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Sketches and Songs on Sesame Street videos

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by GonzoLeaper, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    To some degree, we're already doing that, but another thread wouldn't be a bad idea. Go for it.
  2. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Here's a review of "Happy Healthy Monsters", a 2005 release on VHS and DVD. This review is for the DVD release, which includes extras such as "Chef Cookie Game", "Healthy Foods Coloring Sheet" and Bonus Footage: "Kids Talk About Their Favorite Foods", "Cookie Monster's 'Food Song' and "Dancing with Elmo-Animated Music Video".

    The songs included are
    "Happy Healthy Monsters Theme"
    "Fuzzy and Blue and Healthy, Too!"
    "Jump to the Rhythm"
    "Jump Human Letters at the Beach"
    "Jump Up Song"
    "Jump with Me"
    "Healthy Foods" (a new version)
    "What Do You Do with a Fruit?"
    "Planets, Moon and Stars"

    I will have a plot synopsis up as soon as I can clean the DVD and see if I can get it to work.
  3. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Okay, here's the rest of the scoop on the "Happy Healthy Monsters" video.

    As far as bonus stuff goes, there is a short game called "Chef Cookie Game" in which Cookie's voice guides you in building an omelette. Then there's "Healthy Foods" coloring sheets available on your DVD-ROM drive. And 3 Sesame Street shorts- these clips might be newly created for this video. One has Big Bird interviewing kids on what their favorite foods are. Another one has an animated music video called "Dancing with Elmo", in which an animated dog and animated Elmo dance together. And then there's Cookie Monster's "Food Song", in which he sings about food and we never see him, but instead see kids eating foods and he does end song with cookies, so that's cool.

    Running time's approximately 45 minutes, but that may be including bonus stuff.

    Main plot- Elmo, Zoe, and 4 kids are watching "Happy Healthy Monsters" network on TV in someone's living room. Googel, Nerf and some Monster Clubhouse monsters (minus Herry) introduce the channel. Then Grover is on hand to host "Fuzzy and Blue and Healthy Too" show with Bobby and Sissy as his fitness assistants. (A remake of the "Fuzzy and Blue" song is used as the show's theme song) (Also, Fred Willard does voice of announcer all throughout video, though he's never seen)
    The show kicks off with jumping and everyone jumps. Grover makes mistakes on stuff all throughout the video and Bobby and Sissy and the kids in the living room with Elmo and Zoe have to correct him.
    Insert first song- "Jump to the Rhythm" - with Grover, Bobby, Sissy and Zoe, Elmo and kids.
    Grover passes out during song and tells other 2 to take over. Grover says to take 5 after the song. "TV show" goes to "commercial"-
    insert 2nd. song "Jump Human letters at the Beach" - the name says it all!
    Back to show- Andy Richter shows kids how to check their heartrate and pulse. Then he jumps really fast and shows how heartbeat increases and then he collapses on Bobby and Sissy.
    -sponsor message from Jumping Council-insert song "Jump Up Song" (live action singers outside in city area)
    Back to Grover- he shares dream of jumping over the moon ala cow in "Hey Diddle Diddle". Grover leads kids in jumping high for the moon.
    Grover tries to think of a small animal that jumps and tries to jump like him before working up to cow. He thinks of a frog (though he calls it a hopalong- kids correct him) and we see animated video of frog jumping as Grover looks on. (It would have been supercool to use Kermit for this bit,- especially using his "Doo Op Hop" song, but oh well.:) ) Then he thinks of kangaroo (calls it a poucheroo) and we have a video of animated kangaroo jumping.
    Then we have a cow video, but the animated cow doesn't jump. Then a black and white cow from nursery rhyme shows up and shows Grover how to jump over the moon. Goes through roof and Grover jumps to commercial while waiting on cow to land. Just before he gets to commercial break, cow lands on him and then we have a "commercial" with India Arie.
    Insert song with her and muppet rabbit, frog (again- not Kermit!), monkey and elephant. song "Jump With Me"
    Another quick clip of Monster Clubhouse monsters (still minus Herry) and we're back to Grover. He goes to Fuzzy and Blue and Healthy Too cook for a healthy snack and is surprised to see Cookie Monster has the job. Cookie says, "Why not? Me fuzzy and blue." Grover points out Cookie's less than stellar record when it comes to healthy eating and Grover briefly has a flashback scene of Cookie Monster doing his trademark cookie scarfing down, using some classic Cookie Monster clips. Cookie Monster shows Grover a song to convince him that he eats more than cookies.
    Insert song- Cookie Monster with Wyclef Jean sing "Healthy Foods"- same lyrics as original, but totally different video with a rap/reggae kinda beat going on. I think I prefer the original, but this is okay.
    Then, back to show with Cookie Monster showing us his healthy snack of milk, and he and Grover interview the glass of milk. (Cookie points out that milke goes well with cookies and starts drooling over milk.) He keeps going crazy while Grover talks and finally yells, "COWabunga" and goes after milk. Cow falls on Grover again. Cookie yells out "Resistance is futile" to milk as he runs by the camera chasing the milk. Kids are seen drinking milk.
    Jump to quick William Wegman clip (dogs with human hands) of drinking milk. (At one point, dog bends down and you can clearly see human performer.)
    Then jump back to Andy as he's drinking milk while Bobby and Sissy are naming other healthy foods and they all magically appear in Andy's hands and weigh him down. He trips on food as he drops it all.
    Then back to Cookie Monster as he suggests fruit for a healthy snack. Then he does his trademark food scarfing routine with fruit, which just looks wrong somehow. :smirk:
    And then we come to one of my favorite parts of the video and well worth it just for this song-
    insert Joe Raposo classic here- "What Do You Do With Fruit?"- (song video is shown in frame with orange (the fruit, not color) borders.)
    Then Grover and Bobby and Sissy are back and Grover suggest (quite by accident) jogging in place as another exercise to do. After that, they try do swimming strokes in midair. Grover leads them in backstroke, sidestrokes and then tries a dive and falls on his head and hurts himself. Sissy suggests dancing and everyone dances. Grover gets a conga track going so that they can dance and jump at the same time. Cow comes back to join dancing and steps on Grover's foot. He grabs his foot and starts hopping on one foot and his assistants follow suit. Then he falls over and they do too.
    - "commercial"- Andy and Bobby and Sissy suggest sports for exercise. Andy plays tag with them.
    -Animated couch potato skit (with real animated potatoes!)
    -Sporting clips are shown (including in the mix- Big Bird playing basketball in the courtyard area with Sheryl Swoopes (I think that's who it was), Tony Hawk skating and doing a transfer from one ramp to another, and the original kid in the wheelchair from the "Me and My Chair" song.)
    Grover and kids then sit Indian style and be still and quiet and close eyes and imagine jumping into space.
    - insert song "Planets, Moon and Stars"- sung by Grover, Elmo, Zoey and kids as they are seen floating in outer space. Grover finally jumps over moon at the end of the song.
    Then Grover says he's proud of himself for finally jumping the moon and proud of all of us for finishing the video. He says he feels so refreshed he could start all over again, but the music tells him that they're out of time. Cow then lands next to him and Grover gloats, telling her she missed him. Cow explains she was giving jumping lessons and walks off as Grover ponders this, when Bobby and then Sissy both land on him. Grover weakly makes it off stage, complaining that he's not paid enough for this stuff. (cows and people falling on him, that is). "Show" ends and then Elmo leads Zoe and the kids in a charge to go outside and exercise.
    Credits are shown within the same orange background logo and that's it.

    This video was actually a lot better than I expected, with some good humor with Grover and Cookie Monster, as well as Grover and the cow and his assistants. Cool seeing "Healthy Foods" in some form again, though I definitely prefer the original. Joe Raposo's "What Do You Do With Fruit?" song has to be the standout. Just a week or so ago, I could only remember the "But don't eat a lemon, it might make you sick" line and now I remember the whole thing, with so many memories flooding back. All in all, a pretty good video worth checking out.

    (By the way, I finished watching "I'm Glad I'm Me" and "Big Bird Sings" again the other day, so I'll have those reviews coming soon.)
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I hav a feeling that the three bonus segments were not made especially for the DVD. It would be a little weird for all-new skits to be produced just as bonus segments, though I don't ever recall seeing those segments. When I first heard about the DVD having a Dancing With Elmo segment, I thought it was probably the skit shown after the credits of Get Up And Dance where Elmo dances in full-body form against a black background, but reading your review I can see that I'm wrong (I also don't really consider dancing to be healt related). I thought the packaging said it had three bonus monster segments, but one of them just has Big Bird talking to kids about healthy eating, and another one just has Cookie Monsters voice. Perhaps they should have been promoted as "three bonus healthy skits".

    Here are some segments involving monsters and health that I think would have been better as bonus segments (or even in the actual video):
    Sesame Street News: Cookie Monster as Little Red Riding Hood
    Ernie meets Cookie Monsters cousin (it involves healthy eating)
    Kermit x-rays Herry
    Monsterpiece Theatre: Chariots of Fur (it involves running)
    Near and Far (also involves running)
    Cookie Monster tells Ernie that he's on a diet

    I would also like to point out that Herry Monster is not a part of Monster Clubhouse, though he was the main character from a similar series of recurring sketches called Monsters in Day Care.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Title: Get Up And dance

    release year: 1996

    Plot: Big Bird and the kids go to the dance studio because it's somebodys birthday, and that person wants a dance lesson. Celina asks whose birthday it is, and it's Big Birds teddy bear, radars, birthday. Celina teaches the kids some dance moves and they also watch some dancing on television. Celina keeps getting tired of teaching them to dance. Big Bird tells her that she can rest while they pretend to have cake, but since they aren't actually eating cake, she doesn't get to rest for long. Carlo and barkly teach them a dance, Do The Dog, from outisde on the street (they look out the window), and Oscar even shows a dance, Do The Grouch. Finally, Radar makes a birthday wsh, and Big Bird says radars wish is to dance again.

    I'm a Little Airplane (live action song, intercut with footage of the kids dancing)
    The Birdland Jump (with Joe Williams at Birdland, edited to only include the first verse)
    A New Way To Walk (with the oinker sisters and many celebrities, 1993 version)
    The cat Had a Birthday (with Kingston Livingston III)
    Elmo dances (seen after the ending credits, not sure if this was used on the show or made for the video)
  6. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    The "Elmo dance video" is "Elmo's Rap Alphabet" (also available on All-Star Alphabet).
  7. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    "Big Bird Sings" review
    year- 1995
    (video starts with Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie and Sesame Songs Home Video logo)
    there's also a Big Bird video clip montage logo for the "Big Bird Sings!" title.

    Plot- Snuffy says "hi" to playing kids as he comes to see Big Bird to check out his scrapbook at his nest. (Snuffy has a little trouble getting through the door!:D ) While looking through the photos, Big Bird stops on different ones and we see a video clip of his memory of that event- all of which are him singing songs, of course!

    First song up- "I Just Adore Four" (Big Bird singing about the number 4, with an actual 4 next to him on a box in the courtyard area, with 3 male backup singers joining him- 1 of which is a slightly remade Guy Smiley AM. Other 2 look like the singers from Kermit's "This Frog".)

    Next song- "Ichi Ni Son" (this is a pretty cool addition as it's a song from the "Big Bird Goes to Japan" special- Big Bird has his nice tie on and sings with 2 Japanese girls. Ichi Ni Son means 1,2,3 in Japanese by the way.)

    Next song- "What's Your Name?" (this one's sort of a sketch and a song. Big Bird feels shy visiting at a school, so he pretends a trash can is a kid and practices singing an introductory song with it. Then he tries out his song on some kids there and meets lots of them. Girl invites Big Bird to play jacks with them and he happily agrees!)

    As Big Bird flips through the pages of his scrapbook, he says, "There's me in Puerto Rico. And there's me in China." (Though we don't actually see the photos and no video clips are shown, it's cool that Big Bird at least references 2 other Sesame Street specials- "Sesame Street in Puerto Rico" and "Big Bird in China".)

    Then Big Bird shows a picture of him at a park and Snuffy says he'd bet his last cabbage he's not there to go on the slide. Big Bird syas he's there to sing.
    Next song- "Who?" (Big Bird sings a song that is a guessing game. Zoe, Elmo and kids try to guess who the song is talking about.Big Bird sings 3 verses about himself (not letting kids guess until the end) and then kids guess that's it's Big Bird.)
    Big Bird shows Snuffy a picture of him, Savion and Gina and then a picture of him and the Squirelles.
    Next song- "Rhyme Out" (Big Bird with Savion and Gina playing "Rhyme Out" where they all sing and try to rhyme each other's words and if you can't come up with a rhyme, you're out!)

    Next song- "Big Bird Doesn't Fly" (The Squirelles and Big Bird sing this song in a park) - (song refers to The Fix-It Shop and mentions that Big Bird loves to roller skate. At end of song, Big Bird says he hasn't learned how to fly yet. He tells the Squirelles that he's heard that some squirrels can fly and they all try, but fall down. Then Big Bird says, "Maybe it's another kind of squirrel."
    Then Big Bird shows Snuffy a picture of him and the Crow (spelling?) Indians and a picture of him and a horse.

    Next Song- "What a Gift" (Big and live animals and some kids in woods are shown as Big Bird sings song.- Note: On the back of the video, the song order is listed incorrectly for this song.)

    Then Big Bird shows Snuffy a picture of him on roller skates and then one of him with his classic alphabet banner.

    Next Song- "ABC-DEF-GHI" (just Big Bird and his banner)

    Next Song- "Wheels on My Feet" (just Big Bird roller skating and singing- though Maria, Luis and Bob and maybe others are singing backup but not seen)

    Then Big Bird shows Snuffy a map they once used to get to Hooper's Store.

    Next Song- "Map Song" (Big Bird and Snuffy are seen walking on a giant map seeing places pop out and they see some places not normally seen on show- ex. school and bicycle shop)

    They finish looking at scrapbook and naturally, decide to sing a song.

    Last song- "Sing" (with onscreen lyrics. Big Bird and Snuffy sing while pictures already seen in video are scrolled through again and then back to nest.)
    Video ends with Big Bird and Snuffy hugging (awww!:flirt: ) and the picture freezes on it.
    Credits roll with strains of "Sing" playing.

    And there you have it!
    All in all, a pretty good Sesame Street showcasing a lot of Big Bird's famous songs.
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize that this video incldued a clip from Big Bird In japan. Course, I haven't seen that special. Too bad I forget what happens in this clip.

    I wonder if What's Your Name? was originally part of a street plot.

    The song "Who?" is actually called Big Bird's Song, or at least that's what it was called on the video box. It is quite different from the song he wrote in Elmo's Song.
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    yet another review

    Title: Bedtime Stories And Songs (later retited Sleepytime Songs And Stories)

    release year: 1986.

    Plot: Big Bird get's ready for bed. he tries to get to bed in a variety of ways, expecting the audience to sleep the way he does, but then realizes that some of his audience members are not birds. A Honker parent (I think it's a mother, but it could be a father) comes to Big Birds nest because it's Baby Honker can't sleep. Big Bird suggests counting sheep. Big Bird falls asleep again, when Telly comes over. telly was supposed to spend the night with Big Bird, and wakes Big Bird up. He then says that he can't sleep without his favorite stuffed animal, and that stuffed animal can't sleep without a certain stuffed animal, and so on untill Telly get's to the last stuffed animal, who can't sleep wihtout Telly. Buster and Susan observe Big Bird and Telly sleeping, and Buster wonders how they can sleep laying down.

    Dance Myself To Sleep (with Ernie and Bert)
    The count coutns sleep (heavily edited to remove all scenes with Ernie and Bert)
    Grover get's under his blanket and pretends that he's on the moon (replaced by The Moon Shines in Sleepytime Songs And Stories)
    If Moon Was Cookie (with Cookie Monster)
    The Story of The King and His Problem (read by Maria and featuring the anything muppets) (replaced with How The Sun And The Moon came To Live In The Sky in Sleepytime Songs And Stories)
    The Snuffle Lullaby (with Mr. Snuffleupagus and Gordon, I think this might have been part of a street plot)
    Everybody Sleeps (replaced with a slightly different version in Sleepytime Songs And Stories)
    Imagine That (with Ernie and Bert, original version)

    *despite the title, there is really only one bedtime story in this video: The King And His Problem. There are a lot of other stories that could have been included, such as The Monsters Three Wishes and The Cursed Prince.
    *There are a lot of Ernie and bert skits that takes place in their bedroom at night, so it's too bad that more weren't included. This video could have included the skit where Ernie observes a blackout, the skit where Ernie imagines loud sounds, or the skit where Ernie eats cookies in bed.
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I'm going to do a different kidn of review now. I am going to review Five Sesame Street Stories, which was one of two videos released by Golden Books Home Video in 1985, a year before Random House Home Video started releasing Sesame Street videos.

    Now, this video doesn't include any segments from the show. It is basically an adaption of various Sesame Street books released by Golden Books, but instead of using live action, these include stills from the books, plus limited animation from various images from the books (usually, it's a character moving, but in the exact same pose). The voices are supplied by some of the performers, including caroll Spinney, Frank Oz, and Fran Brill. There are many other voices that I don't recognize. I'm not sure if they are performers that I'm not familiar with the voices of, or if they are done by Caroll Spinney (he doesn't perform many characters, so I guess he could do some voices that even the most hardcore fans wouldn't recognize), or if they are done by people not invovled with Sesame Street. Noticably absent from the voice cast are Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson, and in some cases it's obvious that they aren't performing voices. No voice actors are credited.

    This one has five stories. The first four have to do with Super Grover. In fact, the internet movie database has this listed as The Adventures of Super Grover (including all four stories) and mistakenly lists this as a television special, even though it was made for video (I don't think this is the kind of production that would be produced for television, and it's hardly something that would be worth watching on TV). The last story is Big Bird Brings Spring To Sesame Street. Oddly enough, this story is also listed in The Internet Movie Database as a TV special. Although the cover has Super grover on it, and Super grover dominates most of the video, the ending credits are all stills from Big Bird Brings Spring To Sesame Street, and a new song about spring is played during the credits.

    Here are the stories:

    The Origins of Super Grover: an anything muppetfather who looks like fat blue but talks with a somewhat dopey voice reads the story of Super Grovers origins to his kids. It is revealed that for halloween one year, Grovers mom made him a super hero outfit for halloween, but the costume gave him super powers, such as x-ray vision (which causes him to accidently see bert getting out of the shower), super breath (which he uses to blow up many balloons, filling up an entire room), super hearing, and super smell. What's interesting about this story is that Mr. Hooper and Rosevelt Franklin both appear in this story.

    Super Grover and The Speeding Sled: A little girl goes sledding down a very steep hill one day, and Super Grover sees her sledding, and he sees that there are a lot of trees at the bottom of the hill, which she could run into and get hurt, so Grover tries various plans to stop her from sledding into the trees, but each plan backfires. Eventually, the girl sees the trees and decides to stop on her own.

    Super Grover and The Three Bears: Grover goes to see the school play, Goldilocks And The Three Bears, starring Prarie Dawn as Goldilocks, and Ernie, Bert, and Herry as the three bears (I can tell that Bert is supposed to be the father, but which one is supposed to be the mother?). There are two things that Grover doesn't realize about plays: that they are just pretend, and that audience members are supposed to be quiet during the performance. When grover sees the ebars, he thinks they are real bears, changes into his super grover costume, and sends the bears to the zoo. In this story it is a little obvious that Jim Henson and Jerry nelson aren't providing voices because Ernie and Herry don't talk, but it's not too obvious.

    Super Grover and The Hole Story or Gone Fishing: Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Betty Lou, Herry Monster, Cookie Monster, and Grover go fishing on a boat. Eventually, Grover notices that there is a hole in the boat, which only he notices (everybody else is too busy fishing to be paying attention to Grover warnign them abotu the hole, and they are also too busy to see the leak). grover brought his Super hero outfit, but there isn't a telephone booth for him to change in, so he puts one of his toes in the hole, stopping the leak. But then there is another hole, which Grover covers with his other foot, and then one more hole, which Grover puts his finger in. With only one free hand to fish with, Grover catches a fish, which pulls Grover into the water, where he finds a telephone booth in the water and changes into super grover, saving the day.

    After this, and also after the first story, Grover gives a special message: "Remember this, kids. Do not try any of my dnafgerous stunts at home, especially flying. You can not do it. because There is only one Super grover. And that is me".

    Big Bird Brings Spring To Sesame Street: Big Bird is tired of the winter, and wants it to be spring soon. He decides to buy some flowers from Mr. Macintosh to help remind him of spring. When he visits The Count, the count coutns the pettles (actually, the bats count fr him), and Big Bird gives The Count a flower. Grover is sad because he can't ride his bicycle, so Big Bird cheers him up by giving him a flower. Some woman who looks like Maria but with a different name (I forget her name) misses the tiget lillies so Big Bird gives her a tiger lilly. Big Bird approaches Ernie, who is going to visit Betty Lou, who is sick, so Big Bird gives him a flower to give her. At Hooper's Store, Bert is sad because he lost his favorite paper clip in the snow, and Big Bird gives him a flower to cheer him up. This leaves Big Bird with one flower left, which is dying, so he gives it to oscar. Big Bird thinks that he has nothing to remind him of spring, untill he sees everyone in the neighborhood with a flower. This story makes it the most obvious that Henson and Nelson aren't there. Besides having the bats count for The Count, the narrarator tells the audience what Ernie says.

    I'll review the other video, Three Sesame Street Stories, soon.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    And now I will review Three Sesame Street Stories, also from 1985.

    Everyone Makes Mistakes: Little Bird nararates this story, in which big Bird is thinking about what to get mr. Snuffleupagus for his birthday, and he thinks so hard that he isn't watching where he's going, and walks into the clothesline of mrs. washington (who looks a bit like Susan), knocking her laundry onto the ground. Big Bird is worried because he knows she will be mad when she sees what happened. Little Bird keeps trying to tell him to tell mrs. washington the truth, but Big Bird doens't pay attention, as he keeps thinking up lies to cover what he did, but he also keeps realizing that those lies aren't beleivable. These lies include saying that the local bike race came and ran into the laundry (but the bike race was last week, which Mrs. Washington would remember because she won the race), saying that Biff and Sully ran a bulldozer into the laundry (but they work on the other side of the street), and that a flock of geese was heading north for the winter (but they fly south). Big Bird even thinks about telling her that a tornadoe came and blew the laudnry away. But when Mrs. washington shows up, he tells her the truth, and is surprised that she isn't too upset. This is an interesting story. It includes an appearance by Rodeo Rosie (who is voiced by Fran Brill instead of Richard Hunt in this story, but I guess this was made years after she was no longer on the show and kids probably wouldn't know what she sounded like anyway) and an appearance by Alphabet Bates, a human who appearedin inserts during the early years.

    The City Worm and The Country Worm: Slimey is preparing for a stunt show where he dives off a small diving board and into a thimble of water, but he has to stop practicing because he is expecting a visit from his cousin, squiggly. Squiggly comes and she and Slimey do a lot of fun things together. After see leaves, Slimey sees the sign Oscar made that promotes his stunt show, which says "Starring Oscar T. Grouch" (Oscar put it there ebcause he wrote the sign). This makes Slimey so mad that he goes to visit Squiggly, who lives in an apple in the country. They have fun togetehr, but Slimey misses the noise of the city, and also misses Oscar. He goes home after he almost gets caught by a bird. Back home, oscar changes the sign so that Slimey gets promoted as the star. In this video, Slimey is called Squirmy (even though he was called Slimey in the original book). Slimey also speaks in full sentances, but is not voiced by Martin Robinson (I'm not sure who does his voice in this video). One weird thing is that there seems to be a road between Hooper's Store and 123 Sesame Street where traffic can go through, but no arbor area.

    Wanted: The Great Cookie Thief: Rodeo Rosie and several cowboys are unhappy because of The Great Cookie Thief, played by Cookie Monster, who has stolen everybodys cookies. He coems into town, and they compare him with the wanted psoter to see if he's the thief. he looks just like the thief so they decide that he is the thief, but Cookie Monster points out that he has no mustache, and when everybody isn't looking, he quickly draws a mustache on the poster, and they are convicned that they have the wrong person. They apologize and Cookie Monster tips his hat, which he spills several cookies out of, and they learn that he is the thief and go after him.
  12. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I've seen the "Five Sesame Street Stories" video before. Obviously a little different from the videos we've been reviewing, but thanks for including those titles. It's good to have all of them included.
    There's been a few other videos like that, I think. There's one at the library called "Ernie's Little Lie and other stories." I'm thinking that's a storybook video too. When I get a chance, I'll have to see about borrowing it and doing a review.

    And I do plan to put a review for "I'm Glad I'm Me" up soon.
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Ernie's Little Lie And Other Stories was part of a four-video series called Start To Read, which was released by Random House Home Video and was a little different from the Golden Books videos. These videos just had stills from the book pages, no animations. Big Bird nararated all of them. Also, the words appeared on-screen along with Big Bird's nararation.

    I've only seen one of these, Ernie's Big Mess. It's been a long time since I last watched that one (even though I own a copy of it), but I think that, unlike the golden book videos, Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson actually performed the voices for their characters, but Big Bird tells the audience what Frank Oz's characters say. Ernie's Big Mess had two other stories, one was Big Bird Is Sick, and I think the other one is called My Doll Is Lost, but I can't remember if that's the actual title.

    The Start To Read series featured an opening song by Big Bird, while various characters suddenly appeared on screen. The opening was just a scroll of the inside covers of the Start To Read books, with characters suddenly appearing where they were in the books.

    The videos in this collection were:
    Ernie's Big Mess
    I want To Go Home
    Don't Cry Big Bird
    Ernie's Little Lie

    They all had three stories.

    Yes, it is different form the other videos, but both of us have included reviews of other Sesame Street videos that don't have any segments from the show (Elmopalooza, Sesame Street Home Video Visits The Firehouse, Sesame Street Home Video Visits The Hospital, etc).
  14. Rosewood

    Rosewood New Member

    Heres the contents of "Alphabet Jungle"

    Heres the "Alphabet Jungle" Contents as far as skits, sketches and songs go.

    Alphabet Jungle

    Paper "Little Richie" figure sings about letter A
    Paints and brushes make Bb - (live animation)
    Chinese fans show letter C - (live animation)
    C - Car
    Animated can-can dancers dance for D (Elmo gets inserted to dance along) pencil draws word "Dance" - (animated)
    E - for Elmo
    Suzy Cabloozy hates the letter F - (animated)
    Cartoon fish form letter G
    Travel through town to find letter H
    Pencil Box draws letter Ii - (live animation)
    Cartoons about "ig" words (a pig with a wig does a Jig)
    "J the letter J" (shown on a rotating sphere)
    K's mounted on poles swing by as short song is sung
    L - Laugh (animated scary face w/ echo-ee voice)
    cartoon about "Marvelous Martha" (older cartoon)
    falling leaves make N - (animated)
    Lady sings O - (animated)
    P - short song w/ pictures on turning blocks
    P - Pushing a Penguin on a sled (animated)
    Toy airplanes make a Q - (Live animation)
    Crumpled paper shows letter R - (live animation)
    Cartoon characters make an S - (Elmo and Zoe are shown jumping)
    T - Tiger - (cartoon - tiger, teapot, television, taxi, Ta-ta!)
    U knocks on letter P's door. they get together to make "up" - (animated)
    V going through space as echo-ee voice says "V" over & over - (animated)
    W - (water, wind, wave, wet,)
    X demonstration
    X swings by on pole w/ short song
    Y - a yak named Yurri eats yellow yams and yogurt (animated)
    Z - "Who wants to make a Z?" Telly, Elmo, and Zoe make it

    Hope this helps.
  15. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yea! We have another participant! Thank you for playing our game, Rosewood! ;)
    And thanks for the info on The Alphabet Jungle Game! I think the trouble with letter and number skits is that they can be hard to describe sometimes. Thank you for covering that one though.:)
  16. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    And now, the long-awaited review of "I'm Glad to Be Me"!!!!
    year- 1986, baby! ;)

    Plot- Maria comes out and sits on the 123 stoop and reads a book called "I'm Glad to Be Me". As Maria narrates, Big Bird and Grundgetta enact the scenes around her.
    Maria starts the story-
    Prince Charming Bird (as portrayed by Big Bird) rode forth on his horse Big Fella. (Big Bird rides around out of his nest on one of those play horse stick things.) There's also a Princess Grouchy (as portrayed by Grundgetta) and she pops up by Oscar’s trash can and refers to Big Bird as a “big yellow turkey”.
    Prince and Princess hear a young lad in distress in apartment and argue over who will rescue lad. (Big Bird and Grundgetta stand outside bottom of basement window at corner.) In the meantime, gallant knight Bert came to the aid of young lad Ernie.

    -Classic Ernie and Bert sketch- Bert assures Ernie he’s special by telling him about his nose, hair, ears, eyes and fingers. Ernie then tells audience they’re special!)

    In story, Maria says Bert is right, but Prince wonders if he’s special because he doesn’t have a nose, but a beak. Princess knows answer but being a grouch, won’t tell. Maria then reads that a smart frog happens by and answers Prince’s question with a song.

    -Classic song- Kermit the Frog sings “Being Green” (I think this is the later 1970s version rather than the original- Kermit is in farm background-ploughed beds are behind him and there’s leaves surrounding him.)

    Prince was still puzzled because he’s not green. He asks what if he’s yellow or blue. Princess continually refuses to tell. Then blue monsters answer with a song.

    - Classic song- Cookie Monster sings “Me Gotta Be Blue” with Cookie Monster’s mom and sister, Maurice, Ingrid, Harvery the blue-horned monster, AM blue monster, Herry, grey AM monster, and Grover all join in by the end.)

    Prince finally understands that whatever you are, you’re special. Princess says she knew that. Prince says he’s happy to be himself. Princess says to knock it off but Prince draws magic picture of his happy face. Princess follows suit. (Freeze frame on Big Bird’s smile and red lines outline his face. Then Grundgetta’s grouchy face is drawn with yellow lines outlining her face.)
    Maria then says that faces become so popular that people all over kingdom put on pace fageant, at which BB and G do double take. Maria corrects herself- “face pageant”. Grundgetta laughs and says she loves when that happens.

    -Classic skit- Prairie Dawn’s face pageant. Prairie plays the piano and says “The Sesame Street Little Theater proudly presents, “Let’s Make a Face”. As Prairie plays the piano, different characters come out with face parts and sing a verse about them. Ernie starts with a picture of eyes. (ends his rhyme by saying the eyes look like knives?) Prairie repeats it questioningly and Ernie laughs his trademark laugh and exits. Herry comes out with nose picture and at end of his rhyme says sometimes it’s worn on the face upside down. Prairie tells him, “No, it’s not. Now, cut that out.” Cookie Monster asks Prairie if he’s next and she tells him yes. Then he has to ask what part of the face he has and she has to tell him it’s a mouth. Cookie ends song by saying he likes mouth best when it’s eating! And then he names different cookies for example and Prairie ushers him out. When she calls the next two on stage, Bert asks, “Are you ready Grover?” And Grover says, “Yes, I am, Bert.” (It’s just really funny and cool to hear two Frank Oz characters talking to each other and saying each other’s name.) Then they sing about ears and Grover breaks off after a while and after Bert gives an obvious rhyme (“Let’s give 3 loud cheers for these things we call our ….”) Grover finishes with “Bellybuttons” and Bert chases him off the stage, correcting him saying, “Ears! They’re called ears! We rehearsed this!” and Grover says he’s sorry- he forgot. All of them come out then to put the face in place and get it wrong twice until they get it right on the third time. At the end of the song they all hum behind Prairie and then go out and run off stage, Ernie holds the eye picture over his eye and runs off too.

    Prince points out that they haven’t talked about other important parts of the body besides the face. Princess agrees and so did rest of kingdom. One little person climbed to the top of a boy from his toes to his head.

    Classic cartoon- Cartoon hiker man climbs to top of a boy (live action) from his toes to his head, pointing out parts of the body as he does. Boy is bouncing basketball during this. When cartoon man jumps off with parachute, boy tells him “Happy Landings!” and man says “Oh, thank you!”

    Maria and BB and G are now by the boxes in the courtyard and Maria is still telling the story. “The smart frog talked about a hand.”

    -Classic sketch- Kermit talks about hands. “Hi Ho, Kermit the Frog here” (Love the intro!)
    Kermit tells viewers to look at their hands and then human hand pops up for Kermit to look at (from behind the wall Kermit’s sitting on) and the hand demonstrates fingers and thumb and things a hand can do. As Kermit’s naming things, the hand does this stuff, some of which the hand does to Kermit. Sketch ends with hand shaking Kermit’s hand and pulling him off stage.

    Now Maria and BB and G have moved to Hooper’s store window. Maria reads “Four scarecrows sang a song about the ankles, shoulders and knees.”

    -Classic song- David, Maria, Luis and Bob, all dressed as scarecrows, sing a song about knees, shoulders and ankles. David sang about knees, Maria sang about shoulders, Luis sang about ankles and Bob kinda wrapped the whole song up.

    Back to Maria reading the story. They’re a bit closer to Hooper’s Store now. The other parts of the body were finally recognized. Princess is bothered by the fact that we haven’t seen what’s inside the body.

    -Classic sketch- Kermit shows what’s inside Herry on an X-ray machine. Kermit teaches about the lungs and heart and stomach and liver and intestines. Kermit ends it there, but Herry asks about his muscles. Kermit explains that muscles would cover everything else up and Herry says his muscles are his best part so Kermit shows it. Herry comes down off of machine to get closer look and Kermit wants to know how he can still see his X-ray when he’s not on there. Kermit goes to look at the machine and we see Kermit’s skeleton now on there jumping around.

    Back to the story. Maria is now lying down on a table outside Hooper’s Store. Princess still isn’t satisfied because you can’t see feelings and imagining and remembering and learning on a machine, which Prince acknowledges. Prince offers Princess ride into sunset. Princess turns it down but asks for a ride to junkyard, which Prince agrees to. As they do so, their voices echo over Sesame Street “I’m Glad I’m Me.” The End.

    And then Maria says you should be very glad you’re you. She walks off toward apartments and video ends with Cookie Monster holding up chalkboard for credits.

    Hands down- this has to be one of the best Sesame Street videos I’ve seen. There are 3 classic Kermit songs and sketches which make it totally worth it! And so many great classic sketches and songs with a cohesive story- it's really awesome!:)
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    With a title like "I'm Glad I'm Me", you would think that it'd be about self-acceptance rather than body parts (otherwise, it should have had a title like Learning About Body parts). It still sounds cool, and I hope it comes to DVD next year.

    Untill a year ago, the only segment that I expected to be on there that actually was was "Bein' Green" (and even then, I think it would have been more appropiate to have included the version with Leena Horne). This video does have some segments about self-acceptance (Bein' Green, Me Gotta Be Blue, the skit where Ernie doesn't think he's special), but those seem to be more about body parts than self-acceptance.

    Here are segments that I would have expected to have been on there (not counting what I just listed):
    Proud of Me
    I Am Somebody
    Proud To Be a Cow
    If I Were
    This Frog
    The Frogs In The Glen

    I am glad that I finally know what the plot is like. I learned what skits were on there a year ago, but knowing the plot is great.
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    a long-overdue review

    Title: Sesame Street's 25th Birthday: A Musical Celebration

    Released: 1993

    Plot: While at the park, Big Bird, Prarie Dawn, and Telly Monster observe that the whole world is like a stage, so they decide to put on a show. Prarie and Telly are in charge of getting th singers, musicians, and dancers, while Big Bird is in charge of getting the La La-ers, people who sing the La La parts of songs.

    Prarie and Telly find Jamal, Angela, and others playing music and singign "Do Op Hop", and they get hired to perform in the show. Savion also points Telly and Prarie out to avariety of dancers for the show. Big Bird, however, doesn't have as much luck finding La La-ers.

    He has a line for people to audition. The Count come to count everybody. The Amazing Mumford has a trick that can get everybody to La La. he waves his wand and says, "A La Peanut Butter Sandwhiches". But that trick only makes everybody quack.

    Big Bird eventually finds some people who are good at la La-ing. These people are the martians, but when told that they will be stars, they take it literally and go to outer space.

    Eventually, Big Bird has given up. Mumford comes to him to tell him that he figured out what went wrong with his spell. The magic words are actually "A La La Peanut Butter sandwhiches", but there is nobody around for the trick to work on. Big Bird then starst singign "Sing" by himself, then Ladysmith Black manzambo shows up and sings, then Mumford makes most of the 1993 cast appear and sing together.

    Segments: (order might be slightly off)
    Adventure with En Vogue
    The Batty Bat with The Count
    The Alligator King
    Count it Higher with Chris and The Alphabeats
    I Love Trash with oscar (1991 version)
    clip from Rubber Duckie
    clip from The Honker Duckie Dinger Jambouree
    clip from Put Down The Duckie
    clip from Do De Rubber Duck
    C is for Cookie with Cookie Monster
    Monster in The Mirror with Grover (non-celebrity version)
    I'm an aardvark
    Fuzzy and Blue with Grover, Herry Monster and Cookie Monster (Frazzle's parts are edited)
    Bein' Green with kermit the frog (original version)
    Happy tapping with Elmo
    clip from Feel the Beat
    Doin' the Pigeon with Bert
    another clip from Feel the beat
    Dance Myself to Sleep with Ernie and Bert
    feel the beat with baby tooth and the funky funk
    I Don't Want to Live on The Moon with Ernie
    We Are All Earthlings

    *The Rubber Duckie medley should have also included D-U-C-K-I-E, the only Rubber Duckie song not to be included on any videos.
    *this video also should have included The people in Your neighborhood, ABC-DEF-GHI, Somebody Come and Play, This Frog, and Elmo's Song.
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Title: What's the Name of That Song?

    Released: 2004

    Plot: Super Grover wants there to be one song that the whole world can sing together, but he sees that everybody has a different favorite song. He enlists the help of Elmo and Big Bird to find a song that the whole world can sing together.

    Big Bird encounters Oscar, who has a song that everybody can sing. He plays an instrumental version of "What's the Name of That Song" on a radio, and this song get's stuck in Big Bird's head, but Big Bird doesn't know the songs title, and oscar chooses not to tell him. Big Bird goes to other people on the street to ask them what tyhe name of the song is, but Big Bird mistakes their answers with questions.

    meanwhile, Grover and Elmo meet an animated letter A and an animated number 8, who argue over whether they should sing a letter song or a number song. The A sings a new song, Letter Song, while the 8 sings a new song, Number Song. Grover asks Ernie and Bert what kind of song they should sing. Bert wants to sing apigeon song, but Ernie wants to sing a song where Rubber Duckies become friends with pigeons. Bert decides to agree, but tells Ernie that his Rubber Duckie needs to learn to do a special dance to become friends with pigeons. Cookie Monster has three foods (one of which is a cookie, I forget what the others are) and tells grover to guess what kind of song the whole world should sing. Grover tries to tell Cookie Monster that he knows what he's going to say but Cookie Monster won't let him get a word in edgewise untill he reveals that the song should be about cookies ("what a surprise", says grover, sarcastically).

    Eventually, Elmo, Zoe, gabbi and Miles sing their favorite song, Everybody's Song, and Miles and gabbi convince grover that it's okay for everybody to have a favorite song, so Grover sings his own favorite, "What's the name of That Song?", though he only sings the "la de da de dum" parts. Big Bird hears Grover singign and asks for the name of that song, only Grover doesn't even know the title (despite it being his favorite). Miles and Gabbi inform Big Bird that the title is "What's the name of that song?", and then the whole cast get's together to sing it, with a medley of other Sesame Street songs sung in the middle.

    *Sing with celebrities
    *Between with Wayne Brady and cast
    *From Your Head with Dianne Schurr and Elmo
    *Gospel Alphabet with Patti Labelle, Chris and the cast
    *Eight Balls of Fur with Chris
    *That's the Letter O with Queen Latifia, Prarie dawn, Merry Monster, and Telly Monster
    *Counting Vacation with The Count
    *Get Along with kermit the Frog, The Martians, The Tweedlebugs, a Cow, and the anything muppets (beginning edited)
    *Do De Rubber Duck with Ernie, Telly, Oscar, Kermit, The Count, Biff, Guy Smiley, Gladys the Cow, Hoots, Elmo, and Bert
    *Doin' The Pigeon with Bert (beginning edited, with added footage of pigeons)
    *Operetic Lullaby with Denyce Graves and Elmo
    *You Made Me Love You with Cookie Monster
    *Everybodys Song with Dian Krall and the cast

    *Grover's favorite song is What's the name of That Song? I would have expected it to be Monster in The Mirror (that's listed as his favorite song in Sesame Street Unpaved) or Proud of Me.
    *With the possible exception of You Made Me Love You, all non-celebrity segments have previously been available on video. Perhaps it would have been better if the video included Three Blue Pigeons (instead of Doin' the Pigeon), D-U-C-K-I-E (instead of Do De Rubber Duck), The Joys of Counting (instead of Counting vacation), The opposite Song (instead of eight balls of fur, though if a number song was needed, and I can't think of any unreleased Chris and The Alphabeats songs about numbers besides Count It Higher, then maybe it could have had One and One Make two), and I Wonder About the World Above Up There (instead of Get Along).

    DVD Features:

    Bonus Sketches:
    *ABC-DEF-GHI (1980s version)
    *But I Like You (with Ernie and Bert)
    *Captain Vegetable (original version)
    *Pinball Number Count (parts of all segments edited togetehr to make one big segment)

    Sesame Street Parenting Section: This is a program called Music Works Wonders, which I think is also available as a seperate video and DVD. This video features Hoots the Owl getting Elmo, Oscar, and other getting ready for a jam session using ordinary things to make music.

    Interviews with Grover and Bert.
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    At long last- a new review for this thread!

    see below

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