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Slackbot draws stuff

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Slackbot, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Heh heh. I wanted to see if I could draw Boober with eyes and still have him look like himself.
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  2. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    He looks really familiar with eyes, like I've seen a character similar to him before, but I can't put my finger on it.
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  3. Slackbot Well-Known Member

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  4. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    I poked my head in here at about two in the morning when I was trying to revive my brain to finish a lousy paper and looked at all the pretty pictures. So today, while I'm trying to revive my brain to START yet another lousy paper (last one of the semester!) I thought I'd poke my head in again to tell you that these pictures are awesome.

    And... that you have an amazing Fraggle-drawing talent. I doodled some Fraggles in a few of my classes this semester... And, well... Let's just say there's a whole page of my notes that's rather... scary. My Red looks like a cheap robot, my Mokey looks possessed, and my Boober looks more like his Jewish cousin. Granted, there's some improvement in later pages... but YOUR Fraggles are just lovely.

    Thought I'd share.
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  5. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Heh, Fraggles are a lot of fun to draw. I've been illustrating Oz stories, which requires a pretty tight, realistic style, and after that it's fun to loosen up with the Fraggles. I'm also finding some interesting challenges, such as how to show Boober & Sidebottom's expressions. Normally I try to work subtleties of expression into eyes; in their case I have to focus on body language.
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  6. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Your fraggles are pretty dang adorable and your Oz stuff ish AMAZING. =O Just...wow.

    I'mma watch you. :3 Or subscribe. Watch sounds kinda sketchy, eh? XPPP Get it, sketchy? Art? HAH--! *is backhanded*
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  7. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Thanks, glad you like my Fraggles! Fraggles are fun to draw and write for.

    Fraglings: The formerly-nameless Fraggle kids, who are now called Sage and Poncle. Hopefully the alert viewer will be able to guess at their parentage. Heh heh. These ankle-biters will appear in "Trials and Tintinnabulations," AKA the story formerly known as "The Plague Fraggles."
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  8. Slackbot Well-Known Member

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  9. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, I love the contrast in costume design on those two. And I love the postures. Sidebottom is a great character but sometimes he drives me crazy when he gets into a nothing but play mood. But I like it when he gets into his more genuine, caring characteristics. The positions of the characters in this drawing convey what's going on in a great way.

    Are sage and Oncle related to Boober and Gobo, respectively in anyway?
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  10. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I normally concentrate on facial expressions, but I can't do that with these two. And, yeah, Sidebottom can be a bit of a brat, but he does have a valuable purpose: to give Boober a swift kick when he starts getting too repressed. :coy:

    Yyyyyyep. :smirk:
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  11. ilovemusic Active Member

    Wow man, how can you draw like that! It´s great and very, very, very nice!
    Love the one with the fraggle kids!:excited:
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  12. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Wow, thanks! Heh, drawing Fraglings is fun.

    Speaking of which, Pebble Pox Sucks. Janken's childhood memory from Trials and Tintinnabulations. Yeah, Janken used to suck his thumb. I won't tell if you won't.

    Wembley would be a good parent, I think. He's no genius, but he's got a good moral compass and plenty of empathy, and he'd have the sense not to freak out when someone got sick and thus make things even worse. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to draw his hair...
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  13. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    That is too cute. I think you're getting better at his hair. One question though, is he supposed to be the parental type in this picture because I think he looks too young. But it is a cute little picture though. It's kinda got a passing the torch quality to it in likght of the "pebble pox blues" episode.
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  14. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Thanks. And, yeah, Wembley does look a bit young. I tried aging him forward in sketches, and he stopped looking like himself. So I'm going to say he's got that Benny Hill quality; he'll always look boyish. Maybe he's there to counterbalance Mokey, who always looked middle-aged to me.

    I have the idea that Fraggles age more like animals than Silly Creatures. A relatively short childhood, during which they approach their full size fairly quickly. Some years later, if they survive their youthful exuberance, they reach puberty. After that, a long plateau of adulthood during which they don't appear to age at all.

    My rationale: I can only think of a few Fraggles who appear to be middle-aged or elderly (The World's Oldest Fraggle, Unca Matt, The Storyteller, and a few nameless backgrounders) so either Fraggles get themselves killed off at a high rate or they spend the vast majority of their lives in the "young adult" stage. And we've seen so very few Fraggle children, and IIRC only one baby; they'd need a much higher birthrate to support the population if attrition was that drastic.
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  15. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    I guess that makes sense(wow you appear to have thought about that for a while) And it could just be that Wembley looks that way because he acts that way.
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  16. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    *laughs* Actually, that explanation came to me pretty quickly. I'm one of these types who reads every issue National Geographic cover to cover twice. I can discuss genetics, physiology, environmental pressures and balance, and so on for hours. Retconning Fraggle peculiarities took very little skull sweat!

    Actually, I spent more time on figuring Sidebottom out. I've been studying Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, the current name for split personality) for years; it's a fascinating and disturbing topic. As it's terribly unlikely that Boober went through the vile trauma that is the usual cause for a person to shears off parts of their personality in order to survive, how to handle him? I ended up deciding that Sidebottom is a balancing force. Boober tries to suppress what he thinks are undesirable personality traits, but the fact is that for a Fraggle they are normal and healthy. When he represses them for too long, or comes to a crisis in which he needs those traits, Sidebottom emerges and does what Boober believes he can't. He can be a brat because he goes overboard, but his goal has always been to drag Boober back toward the norm, never to take over.
    I live with two people. I like both of them.
    He likes both of me and I like both of him.
    He's my alter ego and to him I am wed
    'Cause I'm happy I live in a split-level head.

    -- I Live in a Split-Level Head by Jerry Samuels
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  17. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    I always thought that too of Sidebottom. I had one brief thought that Boober had multiple personalities but quelled that thought almost instantly, partly because he makes a concious effort to switch personalities and it doesn't just randomly happen (also the fact that it's a kids show). I always saw Sidebottom as kinda like just a manifestation of other qualities of Boober because he is a character that, like you said, needs a balancing force. So it works to make two of him because the characteristics are so exreme, so it's more funny from a story standpoint (I don't think it would work for any of the other fraggles to have an alter-ego such as Sidebottom)
    Yay, finally someone who doesn't think conversations like this are odd.
    PS, have you ever considered doing portraits of Boober and Sidebottom with that in mind. Maybe their personalities would be projected in the background of something through colors or a particular background? Or even elemental? (i.e. Boober might have an earthy or icy background and Sidebottom a more fiery or ariy background?)
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  18. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Actually, I do think of Boober/Sidebottom as a case of multiple personality. For one thing, they are co-conscious; both are aware at the same time, yet they think along separate tracks. Boober is not always aware of Sidebottom's presence; at the end of "Boober's Dream" he has to ask if Sidebottom is there, and the reply is a laugh. Sidebottom is pretty clearly separated from Boober at that point.

    Multiple personalities are not anywhere near completely understood, but it's generally accepted that they are a way of splitting off painful memories and experiences and creating defensive mechanisms, both to protect the core personality. In this case, Boober is the core, and he did both of the above when he suppressed his fun side for too long. He couldn't stand the thought of possessing those annoying, frivolous traits, so he walled them off into a "not-me" persona. And yet on some level he knew that he needed them, so that persona was born with the mission of making himself known and doing whatever it took to force Boober to accept him once more. In effect, to merge personalities. I think it worked to some degree; tell me there wasn't a little Sidebottom presence in "Scared Silly."

    Psychoanalizing puppets is fun. :coy:

    As for the portraits, that's an interesting idea. To extend the personalitles into the background, I think I'd choose something still and quiet and desaturated for Boober, and something dynamic and whimsical for Sidebottom. Laundry has been done to death, so what else would work? Hmm, does Sidebottom cook?
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  19. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    It seems as if Boober likes to do things a long the lines of finer cuisine so maybe, I dunno, fast food? Or he'd be one of those fraggles that can't boil water?
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  20. Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Hmm... Boober has never shown disdain for food in any form; it just seems that he enjoys fine cookery. Perhaps he likes the challenge of making the perfect souffle. Sidebottom probably couldn't cook by himself because he doesn't carry any relevant mental baggage. (But when partially re-merged with Boober, he can do just fine!)

    Sidebottom certainly couldn't boil water, because he wouldn't know how to start a fire. At least, I sure hope he wouldn't. Do you want to see that brat running around with a flint and tinder kit? Brr.

    Perhaps it'd make more sense just to show cave backgounds. In Boober's case the rock would be gray, the plants blurry and desaturated, as if unimportant. In Sidebottom's case the background would look like a late Louis Wain painting.
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