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The closing themes of Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. ISNorden Active Member

    Since most PBS stations aired Sesame Street during the school week originally, the special closing credits ran on Fridays (not Sundays). I grew up watching it in the early 70s, but kept watching on and off until the big format change in Season 28. And yes, Barkley hiding behind the tree impressed me even as a teenager; I first learned how he did it from another member's message on this board. :)
  2. I was doing some thinking and I realized something that we might unfortunately be missing on the Old School: Volume 3 set. It seems to me that on all of the Friday closing credit crawls from 1969-1979, these credit sequences were taken from the end of the first week of the season (#5 for season 1, #135 for season 2, and so on). However, if Sesame Workshop releases Volume 3 with the Season 11 credit crawl, that means they may have to use the crawl from show 1320, because 1316 was the season premiere. If 1316 began the multiple-episode story about Puerto Rico, the closing credits of 1320 may have featured footage of the cast flying home and a special Spanish-language rendition of the theme. Which means that, if this credit sequence were to be used, those of us not familiar with that season will never know what the credits from 1979-80 looked and sounded like on normal episodes! :( Does anyone know what they looked like, whether they used the 1978 one with the train tracks and canyon, or a different one?
  3. ssetta Active Member

    I was actually thinking the very same thing. But unfortunately, I don't know the answer. However, I do know that Season 12 used the credit crawl with Barkley and the kids, because the Season 12 finale, #1575, was featured on Sesame Street Unpaved on Noggin.
  4. Maybe season 12 was when the Barkley credits were introduced. It seems odd to me, because Barkley was in the show's opening theme since (I believe) 1978.
  5. gutchman New Member

    sesame street episodes closing themes

    ssetta, do you remember which versions of the closing theme were played at the end of these SS epsiodes: 2164, 2754, 2782, 3021, and 3060?

    Also, I heard that in seasons 25-26, some reruns of SS episodes had the harmonica closing theme replaced with the calypso version of the closing theme, which episode numbers did this apply to?
  6. ssetta Active Member

    2164(?) ended with the harmonica music, because it ended during the day. I'm pretty sure 2754 had the normal harmonica, but I'm not sure. It's been awhile since I've seen it. I haven't seen 2782 yet. 3021 ended with the nighttime music, and 3060 ended with a jazzy version of the theme that was only used that once, since it was at Birdland.
  7. gutchman New Member

    sesame street episode 2487

    ssetta, which version of the closing theme played at the end of SS episode 2487?
  8. ssetta Active Member

    The nighttime.
  9. gutchman New Member

    Sesame Street episode 2274 ending

    ssetta, which version of the closing theme was played at the end of Sesame Street episode 2274? Was it the nighttime version?
  10. Dantecat Active Member

    Nope that was the daytime version.
  11. gutchman New Member

    ssetta, which version of the closing theme was played at the end of Sesame Street episode 2274? Was it the nighttime version? Also, it looks like the actual SS sign on the lamppost is shown while the episode's sponsors and CTW notice were announced. So, since the SS sign on the lamppost was shown, did just the words CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP appear on the screen w/o the Sesame Street sign folding outward onto the screen? If so, where on the screen did the CTW words appear?
  12. ssetta Active Member

    It's been awhile, but I think they appeared at the bottom.
  13. gutchman New Member

    Sesame Street episode 2477 ending

    ssetta, who announces the sponsors at the end of SS episode 2477? Also, did it end with the normal harmonica closing theme?
  14. Dantecat Active Member

    Gordon announces them by voice over and Yes It ends by the normal harmonica closing theme.
  15. gutchman New Member

    closing themes seasons 25 and 26

    ssetta, were there ever any episodes of Sesame Street where someone's birthday was celebrated but still ended with the normal harmonica closing theme?

    Also, I heard that in Season 25 (1993-94) that some Season 23 reruns (1991-92) had the harmonica theme at the end replaced with the calypso ending music. If this is true, then do you know which episodes did this? Did this happed in the next season as well sometimes (1992-93 eps played during the 1994-95 season)?
  16. ssetta Active Member

    There were quite a few episodes where it was someone's birthday, but they still played the normal theme music at the end. In fact, there is only one episode I can recall that ended with them singing Happy Birthday, and it was a Season 27 episode where Gabi was sick on her birthday.

    And as for Season 25 episodes that were replaced with the calypso music, those would be 3175 and 3185. That's for the closing. 3184 had the harmonica opening replaced with the calypso music, but still had the harmonica closing. As for Season 26 episodes, I'm actually not sure there were any, because by Season 24, they were already using the animated credits.
  17. gutchman New Member

    closing themes on theses SS episodes

    ssetta, which versions of the closing theme were used at the end of the following Sesame Street Episodes: 2405, 2484, 2571, 2782?
  18. ssetta Active Member

    I know this is an old post, but if you can believe this, I actually FOUND the original Season 23 episode with this! It's episode 2939. I'm not sure, but I think it was 3254 in Season 25. There is a street scene where everyone is wearing something with the word COLD, and I actually remember the cold opening involved the word COLD. However, this copy of 2939 that I have starts during the theme, so I don't know if it was there originally. But I think this is the one.
  19. gutchman New Member

    sesame street closings

    ssetta, on SS episode 2876's ending credits, was "Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop" actually said twice? Once before the credits and once after the credits?
  20. ssetta Active Member

    No, it was only said after the credits.

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