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The closing themes of Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I have a question about SS season 34. Were there ever any episodes where the nighttime version of the SS theme was heard at the end of any of them?
  2. ssetta Active Member

    Actually, the premiere episode of the season, the karaoke episode, did end at night, but it had the newer nighttime music from 1995.
  3. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, do you happen to remember the names and episode numbers of these Sesame Street episodes?

    Both of these episodes were aired from the 1993-94 season, but were reruns of episodes from the 1991-92 seasons:

    1. Gordon announces the sponsors: "Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letters U, as in umbrella, and Z as in zebra; and by the number 1 as in 1 person standing here saying good-bye." Then the Count, off-screen, tells Gordon he can use his imagination and count up to 9 people saying good-bye; then he, not Gordon, says "Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop. Ah-ah-ah!"

    2. This other episode ended with Big Bird and kids announcing the sponsors F, I and 5. Then the muppet with a bird on his head said some things to Big Bird and eventually said "Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop," but before that he said that the bird on his head was going to say that. Before the closing harmonica theme ends, the last word Big Bird said was "Ridiculous."
  4. ssetta Active Member

    The first one you mentioned was episode 2953, and it reran as episode 3197. The second one you mentioned, I'm actually not sure about. Do you remember anything else that happened in that episode?
  5. JLG Member

    Wow, someone else who feels the same way about the calypso closing! I also thought it had a poignant sound to it when I was a kid. Only I thought of it in terms sort of like "We've all been friends for many years, but it's getting to be time for us to say goodbye forever." Of course, this was nullified when they stopped using that sad-sounding signoff and eventually brought the old harmonica closing back from the dead. No more feeling of "the end is coming soon---but it sure has been a fun 25 years, huh?"

    Strange--I have no memory of the 1995 version. I was still watching it occasionally then, so I guess somehow it just didn't stick between my ears.
  6. JLG Member

    Typical. The second I posted the above, the 1995 version popped back into my head. I know what you're talking about now. :D

    I remember puzzling over just what that was, and whether it was some long-neglected piece of the original music that was always skipped before. But apparantly, like you said, it was new but made to sound like a close cousin of the original. Pretty good job, I think.
  7. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, that second episode rerun was about telling whether or not something is alive. Does that help you?
  8. ssetta Active Member

    Are you sure this was Season 25? I don't remember this at all. All of the Season 25 reruns I remember:


    That's all the ones I remember. There ARE some Season 25 shows I don't remember very well. But I'm not sure that any of them were reruns. I'm pretty sure episode 3228 started and ended with Big Bird sleeping in his nest. It wasn't that one, was it? And I think 3254 started with a scene with Elmo and the word COLD. Was it that one?
  9. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I looked on muppet wiki, and it said episode 2953 from 1991-92 season is called "Wolfgang Plot (repeat), so that episode must be a repeat from 1989-90; episode 3197 is a completely different title: "Telly breaks Luis's vase/The Count Has Trouble Sticking to 1", which probably is from the 1993-94 season since the word "repeat" is not next to it. So they're probably not the same episodes. Are you sure what you said in post #104 is right?
  10. ssetta Active Member

    Episode 2953 most definitely is the one where Telly broke Luis's vase. Not everything on Muppet Wiki is correct. And all of the reruns from Season 21 (1989-90) in Season 23 were episodes 2891-2905, and 2916-2920.
  11. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, do you happen to remember which episode number and season of SS this clip is from?


    It's in a foreign language, but maybe the video will help you.
  12. ssetta Active Member

    I don't know the episode number, but it looks like Season 26.
  13. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, do you know which version of the closing theme Sesame Street episode 3085 had at the end of it? It probably had the animated closing credits.
  14. ssetta Active Member

    Yes, obviously.
  15. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, I can remember a funny closing sequence from a sesame street rerun from 23, that i think was reran in season 25. The harmonica theme was still used at the end. The closing theme played while Gina was hiding behind the staircase to the left of the NO PARKING doors. She announced the episodes sponsors--the number of the day was 16--then the sound of a horse neighing was heard (at i think that's what it was). Then the SESAME STREET sign and CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP appeared on the screen in a different style. Instead of the SS sign folding outward then CTW words sliding underneath the sign, The SS and CTW word slid left together on to the screen into the upper right corner. Then as Big Bird was chasing Gina, she said Sesame Street is a production of the CTW really, really, fast. It sounded like this: Sesamesaproductionofchildren'stelevisionworkshop,

    Then the logo slid to the right off of the screen as Big Bird's beak touched the word CHILDREN'S.

    Which episode was it? When I looked at the muppet wiki, the closest episode description to this was #2926: Word play on Sesame Street. The sponsors were J, Q, and 16, yet I seem to remember the letter sponsors being A and S
  16. ssetta Active Member

    This was episode 3186.
  17. gutchman New Member

    sesame street episode 3008

    ssetta, did sesame street episode 3008 have the nighttime closing music at the end, since the last street scene takes place at night?
  18. ssetta Active Member

    Yes it did.
  19. gutchman New Member

    ending of SS episode 2208

    ssetta, at the end of Sesame Street episode 2208, is the camera zooming out as the sponsors are being announced? Also, is Grungetta announcing the sponsors and that SS is by CTW? It looks like she is.
  20. ssetta Active Member

    2208 has a normal closing, and yes, I think Grungetta did announce the sponsors.

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