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The 100 Greatest Muppets! By Lisa and Prawnie!

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by theprawncracker, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    40. Lew Zealand (The Muppet Show)

    P - I throw the fish a-way-- and they come back to me!
    L - He's such a persistent fellow.
    P - Indeed, but he's never disappointed.
    L - Oh that's true. Very high spirits, even though he gets turned down, like... constantly.
    P - Completely constantly. In fact, the real reason he got hired was so Kermit didn't have to marry Piggy. You know, I always felt like Bill the Bubble Guy was just a copy off Lew.
    L - I wouldn't know. I've never seen Bill the Bubble Guy. But I love Lew.
    P - Lew is so funny. He's got such a weird voice too. I love it. Bill does a great job mimicking Jerry in this case.
    L - And Jerry did a WONDERFUL job, naturally!
    P - Well duh, he's Jerry.
    L - Jerry is Jerry? Really? Never would've guessed. Of COURSE Jerry is Jerry!
    P - *smirks* Did you ever stop to think that Lew is really good at catching things?
    L - ...Once in a while, yes, I HAVE considered that. How do they do that? It's gotta take a thousand takes... But then again, I'm thinking of my own catching skill, which is, um... non-existent?
    P - Hehehe, ditto. But yeah, I'd think it would take a lot of takes.
    L - So the persistence we see in Lew trying to do his act is probably just a reflection of the Muppeteers trying to get the shot!
    P - Haha! Something like that. Does Lew really have any relationships with any of the characters? He seems like a very self-entertaining kinda guy.
    L - ...Um, well... He's always got his fish!
    P - Gretchen... what other names are there? All I can think of were names I made up for fan-fic.
    L - ...Um... Wasn't there a 'Gloria'?
    P - Maybe... I don't know.
    L - <shrug> Poor Lew. His fish are so uncelebrated.
    P - By everyone but him.
    L - Good for Lew. Celebrate the fish, Lew! Just for the halibut!
    P - ...I thought I delivered the lame jokes.
    L - Because you're the one who can think of them. It's not often that I think of them. I've gotta take advantage of it when I can!
    P - Oh. Well good for you. And good for Lew. I'd love to have seen him fight in MTI with a swordfish.
    L - ...That... would have been... AWESOME. And so Lew.
    P - SHA! And the poor guy didn't even get a speaking role.
    L - Basically... he's as unsung as his fish, really.
    P - Not true. He's been in every single Muppet movie.
    L - Well, true. But I think he made a deal with Kermit or something, what with the whole wedding thing...
    P - Haha! Oh someone should definitely elaborate on-- ...*busts out notebook*
    L - Do have fun with that. Should we move on?
    P - *scribbling* Huh?
    L - ...<ahem> NEXT!

    39. Mokey Fraggle (Fraggle Rock)

    P - See the beetle sitting on the stone!
    L - I LOVE Mokey! She sang "Why," which led to me getting an A on a paper.
    P - Mokey is so awesome. She's such a quiet maniac.
    L - Except for when she has to take charge, like... When Gobo was gone, and there was the radish famine...
    P - Oh yes, then she was an outspoken maniac. But she can also be brave, like when she forgot to knit a tarpaulin for Madame Trash Heap and she froze over and Mokey had to put grease berries in the Gorg's goombah soup to make them taste awful so Junior would dump it on Marjorie.
    L - Oh, and remember that paper where I had Red and Mokey contrasted... I mentioned it earlier...
    P - Yes, yes.
    L - More to come. Hang on, lemme find it...
    P - *hangs on*
    L - Here it is: On Fraggle Rock, most of the Fraggles have arms on rods, like Kermit, but Mokey has “live” hands, meaning that her hands are like gloves that puppeteers put their hands in to manipulate. This allows her to paint, write, and play a clarinet-like instrument- actions that her personality mandates.
    P - I LOVE that about Mokey. She's SO expressive.
    L - She IS! She can even paint with her tail!
    P - SO cool. And she loves everyone! Even Doozers!
    L - I know! She has SUCH a big heart.
    P - And really pretty hair.
    L - Mm-hm. She's VERY pretty.
    P - She is. I believe she was voted sexiest Fraggle. ...*ahem* Moving on...
    L - Beg your pardon?
    P - Long story. Mokey also has a crush like thing on both Gobo and Boober, I've noticed.
    L - Oh yeah. I've noticed that too.
    P - Who do you think she really fancies?
    L - Um... You know, I think she really fancies Gobo, but thinks that- well, KNOWS, in my opinion, that Red also fancies Gobo.
    P - Yes, I see that too. But I also think that she sees Gobo as a little brother.
    L - Ooh, I never thought of that, but YEAH! I could TOTALLY see that.
    P - And she likes messing with Boober, and Boober takes it like a man. Quietly.
    L - ...Good on him. We'll get to him later, though.
    P - Oh we will.
    L - Onwards, then?
    P - And upwards!

    38. Beauregard (The Muppet Show)

    P - What color are there hands now?
    L - You mean THEIR hands?
    P - ...I must be channeling Beau today.
    L - Hey, there could be worse Muppets to channel. Beau is an awesome guy. All he really wants to do is help, you know.
    P - Oh indeed. He also plays the harmonica, which is totally cool.
    L - INSANELY cool. And he's got blue eyes! And he blinks!
    P - Blinking is SUCH a great character trait.
    L - I know. I love it! It's such a rare thing among Muppets, too.
    P - Trust me, I do. I wrote that one scene, remember?
    L - Of course.
    P - I miss Beau. He hasn't been around since VMC... hasn't really said anything since Muppets at Disney World.
    L - I miss him too. I hope he comes back.
    P - Me too. Speaking of which, weren't we supposed to let MC's Beau talk about Beau with us?
    L - I don't think we said specifically...
    P - Oh okay. Well he told me he wanted to talk about Beau... oh never mind. I love Beau.
    L - Me too.
    P - Oh, wait, he made a cameo in Muppets Tonight.
    L - Oh good! Did he say anything?
    P - He did! He said, "Sandra, if you're still busy, could you lock up when you finish?"
    L - Nice.
    P - Oh indeed. He was also a boss in Muppet Race Mania.
    L - ...A boss?
    P - Like... end of the level guy you have to beat.
    L - ...I see.
    P - Oh good! You couldn't actually play as Beau... but he was there.
    L - Very nice.
    P - Mmhm! I also like the part where he drove the bus during Manhattan Melodies.
    L - Oh me too! But not as much as I like the part where he drives the cab in The Great Muppet Caper.
    P - Oh yes. Who could forget that. "I'm sorry, I can only take you as far as the lobby."
    L - Yeah, he's awesome!
    P - Too bad we couldn't share this moment with our very own Beau. ...Well, that's enough brooding about that.
    L - Oh indeed. Shall we move on, then?
    P - I suppose.

    37. Clifford (The Jim Henson Hour and Muppets Tonight!)

    L - Me too! And I feel SO bad for him.
    P - ME TOO! But I love him so much! He's like... my fourth or fifth favorite Muppet!
    L - Which says an awful lot, really.
    P - Oh indeed. Now, share with the class why you feel so bad for him.
    L - Four words. He hosted Muppets Tonight.
    P - Ah ha. Yes. That's the only reason people don't like him, I think. And they really have no reason to not like him... he makes a great host, but I agree, he's no Kermit.
    L - True, but that's no reason to hold a grudge against him.
    P - Agreed! He's great! Anyone who didn't like him in MFS is... well... they is.
    L - Peoples is peoples?
    P - More or less. Back on subject... I've always wondered why Clifford wasn’t' in VMC.
    L - Probably on a sabbatical.
    P - Well if anyone needs it it's him. I have a theory that he was off celebrating Kwanzaa somewhere. But after I developed Bobo as a Jewish bear, I figured I wouldn't elaborate.
    L - ...Fair enough.
    P - Hehehe. So, what do you think, Cliff with or without shades?
    L - To be honest... I really haven't seen very much of him without the shades.
    P - Good then, you like him with! Me too!
    L - <Giggles> Something like that.
    P - Kevin's stated numerous times that he thinks the glasses give Clifford his character.
    L - I could see that. They are kind of defining. Eyes do a lot for a character, you know?
    P - Very true. But did you know that Clifford's eyelids behind his shades pull back?
    L - I had no clue!
    P - I'm a cornucopia of knowledge.
    L - ...And I am a bar of soap.
    P - Oh how lovely.
    L - Indeed.
    P - So, yeah, Clifford's awesome. He's so cool...
    L - He is. ...Is there more to say?... OH! He was in Solid Foam, wasn't he?
    P - He was! He played the guitar.
    L - I thought so.
    P - I love Clifford...
    L - We've established that. Anything else?
    P - He's cool.
    L - And?
    P - He sported an afro in a parody on Muppets Tonight.
    L - ...Why do I have a feeling this is gonna keep going forever. Shall I remind you that we're on time constraints here? I've gotta get going in half an hour tops...
    P - Oh dear. Don't tell people that, they'll be expecting too much.
    L - ...<Headslap>
    P - Next?
    L - Please.

    36. Zoot (The Muppet Show)

    P - I don't GOT no other pants man!
    L - I LOVE Zoot!
    P - ME TOO! He's got so much character for a character who hardly ever speaks.
    L - I KNOW!
    P - I love him both with and without his hat.
    L - Agreed.
    P - And he's a Dave character.
    L - And awesome!
    P - Well of course, he's a Dave character.
    L - Of course.
    P - So do you think he loves his sax more than he loves sleeping?
    L - Absolutely. He just needs a lot of rest to play it the way he does.
    P - Hehehehe, true.
    L - Really, though, he has a LOT of passion for that saxophone. It's so much more than a musical instrument to him.
    P - Oh indeed! A little fun fact for the readers, I used to actually despise Zoot for a while.
    L - ...How dare you. WHY?
    P - Because he was such a freaking expensive action figure.
    L - ...<mutters something about someone having too much Muppet merchandise and someone else having a twenty-five dollar fee to pay>...
    P - *ahem* Anyway... I also used to think that Zoot couldn't talk.
    L - Oh now that I can understand. But he CAN talk; he just chooses not to, and I think that's really a great character trait for him.
    P - I agree! But when he does talk it's always hilariously funny.
    L - Oh indeed. For example, "A zebra and a geranium should never share the same toothbrush."
    P - Hehehe! And the infamous, "I ain't got no other pants man!"
    L - Seems to be your favorite.
    P - Oh it is.
    L - And another thing I love about Zoot is that he seems to just sort of be there whenever they need a saxophone. ...Erm... and/or a saxophone player.
    P - Doesn't he sometime play percussion sometimes too?
    L - ...I... don't know? Come to think of it, what does he play in Muppet Christmas Carol?
    P - ...I haven't paid that much attention. I've seen a picture from the party they had in MFS where he was playing maracas.
    L - Hm! Interesting. But since it's going to bug me now... Could you do me a favor and watch Muppet Christmas Carol and see what instruments the Electric Mayhem plays? Because all I'm remembering is that when Animal went crazy, they switched instruments, and I think Janice had a trombone.
    P - *frowns* Yeah, sure, because I have so much free time.
    L - Well, I'd do it myself, but my copy of Muppet Christmas Carol is at home...
    P - I'll see what I can do.
    L - Thank you so much! <HUGS> You're awesome.
    P - Well, I try.
    L - You succeed.
    P - *smirk* Can we move on?
    L - I suppose. But Zoot rocks.
    P - That he does.

    35. Marjorie the Trash Heap (Fraggle Rock)

    P - You are in the presence of--
    L - The all-knowing—
    P - Trash Heap! Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeah!
    L - You forgot the all-seeing!
    P - I couldn't see it.
    L - The Trash Heap could.
    P - Oh of course! She's our oracle! The knower of all our wisdom!
    L - She said I should tell you- you can NOT leave the magic!
    P - Glad you caught the reference.
    L - How could I not? I was just listening to that about um... twenty minutes ago, I think? I dunno, but I was singing along.
    P - I was listening to it too! But longer than twenty minutes ago... ANYWAY! Marjorie is SO cool!
    L - She IS! She TOTALLY rocks my socks off. And I'm not even wearing socks!
    P - Nor am I! She already knocked 'em off!
    L - She is one very powerful being.
    P - Indeed! A veritable compost heap of knowledge!
    L - And she gives SUCH awesome advice, like, "Always wear a hat."
    P - *NODS* She's just... so funny! I love her voice!
    L - LOVE her voice! Love it when she sings! When she talks! When she just sort of RISES UP and is suddenly THE TRASH HEAP!
    P - Nyyyyyyyyyyeah!
    L - She is wonderful.
    P - She IS! My favorite Trash Heap episode is the one where Boober and Wembley have to move her to protect her from the Gorgs or something... Anyway, at the end she sings a song called "Trash Is Back In Town" and uses all sorts of different voices, all of them belonging to Jerry Nelson. It was so cool.
    L - Oh I've heard that song! It's AWESOME!
    P - SHA! Really shows off Jerry's insane vocal talent.
    L - I love Jerry's insane vocal talent. Why doesn't he have a fan club around here?
    P - I don't know! I blame Whitmire, personally.
    L - Hey, hey, watch what you're SAYING! We're both SWAEHB members!
    P - *ahem* Don't revoke my bagel! Please!
    L - Relax. We'll just give Steve some extra praise when we get to his next character. Deal?
    P - Alright, deal.
    L - Good. Now back to Marjorie.
    P - She is so cool... but I bet she smells awful.
    L - You know, I'd never really thought about that... but yeah... Though I'm sure you'd get used to it after a while.
    P - Hehehe, probably. Which Fraggle do you think has the best relationship with Marjorie?
    L - My first instinct is to say Gobo, but then, maybe that's just a subconscious vote for Jerry-Jerry interaction.
    P - *nods* I honestly think it's Wembley.
    L - Jump up! Turn around, cross over!
    P - Yes! ...Actually, maybe it's Mokey.
    L - I can almost see a world of harmony...
    P - Yes, that, and she also knits a tarpaulin for Madame Heap every winter. (Unless of course she forgets.)
    L - Speaking of Madame Heap and Mokey and knitting!
    P - Hm?
    L - Argyle.
    P - *blink*
    L - The episode where Mokey becomes the new oracle! Madame Heap is knitting argyle.
    P - Ohhhhh! Yes! I love that episode!
    L - I love how say you love that episode as if you don't love every episode of Fraggle Rock.
    P - ...Well I haven't SEEN every episode.
    L - That doesn't mean I'm wrong.
    P - Well no...
    L - ...Of course if you want to get technical, it doesn't really prove me right, either...
    P - You're contradicting yourself. Just--*ahem*-- "Get a move on, get a move on, go with the flow!"
    L - When everything's goodbye! You're ready to die! You wouldn't give a nickel for an apple pie... If you're gonna blow you know you gotta go with the flowwwwwww! <ahem>
    P - Again, for any and most songs mentioned in today's installment of The Top 100 Muppets, send a Private Message to theprawncracker at Muppet Central Forum.
    L - We say that a lot in these things, don't we?
    P - We do. You know what?
    L - What?
    P - No one's ever PMed me.
    L - ...They have no clue what they're missing. Maybe I should mention that over half of the music on my computer is stuff that you've sent me?
    P - What's the other half?
    L - ...Um... There's a little James Bond... a lot of stuff in Hebrew... Um...
    P - And then there's Prawnie. Anyway, Marjorie is starting to glare at us... shall we move on?
    L - Might as well!

    34. Statler and Waldorf (The Muppet Show)

    L - ...Can we go back to Marjorie? She doesn't heckle.
    P - Just don't tell any puns and we'll be fine.
    L - You're the one who tells the puns, remember?
    P - Shhh, don't tell them that!
    L - Hey, at least you've GOT comedic talent. A mute fish could tell better jokes than I could.
    P - I love Barney the Silent Trout...
    L - ...<ahem> My point exactly. Anyway! Statler and Waldorf, also known as the two old guys in the balcony.
    P - You know, I think they're the third most recognizable Muppet characters, following Kermit and Piggy.
    L - ...That could be. I think they're a typical favorite of the non-Muppet-obsessed folk.
    P - Indeed! Even though they don't know their names... but that's another thing entirely.
    L - Oh it is. Now, maybe it's just my imagination, but... I think Statler and Waldorf have collectively been performed by more Muppeteers over the years than... well... just about every other Muppet. They seem to have been passed around a lot.
    P - ...This is true! Animal seems to have that happen to him a lot too... but let's see, Statler and Waldorf have been performed by Jim and Richard, Jerry and Dave, Dave and Steve, then Victor and Drew.
    L - See? Quite a bit. And yet their voices remain so consistent. It amazes me. Although it's been established that I'm not at all the best person for distinguishing the accuracy of a voice...
    P - Hehehe, I agree with you though. The Muppeteers are fantastic at impersonating each other.
    L - Probably comes from the combination of their natural vocal talent combined with spending a lot of time together... but I think we're digressing. Statler and Waldorf.
    P - Do ho ho ho!
    L - You know what I wonder about those guys?
    P - Hm?
    L - How on earth do the Muppets get them to act in their movies? I mean, Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, Kermit's Swamp Years... there was a lot of make-up involved there. It couldn't have just been, "Oh, you guys are on the set giving us a hard time AGAIN? Here, if WE'RE so bad, how about you guys just get into this shot right here and throw some criticism at us..."
    P - I think they have some pull with the companies producing the movies and want to prove that they're better than the Muppets are.
    L - ...Now there's an interesting possibility.
    P - Mmhm. Couldn't you just see them as execs at Disney?
    L - ...No, but I could see them getting fired for being too cynical about non-Muppet Disney projects.
    P - Haha! Oh me too...
    L - And then trudging back to the Muppet Boarding House throwing insults around at each other and Disney, and then reaching the Muppet Boarding House and walking inside saying something about Muppets being better... and then looking around... and taking that last comment back.
    P - Hehehehe!
    L - And then everything would return to its typical abnormality, with Statler and Waldorf insulting everything remotely Muppet...
    P - It's an endless circle!
    L - Yup! Goes on and on and on...
    P - Why do they even hang around the Muppets?
    L - Now that, I know. It's the same reason any of the Muppets hang out with the Muppets. They're part of the family. Never mind how annoying, obnoxious, untalented, or unpatriotic any and all of them are- it's about a family pursuing a dream. And so what if Statler and Waldorf are quicker to insult than contribute to their attempts to make millions of people happy? That's how families work sometimes. Believe me, I've got some family members... Well, I'll stop there before I get myself in trouble, but...
    P - ...I never, ever thought of it that way. Do you think they know that they're part of the family?
    L - Well... They sort of know it. That is... They know it unconsciously, maybe subconsciously... Okay, so maybe they even know it consciously, but they'd really rather not acknowledge it. They're in denial.
    P - What are they doing in Egypt? I'm sure they get The Muppet Show there...
    L - Shh! Puns!
    P - *dives behind a couch*
    L - Quick, let's move on before they throw something...
    P - *is hit with a chair*
    L - <ducks> Too late... <crawls under rock> Who's next?

    33. Dr. Teeth (The Muppet Show)

    P - I love the way he opens his mouth and nods vigorously after a song.
    L - I love his teeth. And his arms. And his eyelids.
    P - His teeth are so cool... but his eyelids are the best, I think, because you don't know if they're glasses or eyelids.
    L - They've gotta be eyelids. There's nothing connecting them together, is there?
    P - I... don't know... *checks action figure*
    L - <resists urge to roll eyes>
    P - *looks innocent* There is.
    L - Okay, what is it?
    P - It's like... glasses? :p
    L - <Sigh> I'll take a look next time I'm watching a movie, which will probably be Great Muppet Caper later today. But I'm pretty sure they're eyelids, because I distinctly remember them "opening" wider sometimes...
    P - Well they do pull up into his head, yes.
    L - Yeah. You can't do that with glasses.
    P - Unless you're uber talented. Like Dr. Teeth.
    L - ...Prawnie? I wore glasses for four years of my life and have continued to wear them occasionally for another five and a half years. I was wearing my glasses for about half of today. It is not physically possibly to lift them up the way Dr. Teeth does without using your hands. They're eyelids.
    P - Maybe he has four hands.
    L - If he has four hands, why do we only ever see two?
    P - Well, technically, he has five hands--*shifty eyes* But three of them are inside of him...
    L - ...<sigh> I knew I wasn't going to win this. Anyway, he's got an awesome mechanism of some sort over his eyes. How's that?
    P - Same way; I assume; that Gonzo and Clifford can pull their eyelids back, and Johnny can raise his eyebrows.
    L - I would presume so, but I was more checking how I referred to his eyelids/glasses. Anyway, however they do that, I love it. I love any Muppet eye-related movement.
    P - Ditto! But Dr. Teeth's voice!
    L - Oy, I LOVE his voice. I love the way he TALKS! It's painfully impossible to write, but STILL! It's AWESOME!
    P - I KNOW! It's SO similar to Rowlf, but SO different!
    L - Which really matches the characters perfectly. They're both piano-playing Jim characters, but they are about as different as two piano-playing Jim characters could be.
    P - Indeed! Oh I love him...
    L - Which one? We've got three "him's" you could be referring to now.
    P - ...All of him?
    L - Agreed.
    P - Awesome.

    32. Telly Monster (Sesame Street)

    P - Martin Robinson is SUCH an underrated performer.
    L - Oh indeed.
    P - Someone on MC has a quote of his that says, "I'll never need therapy as long as I have Telly" or something like that.
    L - ...That reminds me of a pillow I've seen that says something about never seeing a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist's office or something, but I digress. Telly rocks.
    P - He is SO cool... he's my favorite of the "newer" Sesame characters. He's got the most personality.
    L - He's a worry-wort and has so many really wonderful... Yes, he's incredible.
    P - Telly is just so funny... and he's just... Telly! I don't know anyone who DOESN'T like him.
    L - I also do not know anyone who doesn't like Telly, but I'm apparently sitting next to someone who doesn't know who Telly is. I tell ya, the people you meet in college...
    P - Well, for awhile Layla thought his name was Terry...
    L - At least she knew who he was. Is. Will be. Awesomeness. Have I mentioned that all three of my brains went hay-wire in a laughing fit?
    P - Yes, you did, I was there for most of it. But that has nothing to do with Telly. I like his color.
    L - Oh I like his color too! I like the funky little hairs he's got sticking up on the top of his head.
    P - Very random, yes. You know what else I LOVE about Telly?
    L - Praytell?
    P - His friendship with Baby Bear.
    L - ...The girl next to me is pretending that Baby Bear is her favorite to hide her ignorance of him. I think I'm scared, but I have no right to be. So I'll just go back to talking in some crazy accent with her.
    P - ...Somehow I think this could be going better.
    L - Somehow, I think you're ri- ...correct. You are correct.
    P - Oh thank you. We need more Telly merchandise.
    L - Yes, yes we do. We need lots and lots of Telly merchandise.
    P - He's got like... nothing! But he's in like very episode!
    L - Indeed! He's underrated, isn't he? Horribly underrated. He needs more credit.
    P - I agree wholeheartedly! We need to start the TMP! Telly Merchandice Petition.
    L - We'll get to that, right after we get the Rizzo smilie and start a fanclub for Jerry.
    P - I think we'll be there awhile.
    L - We really need less priorities.
    P - Let's just drop out of school and commit ourselves to the Muppets.
    L - I would do that, except that of my four classes, I love two of them, and the other two are insanely likable...
    P - *blink* Well, of my seven classes, I like... two of them? Two and a half?
    L - Ah, you poor thing, still in high school...
    P - *glares* Can we move on?
    L - I suppose.

    31. Animal (The Muppet Show)

    L - No, no Animal, BEAT drums, BEAT drums!
    P - WIPE OUT!
    L - I don't think there's a line to cancel that out, so um... RENOIR!
    L - BAD MAN!
    P - OY!
    L - MY WORD! ...That's me, not Animal.
    P - SAYS YOU! ...That's Nyssa, not me, not Animal.
    L - Indeed. And that's still me. Now, where were we. NAP TIME!
    P - Digress...
    L - I'm disappointed, Prawnie, you haven't said "Want woman" yet. :p
    P - I was saving it for last.
    L - Oh good, because it was all I could think of at first, and it just wouldn't be right coming from me, you know?
    P - Yes, I know.
    L - So.
    L - I feel better now.
    P - Oh good. Are we done then? I think we've described Animal to a T.
    L - Or to a roar. But yes.
    P - So can I go to bed now?
    L - ...You're going to leave me with my crazy friend while we apologize to a wall?
    P - Yup.
    P - Wait, what?
    L - ...Well... We keep hitting our heads against it by mistake... and it hurts our heads, so it must hurt ze wall too, so... And my friend wants me to clarify zat we are not on any illegal substances, and she is not on any prescription substances or alcohol either, and I am not on alcohol, but I do... Oh dear. Zis will only get us in trouble, no?
    P - ...Good night everybody!
    L - Wimp.
    P - Nut-case.
    L - Those who live in glass houses, my dear...
    P - Can't walk around naked?
    L - ...Well, technically they COULD, but I don't think the neighbors would appreciate it.
    P - Or they might. But we'll leave that for them to decide.
    L - I suppose.
    P - Gooooood niiiiiiiight!
    P - Prawn out!
    L - Toga crazy.
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    Nice job guys, thanks for doin this, it's so coo.
  3. The Count

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    OK... So I've been away and only came back to read the latest updates, 31-40.

    My favorite line(s)?
    P: Prawn out!
    L: Toga crazy!
    That summs you two perfectly.
    Now then...
    Lew's fish do have names. The ones I can vouch for are Fred, his pet barracuda, from the Roger Moore TMS episode (Season 5, Episode 24), the very last episode of TMS. There's also Connie Sue, his first fish as stated in The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson. You shoulda picked up on that Prawny, you have it in your library too. There's Kirk and Seymour, not sure about those to though...

    As for a Jerry Nelson club... Told you various times I need a good acronym and what that acronym stands for before opening the doors for a Jerry Nelson club here at MC, fright next door to the RHLC's HQ.

    One moooore thing... I'd ask for the songs via PM Prawny, but I'm sorta waiting to see the rest of the list to see about getting a song that features each of the entries, sort of like a "Top 100 Muppets" set to Muppet music reflecting everybody that made the list.
    Hope that's OK... Keep up the great work you two meshuga kids.
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    I laughed at each one. The most interesting was Zoot's! While throwing clever comedic remarks you two managed to actually define Zoot's character very well.
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    OK... After having read everything from 70 on downwards, a few things to point out.

    First of all...
    50. Johnny Fiama and Sal Minella (The Muppet Show).
    The Muppet Show? When were these two on the Muppet Show? Methinks you might've gotten your sorces crossed, as they are properly from and it should state "MuppetsTonight" instead.

    Secondly, being the dedicated lister and counter that I am... When you finish this list with whoever's at #1, it'll be incomplete. Why do I say that? It's not because you may have overlooked some cherished character without giving them their due in this centennial colection. Nooo... It's because there's no entry for #43. If you go back and read the group from 50-41, you'll find that you listed The Newsman at #44, and then it simply jumps to Polly Lobster (now known as "Bad Polly" as listed in the credits to MTI, so I look to Lisa to back this claim) and Clueless Morgan at #42. So when this whole thing wraps up it'll be one entry short. That is, unless you have someone picked for #43 with commentary and everything, and you'd like to send it to me so I may erm, use my MC supernatural powers to fix it for you.

    Next... Despite Lisa's protestations... Prawny does not hold the record for greatest number of and most rapid changing of roommates at the MC Dorms. No, that honor or dishonor belongs to the two people who used to be members that caused the whole Muppet City/Down with MC fiasco last August. The less said about them the better. You have them to blame for the five (5) roommate maximum rule, and them to thank for my ascent to the MC staff as well.

    Lastly... About Bobo's lines in the Cindy Crawford episode of Muppets Tonight... That's not his line, at least not originally. If you watch the episode, Rizzo's doing a Cyranose gameplan to help Bobo win the affections of the supermodel guest star. Rizzo's niece and nephew come up to the rat, holding on to a bunch of actual balloons they got at the fair. Rizzo says the line "That's a nice bunch of balloons you've got, maybe you'll let me play with them later." Bobo hears that and repeats the last part: "maybe you'll let me play with them later", and gets an immediate indignant slap from Cindy in reply.

    Hope this is OK, just educating you two kids as this great project keeps rolling along. Mmm, that might be a musical cue. Anyway, keep posting!
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    Thanks to Ed for editing and correcting a few of our flubs! :D
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    Keep up the good work, guys!:)
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    You know... Methinks the fears of not getting this countdown list finished were founded in some sort of truth.

    Protest Marchers: What do we want?
    More Muppet Countdown!
    Protest Marchers: When do we want it?

    *Random Muppet leading the protestors: You hear that? You get here and post the next ten Muppets on the countdown list or we'll...... We'll let Big Mean Carl eat the wittle pwanny foo-foo cakes!
    Big Mean Carl: Wittle pwanny foo-foo cakes! Yum-yum!
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    *shakes fist at protestors* It's not easy to find a time when both Lisa and I don't have anything to do and are both online. And right now is NOT one of those times... yeesh. Protestors these days...
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    ... Protestor Muppet: We're not buying it! You and that half are practically linked to each other on MSN. OK boys, let Carl at 'em.
    Big Mean Carl: Thaaank you! *Devours wittle pwanny foo-foo cakes with audible yelps of pwanny pweading to have time to post the next list.
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    *lights match* ...So this is what Big Mean Carl's stomach looks like...
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    *Speaking through Prawny's headpiece... Is it any different than DanDan's stomach?
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  18. theprawncracker

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    So, yeah, we're actually back! Enjoy this next installment! :D

    30. Bunsen and Beaker (The Muppet Show)
    L - ...I think I was just thinking about those two earlier today. Or maybe it was yesterday. I don't remember.
    P - Oh were you?
    L - I think so. I honestly don't remember anymore. Anyway- MEEP!
    P - Nice. Anyway, it's about this section of the countdown where we start to see that a lot of the best Muppets come in pairs.
    L - Oh they do. Bunsen and Beaker work alright separately, but they're so much better together... And honestly, when I hear "Bunsen," I think "Beaker," and vice versa, which makes my Chemistry class a lot more confusing.
    P - Hehe, I know the feeling. And it would be karmically irresponsible of me not to mention at this point that I won The MuppetCast Muppet impression contest with my Bunsen impression.
    L - Mazel tov! A well deserved success, as well as a well earned success, and yes I am referring to thousands upon thousands of votes from... <Ahem> Suffice to say that lots of people, myself included, voted early and voted often.
    P - Oh indeed. Which, in hindsight, would've been a lot easier if Bunsen would've invented something to move the voting along faster.
    L - ...Um... easier, yes... if it actually... y'know... worked? Without destroying computers...[COLOR=#800000]
    P - Or Beaker.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - You've gotta wonder why Beaker sticks with Bunsen sometims. He must've signed a really binding contract at some point...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I think he has some sort of shock collar.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - He doesn't need a collar; he gets plenty of shocks.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well yes, but it would also explain why his hair is like that.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, his hair could be attributed to any number of Bunsen's inventions, I'm sure.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Same with the voice.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah. Poor guy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Have you ever wondered if Beaker likes the attention?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Huh... I guess I haven't, but... that could explain it, I guess.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well I don't honestly think he likes it... but maybe. Also, maybe Beaker owes Bunsen his life or soemthing. Couldn't you see them both being involved in the mob?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...I can't say I've ever thought of it, but... maybe if they got into it by accident or somehow... I personally see Johnny Fiama as more of the mob type, I guess.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well me too. I was just making conversation.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, okay. Well, so long as we're making conversation- you know what I really like about Bunsen?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - What's that? His lack of pupils?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Well, that too, but... besides that.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - What?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - How many of his inventions have actually WORKED?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - The invention to make Beaker "meep" constantly.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Okay, so that's one. And the invisibility spray in the rubber ducky worked. But my point is that the vast majority of his inventions are flawed, or just don't work at all, and yet he just keeps on inventing... er... trying to invent, anyway. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehe, he does. Non-stop. Just ask Beaker.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Not that you'd be able to understand him... but that's the point.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup. It's so much easier to write his dialogue than to understand it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I would assume.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Well, like- Those readers who aren't into fanfic, I apologize, I'm busting into fanfic-writer mode- But I could have him say, "Me mee mo MEE me mo!" And I would know what he was saying, but if I read the same thing in someone else's story, I would have no clue.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehe, sometimes I just write him willy-nilly, without even knowing what I want him to be saying.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh I do that too sometimes, but it's so much more fun to give him real dialogue behind the meeps.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Meep mo mee meep.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Mee mo. MEEP![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And that about says it all.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup.
    [COLOR=black][B]29. Junior Gorg (Fraggle Rock)[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Look Ma! I got a Fwaggle![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - It's funny how a guy to whom humans are knee-high can just be so... adorable.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Knee-high? Dang. ...But I'd still hug him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - If given the chance, I definitely would. Such a good-hearted, well-meaning, lonely sort of guy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Mostly lonely. I mean, his only friend is a radish![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Poor guy. He's so... innocent, too, in a naive sort of way. I mean, the Genie of the Bushel Basket said that he would die after his next sneeze, and then he sneezes, therefore, he honestly believes that he's dead. It's sad, but it's so cute.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe, I love that episode so much. Richard really pulled out all the stops with Junior.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Absolutely. Who performed Junior's body, though? Any idea?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Stall while I jump on Muppet Wiki.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Stall, stall, um... We haven't talked about our sponsors in a while... Although, to be honest, we've lost touch with some of them, what with the delay between postings... But I digress. Wait, that's the point; I'm stalling. ...I confused myself. Anyway, um... Junior's awesome, always trying to do something right... Not always succeeding... Which is kind of like Bunsen and Beaker, and- actually [SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]it's kind of like most Muppets, always doing stuff they don't succeed in... Did you find anything yet?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yeah, I've had it for like three minutes. I just wanted to see how you would stall.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...<Headslap>[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *ahem* Anyway folks. Rob Millis performed Junior's body in seasons 1-4 and some dude with a long last name in Season 5. Fun fact, Rob Millis also performed Mokey's pet plant Lanford.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Some dude with a long last name? You're not gonna give him any more credit than that?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well I haven't seen Season 5 yet.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - What does that have to do with it?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I don't want to give him too much credit if he doesn't deserve it![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Right. Well, Rob Millis did a terrific job, and I'm sure the guy with the long last name did a terrific job, too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Frank Meschkuleit if you must know.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, good, now he gets his rightful credit.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Let's just hope he didn't want leftful credit.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Or sidewaysful... Have we done this yet in the countdown? [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes, I remember having to copy it in.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ah. Well then, we probably don't need to repeat it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Probably not. Shall we go on then?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I think we shall.
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]28. Janice (The Muppet Show)[/B]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Oh, like, rully, I, like, ohhhh, love Janice. Fer sure, rully.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Fer sure! She's got, like, rully, some of the greatest lines...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And, like, a great gig going with Floyd, rully.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Totally. And like, she rully grooves on her lead guitar, fer sure, and she's like, RULLY versatile with what instrument she plays...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Ohhh, like righteously rully. But, like, you've gotta wonder if her rully funny lines were, like, ad-libbed by Richard.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, totally. Like, I rully think her line about the beach in Great Muppet Caper was like, rully ad-libbed, and it's like, totally classic now.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh feeeeeer sure. And I'm, like, soooo happy that Richard took Janice over from, like, Erin Ozker and all, ya know?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Rully. She's like, a totally different girl because of it, fer sure.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Like, thank goodness.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Fer sure.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *ahem* So what else can we say about Janice?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - She plays lead guitar, tamborine, violin, and um...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Didn't she play the trombone at one point?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - YES! Trombone. And she sings.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Like a rockin' robin.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Tweet, tweet, tweet![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe. Love that song.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh me too. Um... And she wasn't always with Floyd. She seemed to be with Zoot the first season of The Muppet Show.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well yes, but that was Erin Ozker's hand in the mix.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Quite. OH! She plays harp, too! Or at least, she has one to tune.[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hahaha! Yes! Miracle worker that girl.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Fer sure. ...Sorry, character-talk gets addictive.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well we spent Camilla's entire section clucking.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Was that just for Camilla, or for chickens in general?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I think it was just for chickens. But whatever.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, no, we haven't gotten to Gonzo yet.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I knew you were gonna say that. ...Which character were we on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Um... Janice.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Fer sure. Moving on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Rully.
    [COLOR=black][B]27. Floyd Pepper (The Muppet Show)[/B][/COLOR]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - The hippest of the hip!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - And now... the hippest of the hip... the kittiest of the kitty cats... Sgt. Floyd Pepper!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - He's got a room for life at the home for the chronically groovy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And a mustache to rival Mario's![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - He's not technically the band leader, but he's really the voice of the band.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh yes. And what a voice, eh? That laugh![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I LOVE his laugh. And his walk. And his EYES! They BLINK!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - YES! And the hat! I love his hat.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - I just can't get past the eyes. They BLINK! They CLOSE! It is SUCH a rare thing among Muppets to have eyes that actually CLOSE! It's very exciting.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And I'd argue that it's Floyd's best feature. Just to have him blink real slow at something he finds totally un-hip... awesome.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Totally awesome. Oh- I think I might've mentioned it in that paper I keep quoting! Hang on, lemme check.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *shakes head* While she's gone, I'd like to say that Floyd is my favorite of Jerry Nelson's characters. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Lisa.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Thank you. In the paper, I wrote: "Such eye mechanisms help to develop many characters, as they provide an essential ingredient in puppetry: movement. For example, the self-described "chronically groovy" bass guitar player Sgt. Floyd Pepper originally had mere sunglasses for eyes, but the sarcastic element of his character worked better when his shades were replaced with tube-like eyes that [SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]could blink, or remain closed while he laughed."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Ces't manu...something in French![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...I have no clue what you just said, so I'm just going to smile and nod and hope it was a compliment.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well that's what I was going for. Anyway, I'm sure most of us have heard John Kennedy's attempt at Floyd.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Probably.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well, my opinion is that it's alright. It's a great voice, not terribly Floyd-y, but the laugh is right, and the voice is cool.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - In my opinion, the accuracy of the actual character is more important than the accuracy of the voice, but then again, I'm not the best person to decide when a character voice is "accurate" or not, to say the least.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe. Well I'd agree with you there. And at the end of "The Man With the Bag" on the "Green and Red Christmas" CD, when Floyd said, "Alright, take five, Miss Fat-Back's on." I'm like... "BAM! That's Floyd."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Did you honestly say "BAM?"[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Was that supposed to be a Crazy Harry impersonation?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, it was Lisa being curious. Forgive me if I'm slow on the up-take today, but all three of minds are in different places right now...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - That's why I have leashes. But yes, I probably did honestly say "BAM" because I was driving my car by myself for the first time listening to a new Muppet CD for the first time. It was a good day.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...That DOES sound like a good day.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - It was! But back to Floyd...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes, back to Floyd. He has an awesome, insult-filled relationship with Miss Piggy. They act like they hate each other's guts, but do you think they really do?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Nope. He'd be dead if they did.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah, that's what I thought. And there's the fact that the constant insults actually remind me of some of what I see in my own family... And while we definitely have our moments, I'm pretty sure none of us hate each other.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well that's nice.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, actually, we're horribly rude to each other.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh. But it's in a lovingly rude way, correct?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup! Kinda like with Floyd and Miss Piggy, except that they're less obvious about the "lovingly" part.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I should hope so.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - So what else can we say about Floyd?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - He hates Foo Foo.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah... I think most Muppets do.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Very true. Has Piggy ever actually karate chopped Floyd?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...That... is a very good question, to which I don't know the answer off the top of my head.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - We'll ask Layla later. Moving on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Sure!

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]26. Sweetums (The Muppet Show)[/B]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - We must be on a Richard Hunt binge this evening.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Must be. Sweetums is awesome. He can act all big and scary sometimes, but he is SO... Well... sweet![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - He IS! I loved him in MTI.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ME TOO! Pulls off the pirate thing through the whole movie, and then... "Are you kidding? I LOVE you guys!"[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - My favorite part is during roll call when he says, "Aye!" and Sam and Kermit jump.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup. There's so much unexpected about Sweetums. You would never expect someone named Sweetums to look like him, and you would never expect someone who looks like him to be so nice. And you CERTAINLY wouldn't expect him to be best of friends with a SIX OUNCE FROG! ...<ahem> Sorry. I get excited.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *shakes head* We'll get to the frog eventually. *ahem* Sweetums even makes an AWESOME action figure![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - That's your forte, not mine.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I thought my forte was made of Muppet plushies?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, no, that's a fort.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And this is a fork![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Don't hold that so close to my eye, please.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well then what fun is it?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I'll tell you what, Prawnie. If you don't take that fork away from my eye, I'll show you a frying pan.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *gulps* *eats fork*[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - That can't possibly be good for your digestive track.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well, it does put a fork in the road.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <rimshot>[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sweetums would've eaten the fork too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes, I'm sure. His digestive track is probably a bit more tolerant than yours, though.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Wonder how that happened.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Not a clue. Shall we go on, or is there more to say about Sweetums?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - S'up to you.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Um... Probably move on.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *salutes*

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]25. Boober Fraggle (Fraggle Rock)[/B]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Okay, so, seriously, the song "I'm Talkin' 'Bout Germs" just came on.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Now that's ironic.
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Tell me about it. Anyway, I love Boober sooooooo much. Dave is just... awesome.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Quite! I believe we established at some point that Boober is your Fraggle at heart, didn't we?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - We did. Which is why part of my heart is so tidy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And because I eat my veggies, kids.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, good on you. Boober likes to do laundry, which is why I wish he'd come visit me sometimes. Right now would be nice. I've got my laundry all sorted... He'd just have to wash it...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - He'd love that. Though sorting probably would've been fun too. I love how germaphobic he is.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, me too. It completely preoccupies him sometimes.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And he's just so... boring! He's like Bert on boring steroids![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, great, now we're accusing children's television shows of putting their characters on steroids. That is one thing I would NOT have expected us to talk about in regards to Boober. He's not the most athletic guy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hehehe, what about the Laundolympics?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...The wha?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *shrug*[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <shrug> Boober's cool.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - In a totally un-cool way.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...That's a pretty good description of him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Ain't it? Oh, and he has that thing for Mokey.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Does he, actually? I'm not recalling any hints of it off the top of my head. Or off the bottom of my head, for that matter.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I dunno, he's just pretty lovey-dovey with her.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Hm. I guess. I think I've more seen the other way around, but...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well, yes, that too. But he gives in to it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - That's true.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - He was the first to basically glomp her when she came back in "Mokey and the Minstrels."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I'll take your word for it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh good.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I feel like there's still more to say about Boober...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - His relationship with Wembley.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Of course! One of those great Steve/Dave combinations.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - The first of those great Steve/Dave combinations![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - And I'm so glad it came along. But Boober and Wembley fit so nicely together- the germaphobic doom-sayer and the gullible guy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Exactly! Oh my gosh... you've never seen "Scared Silly."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Nope.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Possibly the BEST Wembley/Boober interaction ever.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Nice.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Nefarious nuns naming numerous noodles![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <Blink> Awesome alliteration there.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I had to keep the N thing going.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Fair enough.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Next?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Next!

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]24. Mr. Aloysius Snuffleupagus (Sesame Street)[/B]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - I had a feeling we were getting to Sesame soon. Since we're here, I'd like to briefly mention that when I was doing the research I'm supposed to still be doing, there was a brief Sesame Street mention. Now back to Snuffy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Really? Neat. Anyway, I'm so glad they built a new Snuffy puppet after his debut.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I'm so glad that Snuffy exists. Period.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Me too! He's just such a good character.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Absolutely. I wanna hug him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - He looks like he feels SO good! I love the voice he has. And that he calls Big Bird simply, "Bird."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, me too. And I love the way they hug.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh my gosh yes. Nothing beats a Snuffy/Bird hug.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Especially the one at the end of Follow That Bird. It's so sweet and heartfelt and happy and...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - YES! Mmmm... has anyone ever called him Aloysius?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Not to my recollection, but you're more Street savvy than I am.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - More Street smarts.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - That, yes.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh how I want to see the episode where the adults finally saw him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Me TOO![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I think I figured out that, if the Old School sets continue the way they are, that episode should be included on Volume 4.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Huh. Any clue if I'll be out of college by then?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - At the rate the sets are being produced... no.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Dang it, I still won't have money and/or time. I hope my family warms up to my Muppet obsession soon and actually buys me merchandise for the holidays.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - That would be nice of them.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I want a Snuffleupagus for Christmas.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Good luck with that. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - So I'm off to Hawaii to find one.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...You're gonna leave me up here with the cold weather and the family drama called Thanksgiving? Take me with you![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - But I don't have enough money for two plane tickets![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...How big is your suitcase?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I'm not bringing one. The Snuffleupagus should have a big enough trunk.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <rimshot>[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - C'mon, that one was funny.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Hence, the rimshot.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh. That's what those mean. I just thought Animal was following me around.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <giggles> Well, there WAS about a week of my life when "Animal" was someone's nickname for me...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Did you chase after them screaming, "WANT WOMAN!" or something?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, I just did an impression of Animal's "Eat drums! Eat drums! ... BEAT drums! Beat drums!" And then wondered aloud if drums were kosher.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hahahaha![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <shrug> It got me the nickname. And I needed a nickname, because whenever someone said my name there, it was for the really important person in the organazation who had the same name, so I stopped answering to my own name.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *shakes head* Can we move on?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes.

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]23. Pepe the King Prawn (Muppets Tonight!)[/B]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - I must confess somet'ing, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Hokay, si. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - De only reason Pepe es at number 23, es because it es my favorite number.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - HA![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, si, I know, I am a disgrace, hokay. Don't look at me![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - But do, because I know jou cannot resist me, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I can't look at jou, hokay. We are not in de same room. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - ...Dat too.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si. So about dis king prawn. He is not a shrimp, hokay![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Nevah![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - H'and don't forget it, hokay? He's very sensitive about it.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, si. But he also knows his way around a woman. He's been knocked AROUND by enough of d'em, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si! He's not very sensitive. Except about de shrimp ting.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, si. And he inspired my name, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si! I don't know what I would call jou if it weren't for de king prawn, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Certainly not Ryan, hokay. Dat is just loco.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si, si. Nevah Ryan.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Nevah what?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I have no idea, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Hokay... anywhay. De prawn es muy awesome, hokay. I nevah seen him in somet'ing he wasn't awesome in. And he saved MWoO from de Ashanti, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si, si! Jou know de prawn is de one who proved dat Dorothy had a heart in dat movie?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, even d'ough he didn't have one back.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, but he was de one she went back for in de twister, and he was de one she protected when de witch was in de house.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, si. But he es NOT ready for a commited relationship, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - But d'en again, I'd tell Ashanti anyt'ing to get her to go away.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - He will NEVER be ready for a commited relationship, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - It's not d'at he won't be ready, it's de women won't be ready for the majesty d'at es Pepe.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Dat is what he tells 'imself, anyway.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - No, I tell him d'at. It's why he let's me keep licensing rights on "deprawncracker", hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ohhh... Si, si, den keep telling him dat, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Duh.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...I t'ink we're out of t'ings to say, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I want to work for de monies instead of de stardust, hokay. Jou said to let jou know.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Hokay, so we didn't run out of t'ings to say. De Pepe, he seems heartless, but he DOES have a heart. ...A small heart, maybe, si, but a heart.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - No, no, de heart is not small.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - It's not small?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - No. It es big. Pepe loves de Muffets very much. He just has to play de tough prawn act to hold his own in front of de womens, hokay. It's obvious.
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Oh, I see! But when de important bad stuff comes, he es loyal, hokay? Bitterman knows dis.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, si. And Ashanti.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - ...Si.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Oh de womens... OHHHHHHHHH de rasor blades![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si. Dat's Pepe, hokay?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Si, and I'm so gosh darn sexy, it hurts.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Si. Are we done wit' de prawn now? I can only hold dis accent so long, hokay.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - But I could go on h'all day![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Dios mio. NEXT!
    [B][COLOR=black]22. Scooter (The Muppet Show)[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Scooter? Scooter? Fifteen seconds to Scooter![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Ah, yes, Scooter. The legendary nephew of the theater owner.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Is it the nephew that's legendary, or the theater owner?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - The nephew, naturally. What with the jacket and the glasses and the often-question species identity and the name-dropping and the six string orchestra and...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - The long-lost twin sister.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - The long-lost twin sister! Of course. And the radio frozen to his wrist, and the tendency to get caught in Miss Piggy's plotting...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And the tendency to mess up Miss Piggy's plotting![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh, of course![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And the tendency to introduce guest stars![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Especially when notifying them of the exact number of seconds to curtain.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Indeed. With all those cold openings, it's no wonder he kept that jacket.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <rimshot>[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I've got a lot of puns this evening.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Which explains why I've got a lot of rimshots.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Indeed. So Scooter is just awesome. I love that he was in MWoO.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh me too! And his role seemed very well suited to him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sha, and he sounded magnificent. Did you know that Richard's brother performed Scooter in MFS?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I had no idea at all.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - See, I provide the informed Muppet opinion, Lisa provides the squealing.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I try. I'm not in much of a squealing mood at the moment, but I do try.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - See, she tries. Just like Scooter.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup! Hey, y'know something cool about Scooter?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - His openings?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - No, those aren't cool, they're downright cold.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Word. So what's cool about the go-fer?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - The fact that he always addresses Kermit as "Chief" or "Boss." It's so respectful. Granted, he shows that respect while manipulating the frog to his (or his uncle's or Miss Piggy's) will, but he does show that respect.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - While meantime he calls Fozzie "Foz" and Gonzo "Gonz."[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Does he? I guess I hadn't noticed that.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I think he only did it in Season 1 really.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Hm. I'll have to sit myself down for a good Muppet Show marathon again... one of these years, when I actually have time...[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Just ask Scooter, he always has the time.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Or at the very least, the number of seconds 'til curtain.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Indeed. And that's why we love him.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - That, along with everything else we just said. And his hair. I don't think we mentioned his hair.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Haha, we haven't.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Oh. Well, we have now.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Yes. Next?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Next.

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=black][B]21. Camilla the Chicken (The Muppet Show)[/B]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - No, I'M Insane. Insane A. Sylum. Nice to meet you.
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]P - Yes- no - AUGH! CAMILLA the SONG just came on my PLAYLIST!
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]L - Ohhhh... Oy, goodness, you're just full of irony and coincidinces tonight.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I know! Scary![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Quite. Now then, about Camilla.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - She's got so much emotion for a hen.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - She does! And she would have to, what with her being Gonzo's girlfriend and all.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Sha. I feel sorry for her, yet know she's happy.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Well, she must be, if she's been with him for this long.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - I think she's just as whacked out as he is.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Probably. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - One big, insane family.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup, that's the Muppets![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And what would they be without Camilla?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - One less chicken.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Far less hen-pecked that's where. Especially when they're on her "extra-crispy" side.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - <Giggles!> That's true. But Gonzo would be so much more lonely.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - He'd probably have those same droopy eyelids from Season 1.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yup. Actually, I've had a story idea in my head for ages where Camilla and Miss Piggy get into a big fight that results in Camilla wanting to leave and Miss Piggy saying that it wouldn't matter, which leads to Kermit sitting everyone down and saying, "What would happen if Camilla left?" And what happens is that Gonzo goes with her, and a bunch of the chickens go too, and from there it's a [SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]ripple effect, and pretty soon it gets to Miss Piggy leaving the Muppets, and then, well, if she's leaving, Camilla doesn't have to, and then the ripple effect repeats itself, and everyone stays, and it just proves a point that every single Muppet really does matter.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Wow.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - I don't know why I felt the need to just rattle that off right now.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Well, no, it works in context. The point here people is that Camilla is awesome and she's just as important as every other Muppet![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yes, absolutely! She is TOTALLY worth spoiling the end of a story that I may or may not write someday.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - And there you have it folks.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Brawk.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - How am I supposed to respond to that?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Buck-buck bawk.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - *rolls eyes* Tune in next time for the Muppets 20-11![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Bugawk![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Good grief.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - We're really getting close to the top of this list, aren't we?[SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Eureka! She speaks! ...But yeah, we are.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - How exciting![SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Indeed! Can I go now? I have to read.[SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Yeah, I have to research... [SIZE=2][COLOR=#800000]
    P - Prawn out![SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]
    L - Until next time, folks!
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    Yah, some of my favourites, Sweetums, Boober and Junior Gorg. Nice job guys.

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