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The end of Playhouse Disney Live at WDW

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by FlutterSnuggle, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. From allears.net:

    "Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage!" A whole new cast of friends from Playhouse Disney fills the popular Playhouse Disney stage. Children will be on their feet singing, clapping and dancing to performing stars from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Little Einsteins," "Handy Manny" and more. ("Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage!" will be dark most of January 2008, reopens February 2008).

    Goodbye Tutter and friends! I suppose it was inevitable given the demise of the show, but it's really too bad.
  2. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    :cry: Well, it was fun while it lasted. R.I.P "Original" Playhouse Disney Live.:(
  3. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    You know, I just sent a message to Disney asking them about Bear in the Big Blue House and why it was left out of newer marketing materials. They assured me it wasn't going anywhere and that it would still be there to enjoy for a long time in the future. If their definition of a long time is a month, then ok, but really shouldn't they have at least admitted they were removing this?

    It is so sad, my entire family dearly loves that Big Bear and the entire cast of characters. Such a smart show should be brought back for a whole new generation to enjoy.

    And of course my feelings for Playhouse Disney will never be the same. I mean, come on, the Doodlebops, how can anyone stand to watch such brain rotting material.

  4. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Has (or will) the same thing happened to the show in DCA? Hope not, that's one of my main stops whenever we go there, and I'll be there next week! :o
  5. hehehe

    hehehe Active Member

  6. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    Wow. That's great. Now we can watch the full show even if it isn't at WDW any longer. Thank so much for that.

    Bear we'll miss you!:cry:
  7. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    The show in DCA will also be closing as well. I work at the stage as a puppeteer in Orlando and have enjoyed my time with Bear, "TREELO", "PIP & POP", Ojo, and Tutter. I hate that we're loosing them! We've heard so many rumors of what will happen with the puppets and they're very dramatic options! I can't honestly say on account of contract rules and so forth. But I would love if they just re-vampted the show while continue using the Bear Characters. What other show at Disney can you go to and they sing a "Goodbye Song"... or doing the Bear Cha-Cha-Cha! I love doing that part of the show! It's so much fun! The "Jamie" performers are really good friends of mine and they're also angry about the whole "new concept" idea. We've attempted to save the show or just move the Bear characters to a new location! But sadly, they'll be in storage never seen again unless Disney wises up and bring them back! The entire cast of puppeteers at Playhouse are all very sad of the idea and are so upset about loosing the main focus of the show! With our show it begins with Bear, goes to JoJo, Stanely, Pooh, and back to Bear. But in this new show we start off with Mickey and end with The Little Einsteins! So it doesn't really fully close as the original show did! I mean, heck, before Playhouse Disney Live On Stage it was "Bear In The Big Blue House Live" and before that it was a restaurant! It's sickening what Disney does to it's shows sometimes! Hopefully I'll find out good news and keep you guys informed. Till then... "Goodbye, goodbye, good friends goodbye! Cause now it's time to go! But hey, I say, well that's okay..."
  8. hehehe

    hehehe Active Member

    Hey, AAO....

    ....it's sad that the Bear puppets will be removed, but (this is kinda off-topic) will the Moseketools be involved in the new show? I'd love to see the other characters summon Tootles!
  9. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    Being a puppeteer and so close to the show this must really be upseting to you and all others involved.

    If you have any ideas about what other BEAR supporters like us can do, please don't hesitate to ask. A well-placed call to corporate, a letter writing campaign, anything.

    BEAR and all his friends are near and dear to my entire family. And family doesn't let family down.

  10. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much. Of course calling corporate and a campaign would be awesome! That would help out a lot! Plus, the question about the "tootle" I think someone said, well I can't really say if any certain things will be added to the show. In fact, the script hasn't even been fully developed and puppets haven't even been built! The show closes in 5 months and we're still in the dark about a lot of things! The admiss of the puppets of Bear is very un-nerving because of their future. I'm still very upset about it. I was in show today and realized where my dear friend Treelo will end up! But thanks again for the support!
  11. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    Oh Treelo, one of our favorites.

    Have considered a lot of options in the Save the Bear Campaign, but I think perhaps the best way would be to create a website with an online petition. Have never quite done this before and if anyone has any suggestions, would love to hear them. After it's completion, we can post the link here.

    The sooner we can get this up and running, the sooner Bear won't end up in the Disney Vault...forever.
  12. muppet baby

    muppet baby Well-Known Member

    Yes to bad RIP playhouse disney that really is to bad
  13. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    Hello All

    Am hoping to have help writing an article on this subject and including a link to the Save the Bear Campaign. If anyone has any information on the fate of BITBBH or the Stage Show that can be backed up, please let me know. We will check it out and try to include in our article.

    Thanks :)
  14. Misan

    Misan Member

    wow no more bear or stanley
  15. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I always found this show a tad mediocre when I went to see it at MGM a few years back. But it's going to be sad to see it go for more current Playhouse Disney shows. I was considering trying to get hired at Disney as a puppeteer during college but if this show will be gone, it won't be as good a time. :cry: Sigh... Does Universal have any puppet shows? :zany:
  16. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    In response to the previous posters use of the "M" word. Let me just say that the end of the Bear is bigger than just the stage show. While I'll agree that perhaps the MGM stage production could have had more pizzazz like the traveling show had (with more dancers), but to lose the bear all together is tragic. It's such a great conduit for teaching children social skills as well as numbers, colors, words, etc. in a fun an supportive environment.
  17. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm not much of a Playhouse Disney viewer outside of Bear but it didn't seem that there was too much Bear as I had expected. The rest of the show is okay but the BITBBH parts are the only parts I care about.
  18. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    Yes, I agree. For my family, Bear was the sole reason to go to Playhouse Disney (No disrespect to the other shows). Wish Bear had been a bigger part of the performance.

    Disney executives, if you're reading this, it's Bear's 10th anniversary. Do something nice for him instead of sticking him in your dark vault forever.:cry:
  19. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Oh, yes! I completely forgot about that! Didn't Disney have "big plans" for the 10th anniversary of BitBBH? Some big plan this is...
  20. BigBlueBear

    BigBlueBear Member

    From what I had read at the beginning of the year, there was all these "supposed" plans for a BITBBH movie and a new traveling show. Looks like that isn't happening. Instead "Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday" we get a big nothing.
    Guess Disney spent too much money on High School Musical 2...arg!:eek:

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