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Sketches and Songs on Sesame Street videos

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by GonzoLeaper, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    I never knew "Mah Na Mah Na" was replaced on the video release. Why? Music rights?
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Music Rights is the only reason I can think of, but I could be wrong. It would be weird if that was the reason. The song has been included in quite a few Sesame Street albums, and The Jim Henson Company and Disney have both never seemed to have any problems releasing that song on video or DVD. Goodtimes Home Video also didn't seem to have any trouble releasing it in the Muppets Magic from The Ed Sullivan Show DVD. That song is also on a lot of Muppet albums. Of course, Sesame Workshop is a different company than Henson and Disney.

    I also wonder why Ten Tiny Turtles On The Telephone was cut. Maybe it was music rights, though that song was written especially for Sesame Street and I don't think it's common for original songs to be cut from what they were created for due to music rights. Maybe Sesame Workshop didn't want to pay Bud Luckey, who wrote the song and did the animation and vocals (he also did ladybug Picnic, which was in the closing timeline sequence that was cut). Of course, this song was reviously released in Sing Yourself Silly. Maybe it was cut because Sesame Workshop was planning on releasing that video on DVD a few months later, though that would be a stupid reason to cut something.

    It seems like it is also rare for something to be cut on video because certain celebrities wouldn't allow for them to be on a video, which could explain the absense of some of the guest stars in Dance Yourself To Sleep. Of course, I've heard that Norah Jones was one of the guests who got cut, and her song "Don't Know Why Y Didn't Show" was recently included on the All-Star Alphabet video.

    There could be other legal issues with the time line sequence. This sequence included a clip from 1978 with C3PO and R2D2. Maybe Sesame Workshop was able to use this clip on the television broadcast but, due to character rights, couldn't show it on the DVD.

    I wish one of us knew for sure. (if there are any "spies" from sesame Workshop, I think now would be a good time to reveal yourself)
  3. rumtar_10165

    rumtar_10165 New Member

    I think the main reason is why is because if you watche the Muppet Show, or the Muppet Magic dvd I'd say that Jim wanted the perfected version.
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I thought that the version from The Ed Sullivan Show was from before the Sesame Street version, though the version from The Muppet Show is the best version I've seen. Also, the Muppets Magic DVD was produced by the company that owns the video rights for The Ed Sullivan Show, not Henson, though I think the DVD was approved by Jim Hensons family. As far as I know, the only reason why the DVD only included 20 out of 25 Muppet appearances was due to music rights, so considering that Mahna Mahna was included, I guess The Jim Henson Company didn't say "no" to any appearances.

    Also, Sesame Workshop now has full say over what is and isn't included in merchandise, and Henson can't object anymore to certain content.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    'tis the season for Elmo Saves Christmas...

    I would like to talk about Elmo Saves Christmas, which was released in 1996. This video doesn't have any segments from the show, and I'm not sure whether this was originally broadcast on TV or made for video. The Internet Movie database lists this as being made for video, but i do know that it has been shown on television in 1996, 1997, and 1998, and as far as I know very few Sesame Street videos have been broadcast on television.

    Anyway, the special starst out with Telly, Zoe, Baby bear, and some kids joining Maya Angela for christmas. When they decide that they want it to be christmas every day, Maya Angela asks them if Elmo had ever told them about how he once saved christmas and then almost ruined it, and then starts to tell them the story...

    It starts during christmas eve. Bob and a singing group called 14 Karat Soul sing a song called "It's Christmas Again" (and they sing it in almost every scene they appear in). grover is selling christmas trees. Mr. Snuffleuagus says good bye to Big Bird because he is spending christmas with his granny. The Count is counting one christmas. Oscar is glad that christmas is only once a year. Elmo is taking a plate of cookies home, but Cookie Monster wants them, and when he learns that the cookies are for Santa Clause, he disguises himself as santa, but doesn't fool Elmo. Elmo decides to stay up all night so that he can see santa come down the chimney. He falls asleep, but wakes up when Santa comes, because santa is stuck. Elmo helps him get unstuck, and it turns out that Santa got stuck because a reindeer, Lightening, was hiding in the gift bag (was this the first house santa went to?). Santa is mad at Lightening but is happy that Elmo helped him down the chimney, so he offers Elmo his choice of two special presents: a pink toy bear or a magic snowglobe. Elmo wants the bear, but then Santa tells Elmo that the snow globe can grant him three wishes, so he chooses the globe instead. Elmo makes his first wish, for a glass of water. Santa tells Elmo not to waste his last two wishes. he takes the cookies, and Elmo points out that his mommy told him that if you eat too many cookies, you'll get fat, and Santa says that Elmos mommy is right (maybe Elmo should have given Cookie Monster some of the cookies).

    The next morning, Elmo decides to wish for it to be christmas again. He makes his wish, but a first thinks that he didn't get his wish (because it's already christmas). However, Kermit gives a news report that it will be christmas again tomorrow, so everybody goes to do some more shopping (won't most places be closed?). An alarm at the north pole alerts the elves that it will be christmas again, and Santa realizes what happened. Since all of his other reindeer are tired from the previous night, he has no choice but to let Ligthening take him to Sesame Street. There, santa tries to convince Elmo that christmas can't be every day, and sings a song, "Everyday Can't be Christmas", but this doesn't convince Elmo, so he tells Lightening, who can run at the speed of lightening, to take Elmo to the spring, the summer, and next christmas, to show Elmo what christmas will be like if it's every day.

    First, they go to the spring. So far no major problems. Maria and Luis have a huge pile of toasters that need to be fixed, but they don't work because it's christmas. Grover has a shortage of good quality christmas trees. Big Bird has a lot of neat toys but is sad because Snuffy is still visiting his granny for christmas, and he can't write a letter to Snuffy because the mailman doesn't work on christmas. Elmo and Lightening see the easter bunny, who now has to pose as The Christmas Bunny and sings a song that I can't remember the title of.

    Back at the north pole, the elves are all angry because they are workign every day isntead of taking their promised vacation. They keep making mitakes, such as accidently putting bunny ears on a toy cow, so they decide to leave the cows like that and call them Moo Bunnies.

    Next, they go to the summer. people are now starting to get more depressed over the fact that christmas is now every day. Maria misses fixing toasters so much that she decides to get back to work and fix some, but then realizes that she'll never get caught up. Fat Blue goes to buy another christmas tree, and is tired of it being christmas every day, and so is Grover (though grover's not as angry as Fat Blue). Elmo and Lightening visit Big Bird, who really misses Snuffy. he calls Snuffy, but his grannies answering machien picks up the phone (although it's his grandmas answering machine, Snuffy is the one who's voice leaves an answering machine message). Big Bird leaves a long message, singing a new song, "All I want For Christmas Is You". Elmo starst to be a little convinced that christmas every day isn't so good. oscar is happy that christmas is every day, because it makes everybody miserable. he points out that there's nothign on TV but it's a Wonderful Life (this wouldn't be realistic. there are many other christmas specials and movies that could be on TV, like A Christmas Story (which, even back then, TNT shows 24 hours on christmas) A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed reindeer, A Muppet Family Christmas, Christmas Eve On sesame Street....). Elmo beleives that everybody will be happy again when it is the real christmas again, so he has Lightening take him to the next real christmas.

    Unfortunately, it is really depressing. The Count is even tired of counting all of the christmasses. Ernie and Bert walk past a TV that plays a scene from It's a Wonderful Life, where the Ernie and bert characters from the movie are mentioned by name. Grover shouts "Christmas tree for sale! 25 cents!". Fat Blue rushes and wants the tree for 25 cents, but it turns out that grover isn't actually selling a tree. he's selling a "christmas tree for sale" sign for 25 cents. Big Bird is really upset and Bob and 14 karat soul are losing their voices because of their constant singing. Elmo sings a reprise of "every day can't be christmas", and Santa shows up, telling Elmo that he is retiring from delivering presents.

    Elmo then realizes that he has one wish left, so he tells everybody that he wished for christmas to be every day, and although he planned to wish for a new pair of roller skates, he is going to wish for christmas to go back to being only once a year (oscar tells him to wish for the roller skates). Unfortunately, before he can complete his wish, the snow globe slips off his hands and breaks. It's now christmas forever (hmm, since Santa gave him the snow globe that can give three wishes, couldn't he give himself one and wish for everything to be back to normal?). Elmo then realizes that since Lightening can take him to the future, maybe he can take Elmo back to the past, so Elmo goes back to the night of christmas eve and decides to wish for the bear, but this time, Santa also offers a Moo Bunny, and Elmo chooses that.

    Back on Sesame Street, everybody sings "keep christmas with you", and Snuffy shows up, telling Big Bird that his granny decided to come to sesame Street for christmas.
  6. rumtar_10165

    rumtar_10165 New Member

  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I knew that the sesame street version of mah na mah na was produced in 1969, but I thought that the ed sullivan version was also broadcast in 1969. it's been awhile since I've watched my copy of the Muppets Magic DVD, so i guess I should check later to make sure.

    It's a little funny how this threads title suggests that it's just a list of what songs and skits are included, yet the person who started this thread and me have included full plot descriptions and even videos that didn't even have skits. Going by this fact, do you think it would be right if I decided to review some of the Golden Book Home Video releases?

    Also, I hope I don't sound like I'm nagging, but could somebody please post a review, plot description, and listing of skits from the videos I'm Glad I'm me, Getting Ready For School, We All Sing Together, and Sing-Along Earth Songs? I do know what most of the skits included on three of those videos are (the videos that are not Getting Ready For School), but could somebody talk about them in detail?
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I am going to write about Put Down The Duckie now. This special was originally broadcast in 1988 as a PBS pledge drive special called The Sesame Street Special, it was released on video by Random House in 1994 (or possibly 1995), and was re-released on video by Sony Wonder in 1996, and I think it was rteleased on DVD in 2001.

    I have only seen this special on television, but according to the internet movie database, there were some changes made between the broadcast and video versions. I will list all changes I know of. This special also has a mix of new and old segments.

    This special begins with Big Bird coming onto the street and seeing Gladys Knight and The Pips in the arbor area, singing the theme song. There is a sign that reads the title (I've read that the words Put Down The Duckie were written in the video. How was this done? Was the sign digitally altered to have a different title? Was the original title still shown on-camera as the new title was on-screen? Was a different shot used to show this new title?). Most of the human cast were on the street jamming and grooving along to the music. The street was filled with humans, kids, and muppets. Elmo sits on the stairway in the arbor area, Hoots, Chip, and Dip play back-up music, Cookie Monster and Grover dance behind a crate (no, not with each other), and Bert makes a brief, non-speaking appearance, the only time in this video that he appears (though all of Frank Oz's main characters are in this scene, none of them talk, so I suppose he probably wasn't on the set for this scene).

    After they are done, Phil Donahue is on the street talking. Gina tries to say "Hi, Mom", while Oscar, grungetta, and another grouch (I think it's the same puppet used as gary grouch in The Alphabet Game) object to Donnahues comment about the residents of Sesame Street all being in perfect harmony. He says that there's not enough trash, not enough arguing, and too much cooperating. maria disagrees with oscar on this, but The Count agrees that Sesame Street is not perfect because there is not enough counting. The, Ernie tells Phil that Rubber Duckie has to say something. Phil thinks this is ridiculous, but Uncle Wally, David, and others demand to "let the duckie squeek!" Phil Donahue agrees, but then a Dinger wants to ding, and a duck wants to quack, and a honker wants to honk. Bob then tells him that Linda has something to say, so Phil holds a microphone to her, only for her to sign, but then Bob translates, and she thinks that everybody on Sesame Street can agree on one thing: That they all really like kids.

    After that is the Monsterpiece Theatre segment The 39 Stairs. In the original broadcast this had the opening from the 1980s, but I've read that the video has the 1990s opening, and the dialogue between Cookie Monster and Grover at the end is also changed for some reason.

    Next, Bruno is carrying Oscar when music starts playing and oscar goes into his can. The song that is palyed is The People In Your neighborhood, sung by Bob and a few celebrities, including some tennis player, babra walters, and Ralph nader. After the song, oscar decides that the song wasn't as bad as he thought. I'm sure that this sequence was made especially for the special, since Bob wears the same outfit that he wore at the beginning.

    Next is the celebrity-filled version of Put Down The Duckie. I think this special was actually the debut of the celebrity version, since I don't remember seeing celebrities in the song before I saw this special, and I was surprised when I later saw this version of the song in an actual episode of the show.

    After that is a new segment where kermit interviews Oscar The grouch. He is there to fidn out why oscar The grouch likes public television, but Oscar denies that he likes public television. Kermit keeps coming up with reasons to liek it and oscar comes up with reasosn to hate it. Finally, Kermit is convinced that oscar doesn't like public television and returns the viewers to the phones to pledge money to PBS. Oscar hears this and asks what kermit is talking about. Kermit talks to oscar about pledge breaks, and oscar knows that this is where PBS interrupts the show to have people ask for money when the viewer only cares about knowing how the program ends. he likes that and goes into his can to watch it. This entire sequence was cut from the video. After the pledge drive, oscar comes out of his can and comments on it. I'm sure that this was also cut, but I'm not sure.

    Then, we get a few segments from th show: How I Miss My X, Grover as a singing and dancing waiter at charlie's resturaunt, and mari and Luis in a museum, singing a parody of Let's Call The Whole Thing Off which is about different ways of saying the same thing (the song listing calls it Sing Your Synoms, but I've also seen it listed as Let's call The Whole Thing Small).

    Next is a segment that I think was made especially for this special. I've never seen it on the show, and I always watched sesame Street at the time that this special aired. This segment was called The Sesame Street Special report, where Robert mcNeil interviewed Cookie Monster, who was accused of taking susan and Gordons cookies. Kermit appeared as Cookies lawyer, often whispering things into Cookie Monsters ear, which seems a little bit simialr to how lefty would "SHH!" at Ernie for talking real loud. I think Kermit's appearance here is a bit odd, and would probably be more in character if it were Ernie or Elmo.

    Then, we get james taylor singing jellyman kelley, and then Pretty great performances, where Placedo Flamingo and an animal orchestra perform The italian Street Song.

    Finally, we get the ending credits, which is a reprise of Put Down The Duckie, only with new shots of celebrities singing verses of the song. This includes unused verses from the segment, such as a verse sung by Jane Curtain (who appeared in the segment but didn't sing any verses), a verse sung by the cast (the only time in this video that Mr. Snuffleupagus appears), a shot from the Put Down The Duckie segment, and all of the guests who only appeared in new footage singing verses (one of them is Robert McNiel in his newsroom, with Ernie in the room with him). Oddly enough, there is a scene with babra walters singing, and she only sang a verse during this credits sequence, but in the book Sesame Street Unpaved, she is quoted as saying that she hears more from fans who saw her singing Put Down The Duckie than from any interview she did. After the credits, Ernie is behind a brick wall when Hoots comes to him with a problem: whenever he squeeks his rubber duckie (which has green sunglasses), it make sa weird sound. He squeeks it and plays the saxaphone at the same time, and Ernie says, "You've gotta put down the saxaphone if you want to squeek your duckie".

    This is a good special. it's good for fans of 1980s sesame street. One weird thing about this special is that Big Bird hardly speaks in this special.
  9. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    By the way, the tennis player Bob sang with on "Put Down the Duckie" is Martina Navrilota (I think that's how you spell it)

    I actually have the "Getting Ready for School" video and I currently have the "I'm Glad I'm Me" video checked out from the library. As soon as I get a chance, I will try to put up a review for both. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, I find myself loaded down with assignments I'm trying to finish up and it's keeping me quite busy at the moment.
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    The main problem I had was knowing how her name was spelled. I could say it, but couldn't spell it.
  11. rumtar_10165

    rumtar_10165 New Member

  12. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    sorry, I was a little off in my spelling. Just double checked. Here's the correct spelling.
    Martina Navratilova- a really great tennis player (very famous in the 1980s) and of course, another great Sesame Street guest star.
  13. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Okay, here's a really quick and abbreviated review of "The Great Numbers Game". It's a 1998 release and the back of the box has the 30 Years of Sesame Street logo on it, so I guess this counts in as a 30th. anniversary item. This thing actually starts with a big button labelled "Start". You see 4 hands reaching up to press on it (2 of them fuzzy) and then it turns out that Gabi, Alice (I think that was the name- one of the kids), Elmo and Telly all wind up in some sort of game- which is in fact, of course, The Great Numbers Game. They see a bridge and get on it which takes them to a castle with a 1 on it. They figure out that they have to count from 1 to 20 in the game and go forth to do so. Then we see a calvacade of counting clips. Throughout the video at different times it jumps back to Telly and Elmo and Gabi and the other girl to show them running from a gigantic cookie. I have no idea what this has to do with anything else in the plot. Apparently, the cookie is the big "bad guy" of the video game. :rolleyes: There is one part where Elmo and Telly have to jump onto moving platforms to get to another level and Elmo makes it while Telly falls back to an earlier level. Later on, he gets a skateboard and rides it to catch up with Elmo in another level. The one cool thing about this is that in these scenes, some music really similar to the music on Super Mario Bros. 1 for Nintendo Entertainment System is played. Well, not the whole thing, but the opening riff is almost exactly the same tune as the start of Super Mario Bros. 1
    At the end of the video, all 4 of them run backwards through the different counting clips scenes to get back to the start to play it again. (I noticed that some of the clips they ran by were clips that were not shown on the video. Like at number 2, they showed a picture of the cartoon bellhop who always has to carry a ton of things up, like 18 floors of stairs and it's insane. I wish they'd shown that clip. That was one of my favorites as a child.)
    Anyway, the plot seemed to be a little haphazard at best and was basically an excuse to show the best of Sesame Street's classic cartoons (at least that's what the video bills itself as)
    There are some good counting clips in there, like Alligator King #7, King of Eight, Country Two (with the cartoon fiddle player), Mother Brown's Farm (I remember this cartoon clip with the dancing farmer), the classic Pinball number count for 12, and a counting clip using what looked like printed figures of people with some funky music (I remember this as a child, but I don't know how to describe it). Unfortunately, there's a lot of them that I don't really know how to describe and I really don't remember the rest of them. Most of them were new to me.
    Most of the cool clips I liked are on other videos- so I'd have to say this probably isn't one of my favorites. But there are a couple of classic counting clips that I do remember from childhood that aren't on other videos, so that's at least good.

    I just wish some counting clips with The Count or some more of the Muppets might have been used, or maybe the cartoon clip with the spies and racing cars or the classic falling baker clips.
    Anyway, there you go.:smirk:
  14. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    And here's a review of the 2005 release of "Sesame Street Goes to the Doctor"- brought to you by Pfizer! (At least they had their commercial on at the start of the video)

    We hear the strains of the Sesame Street theme song (though not actually sung) and a blue Muppet looking really similar to one of The Blues Brothers (with the shades and everything) sitting on the corner and playing a harmonica.
    Elmo and Gina are playing checkers and Gina notices Elmo scratching at his ear. He finally admits to Gina that he isn't feeling well and has an earache and Gina tells him that he needs to see the doctor. Elmo is scared and doesn't want to go to the doctor. Big Bird and Rosita come by and find Elmo hiding under the table. They and Gina coax him to come out and Big Bird offers Elmo Radar so he won't be so scared. Rosita reassures him that she has been to the doctor and Elmo has too and there's nothing to be afraid of. With well wishes from Big Bird and Rosita, Elmo and Gina take off to the doctor's office. Susan is working as a receptionist there (I didn't realize that was her job on the show- or is that just for this one time appearance?)
    Bert and Ernie are also there- Bert apparently has a cold. Baby Bear and his dad, Curly, are there too- Baby Bear has a really bad sore throat. There's also a horse, chicken and cow and a farmer and a AM mom and her son. Elmo goes to talk to Baby Bear and Bert and Ernie and they all talk about their symptoms. Then they all sing a song about their sicknesses-pleading to see the doctor soon. Cool thing about this song- a lot of Muppets make quick cameo appearances- Chicago the lion has a line in the song, as does an elephant, goat, The Count (in his maracas type shirt) and the reindeer from "Elmo Saves Christmas". There's also some sort of green monster, yellow monster, and blue monster playing the musical instruments. Susan tells Bert that he's next in a break in the song. And then at another break, it's Baby Bear's turn. At the end of the song, Susan comes to tell Elmo he's next. Susan and Gina help Elmo into the doctor's office, where Elmo gets freaked out by all the posters and instruments. He makes a break for it and then we switch to the Muppet doctor working with Bert and Ernie. Elmo runs by and the doctor keeps going on telling Bert what to do to get better. Bert and Ernie tell Gina where Elmo went and then we see Elmo go by some sheep that another doctor's looking at. Then he comes to another room where a doctor's with Curly and Baby Bear. Elmo hides another a bed while Gina comes into the room. Then Elmo pops up when he hears the doctor's about to put a stick into Baby Bear's mouth. Baby Bear does well and tells Elmo that it went well. Elmo gets encouraged and tells Gina he wants to see the doctor so he can get better. The doctor tells Baby Bear that he has strep throat and he'll be better soon as he takes the medicine. The doctor that was with Bert and Ernie comes to help Elmo and lets him listen to her heartbeat with the stethoscope. Then she proceeds to check Elmo's conditions and teaches Elmo new words like "infection" and "antibiotic". After the doctor gives him the medicine, she says there's only 1 thing left to do. Elmo gets scared for a second, but then gets excited when he gets to pick out a rainbow sticker and wear it on his chest. Then we jump to Sesame Street where Elmo's playing with the kids. Susan and Gina are watching from the stoop. Ernie has Bert outside wrapped with a shawl to make sure he doesn't catch cold again. (Bert says he's feeling better, but to me Eric Jacobson's voice makes Bert sound like he still has a cold!:( But I know he's trying to live up to Frank Oz- but it's never the same.)
    Baby Bear's about to go join the fun, but Curly makes him stop and take his medicine. Elmo shows off his sticker to Big Bird and Rosita and then Baby Bear shows them his. Elmo tells Big Bird and Rosita that they were right and he didn't need to be scared. He starts singing an intro line to a song about doctors helping people and the doctors all show up on the street and join in. Then Curly, Baby Bear, Rosita, Big Bird, Gina, and Susan all join in. Bert and Ernie walk by with Bert telling Ernie he doesn't need a hot water bottle.
    At the end of the song, we hear sneezing and Elmo asks who's sick now. Big Bird says it's Radar who's sick now. And then we have a quick reprise of the last song. And then the doctor sneezes and Ernie gives her a handkerchief. By the way, the credits list Kevin Clash as Elmo, Carroll Spinney as Big Bird, Jerry Nelson as the Count, and Steve Whitmire as Ernie. The ending credits play the instrumental Sesame Street theme song again.
    It was a pretty good video though it's a theme that's been hit on before in 1990's Sesame Street Home Video Visits The Hospital. (though this video was a trip to the doctor's office and the other one was actually staying in the hospital and there's definitely a difference there.)

    And there you have it.:p
  15. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    It's weird that the credits for Elmo Goes To The Doctor don't list Eric Jacopson as Bert.

    Does that video have any inserts? I thought I read somewhere else that it does.
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I have seen The Great Numbers game and was hoping that somebody else would list the skits, since I can't describe (or remember) all of them. My favortie skit in that video that wasn't in any other video was the first one, where a group of kids kept counting the number of ducks in the pond, but there was only one. Another great skit was the last one, which had numbers (I think with eyes and arms) and a kids voice counting to 20, but I don't know how to describe that skit. I have seen it shortened on the show (to count to lower numbers). I don't know what that's called.

    It would be great to know what's on The Alphabet Jungle Game, though I suppose that video also has segments that are hard to describe.
  17. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, I just named the counting sketches that I remembered and actually liked on The Great Numbers Game. I own the video, so when I get some more time I might see if I can fully list some sort of description of all the counting sketches, just for the sake of completeness.

    And the "Sesame Street Goes to the Doctor" (that is the name, right? Or is it "Elmo Goes to the Doctor"? I just used the name that was on the video I got from the library, which by the way has a different cover from what I've seen in stores. It's green all over and kinda plain except for a Sesame Street logo and Elmo tucked into the top left hand corner and the name of the video)

    And the credits did list Eric Jacobson as one of the performers. I just meant that the only actors listed separately, along with their characters performed, were Kevin Clash, Steve Whitmire, Carroll Spinney, and Jerry Nelson. Then there was a list of people under the heading of "Other Performers".
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    yes, it's actually called Elmo Goes To The Doctor (or I could be wrong and it could be titled Elmo Visits The Doctor).
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    video title: Sing, Hoot, & Howl with The Sesame Street Animals

    release year: 1991

    plot: Big Bird and various animals get togetehr for The Sing, Hoot & Howl club, where they all sing songs about animals. The video begins with them singing Old Mac Donald Had a Farm. Then, Big Bird let's other animals pick songs. A dog wants to be the first to pick a song, since he has to go to work soon (he's a watch dog... "does anybody want to buy a watch?"). Gladys The Cow has a song that she wants to request, but she keeps getting interrupted by other animals. She tries to hint to them on what the song is about, but they keep guessing wrong. Eventually, she gets to tell them what the song is about (of course, it's about being a cow). Then she wants to request her second favorite song. All of the other animals complain because they think it's another cow song, and they want songs about their own species, but Gladys tells them that this song is about every animal, and the song is We Are All earthlings. Then, a lion (is this Chicogo or a different lion?) wants to hear a song about babies. Big Bird tells him that they don't know of any songs about babies, so the lion let's out a big loud roar, and Big Bird then suddenly thinks of one. A chicken and an unhatched chicken argue over the next song to include, and Big Bird tells them that they can have both songs. The video ends with them all singing Old Mac Donald had a farm again.

    Cow Dog Song (film segment)
    Baa Baa Bamba (with Luis, The Sheep, Gladys, and either Chip or Dip, whichever ones performed by Kevin Clash)
    Starfish (film segment)
    The Insects In Your Neighborhood (with Ernie and the bugs)
    I'm An Aardvark (film segment)
    Pig's Love Song (film segment)
    Proud To Be a Cow (with Gladys, Buster, and Fred The Wonder Horse)
    We Are All Earthlings (with Elmo, an anything muppet boy, Little Bird, and the animals)
    Kids (a.k.a. What Are Babies Called?) (film segment)
    The Chicken or The Egg (film segment)
    Cluck Around The Clock (with Chrissy and the Alphabeats)

    *it seems like this video has too many non-muppet segments (though all of the non-muppet segments are from the 1970s, so all is forgiven).
    *one thing that I've noticed: all of the non-muppet segments are from the 1970s, but none of the muppet segments included are from the 1970s (unless Proud To Be a Cow is from the '70s, I can't tell if that's from the '70s or '80s).
    *some animal segments that could have been included: My Pollywog Ways, tadpole, This Frog, The Frogs In The Glen, Pigeons On Parade, Three Blue Pigeons, This Song Is For The Birds, That's Not Homer, and Has Anybody Seen My Dog?
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I need an opinion

    I have been thinking about listing the pro's and con's of various videos, but I'm not sure if I should list them in this thread or if I should just start another thread. Any suggestions?

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