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"The Best of The Muppets from The Muppet Show"

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Dil, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is an idea for a special ten-volume compilation series, each with one backstage plot and an average of 18 sketches (not counting backstage scenes or really short skits), but no guest stars:

    Volume 1
    Another Opening, Another Show
    Muppet News: News Flash
    For What It's Worth
    Fozzie answers the phone; the fire department calls
    Muppet Labs: Gorillia Detector
    Gonzo eats a tire
    Fozzie answers the phone; las vegas calls
    At the Dance (from the Florence Henderson episode)
    Fozzie's impressions
    The Swedish Chef: Lobsters
    Fozzie answers the phone; the atomic energy commission calls
    Muppet Sports: Bagpipe eating
    Poision Ivy
    How High the Moon
    Any Old Iron
    Pigs in Space: The Headlights of a Motorcycle
    Animal pulls off the phone
    Wayne and Wanda: Trees
    Disco Frog
    Veterinarian's Hospital: shoe
    Danny Boy

    Volume 2
    Why Can't We Be Friends?
    The Swedish Chef: Spagghetti
    Muppet News: Hotline
    Muppet Labs: Bunsonium
    Fozzie get's locked in a trunk
    Kermit intervies the Koozebanian Phoob
    Boogie in the Barnyard
    Kermit mentions canceling Fozzie's act
    Baby Face
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Baskerville
    Fozzie says that The Muppet Show without Fozzie is like Poca without Hauntas
    At the Dance (from the Kaye Ballard episode)
    Memory Lane
    Pigs in Space: Controll Wires used from Electric Toaster parts
    Hilda accidently shuts the trunk window on Fozzie
    Fozzie does his act from inside the trunk
    The Houses: Ghosts in the Attic
    Time in a Bottle
    Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor on the bedpost Overnight?

    Volume 3
    In a Little Spanish Town
    Gonzo tells kermit that he will audition dancing chickens
    Love Ya to Death
    Lady of Spain
    Gonzo holds his dancing chicken auditions
    I Won't Dance
    Muppet Labs: Steel Carrots
    Pigs in Space: Meteor Shower
    The Swedish Chef: Killer Dough
    Never Smile at a Crocodile
    The Windmills of Your Mind
    The Houses: My Mother is Very Religious
    Muppet News: Weight
    wayne and wanda: Some Enchanted Evening
    Up, Up, and Away
    Fozzie's Monologue (from the Ruth Buzzi episode)
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Three-Legged Creature
    Bear on Patrol: Impersonating an Officer
    Kermit let's Gonzo and his dancing chicken go on stage
    Gonzo and Lolita
    Fozzie tells Kermit that the next act just cancled
    Bein' Green
    The Cat Came Back

    Volume 4
    Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
    Sherlock Holmes and The case of the disapearing clues
    Fozzie and Scooter decide to do the telephone pole bit
    The Happy Wanderer
    Muppet labs: Elevador Shoes
    one chicken plays chimes
    Eight Little Notes
    Muppet Sports: Wig Racing
    Muppet News: maceral king
    Koozebanian Mating Ritual
    Hilda watches Fozzie practice being a telephone pole
    A Horse named Bill
    In the Navy
    The Swedish Chef: Spring Chickens
    A woodpecker pecks Fozzie
    Pigs in Space: Dirth Nadir
    Halfway Down the Stairs
    A muppet Melodrama (from the Gilda Radner episode)
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Viking
    Fozzie finds out what the telephone pole bit is
    The Telephone Pole Bit
    Happy Feet

    I'll post more volumes later.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are my ideas for volumes 5-8.

    Volume 5
    Choppin's Polaniase
    Scooter tells Kermit that JP Gross will give Kermit the payroll money needed if he puts some female wrestling tino the show
    Rowlf plays the piano while a chicken clucks and lays an egg
    At the Dance (from the Teressa Brewer episode)
    Pigs in Space: Weight Problems
    Kermit looks through the phonebook
    The Swedish Chef: Chicken in the Basket
    Alabama Bound
    Sam lectures on ecology
    Kermit interviews the Koozebanian phoob
    We're All Alone
    Kermit meets Granny the Gougher
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    The Houses: My Insides are Killing Me
    Bear on Patrol: Octopus
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob does a sketch twice
    Mahna Mahna
    Muppet News: Construction of the Muppet News Studio
    Kermit asks Miss Piggy to be a lady wrestler
    English Country Garden
    Muppet Labs: Edible Paperclips
    Lady Wrestling Match

    Volume 6
    Somebody Stole my Gal
    I'm My Own Grampaw
    Muppet News: The newsman forgets to put on his pants
    I'm Five
    Fozzie attempts to bury Statler and Waldorf with one line
    Floyd get's stuck watching Foo Foo
    Pigs in Space: Rizzo
    Gonzo hypnotises himself
    Wayne and Wanda: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
    Floyd locks Foo Foo in a drawer
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Pinnocchio
    The Zuccinni Brothers diving act
    Dog Walk
    I've Got Rhythym
    Muppet Labs: All-Purpose Tenderizer
    The Swedish Chef: Hot Dogs
    To Morrow
    Bear on Patrol: Banana Nose Moldenado
    Gonna Find Her
    Sax and Violence
    Miss Piggy finds out that Floyd locked Foo Foo into the drawer

    Volume 7
    Octopuses Garden
    Musician Joke: Can You Tell me How to get to Carnegie Hall?
    Muppet News: Sheep Dog Trial results
    Muppet Labs: Pet Converter
    Wild Thing
    The Devil Went Down to Georgia
    Musician Joke: Do You Know There's a Little Old Lady Sleeping Up Here?
    The Comedians a Bear
    After You've Gone
    Sam lectures on Crime
    Musician Joke: Crosstown Buses Run All Night
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Sinking Patient
    bear on patrol: Handcuff salesman
    Ukelelee Lady
    Musician Joke: B-Flat
    Pigs in Space: Chopped-Liver Monster
    Hound Dog
    Take a Chance on Me

    Volume 8
    You're No Good
    Muppet labs: Nuclear Shaver
    The Ant and The Grasshopper
    Sea Chantey
    I've Never harmed an Onion
    The Martians and The McCoys
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Gonzo
    Muppet News: Overdue Library Books
    Knees Up, Mother Brown
    Foo Foo the Wonderdog
    Bird Walk
    I get By with a Little help From my Friends
    kermit itnerviews Animal
    Pigs in Space: Dummo Rays
    Don't Blame the Dynamite
  3. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Because this year is the 30th Anniversary, Here's my list for the collection for The Best of The Muppet Show Volume 16-20 including new Muppetisms and new Movie Mania's:

    Volume 16:
    Milton Berle, Wally Boag, Doug Henning
    *Picture On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Statler & Waldorf
    *Muppetism: Rowlf (the Dog)
    *Movie Mania: Jurrassic Park (a dinosaur tries to park his car)
    *From The Archives: Fozzie Bear

    Volume 17:
    Zero Mostel, Hal Linden, Phyllis George
    *Picture On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Sam the Eagle, Rizzo the Rat, Penguins
    *Muppetism: Sam (the American)
    *Movie Mania: Star Wars (The Shooting Stars attack as the sun reports)
    *From The Archives: Janice

    Volume 18:
    Roy Clark, Loretta Swit, Anne Murray
    *Picture On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Lubbock Lou & His Jughuggers
    *Muppetism: Johnny (the showy guy) and Sal (the showy ape)
    *Movie Mania: Singin' in the Rain (Thog la-las while in the rain)
    *From The Archives: Link Hogthrob

    Volume 19:
    Rita & Kris, Candice Bergen, Bernadette Peters
    *Picture On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear
    *Muppetism: Sweetums (the Sweet Toughie)
    *Movie Mania: King Kong (A Chinese Royal Gorrila makes a short editorial)
    *From The Archives: Robin the Frog

    Volume 20:
    Paul Williams, Spike Milligan, Glenda Jackson
    *Picture On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Sweetums, Robin, Scooter
    *Muppetism: Robin (the Tiny)
    *Movie Mania: Wizard of Oz (Frank Oz Muppet dresses as a Wizard)
    *From The Archives: Sam The Eagle

    What do you think, Minor Muppetz (and Disney)?
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I like it. I don't know if Disney is reading this. So are the new Muppetisms and Movie Moments made up by you? I don't know how many Muppetisms are left, but another thing that would be good would be if they included the From the Balcony on-line shorts. I don't know what most fans would think about having internet shows on DVD, but at least it would allow us to have them in case the site shuts down.

    Also, I thought that the Milton Berle episode was included in one of th Time-Life volumes.

    And here are my ideas for volume 9 and 10 contents:

    Volume 9
    I Get Around
    Miss Piggy says that she and Kermit should have done the opening number together
    Fur Elise
    Sam lectures on Nudity
    Fozzie tells Kermit that he plans on doing a puppet act
    The Raggmopps
    Pigs in Space: Jettison
    Muppet Labs: Shrinking Pills
    Gonzo conducts and battles a crab
    Under My Skin
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Fozzie (second appearance)
    Do a Deer
    Muppet News: Furnature Monsters
    The Butterfly
    The Swedish Chef: Brussle Sprouts
    Fozzie's Puppet Act
    Six String Orchestra

    Volume 10
    Tumbling Tumbleweeds
    Dr. Bob checks up on the skiiers
    Trudge Trudge Streaka Streaka
    At the Dance (from the Pearl Bailey episode)
    Smoke Get's In Your Eyes
    Scooter forgets to cash the insurance check for the skiiers
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Rabbits
    Pigs in Space: Invisible Pills
    Muppet News: Cheese
    An Actors Life For me
    Trumpet Nosed Fazoob and Ball Shooter
    Me and Gargoyle
    How Much is That Doggy in the Window?
    Rockin' Robin
    Once a Year Day
    Muppet Sports: Horse Shoe Pitching
    Fozzie's Monologue (from the Alan Arkin episode)
    Wayne and Wanda: Goody Goody
    We've Got Elegance
    Muppet Labs: Germ Enlarger
    The Swedish Chef: Donut
    Blue Skies
  5. Dil

    Dil Guest

    COWBOY: The Milton Berle episode ain't included in no Time-Life videos.

    DILLON: The Milton Berle episode wasn't feautered in any Tife-Life videos or even any DVD's, but a few of the clips on the latter episode were included in the Playhouse Video.
    Why not look at the guide?
  6. Dil

    Dil Guest

    MINOR MUPPETZ, can you answer me, please?

    And... my idea would be this...

    The Muppet Show: Gonzo's Bird Show

    DESCRIPTION: Gonzo presents some songs & sketches by the birds from The Muppet Show.


    1. Opening Theme
    2. *** Willow
    3. Alabama Bound
    4. Bird Chorus Sketch
    5. Gonzo's Chicken Audition
    6. Baby Face
    7. For The Birds (from Sex & Violence)
    8. Rockin' Robin
    9. Bird Walk
    10. Camilla
    11. Sam's Speech (from the Julie Andrews episode)
    12. Windmills of Your Mind
    13. Take A Chance On Me
    14. Closing Theme

    *I'm Gonna Wash that Man Out My Hair
    *Sam's Song

    *Liberace episode (featuring a Gonzo Intro & a UK Spot)

    What do you think?
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That's a good idea. I've only seen half of the Liberache episode, and I really like a lot of the skecthes listed, including Take a Chance on Me (I haven't seen that one since 1994), Rockin' Robin, The Windmills of Your Mind, Gonzo's Chicken Audition, and *** Willow. I haven't seen Bird Walk (I hope that one doesn't get cut when season five get's released).
  8. giovannii

    giovannii Well-Known Member


    1. Opening Theme (Connie Stevens)
    2. Teenager In Love - Connie Stevens & the Mutation
    3. Razzle Dazzle - Joel Grey
    4. Cant take My Eyes Off You - Ruth Buzzi
    5. SKETCH - Muppet Panal - Conversation As A Dying Art with Rita Moreno
    6. Fever - Rita Moreno
    7. Sing - Lena Horne
    8. Nice Girl Like Me - Sandy Duncan
    9. SKETCH - Nightclub Sketch - Phyllis Diller
    10. TALK SPOT - Phyllis Diller
    11. You've Got a Friend - Vincent Price
    12. Nobody Does It Like Me - Valerie Harper
    13. Babe What WQould You Say - Kaye Ballard
    14. Sad Song - Paul Williams
    15. MUPPET LABS - Peter Ustinov
    16. Top Banana - Milton Berle
    17. Leatherwing Bat - Judy Collins
    18. OPENING - "Stand by, I cant Even Stand Up" - Nancy Walker
    19. SKETCH - Luncheon Counter Sketch - Nancy Walker
    20. Swine Lake - Rudolf Nereyev
    21. Goobdye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
    22. OPENING - "Delicious Chicken Sandwhich" - Bernadette Peters
    23. Take A Little One Step - BErnadette Peters
    24. SWEDISH CHEF - I Wonder Why - Cleo Laine
    25. That Old Black MAgic - Jaye P Morgan
    26. Boy From Ipanema - Petula Clark
    27. Music Music Music - Teresa Brewer
    28. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
    29. OPENING - The Muffin Show - Gilda Radner
    30. Carrots of Penzance - Gilda Radner
    31. Ones On The Way - Loretta Lynn
    32. Our House - MArisa Berenson
    33. Someone Just Like You - Raquel Welch
    34. Lesley & the Beast - Lesley Ann Warren
    35. Just The Way You Are
    36. OPENING - Tell him His Younger Is In My DRessing ROom - Leslie Uggams
    37. Love Will Keep US Togethr - Leslie Uggums
    38. Row, Row, Row - Elke Sommer
    39. I Enjoy Being A Girl - Cheryl Ladd
    40. River Road - Crystal Gayle
    41. OPENING - "Make Me A Sandwhich" - Linda LAvin
    42. The More I see You - Linda LAvin
    43. Robots Breakfast - Sheilds & Yarnell
    44. Copacabana - Liza Minnelli
    45. PIGS In SPACE/You ARe My Lucky Star - Mark HAmill & Stars Wars Cast
    46. Reach Out & Touch - Diana Ross
    47. I Fell The Earh Move - Loretta Swit
    48. Shoop Shoop Song - Linda Rosntadt
    49. I Was Made For Dancing - Carol Burnett
    50. Call Me - Debbie HArry
    BONUS CLIP - Guest Star Song - Scooter

    1. Opening Theme - Rita Moreno
    2. Slapstick Cafe - Rita Moreno
    3. TALK SPOT - Rita Moreno
    4. Willkommen - Joel Grey
    5. SKETCH - Interrogated Spy - Ruth Buzzi
    6. Close To You - Connie Stevens
    7. Dance, The Old Fashioned Way - Charles Aznavour
    8. Just An Old Fashioned Love Song - Paul Williams
    9.The Entertainer - Phyllis Diller
    10. SKETCH - Maurice The Magnificent - HArvey Korman
    11. One Note Samba - Kaye Ballard
    12. That Face - Candance Bergen
    13. Broadway Baby - Valerie Harper
    14. Aint Nobodys Business But My Own - Twiggy
    15. SKETCH - Bakery - Jim Nabors
    16. No Business Like Show Businss - Ethel Merman
    17. OPENING SKETCH - "I'll Be Ready For Anything" - Judy Collins
    18. Send In The Clowns - Judy Collins
    19. they cant take That Away From Me - Nancy Walker
    20. Forget YourFeet - MAdeline Kahn
    21. Just One PErson - BEnradette Peters
    22. If - Cleo Laine (with Bruce Schwartz)
    23. Tweedlee Dee - Jaye P Morgan
    24. Tomorrow - Petula Clark
    25. Cotton Fields - Teresa Brewer
    26. Dont Fence Me In - Bob Hope
    27. When I Need You - Leo Sayer
    28. MUPPET LABS - Gilda Radner
    29. Tap Your Troubles Away - Gilda Radner
    30. Just Wild About HArry - Jean Stapleton
    31. You & Me - Alice Cooper
    32. Im A Woman - Raquel Welch
    33. Last Dance - Lesley Ann Warren
    34. Hey There Good tImes - Leslie Uggams
    35. South Rampart Street Parade - Cheryl Ladd
    36. SWEDISH CHEF - Chop Liver Frog - Linda Lavin
    37. Beyond The Blue Horizon - Linda Lavin
    38. Make Em Laugh - Shields & Yarnell
    39. Love Hangover - Diana Ross
    40. Jeepers Creepers - Carol Channing
    41. PIGS IN SPACE/Side By Side - LOretta Swit
    42. Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
    43. Opening Number - Senor Wences
    44. OPENING - "I'm In The Right Place" - Melissa Manchester
    45. Dont Cry Out Loud - Melissa Manchester
    46. Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt
    47. Cold - Carol Burnett
    48, Alakazam - Lynda Carter
    49. Clay Aces - Mummenchanz
    50. Closing Number - Doug Henning
    BONUS CLIP - Everythings coming Up Roses - Liza Minnelli
  9. Dil

    Dil Guest

    (I used the Best of The Muppet Show Wish List before.)
    In honor of 2006, the 30th Anniversary of The Muppet Show,
    the 15 of those are made at the time of the 25th Anniversary,
    so I could use 5 more for Time-Life to make.

    Volume #16
    *Episodes: Spike Milligan, Bernadette Peters, Nancy Walker
    *Muppets on The Front of the DVD: Statler & Waldorf

    Volume #17
    *Glenda Jackson, Crystal Gayle, Paul Williams
    *Muppets on The Front of the DVD: Gonzo, Robin, & Sweetums

    Volume #18
    *Milton Berle, Wally Boag, Doug Henning
    *Muppets on the Front of the DVD: Fozzie & Rowlf

    Volume #19
    *Anne Murray, Candice Bergen, Alan Arkin
    *Muppets on the Front of The DVD: Link, Piggy, & Dr. Strangepork

    Volume #20
    *Zero Mostel, Chris Langham, Phyllis George
    *Muppets on the Front of the DVD: Sam the Eagle & Scooter

    What do think?
    (Say, Disney, what do you think of that? How about you bring the rights of the Muppets to Time-Life, so they can have the episodes unedited on the Time-Life Videos. Oh, and tell Time-Life to bring back the rights of The Muppets back to you when they're finished with all five of these.)
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are a few ideas for single-disc releases of individual episodes:

    Vol. 1: Muppet All-Stars
    Peter Ustinov
    Marissa Berensen
    Raquel Welch
    Lola Falana

    Vol. 2: Rock Stars
    Elton John
    Lou Rawls
    Alice Cooper
    Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolege

    Vol. 3: Country Stars
    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
    Loretta Lynn
    Roger Miller
    Johnny Cash

    Vol. 4: Great Comedians
    Miton Berle
    Gilda Radner
    George Burns
    Gilda Radner

    Vol. 5: Vaudvillian Talent
    Edgar Bergen
    Senor Wences
    Wally Boag

    Vol. 6: Storytime
    Lynn Redgrave
    Liza Minelli
    Brooke Shields
    Marty Feldman

    Vol. 7: Sitcom Stars
    Valerie Harper
    Tony Randall
    Jean Stapleton
    Cloris Lechman

    Vol. 8: Musicians and Singers:
    Paul Williams
    Leo Sayer
    Debbie Harry
    Melissa Manchester
  11. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Good... but not good enough to fit in.
    How about... THIS?

    Best of The Muppet Show... again!

    Volume 16
    *Hal Linden, Zero Mostel, Loretta Swit
    *Muppets On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Sam the Eagle, Scooter, Rizzo
    *Muppetism: Rizzo (the rat)
    *Movie Mania: King Kong (A Chinese Royal Gorilla talks)
    *From The Achives: Sam the Eagle
    *Did You Know?: The Muppet Show is Zero Mostel's final TV appearance. The filming was shot three months before Zero's death which is three months before his episode aired.

    Volume 17
    *Bernadette Peters, Anne Murray, Alan Arkin
    *Muppets On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Sweetums, Robin
    *Muppetism: Johnny (the man) & Sal (the chimp)
    *Movie Mania: Wizard of Oz (A Frank Oz Muppet plays a wizard)
    *From The Achives: Robin the Frog
    *Did You Know?: Robin the Frog was first used in a 1971 Special called "The Frog Prince". In that special, Robin & Sweetums were rather enemies. Soon during The Muppet Show, they eventually became friends.

    Volume 18
    *Milton Berle, Doug Henning, Wally Boag
    *Muppets On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Statler, Waldorf
    *Muppetism: Fozzie (the "Fozzy" one)
    *Movie Mania: Jurrasic Park (A Dinosaur tries to park his car)
    *From The Archives: Foo-Foo
    *Did You Know?: Milton Berle would return with the Muppets in The Muppet Movie, making a cameo as Mad Man Mooney. On the other hand, the Muppets is owned by Disney, which has Disneyland that Muppet Show guest Wally Boag used to perform in.

    Volume 19
    *Candice Bergen, Charles Aznavour, Linda Lavin
    *Muppets On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Fozzie, Kermit, Gonzo
    *Muppetism: The Swedish Chef (or The Gibberish Chef)
    *Movie Mania: Muppet Screen Tests - Singin' In The Rain
    *From The Achives: Mildred Huxetter
    *Did You Know?: Wayne & Wanda are a singing duo who always get into trouble. Unfortunatly, the duo was abandoned after their first season, Season 1. However, during the Linda Lavin episode in the 4th Season, the duo makes a surprise comeback, where we figured out that the duo disappeared because Kermit fired them!

    Volume 20
    *Paul Williams, Spike Milligan, Phyllis George
    *Muppets On The Front of the DVD/VHS: Floyd, Janice, Kermit, Rowlf
    *Muppetism: Scooter (the gofer)
    *Movie Mania: Star Wars (Beaker inteviews nervously with meeps as a group of stars fighting)
    *From The Achives: Floyd & Janice
    *Did You Know?: Paul Williams has a long-relation ship with the Muppets, that he would guest star in the Muppet Live Show. Paul Williams also wrote songs, such as Rainbow Connection, in The Muppet Movie. In 2005, Gonzo would appear in one of Paul's TV Specials, "I'm Going To Go Back There Someday".

    What do you think of this?
    (So, Disney, what do you think? The plan for you is on my post between Giovanni's & Minor Muppetz's posts on this thread.)
  12. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Would anyone answer me please?:p
  13. Dil

    Dil Guest

    PLEASE? Anyone?
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Okay, those ideas are good.
  15. Dil

    Dil Guest

    How about a Treasure Collection?

    Here's one:

    THE MUPPET SHOW TREASURES - Muppet Weird Moments

    DISC 1 - Season 1:

    *Koozebanian Ritual
    *All of Me
    *I Feel Pretty
    *You Do Something To Me
    *Scat Song
    *Hugga Wugga
    *Muppet Labs: Exploding Clothes
    *Under My Skin
    *You've Got A Friend
    *The Mummenschanz's Clay Act

    DISC 2 - Season 2:

    *Windmills of Your Mind
    *Fears of Zero
    *Koozebainian Phoob
    *Bird in A Cage
    *Four Fazoobs
    *Muppet Labs: Bunsonium
    *Talk Spot w/ Julie Andrews
    *Masseur Sketch
    *Koozebanian Spooble

    DISC 3 - Season 3, 4, & 5:

    *I'm Just Wild About Harry
    *Welcome To My Nightmare
    *Pigs In Space: Outlines
    *Age of Aquarius
    *She Loves You
    *Weird Opera Number
    *Trudge Trudge
    *Devil Went To Georgia
    *Trumpet Beast & Ball Shooter

    BONUS DISC - Gonzo's Act Collection

    *Gonzo eats a Rubber Tire
    *Gonzo plays a violin with a Tomato Plant
    *Gonzo demolishes an Autobobile
    *Gonzo does a Balloon Act
    *Gonzo auditions Chickens
    *Gonzo wrestles a brick
    *Gonzales and Yolanda
    *Gonzo plays a bagpipe on a Flagpole
    *Gonzo plays his Trumpet solo for "Flight of the Bumblebee"
    *Gonzo holds a feather boa with his Nose
    *Gonzo catches a cannonball with his Bare hand/John Cleese streches Gonzo
    *Gonzo balances a Piano with one hand
    *Gonzo rides a Motorized-Pogo Stick
    *Gonzo's Motorcycle Act part 1/Gonzo perfects the Motorcycle act/Gonzo's Motorcycle Act part 2
    *Gonzo carries a 5000 lbs. weight with only one hand
    *Gonzo defuses a high-explosive bomb
    *Gonzo uses a catapult
    *Gonzo tap-dances in Oatmeal
    *Gonzo booed majorly off the stage
    *Gonzo conducts while fighting a Crab
    *BONUS ACT: Gonzo's Water Act from "The Muppets Take Manhattan"
    *BONUS SONG: Memory Lane

    What do you think?
  16. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Sorry to be scrambled up with The Best of The Muppet Show DVD's.

    Here it is:... again!

    Volume #16
    *Charles Aznavour, Loretta Swit, Zero Mostel

    Volume #17
    *Candice Bergen, Ethel Merman, Doug Henning

    Volume #18
    *Wally Boag, Milton Berle, Spike Milligan

    Volume #19
    *Anne Murray, Bernadette Peters, Alan Arkin

    Volume #20
    *Paul Williams, Shirley Bassey, Phyllis George

    What do you think?
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That is a good list, though I think that it should also have a few Veterinarian's Hospital, Muppet Sports, Muppet News, and Swedish Chef skits. While not really a complaint, but it seems like every sketch from Muppet Weird Stuff is included.
  18. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Not all sketches from Muppet Weird Stuff are included.

    I don't think The Wishing Song and Won't Somebody Dance With Me has anything to do with weird things.
  19. Dil

    Dil Guest

    On the other hand,
    The Masseur Sketch and The Wishing Song could've switched places with Muppet Weird Stuff including The Masseur Sketch and Muppet Treasures including The Wishing Song.
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Neither do I. I have always wondered why The Wishing Song was included in Muppet Weird Stuff, while no Pigs in Space or Muppet News sketches were included.

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