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The closing themes of Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. gutchman New Member

    also, there were some SS episodes in the 80s posted by sawing14s on youtube that ended at night but still used the normal harmonica closing music instead of the sleepytime music. These episodes were 2228 and 2483, and another one he titled Placido Flamingo and Maria. So the nighttime closing theme wasn't ALWAYS heard on episodes that ended at night.
  2. ISNorden Active Member

    Actually, that last line before the repeated verse is "Happy people like...What a wonderful..." It's a shame that kids watching Sesame Street today will never hear that part, though. Back in the 90s, the animated closing credits at least included the bridge in the instrumental theme song; now it's cut out altogether.
  3. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, does episode 2404 have the nighttime music?
  4. ssetta Active Member

    Yes, 2404 DOES have the nighttime music. But that is true, they didn't ALWAYS use it if the episode ended at night. I think they mostly used it if someone was sleeping or tired. And there were very few occasions where it was actually used in the beginning, believe it or not. The only 2 episodes I know of like that are 2282 and 2614.
  5. gutchman New Member

    also, i'm curious about the ending of SS episode 2226, where Miles first year on SS is celebrated. Does the harmonica theme play after the song "we're a family" is sung by hoots and his band, or are the episode's sponsors and CTW announcement mentioned during the "we're a family" song?
  6. ssetta Active Member

    Actually, no, the harmonica music does not play. The sponsors and CTW notice are announced over the "We're a Family" song.
  7. gutchman New Member

    wow, ssetta, you actually remember these unpaved episode endings pretty well, don't you? Do you have them taped or do you just remember them from back when unpaved SS aired on Noggin?
  8. gutchman New Member

    well, ssetta, seeing that you know the endings of sesame street pretty good, can you tell me this? I'm guessing on the ending of episode 2122, the first episode about the adoption of Miles, that the episode's sponsors and CTW announcement were announced over the jazz lullaby that Hoots plays for Big Bird and Snuffy at their sleepover. Am I right?
  9. ssetta Active Member

    Yes, that is correct.
  10. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I have a few questions about the ending on SS episode 2291. First of all, at the end, when the count telephones maria causing it to rain in her apartment, does he announce the sponsors/CTW to maria, or is someone else announcing the sponsors at the end. Also, the picture on muppet wikia that shows the SESAME STREET sign and CTW logo underneath looks like the last scene of the episode ended at night. Did this episode end at night, and which version of the closing theme was used, the harmonica version or the sleepytime version?
  11. ssetta Active Member

    The Count announces the sponsors to Maria, and it is the regular harmonica music.
  12. gutchman New Member

    but, ssetta, does episode 2291 end at nighttime or not? Like, is Maria about to go sleep until the count calls her in the apartment? What's the scoop?
  13. ssetta Active Member

    It ends at nighttime, but Maria is not about to go to sleep.
  14. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, how do you know all the answers to these questions I'm asking you about these endings of sesame street episodes from the 80s? Everytime
  15. ssetta Active Member

    Because I've seen all the episodes, and I have a very good memory. I see you're new to this forum, but I have been a fan of Sesame Street for pretty much my whole life. How old are you, and how long have you been a fan of the show?
  16. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I'm not currently a fan of Sesame Street, but some of the old-school skits and songs from that show are fun to watch on youtube. I'd say I was a fan of the show from late 80's to the early 90's. Right now I'm 23 years old
  17. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I have a question about the ending of episode 2257, where Luis got new glasses. From the this picture on muppet wikia, it looks like Oscar is annoncing the sponsors and CTW notice at the end of the episode, but I'm not sure if that's right. Is it Oscar who announces the sponsors at the end of that episode?
  18. ssetta Active Member

    Yes it is.
  19. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I have a question about the closing music from the 1992-93 season of Sesame Street. I know the opening theme, closing credits music, and funding credits music were changed to calypso that season. But according to LincolnHeights, the harmonica music at the beginning and end of each episode still remained throughout most of this season until the last few weeks of this season when the harmonica music was changed to calypso. Yet episode 3123, which was within the last few weeks of the season, had the harmonica theme playing at the end.

    Here's my question:
    Which episode numbers from this season featured the calypso music playing while the episode sponsors (and CTW notice on Mon-Thurs) were announced?
  20. ssetta Active Member

    3117 was the first episode that had the new calypso music. 3118 had the original. 3119 and 3120 both had the calypso music. 3121 had the original. 3122 actually didn't have the theme playing, it had special music. 3123 (as you said) and 3124 had the harmonica music. 3125 and 3126 had the calypso. 3127 was the very last episode with the harmonica music. 3128 and 3131 both had special versions of the theme, but all the rest had the calypso music. I'm guessing that the episodes in there that had the harmonica music must have been put together earlier, and they aired them out of order.

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