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The 100 Greatest Muppets! By Lisa and Prawnie!

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by theprawncracker, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. maniacal muppet

    maniacal muppet Active Member

    LMFAO at the Birds in the first post... LOL!:)

    Awesome work guys. I love this!:)
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  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Here comes some MOOOOOOOORE!

    80. Earl Sinclair (Dinosaurs)

    P - I LOVE Earl, he's just so funny. He's the typical family man, and he hates it. He reminds me of Fred Flinstone, except more outspoken.
    L - ...That's an interesting comparison, considering that Fred Flinstone used dinosaurs as, like... household appliances...
    P - Indeed, and Earl kept a caveman as a pet.
    L - Really?
    P - Yeah. Actually, it might've been a cavewoman... but it was a human.
    L - I guess I should actually WATCH Dinosaurs at some point, shouldn't I? Because all I remember of when it was on is that the rest of my family loved it, and even though I'm the baby of the family, my sister told me I wasn't allowed to use the "I'm the baby, gotta love me," trick.
    P - Haha, yes, well, that's true, that whole hitting people on the head with a frying pan thing... is painful.
    L - Nah, only for the person getting hit...
    P - Which is usually me.
    L - ...Your point?
    P - ...Never mind. Anyway, I really like Earl's relationships with other characters too, he's got a different one for all of them. He's a snivelling coward in front of his boss B.P. Richfield, he's the mooching husband around Fran, the cautious father with Charlene, the "father/son time" craving father with Robbie, and the frying pan avoider with Baby. I love it.
    L - Well said.
    P - Thanks.

    79. Skeeter (Muppet Babies)

    P - I miss her. I will never understand why she never became a Muppet and why no explanation was given for her dissapearance.
    L - She SHOULD be an actual MUPPET Muppet. She deserves more than a spot in a cartoon that's no longer being made. And yes, I know, we both know, Muppet Babies was created AFTER everyone in the world knew all of the adult Muppets and lacks in accuracy in more ways than one, but STILL! Skeeter is a Muppet character, and a good one. Besides, seeing an actual sibling relationship within the adult Muppets would be FUN!
    P - Exactly! All we get to see with siblings are Andy and Randy! And Skeeter was not only a great character, but possibly one of the best babies, maybe it was because she was an original character, I don't know, but she was great. I wonder what made them create her for the show?
    L - Piggy needed competition.
    P - Ah. Yes. But why didn't they use an existing Muppet? I know Janice appeared once or twice as a baby, but why not a permanent? I bet if she did she'd be a lot more popular today.
    L - ...I have no idea.
    P - Well okay then. Have you ever seen Muppet Babies?
    L - Yes, actually, I HAVE! Some of my friends came over to my house with a bunch of Muppet Babies tapes not long before I went to Israel last summer.
    P - Oh! Well why didn't you tell me? How cool! I still have a bunch of my old tapes too. My favorite episode is when they parody Star Wars and The Jetsons and Scooter gets mad at Skeeter for letting Bean take all of his roles.
    L - ...I... DID tell you... But anyway. Skeeter's awesome.
    P - You did? ...But yeah, she's great. I wonder who'd perform her if she became a real Muppet.
    L - Yes, I did. And I don't know, but there is SO much potential there...
    P - I know! I think Jerry could do it. But then again I think Jerry could do anyone he set his voice to, but that's just me.
    L - Yeah, it amazes me that we've got the BBB, SWAEHB, RHLC, and nobody for Jerry. We should work on that. But isn't Jerry kinda pulling back, anyway?
    P - Yeah... but still, he's Jerry!
    L - He IS! And he has several more characters later on in the list, so- shall we?
    P - Indeed.

    78. Ma and Pa Gorg (Fraggle Rock)

    P - Hey, he has a character here on the list! One of my all time favorite characters too, Pa Gorg!
    L - Ma and Pa Gorg. They are SO flirty with each other, which is nice to see, considering that they didn't seem to have any other choices for dating...
    P - Although I heard Junior was going to ask out that radish friend of his.
    L - Oh, really? But that's an option for Junior, not for Pa. You know?
    P - Oh yeah, Ma would murder him. Or... you know, store him in the cellar.
    L - Neither of which sounds all too appealing. But anyway, Pa and Ma are AWESOME.
    P - I know! And they SO don't give a Doozer's behind about Junior's obsession with the Fraggles, which is kind of funny, 'cause when you think about it, if Junior caught enough Fraggles they could have their own little army to defend the castle of the King and Queen of the Universe.
    L - Yeah, but defend against whom? Who is IN that universe, anyway? That's part of their awesomeness. As far we can tell, they are King and Queen of absolutely nothing.
    P - Wander McMooch. Wander McMooch is in that universe. And the Trash Heap, and Philo and Gunge.
    L - Oh. ...Do the Gorgs know about any of them?
    P - Well Junior sold Wander McMooch the house, so yeah.
    L - Oh, okay.
    P - I like Pa.
    L - I like Ma.
    P - And we'll get to Junior later, moving on?
    L - Yup!

    77. Baby Bear (Sesame Street)

    P - Numbow seventy-seven is Baby Beaw! Whewe'd I put my powidge?
    L - ...Pwobably <ahem> I mean, Probably where you picked up the speech impediment. I can't really complain about the way Baby Beaw- <ahem> Baby Bear talks, because I used to have trouble pronouncing my R's. My big sister's name was "Sawa" for the LONGEST time... Which is why I'm trying not to slip into Baby Bear talk, because I might have trouble slipping back out.
    P - I used to talk like that too, I think, geez, half thing much. I also really like Baby Bear's friendship with Telly, and I always saw Baby Bear as a cocky character, he actually reminds me of my brother.
    L - You THINK you used to talk like that? I had to get pulled out of class in school for YEARS to sit with a speech thewapist! ...Therapist. But anyway, isn't Baby Beaw- <aHEM> Baby Bear. Isn't he Jewish? Was that established at some point, or did I imagine it?
    P - Yes he is! In some Elmo's World thing Telly went over to Baby Bear's house to see how Hannukah was celebrated.
    L - WHEEE! It's celebrated by lighting the menowah and spinning a dweidel! ...Er, lighting the MENORAH and spinning a DREIDEL. Anyway, I love that Baby Bear is Jewish, which probably has something to do with the fact that I'm Jewish and I love teddy bears, but who knows? The point is, Baby Bear is cool.
    P - Yup! And his best fw- friend is Telly, who wouldn't want that?
    L - Let's move on before we pewmanently lose the ability to pwonounce the letter R.
    P - Vew- ...Yes.

    76. The Amazing Mumford (Sesame Street)

    P - A la peanut butter sandw- ...What she said! Maybe you could do a DUCKumentary!
    L - <Giggles!> Now, unforunately, I don't know Mumford too well...
    P - I really don't either, I just know him from the Sesame 25th anniversary music thingie, but he was great, couldn't make the crowd "la la" but he could make them "baa baa" and "quack." Talented fella.
    L - Quite.
    P - I think he also likes to use Grover as a lovely assistant.
    L - That, or Grover just sort of insists on it.
    P - Which is totally something he would do. I know I saw Mumford at the Celebration of Grover at the Flyer's Club Roost.
    L - Hm, cool!
    P - Sha! And he's Jerry, which totally boosts his cool factor.
    L - Oh, TOTALLY!
    P - Hehe, moving on?
    L - Might as well!
    P - Now watch as I make this character disappear! A la peanut butter sandwiches! *turns into a goat* What a baaaad trick...

    75. Placido Flamingo (Sesame Street)

    L - We seem to be in a Sesame Street streak.
    P Indeed, it continues after this, too. But anyway, his singing is for de birds!
    L - It is! ...In a good way! And you forgot your dash.
    P - *blink* Oh, sorry. I never was very dashing. But anyway... his duet with Placido Domingo was awesome!
    L - I wouldn't know, unfortunately, but I've heard him singing about scrubbing a tub and how he loves a ringing telephone, and I love it.
    P - Oh those are so funny... Richard really gave him an awesome voice. Definitely one of my favorite Richard characters.
    L - He DOES have an awesome voice! So happy-making.
    P - I know! I think all of Richard's characters do that, though.
    L - I think most Muppets are like that, really. Part of the whole "millions of people happy" thing.
    P - Indeed! Very, very true! But Placido especially.

    74. Abby Cadaby (Sesame Street)

    P - We're expecting big things from you! But... not too big. *glares in Elmo's general direction*
    L - Easy, Prawnie, easy. I don't see any mad street-conquering in her yet. I see an adorable fairy-god-daughter who turns everything into pumpkins!
    P - Especially the Sloppy Jalopy. I think that was my favorite episode last season, seeing something pink interact with Oscar was priceless.
    L - "Something pink interact with Oscar." Yeah, that DOES sound priceless! I've really gotta get to watching Sesame on a regular basis, but I've been in school when it's on for the past thirteen years, and I have no means of recording it that I am competent enough to use. But I don't think I have any classes when it's on this semester... Hm, maybe I WILL bring a small TV to college... My roommate won't mind, will she?
    P - No, of course not! Doesn't she teach preschool?
    L - She's majoring in Elementary Education, so... maybe? Well, whether she minds or not, she's just going to have to deal with the fact that I'm a child at heart. I still haven't decided how many of my thirty-seven teddy bears I'm going to bring...
    P - Hehehehe! Your poor roommate. Wait till you tell her that Chef lives with you too.
    L - We'll be the only people on campus to utterly adore all dorm food. ...Or, maybe not. Have I mentioned there's a Ben and Jerry's on campus?
    P - Ooh! No, you haven't! ...Which Muppet were we talking about?
    L - Abby Cadaby, of course! I LOVE saying her name. Abby Cadaby! Abby Cadaby Abby Cadaby Abby Cadaby Abby Cadaby!
    P - She has the cutest little voice, too.
    L - She DOES. She's adorable. I can't wait to get to know her.
    P - And I think everyone will if they watch Season 38, since she's supposed to be in every episode.
    L - Ooh! How exciting!
    P - Or frightening. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.
    L - I guess so. While we're waiting, shall we move on?

    73. Zoe (Sesame Street)

    P - Or as the other list of Top Muppets called her, "Girl Elmo."
    L - Sheesh. She's really not as bad as the other list made her out to be.
    P - Yeah, I know, I just thought it was funny. I really actually like Zoe, and all of Fran Brill's characters.
    L - Oh, of course. So, yes, about Zoe...
    P - I really do like her! But I liked her when she didn't have her tutu all the time...
    L - She has it all the time now?
    P - Yup. A very odd choice if you ask me.
    L - Quite. Poor Zoe. Tutu's aren't all that comfortable. Although I think the one I had was too small...
    P - Ha! Sheesh... well, Zoe looks pretty comfortable. ...Or maybe THAT's why her voice is so high.
    L - Sheesh! The poor monster! Well, tutu or no tutu, she's fun!
    P - Indeed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she has a pet rock.
    L - Me too! Heck, I just love the idea of a rock being a pet. So easy to care for. And I betcha pet rocks never eat the eyes off of teddy bears.
    P - Hahaha! And Elmo is SO jealous of that rock. He feels that Zoe takes him for GRANITE!
    L - <Giggles!> ...I'm trying to come up with a snappy pun to counter that, but I fail miserably... Zoe rocks.
    P - I think you just came up with that snappy pun.
    L - Ooh, so I did! YAY!
    P - Shall we continue?
    L - Sure.

    72. Hilda the Wardrobe Lady (The Muppet Show)

    P - Ah, a character very close to my... can I say pants?
    L - You just did.
    P - Oh. Well, I don't mean she's close to my pants in a... non-family forum friendly way, I mean she's close to my pants as in... she's mended all of them at one point or another.
    L - Ah, see, I have my mother for that. Anyway, Hilda has also been your dance partner...
    P - Indeed she has! We got toppled by the Rolling Stones!
    L - Ah, typical. But anyway, Hilda definitely should've stuck around longer than she did. I mean, no one even replaced her, ever... Who ELSE is supposed to take care of the Muppets' costuming needs?
    P - I know! It's not like Piggy's gonna do it! And who wants to give Gonzo a sewing machine?
    L - Not I, that's for certain. Anyway, Hilda is WONDERFUL. I love her glasses.
    P - Yes! And the way she talks is just so cool!
    L - It IS! Wonderful, so wonderful...
    P - I really do love her, just not as much as she thinks I do.
    L - Good. ...<Ahem>
    P - *smirks* I think we'll continue.

    71. Dr. Phil van Neuter (Muppets Tonight!)

    P - My absolute FAVORITE Muppets Tonight anything was when Dr. Phil got drunk on egg nog. Awesome. Incredibly awesome.
    L - I wouldn't know, but I DO know that he was pretty funny in Muppets From Space.
    P - Oh totally! Loved the HMO thing. "...Good question."
    L - I was just about to comment on that. Yeah, the HMO thing. Good stuff. And he befriended the rats at the end.
    P - Hahahaha! Oh that was so funny! He was melting a marshmallow on the end of a shot needle!
    L - Was he? I never noticed that!
    P - Totally! See, you've watched MTI and KSY more times than you can count, well, I've watched MFS more times than I can count. Love it. He's just so funny. Did you know Bill does his hands?
    L - I don't even know who does his head.
    P - Really?
    L - Really. Care to enlighten me?
    P - Brian Henson!
    L - Ooh! Shame on me for not knowing. Good for Brian! Fun character, very fun.
    P - Indeed, and the last one for this post.
    L - This one took longer than usual. Next time, don't crash so much, silly Prawnie. <giggles>
    P - *frowns* Not my fault...
    L - I know, I know, I'm just teasing. Very difficult to convey with plain ol' text.
    P - Indeed. So are we done?
    L - Done? There's another seventy Muppets to go! ...But done with the post, yes, I think so.
    P - ...Sheesh.
    L - You said it. How long do we wait before doing the next ten?
    P - After I get back from my movie.
    P - Maybe.

    L - You and your movies. Maybe your computer will be done with the crashiness by then. Oh, but I can't stay up too late tonight! I have work in the morning.
    P - I have to be up early to leave for a week.
    L - Curses. Looks like the list will have to take a break.
    P - Indeed. Sorry gang.
    L - Aye. But the list WILL return!
    P - Sha!
    L - Oy. Oh, and by the way? I have no idea what I was talking about with the whole, "Life is tomatoes" thing last night. I think I just put Pete lines in a blender or something...
    P - And I was too tired to pay any attention.
    L - <shrug> It works.
    P - Kind of.
    L - Ish.
    P - ...That's enough of that.
    L - Indeed.
    P - Oh just post. :p
    L - I was about to, and then you talked.
    P - Well I'm not now.
    P - Oops.
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  3. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Sorry, Ed, but I think you are being a little bit too overly critical with the way Prawnie and Lisa are making their list. This is their list. Let them do it the way they want.:smirk:
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Uh Bry... You did red the post above where I said it was okay and all that other stuff fright?
    Anyway... Like I said, would've loved to be part of this you two crazy kids.
    As for no JN club here at MC... Try thinking of a good acronym and what it stands for, and please send it to me.
    Actually, I think more of Karen performing a grownup Skeeter.
    Zoe was named because Fran didn't want any Muppet named after herself, so she got the name from a J.D. Sallinger poem. And yet, this last season, she finally got a self-named character, Fran, who served as David Letterguy's stage manager.
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  5. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    It's no problem, Ed. I read it. You know I love ya, man. I just think you can get a bit too nitpicky with certain things. But to each his own, I guess. Anyway...I love this list and am enjoying reading the commentary. By the way, I am still not really back. I am just viewing a few of the threads. Won't be back for a couple more days.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry about that... Let's just forget about it and sweep it under the rug. Rully looking forward to whenever this gets started up again, after the prawn gets himself out of da hot water of his current mini-vacation.
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  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    This is a good list. Concerning pairs that get one spot, have you thought about giving a spot to 2 completely unrelated characters, like Miss Finch and Sprocket? Or Grover and Lips? Or Thog and Irving Bizarre?
  8. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Considered it? Possibly. Done it? Possibly. Clarifying that before the entire list is posted? As if we would be so kind! It's far more fun to be mysterious about it, which means that you can either patiently wait and see what we've got planned, or you can eternally loathe us for the teasing. Or, I suppose you could potentially do both, or neither, or some other variation thereof. And if none of that works, you could always just pat your head, rub your tummy, hop up and down on one foot, and spin around in circles while reciting the Gettysburg Address.
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  9. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    Hmmm...I have tried this once, and it was kinda successful, but by the time I got to "four score and--" my head was somehow encased in a large roast turkey...:confused:
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  10. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Active Member

    You guys are really funny. But honestly, Baby Bear? Did you guys add that for comic relief or do you actually like him, Because I love me some Blind Pew and Mildred, and could do without Baby Beaw.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, that's interesting Mrs. P. Because I believe Junior Gorg mastered that particular speech impediment, where all r's in words were pronounced as w's, long before Baby Bear was added to the Sesame Street cast. That, plus he's gone through attitudinal changes... Initially, he was always angry whenever partnered with Goldilocks, then mellowed out when he became friends with Telly, and now has a bit of both balancing his friendship with big brother duties towards Curly Bear.
  12. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    Oh yes, absolutely. Especially as there appear to be so many similarities between Skeeter and Red Fraggle.

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  13. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    I agree - Red and Skeeter are both dedicated tomboys, with a strong sense of get-up-and-go, so Karen would have been ideal to play Skeeter. And it is fun to speculate about Skeeter appearing on a Muppet show in grownup form - it'd have added another strong female presence, and it probably would have shown us some other sides of Scooter (and by extension, Richard). How would the Muppet Show's best gofer interact with his sister backstage at the theater?

    Toga, Prawnie, I like your list of the 100 greatest Muppets much better than the original one - whoever wrote that list seems like he (or she) is demented. Keep up the good work, guys.
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  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    70. Gladys the Cow (Sesame Street)

    P - Gladys is my second favorite Richard character, right behind Scooter. I love her. That's all there is to it, she's just so beautifully bovine.
    L - I love that cow. She's wonderful. And she's PROUD to be a cow!
    P - She's just SO funny! Trying so hard to be a great singer, but not really succeeding. On the street anyway, because we love her voice everywhere else.
    L - WONDERFUL voice. I love the actual puppet itself, too. If you look in pictures, cows and horses are really pretty different from the other Muppets. I'm no puppet builder, so I can't get technical and explain what the hey I'm saying, but I love it.
    P - You're very right! She's got such a unique design, and I love her eyes.
    L - Ooh, me too. But I'm a sucker for eyes in general. It would be shorter for me to talk about eyes that I DON'T like than eyes that I DO like.
    P - I'm strangely intruiged. Which don't you like?
    L - ...Ummmmm... <thinks>... Um... I'll get back to you on that.
    P - I'm sure you will. Anyway, I love how Gladys sings "My butter's rich and creamy" in I'm proud to be a cow. It's my favorite line. I don't know why.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Really? I'd say my favorite line is, "I'm proud to have an udder, like my father- no- my mother."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - HA! Yes, my second favorite.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - So much to love in that song. And, in that Muppet.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Totally! Did you know they brought her back for "Sesame Sings Karaoke"? LONG after Richard had gone.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, I didn't know that! Good![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sha! No idea who performed her, but she sounded fantastic. She kept trying to get a turn in karaoke, but Alan kept not letting her, shame really, but it was great comic relief.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh lovely! Pity she didn't get a turn, though.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yeah, but she got to play harmonica in the final number.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...How?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - It was attatched to her neck somehow... it was cool.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ahhhh. Awesome![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Totally! She's such a multi-talented uttered one.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Uttered or uddered?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *blink* Both, I think.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh okay. Yes, I agree.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Moving on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - You bet![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - No, that's Sal.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, whate- <ahem> Yes. Moving on.
    [B][COLOR=black]69. Waldo C. Graphic (The Jim Henson Hour and Muppet*Vision 3D)[/COLOR][/B]
    P - I've only seen him at Muppet*Vision, and BOY is there something to see![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - DUDE! Waldo was SO a part of the cutting-edge technology that Jim so adored and was FASCINATED with and just LOVED!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - YES! Exactly! I loved that about Jim. You do know he's performed by Steve, don't'cha?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Ah, well- I do now. How AWESOME![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I know! And he turns into Mickey Mouse at the end of Muppet*Vision! "They'll never recognize me now!"[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I've really gotta see that some day. Actually, I should see Jim Henson Hour, too. I've never seen Waldo. But he is AWESOME!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Yes, yes he is! And another cool thing, he befriends Bean in Muppet*Vision, and they're both played by Steve. Love inter-performer character relationships.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh me too! Like Kermit and Rowlf, both of whom we'll get to... eventually. But yeah, you've just GOTTA love it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - That's a very long eventually... *ahem* But yeah, Waldo was definitely my favorite part of Muppet*Vision. ...Okay, right behind Gonzo asking Bean if he'd bring him back a sandwich when he said he was running away forever.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - HAHAHA! Oh, I've GOTTA see that someday.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, yes you do.
    [B][COLOR=black]68. Marvin Suggs (The Muppet Show)[/COLOR][/B]
    L - Ow.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Were you just doing "Lady of Spain"?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Naturally. Good song.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Performed by SUCH a fantastic character.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - And his victims. ...Er... instruments?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, of course! My all-time favorite Marvin scene is in either the Star Wars episode or the Raquel Welch episode where Kermit interviews him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - "Does it hurt?" "Is Marvin still here?"[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - That's it! "What do you do with the Muppaphones after they've gone flat?" "I don't'a think you want to know."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - They go flat, like little pancakes! OH it is so wonderful. Poor Muppaphones. But you know what I love?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hm?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Marvin really, truly believes that what he does is a WONDERFUL music form... and that it's humane.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - HAHA! YES! Didn't Frank say something about Marvin in "The Works"?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Um... Maybe? I could check...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *shrug* If you want to. It's on the page where they talk about Jim and Frank's characters, I think.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Okay. Hang on, I'll check...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Meanwhile, folks, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of our sponsors. Thundercloud Studios, of course, Gags Beasly's Joke Factory over on West Main Street, um, let's see... oh, Muppet Labs, the Fix-It Shop, Hooper's Store, Crazy Moe's Discount Banana Cream Pies, Uncle Larry's Boomerang Fish Depot... am I forgetting anyone?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Huh? Um- sorry, I was uh... distracted... MAN there are some good pictures in this book. Um- Did you say Wilson's Pet Shop?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh, I knew I forgot someone. Wilson's Pet Shop. Oh, and Juhl's Pizza Parlor.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, and that. Why was I looking through The Works again? I got distracted by all the awesome pictures...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - ...To see if Frank said anything about Marvin! Sheesh, I guess I have to tell everyone to go out and buy "Jim Henson: The Works" next time you get a chance...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh yeah! I found that a while ago. Or- well, okay, so I found the page with all the Jim and Frank characters. Here's what it's got on Marvin: "One of Frank's more unusual creations must have been Marvin Suggs, whose forte was banging on the heads of the hapless Muppephones- small, well-trained balls of fur- who would then dutifully yelp out the melodies to such tunes as 'Lady of Spain.' "[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And there aren't any quotes from Frank?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Nope. Well, maybe elsewhere in the book, but if I start looking for that, I'll NEVER stop getting distracted...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - WAIT! I know where it is! It's in the little booklet that comes with "The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem, and More" CD![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, well, no wonder I don't have it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - While I go check for that, you continue that sponsor list.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, of course. Sponsors. Um, there's Salmon Friends, The Daily Chronicle, Pete's... I love Pete. Um... Rat Tours, Ltd, of course...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Very nice, anyway, I found it. It says... "'I don't recall where Marvin Suggs came from...probably from one of the writers' meetings,' says Frank Oz, who performed the character. 'But the accent came from my French friend Phillippe Genty--I just exaggerated it and made it really annoying. I've always felt Marvin lived in a scuzzy trailer park with his put-upon wife, and he kept the Muppaphones [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]in a cage and would beat them regularaly.'" So there you have it![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - HA! Oh that is awesome. I wonder what Mrs. Suggs is like...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - ...Wait a second, you don't have this CD?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Nope.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well now I guess I have a reason to go to Best Buy tomorrow.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - As if you DIDN'T? The Muppet Show Season Two comes out tomorrow! Best Buy will most likely have it! Seeing as that's where I got Season One the day it came out... <Ahem> Anyway- thank you. Should we stop plugging and move on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Probably, yes. But first, let me say that MY Best Buy did NOT have Season 1 on August 9th 2005. I had to get it at Wal-Mart. So I wasn't planning on going to Best Buy until just a few minutes ago.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, fair enough. They probably don't have the felt cover, anyway.

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]67. Rosita (Sesame Street)[/B]

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - I LOVE ROSITA! She's probably my favorite new-age Sesame character, after Telly, that is.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ah, Rosita. All the Spanish I ever retained, I learned from her.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - HAHA! Me too, mostly, actually, and I've taken two years of it in school.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I've taken a total of four weeks of it in school, spread out over three years, starting out with a substitute, and then a sub for the sub, and then the real teacher, and they all had INSANELY different teaching styles, and then I was learning it in the same room where I was studying Hebrew later in the day, so... Yeah. Thanks Rosita![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *blink* Anyway, I loved her wings, it was very strange that they took them away, especially after they did an entire episode where she tried to find uses for them.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ooh, really? Never heard about that episode.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I haven't seen it, personally, but the guide on my satellite advertises it a lot. Anyway, she's certainly a popular street resident, there have been two episodes where she has two different best friends, Herry and Prairie Dawn. Two good choices if you ask me.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, EXCELLENT choices! And we'll get to both of them! ...One sooner than the other.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Indeed! But anyway, I love that she plays guitar, too. She sang a song called "I Say 'Hola'" in "Sesame Sings Karaoke", she's awesome, there's not one part of her I don't love.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Absolutely. She's a very nice shade of blue, too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Turquoise, really.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Call it what you like. It's a pretty color.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yup! And she's got a pretty voice too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh yes![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Anymore we can say about her?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Nice eyes?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And hair, it's different colors.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ooh, yes, that too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - One more thing, she was absolutely AWESOME in the Sesame cookbook, the only thing that bugged me is they kept reitteratitng the fact that she was from Mexico.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Maybe it's to avoid the general anti-Mexican-immigrant thing that tends to pop up around here. Mexicans can be PROUD, because they've got a character on Sesame Street! And she's awesome.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - But they've had Luis and Maria for who knows how long.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah, but now they've got a Muppet, too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Why can't we Americans ha- ...Never mind.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah! Why can't we Americans have such awesome turquoise fur?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Because we... don't eat enough tortillas? OH! That reminds me! She dressed as a tortilla in Prairie Dawn's healthy food pageant last season.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ooh, cool! ...I love how you mention healthy food as I sit here munching away at a bowl of popcorn... Kids, watch Sesame, not me![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe! Can we move on now?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes, yes we can.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    [B][COLOR=black]66. Herry Monster (Sesame Street)[/COLOR][/B]
    L - Remember how I said we'd get to one of those excellent choices sooner than the other?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, yes I do. And Herry certainly is an excellent choice. I love him so much, he's such a big, strong fella, but he's so huggable. My favorite Herry scene is him counting to 20 with John John.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I just love Herry. He's fuzzy and blue, and he's got a furry blue Mommy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And a teddy bear/monster thing, my farthest memory of Herry goes back to when I had a Sesame video as a kid that was three Sesame stories, but they were like you were reading a book, that's what the pictures were and their mouths didn't move, anyway, one of the storied focussed on poor Herry losing his dolly... HERCULES! I think that's his doll's name![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, how apt! And man, is it just my imagination, or did you have a LOT of Sesame videos as a kid? All we ever had was Follow That Bird... Which is a wonderful movie, but still...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, yes I did have a lot of Sesame videos as a kid... but sadly most were given away to my cousin, who I think has given them away to... someone or something.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Probably to something. That's a pity. Anyway, Herry! SO awesome. I love how he's SO strong. Do they ever emphasize the physical strength of any other Sesame Street monster?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Ummm... I don't think so, no. Maybe Grover's lack of such...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah, that's about all that I can think of. But Herry, oh... I seem to recall hearing a song on Muppet Central Radio- look, here we are plugging again- I seem to recall hearing Bob sing that Herry had torn three cars in half.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - HAHA! Oh that's hillarious! When the Sesame Muppets sang "12 Days of Christmas" Herry wished for 11 broken buildings.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - HAAA! Oh, gosh. You've just GOT to love Herry.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Did you know he wears pants?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...I did not. Sheesh, I'm getting so enlightened in this project. We should do this more often.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Indeed, I'm sure our fans would appreciate that. But I'm busy tomorrow.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah, so am I, like you wouldn't believe. But you know, I am SO glad that came up. I was trying to think, for one of my stories, if there were ANY Muppets who wore pants without a shirt...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Herry does, but I don't think the puppet has ever been seen with them... but he wears them all the time in books.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Mmmm. Well, still! It's very good to know.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sha!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000][COLOR=black][B]65. Doozers (Fraggle Rock)[/B][/COLOR]
    L - Work your cares away! <clap clap> Dancing's for another day, oh let the Fraggles play! <clap clap> Down at Fraggle Rock! ...Sorry, I had to.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - S'okay, we all have our obsessed Muppet fan reflexes. I, for instance, cannot hear the name "Marjory" without saying "Nyeeeeeeah!"[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <giggles!> I can't see a set of stairs without trying to find the step that's exactly halfway down. But anyway, about the Doozers.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehe, yes, they're great, always building! Always losing their buildings! Then always building again![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - And they're so CUTE. Such cute little green guys. I'm a sucker for cute little green guys. I must say, I admire their persistance in building. I'm far too lazy to do what they do.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Ditto, way too lazy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Jocelyn Stevenson has this wonderful story about how the Doozers got their name. See, they couldn't think of a name for a while, so she and Jim went for a walk on Hampstead Heath and reached a bench that Jim had dedicated to Don Sahlin. They both sat down, and then simultaneously said out loud, "Doozers!" So Jim looked up and thanked Don, and they went back to work.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - I LOVE THAT SO MUCH![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ME TOO![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I love the way they're opperated, I always though that was the coolest thing.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh me too! I love that it takes two people for such a teeny-tiny little Muppet.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - That's just so cool... I love the thing where Faz Fazakas shows off how the Doozers work.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Anything that shows off how the Doozers work! ...Well, anything that has Muppets showing off in any way, really, especially in the case of function... But yes, DOOZERS. Awesomeness.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *saheks head* I also love the part in the Down at Fraggle Rock special on the Season 1 set where Jim did a Doozer, that was amazing.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I gotta watch that again some time...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Me too, especially since I have that one thing I need to be doing...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <giggles> Yes, yes you do.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - But more on that later...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh! We didn't mention Cotterpin![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - She isn't on the list later?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I... don't know? I'll check.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - She isn't! Huh...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <Giggles> You check so much faster than I do. Anyway, Cotterpin Doozer. Worth the mention.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Definitely worth the mention! I really like her.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Me too. I love that one song she sings... The one that's in "Bein' Green and other things to consider."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh, uh... dang, what's it called... *thinks* THE WAY I'VE GOT TO GO![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - YES! That. I love that song.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Have I sent it to you?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Nope.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Remind me to.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Will do![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Next?
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Next!

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]64. Don Music (Sesame Street)[/B]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - My kind of head banging.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - HAHAHA! The original head banger![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, absolutely! He's hilarious, and you've just gotta feel bad for him, you know?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehe, and love him at the same time. Have you heard/seen the time when he tried to rewrite the SS theme with Kermit's help?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Nope! All I've ever heard or seen of him is from MCR when Mary had a little bicycle. It was painted red as fire! And whenever she wanted to go take a ride, the bicycle had a flat tire.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hahaha! I love that... I think he's my favorite of Richard's voices.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - He is awesome. And you know, this is one of those places where the other list had something right- Don is the embodiment of creative frustration. It's like he's living with permanent writer's block, the poor guy. I'd smack my head all the time if I had that, too![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - You do have that most of the time.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, I have the opposite of writer's block most of the time. I just have too much coming at me to write and post it all. So really, I hit my head anyway, but...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - ...Yeah. Anyway, Don is just hillarious and loveable[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Very much so. And I like his hair.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And his glasses![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah! But especially the hair.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - No, the glasses![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, the glasses are cool too. But the hair...
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Man, those glasses rock.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Prawnie, have you ever had to wear glasses?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Nope, I've got 20/20.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ah. See, I had to wear glasses from third grade to seventh grade, and now I have contacts. Glasses are okay, but there's nothing glorious about them. Hence- the hair.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Alright, fine.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Quite.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Shall we move on? I really, really like the next character.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, sure!

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]63. Philo and Gunge (Fraggle Rock)[/B]

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Did I say character? I meant characters.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - You did mean characters. Neeeeeeeeeeeeyah![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - They are just so cool, I love them so much, they're hillarious. I love when they're playing cards.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I love when they're doing ANYTHING. Just their presence alone is awesome. ...Well, I mean, not alone, obviously, because if they're both there, then they're not alone, they're with each other, but... Yeah.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehe, yes, I understand. I love when they sing, and Gunge plays the harmonica. QUIZ! Who performs Philo, and who performs Gunge?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <Groans>...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - MWoO ha ha ha![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - You are SUCH a cruel half...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I try.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Dave Goelz is Philo and Richard Hunt is Gunge.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And did you thank the Muppet Wiki for that research?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Dang it, caught! Yes, I thanked Muppet Wiki...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Good girl.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Woof.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Anyway, I love how much compasion P&G have for Marjory, it's incrdibley heart warming.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Oh, indeed! They really care so much for her.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - They're just so funny, too![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - They ARE! And I love their accents.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - New Yorkers all the way.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Just awesome.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Ready for the next?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup!
    [B][COLOR=black]62. Croaker the Frog (Kermit's Swamp Years)[/COLOR][/B]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - CROAKER![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I don't care what anyone says about KSY, there is nothing not to love about Croaker. He is downright HILLARIOUS, and Bill does an amazing job with him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ABSOLUTELY. I've gotta watch that movie again. I LOVE Croaker. And I love when Kermit gives him that heartfelt little pep talk behind Wilson's! It is SOOOOOOOO sweet! Ooh, and then when they're IN the pet shop, and Kermit's talking, and Croaker just sorta falls asleep. And he is SO cute and funny and yet SO understanding about the star talking to Kermit! SO COOL![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - YES! Oh I love it, Croaker is just... I'm laughing just thinking about him. I loved the scene in the lockers with Kermit and Pilgrim.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh me too! And you know what I love even more than the scene? I love the bloopers of the scene! Oh, gosh, I have GOT to watch it again. YOU HEAR THAT, NAY-SAYERS? I LIKE KERMIT'S SWAMP YEARS AND I'M GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT, SO THERE! <Ahem> Anyway. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *blink* Rock on! Yeah, anyway... he's just hillarious, definitely one of my favorite Bill characters. And on my list of characters I'd like to see again? He's way up there.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Absolutely. I'd love to see him as an adult. But he's AWESOME. I love the part when he's tired. Ooh, and when they're talking to Pilgrim about "dangerous..."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe! Yes! And adult Croaker would be SO cool.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Absolutely! I'm trying to come up with a good comparison of him to other Muppets... I'm coming up with a strange blend of Rowlf and Gonzo, in frog form.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hmm... yeah, I see that! And Johnny, a tad.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah, mayhaps a tad of Johnny. A tad. A tadpole? A frog! Oy vey. Don't mind me, I'm just getting hyper over here.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe, shall we just move on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Do we have to? I love Croaker. Ohh, but there's more Muppets I love more later... <Sigh> Oh alright, I guess...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Okay, one more thing, I love his relationship with Goggles, he doesn't really like him, but he really does, it's great.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - It IS! Oh, his relationship with EVERY frog! ...Um, and toad. He's awesome! He's kinda cocky, he's got this confident swagger about him, but he's really humble when you get to the heart of him. And adventurous, which kind of goes with the confidence, but he- OY, he is just awesome. Works great with Kermit, too, I gotta tell ya.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe, yes, very much so, now shall we move on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I guess...

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]61. The Country Trio (The Muppet Show)[/B]

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Does this cheer you up?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - YES! You talk, I'll sing. I started on a journey just about a year ago...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sing that tomorrow, please, we've got a review to do.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I am singing To Morrow![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - No, you're singing today![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Tonight, technically. I'm singing To Morrow tonight.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - ...What?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    P - As you can tell, she's very easily squeed.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Only if you know what buttons to push. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *pops knuckles* *ahem*[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <squints> About the Country Trio, then...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, I love them, Jim is my favorite.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I love Jim. I love Jerry, too, love his voice...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh. My. Gosh. Don't even get me started... it's like... I can't even describe it, the first word that came to mind was clouds.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Clouds?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, and the second and third words were mashed potatoes. Not necessarily in that order.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <blink> Oooooookay. Anyway, the Country Trio![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Frank is hillarious.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes, insanely. And I LOVE their songs...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sha! I'm gonna go find the other one besides To Morrow...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I do believe it's "You Don't Want My Love." I'm not sure that's what it's called, but...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh yeah! That's it![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <curtsy> "You don't seem to care a thing about me! You'd rather live without me when the nights are cold and you're so all alone..."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Can I post this so I can go find the song?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I don't know, can you?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *frowns* May I PLEASE?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes you may. Sorry, but we were just discussing grammar at my grandmother's apartment last night...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sheesh... Goodnight folks! All of you go out and buy your copy of The Muppet Show Season 2 tomorrow like good Muppet fans! ...Unless you pre-ordered from Amazon, then have fun waiting.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Prawn out!
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    I don't know what the world will do if you two are ever set forth together outside of Muppet Central.

    I look forward to more of this list.
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    I fear and tremble at the thought, Java.

    The two of you have such a natural chemestry that it works brilliently in a talk-host, radio-chat, guide-type, narritive, thingie, whatever...*ahem* Anyway, your choices were great here.

    And did I mention that I have a Rosita doll?
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    Another great installment. Thanks guys!
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    Love the blind Pew part. He is one of the funniest guys in MTI :)

    And I'm pretty sure that "Mahna Mahna" was made from a Swedish song.
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    Do allow me to clarify before I post this that we actually did all of this last night, but at the time I was far too exhausted to post... And then I couldn't sleep because I was too nervous/excited about moving into my dorm today... But now I'm sitting here on my bed in my dorm and unpacked and doing well, so I might as well post this while I watch my roommate try to figure out where to put her endless piles of stuff... So I do apologize for the time delay, but it was either this, or get it without the colors or the bold and get less than half of it, and I figured this was the better option. Just keep in mind that this was all done last night.

    60. Guy Smiley (Sesame Street)

    L - I love his over-exaggeratedness.
    P - Don't we all? My favorite of his sketches was the "This is Your Life" sketch with the oak tree. Or any and all "Beat the Time" sketches.
    L - Oh most certainly. He's a very enthusiastic guy, you know?
    P - Oh, I KNOW! He's just so IN YOUR FACE! And very, very happy to be doing whatever it is he's doing! Even taking his audience out to lunch!
    L - ABSOLUTELY! He's a PERFECT game show host. We gotta get him on some actual game shows, you know? I mean, couldn't you just picture him on, um...
    P - Oh that would be SO funny! Could you imagine him hosting, like, Millionare or something? "Is that your final answer? Are you sure? Possitive? Okay? Do it? Let's go! Whoo!"
    L - <Giggles!> Yes, exactly! Of course, I'd like to see a Sesame takeoff on a lot of gameshows. Imagine Millionare with Guy Smilie hosting, Cookie Monster one of the contestants...
    P - HAHA! "How many cookies can me buy with that money?" "Well I'd say at least a million!" "*gasp* One MILLION cookies? Oh, final answer, definitely."
    L - Yeah! Or, um, let's say... Guy Smiley hosting... Family Feud, or something...
    P - HAHAHA! "Lauren, please put on your sparring helmet, and let's get ready to FEUD!"
    L - Or Guy Smiley hosting... Wheel of Fortune!
    P - They already did a parody of it called "Squeal of Fortune." Nice try though, you'll be going home with a lovely consolation prize.
    L - I really gotta get around to actually watching the show. What's the consolation prize?
    P - "A whole lot of cookies!"
    P - You should see what she does if I say "peanut butter."
    P - Or, for instance, popcorn.
    L - POPCORN! POP-acorn! POP CORN! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! They said it's the best way to meet people in college. POPCORN! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    P - *headtilt* Shall we go on?
    L - Is there popcorn?
    P - *checks* I don't know.
    P - *rolls eyes*

    59. Lips (The Muppet Show)

    P - The ever-silent, never-present, missing link of the Electric Mayhem!
    L - Performed by Steve, naturally. An awesome guy, really, in that sometimes his left hand is "live" and sometimes it's an arm-rod. Awesome in other ways, too, but that stands out in my head.
    P - Is his hand "live", really? I always thought it might be a robo-hand.
    L - Well, I think it must be live, because if it was a robo-hand he could hold the trumpet the right way.
    P - Oh. ...You mean he holds it the wrong way?
    L - He plays it with his left hand. Even left-handed trumpet players play with the right hand. To play it with the left hand, he has to hold it weird.
    P - *blink* Oh. That's nice.
    L - Kinda. Annoys the trumpet players of the world, I guess, but I kinda like it. Cute random Muppet quirk, you know?
    P - Well, now I know, yes.
    L - YAY, for once I taught YOU something about Muppets! This is a rare thing, folks. Let me pause to savor the moment... ...Okay that's enough. Now, about Lips and his awesomeness...
    P - I have an action figure of him!
    L - ...This, ladies and gentlemen, readers of all ages, is part of why I savored that moment back there. Prawnie has more Muppet merchandise than he can breathe in the same room with.
    P - Which is why I own a few oxygen tanks.
    L - Oh?
    P - Yes, they're all decorated with Muppet wallpaper.
    L - ...<Sigh.> So, Lips is a very quiet character...
    P - Yes, the only time I've ever heard him speak is at the end of GMC.
    L - Weren't you paying attention when he spoke in the MIDDLE of Great Muppet Caper?
    P - *blink* I guess not.
    L - For shame! He answered when Janice said, "Like, wow! Wait'll I tell the guys in the band!"
    P - He did? I thought that was Dr. Teeth.
    L - I think Dr. Teeth spoke up after the Swedish Chef told them the news.
    P - ...Now I have to watch it again. What a shame.
    L - Likewise. What a pity.
    P - Anyway, I love the part in MFC where Doc hits him with the door.
    L - ...I can't say I remember that part. And I CAN'T just watch that one again, because I don't have a copy of it. You'll have to come visit so that I can see it again.
    P - Oh, okay, if I HAVE to come visit.
    L - You HAVE to. And we have to get back to Lips, and why it's a pity that he seems to have faded out of the Electric Mayhem.
    P - Indeed, but Steve has commented on not liking his voice, just the fact that he played the trumpet.
    L - You could always make the argument that if he came back now, not many people would know how Lips was SUPPOSED to sound... But the trouble with that argument is that WE would know.
    P - Indeed, and there would be many, many disgruntled fans.
    L - Oh, quite. And then you could also make the argument of something along the lines of wanting the "main" Electric Mayhem members back to their full quality before worrying about getting Lips back. But the fact remains that Lips is very awesome.
    P - Yes.
    L - Moving on?
    P - Wait.
    L - Waiting.
    P - Wax lips.
    L - Zoot lost those, not Lips.
    P - I don't got no other pants, man!
    L - That was Zoot. We're on Lips.
    P - He's just upset about missing the Monet exhibit at the National Gallery!
    L - Prawnie, we'll get to the rest of the Mayhem LATER...
    P - I'm uh... I'm... uh...

    58. Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs)

    P - Gotta love 'im!
    L - Big purple eyes, he's very cuddly! 'Specially when he hits his daddy with a frying pan! <whacks Prawnie over the head with a frying pan- lightly, of course>
    P - You call that lightly? !
    L - Did you want to see the opposite thereof for comparison?
    P - ...Not the mamma?
    L - I should HOPE I'm not a mama! Although last night I was at a family party thing and I somehow ended up holding my three-year-old twin cousins' baby dolls, both of which had eyes remarkably similar to mine, so that led to some awkward comments from the family...
    P - *blink* I'm refraining from comment. Anyway, I love Baby, he's by-far my favorite. He's hillaaaarious.
    L - He is. And I have to confess something, I have to get it off of my chest... I've been holding something of a grudge against the little guy.
    P - ...You have? Wait, did he steal your gold-plated frying pan?
    L - Well, no, not exactly.
    P - Well then please, enlighten us.
    L - Well you know how often, after doing something agitating and ignoring, he says, as the song suggests, "I'm the baby! Gotta love me!"
    P - Oh, how could I forget.
    L - My sister forbid me from using that cute little tactic, even though I AM the baby of the family.
    P - Awww! Cute.
    L - Cute? CUTE? Dude! It was a loss of a privilege before I could even use it! It made Dinosaurs as a whole leave a bad taste in my mouth! I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT SINCE!
    P - *blink* How very sad... you poor deprived soul! MEDIC!
    L - No no no, that's Rizzo's line. He comes later.
    P - Much later.
    L - Shall we take another step towards later, then?
    P - But... we've barely talked about poor Baby...
    L - Well then, start talking! I hardly remember the poor kid.
    P - He's pink! He's round! He has a really cool tail! And he hates his entire family, except the mamma of course! I LOVE him! And Kevin performed him! Making him one of the very few performers on the show to do both the voice, and the puppeteering for his character! He's just an all-around hillarious little bundle of scales.
    L - And he offered me a privilege that was promptly torn away. I guess I should really blame my sister more than Baby Sinclair, but I kinda have to live with my sister, so... Sorry Baby!
    P - Poor Baby...

    57. Sprocket (Fraggle Rock)

    P- Sprocket, old boy, what are you barking at? Whadaya see?
    L - I LOVE Sprocket. SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. One Muppet plus two Muppeteers equals comedic gold.
    P - Hehehe! Yes! Much the same thing can be seen with the Swedish Chef. Hillarious stuff. I also LOVE Sprocket's relationship with Doc, it's just so sincere and golden.
    L - And abusive. I love when Sprocket thinks so much more clearly than Doc, like when Doc tries to give the-neighbor-with-the-impossible-to-spell-name the cold shoulder, and Sprocket is SO painfully aware that it's the worst thing to do, or when Doc goes on his "revolutionary diet"...
    P - HAHA! Yes! Sprocket is really a lot smarter than Doc, but he'll never show it.
    L - Not to Doc, anyway. I love his pursuit of the Fraggles, too. It's sort of like a foil to Junior's in that I think Sprocket is really just curious about the Fraggles. You know, like, "What the heck ARE these furry little creatures?"
    P - "And why do they keep taking our trash?"
    L - "And why do they run and scream when they see us, and what could POSSIBLY be past that wall for them to live in?"
    P - "And who's their tailor? I LOVE that outfit!"
    L - ...You really just can't wait for the rest of the list, can you? Are you worried that we'll never finish it once I start college?
    P - ...Yes.
    L - Aw, don't worry, Prawnie. You know I'll always have time for you!
    P - Oh how nice of you! Umm... *ahem* Sprocket's really funny. I like his doggy bed.
    L - Oh me too! I LOVE it! And I love how excited he gets for things like computer games and his bath... And how he DREADS being the subject of any of Doc's inventive ideas. He must've watched The Muppet Show at some point and learned from Beaker that when the scientist gets an idea, you RUN!
    P - Haha! I never noticed that, but I see it now. Hehe, I can't wait for Fraggle Season 4 to come on DVD so I can finally see the last episode where Gobo meets Doc and Sprocket...
    L - I REALLY hope I actually have money then and can buy it... But anyway... Yes, I look forward to it!
    P - *shakes head* Ye who dost not even have Fraggle season 2... What would Karen Prell think if she knew that? Hmm?
    L - Do you KNOW how many times I've checked the Best Buy here? And besides, I don't even have a job right now and I'm leaving for college tomorrow! I'm feeling very poor right now. Give me a break.
    P - How 'bout some cash instead?
    L - Cash would be WONDERFUL! How much can you give me?
    P - ...I've got eight bucks.
    L - ...Keep your cash, Prawnie. Put it in the bank and don't touch it so it can gain interest. Lots and lots of interest...
    P - *nods* Yes dear.
    L - Have we more to say for Sprocket? He works a lot with pantomime, that dog. Very expressive. Excellent communicator.
    P - I love that, maybe my favorite part of him. That, or his relationship with Fluffenella.
    L - <Giggles!> Oyy, that IS wonderful. Seriously, though, I wish Sprocket could give my dog some lessons... Have we gotten into his performers yet?
    P - Steve and Karen. Awesome people.
    L - INSANELY awesome. And... awesomely insane.
    P - Terribly so. Did you see pics of Karen's outfit at MuppetFest?
    L - I... don't believe so?
    P - She had a Red hat. I'll have to find a picture. Shall we move on?
    L - I don't see why not.
    P - Hokay then.

    56. Uncle Deadly (The Muppet Show)

    P - One of my all-time favorite Muppet EVER. He's very near and dear to my heart. Just not too near and dear, I'm afraid of what he'd do to it.
    L - What fools these Muppet Fans be... <ahem> Anyway, yes, he is VERY cool. I think it's a pity we never saw more of him, though I do simply adore that he had a few acts on The Muppet Show.
    P - Me too! His "Sheik of Araby" is one of the highlights of season 2, I think. I really, really love the Twiggy episode he was introduced in. Probably my second favorite of Season 1.
    L - ...Freaky. I was JUST singing "Sheik of Araby" in my head. And yeah, I LOVE his introduction episode! But I feel obligated to ask- if that's your second favorite, what's your first?
    P - Ethel Merman.
    L - Oh, EXCELLENT choice.
    P - Thank you.
    L - Mm-hm. Another lovely point about Deadly is that he was performed by Jerry Nelson.
    P - And he has the BEST voice ever. Not just Jerry, but Uncle Deadly. I LOVE his melodrama-esque voice, it's just so... tingly. I love it.
    L - OH me TOO! It's WONDERFUL.
    P - Also, he's my only roommate in the MC Dorms that I've had for my entire stay there. I love him.
    L - And for anyone who isn't involved enough in dorms to know, or hasn't been there long enough to know, that is one heck of a record. Especially in the beginning, Prawnie here was going through roomies like there was no tomorrow, but not once has he had the heart to part with Uncle Deadly, or to even think of it. There IS a reason for that.
    P - *frowns* I was not going through roomies like there was no tomorrow...
    L - Matter of opinion, dear.
    P - No it's not! It's either a fact or not, and that is not a fact.
    L - You were changing roommates far more often than I have ever seen anyone else do so.
    P - I was not! I started with Lew, Deadly, Mahna Mahna, and a Penguin. Then I got Cantus. Then I got Clifford. Then Gonzo. Then Camilla. Then Rizzo. ...Don't say anything...
    L - I notice you don't mention when you got rid of any of those... But anyway, you WERE changing around a lot. You've mostly settled now, I think. Anyway, whatever we say now, I'm sure Ed will have comment and memory for after we post, so- shall we move on?
    P - I think we shall. Love ya Uncle D.!

    55. The Rats (The Muppet Show and the Muppet movies)

    L - I LOVE the rats. I can do their voices!
    P - And one of them has the best line in the entire movie of Muppet Treasure Island - "and margaritas at the midnight buffet!"
    L - ...<Shrug> Not sure I'd agree that it's the best, but it IS an awesome line. Anyway, since we covered the Muppet Treasure Island Tourist rats, let's look at some of the other rats, like the ones that work at Pete's.
    P - Hehehe, I LOVE Yolanda.
    L - I like the one that's always sneezing. His name is escaping me at the moment, but he's awesome.
    P - Umm... Chester?
    L - I think so. I want to say that Chester was the butler looking one, but that was Masterson, so... I think Chester, yeah.
    P - Hehehe. Look at me and my smarty-ness.
    L - All right, Mr. Smarty-ness, tell me again, WHICH one of us was in at least one honors class every single year of high school?
    P - Hey! I'm taking five this year! I took... *counts* Three last year! And three freshmen year! So ha!
    L - Ever taken an AP class?
    P - One this year.
    L - Let me know how you do on the test. And let me know if you get into the Honors Program in college. And let me know if you get a letter from Princeton inviting you to apply. And I mean Princeton the ivy-league school, not the member of Muppet Central.
    P - *falls over* Can we go on?
    L - Can we? Most likely, especially if you get up. May we?
    P - *glares* I'm going to sleep.
    L - Hi going to sleep, I'm leaving for college in the morning, nice to meet you... <HUGS> I didn't mean to be so rough there. I just get insecure about my Muppet ignorance sometimes.
    P - Don't we all? So... moving on, yes?
    L - Yes!

    54. The Chickens (The Muppet Show and the Muppet movies)

    L - Buck buck buck buck buck buck buck BRAWK bawk BRAWK...
    P - Bragawk! Byuck bawk brawk!
    L - Baaaaaaaaaaawk! Buck buck buck BRAGAWK!
    P - Byuck buck buck buck bawk!
    L - Brawk bugawk, brugawk gawk, if you know what I brawk.
    P - Oh, I totally brawk.
    L - Totally.

    53. Bobo the Bear (Muppets Tonight!)

    P - Jalepenos! Jalepenos! Gettin' my friend some jalepenos! MAN I wish that song was on the soundtrack.
    L - Oh me too! And you know what I like about Bobo? He's inspired by Richard Nixon. <wink>
    P - Hehehe! Oh, he was just kidding! But he's just soooo funny, and soooo sweet! He wants to please everybody!
    L - He DOES! Oh, and I LOVE in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie when he calls everyone out of the theater for the carollers... It's really pretty Muppety. "We just avoided massive catastrophe and defeated the evil villain... let's go sing!"
    P - Hehehe! Oh I wish he was in VMC more than he was. He was in a deleted scene as Santa or something... hence the suit at the end.
    L - Yeah, and what a glorious deleted scene that was... He's a cool guy. And I know you have a favorite line of his from Muppets Tonight... something he said to Cindy Crawford?...
    P - HAHAHA! Oh THANK you for reminding me... *ahem* "Those are some nice balloons, maybe later you'll let me play with them."
    L - <headslap> <shakes head> That and the jalepenos song... I think it pretty much sums him up.
    P - Yup, tha'ts Bobo for you.
    L - Yup.

    52. Bean Bunny (The Jim Henson Hour)

    P - To quote The Great Gonzo, "He's so cute, he's EVIL!"
    L - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I looked up "cute" in the dictionary and saw a picture of Bean Bunny.
    P - You lie.
    L - Only a little.
    P - Mmhmm.
    L - <edits dictionary>
    P - Put it in the PTD. Anyway, my favorite Bean moment is when Sal drop-kicked him in Muppets Tonight! because he was trying to sell Johnny chocolate so his school could buy new books.
    L - Awesome. And he's great in Muppet Christmas Carol, too. There's something about watching him shiver in a newspaper that just stings your heart...
    P - Or, if you're asking Rizzo, makes you laugh. "I just love seein' that rabbit get squashed!"
    L - Well yes, but freezing is different than getting squashed. Getting squashed is why Scrooge threw the wreath at him.
    P - But still, great comic relief. Even if it wasn't intended to be. I think I'm with the Muppets on this, that there's nothing funny than inflicting pain on Bean.
    L - Especially if he's carrying Miss Piggy's luggage.
    P - She called him "Beans" there, didn't she? As in "C'mon, Beans, let's bounce!"
    L - Is that what she said? I always have trouble hearing that line...
    P - Eh, she mumbled. But what matters is that Bean was carrying her luggage. Oh, and I loved his little cameo in MWoO, too.
    L - Me too! Love it so much. He gets pushed around so wonderfully...
    P - And it's so funny!
    L - And since we haven't said so yet, I HAVE to say- he's performed by Steve.
    P - SHA! And his middle name is Norman. Not Steve, Bean.
    L - ...Now how the HECK do you know THAT?
    P - He says so in "The Muppets at Walt Disney World" of course!
    L - ...<grumbles>
    P - Shall we go on before you hurt me?
    L - Please.

    51. Crazy Harry (The Muppet Show)

    P - That's all folks! Lisa just blew up our studio...
    L - Oops...
    P - Kidding.
    L - Thank goodness.
    P - In the quote from Frank (I think) "In the Muppets, during a sincere moment, there'll always be someone there to blow them up." That someone is Harry.
    L - Formerly known as Donald, for Don Sahlin, who had a habit of pulling wild and crazy pranks, like blowing up Dave's desk.
    P - MWoO ha ha ha! Oh I love that... Glad they changed him to Harry, though.
    L - Yeah, Harry suits him well. Though I do love the idea of him being Donald for Don... But what with the duck and all, y'know...
    P - I thought the duck was Ronald?
    L - The Muppet duck, yes, but- Oh, nevermind. The point is, his name is Harry, and he blows stuff up.
    P - And he has the coolest laugh. Well, okay, second coolest. Floyd has the coolest. Notice, people, they're both Jerry characters.
    L - Oh, absolutely. And he has such a drive for that explosion, too. I bet he spends all day planting dynamite, just so he'll be ready whenever anyone says something explosive. ...Or sentimental.
    P - You know, I think he has the entire theater bugged.
    L - And I bet he got the Muppet Labs teleporter...
    P - Oh totally. He's nuts. I love him. Oh, and I bought my action figure of Harry from Phillip Chapman. Thanks Phil!
    L - ...<mumbles something about too many action figures and none for sale anywhere in suburbs north of Chicago>...
    P - Is that it then?
    L - I think so!
    P - I can go to bed now?
    L - Yes. You go to bed, and I'll finish packing and wash a couple pans and post this.
    P - Oh good. Have fun with that!
    L - ...Of... course...
    P - You know you love it. Bye people!
    L - Night folks!
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