word is No, and Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco.

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