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The Muppet Show - Zoot Endings

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by BlueFrackle, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    Sorry I don't have any original recordings of those episodes you are after.
  2. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Well-Known Member

    Uh, I believe some of those all are in the first season. If I can do someone a favour, tell me. (and BTW, I've got some 3th, 4th and 5th season episodes as well. Anyone? I don't mind taking screencaps.)
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Do your copies have the original ATV or ITC copyright notices? If so, then we will let you know as to which episodes we are looking for. Thanks.
  4. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Well-Known Member

    I don't have copies. I have the originals. Here in Holland they sometimes sell 3th, 4th or 5th season episodes.
  5. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    When you say you have the originals...?
  6. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

    Some of the Muppet Show episodes could have used a different version of Zoot's last note. Here are some of my ideas:
    - Episode 117 with Ben Vereen: Zoot's saxophone explodes
    - Episode 224 with Cloris Leachman: Zoot's saxophone makes an oinking sound
    - Episode 412 with Phyllis George: Perfect note comes out of the sax
  7. Whatnot1988

    Whatnot1988 Well-Known Member

    Those WOULD be nice, but the visuals for the Ben Vereen episode would have been cut due to rebranding in later years (only the audio would remain intact).
  8. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    Lynn Redgrave's show is dated 1978, the other two are indeed 1979.
  9. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    Each Muppet Show exists in two different edits: the 'domestic', which has left-hand end credits, and is the version aired in the UK; and the 'foreign', which has centered credits and (generally) is the version produced for non-UK sales.

    Season 1
    Domestic edits end with the 'clean' orchestra shot followed by a shot of Zoot with the ATV logo and copyright superimposed.

    Of the foreign edits, the first seven shows end on the orchestra shot with the ATV logo and copyright followed by Zoot with the ITC logo/copyright . The remaining shows omit the ATV copyright.

    The sole exception is the Kaye Ballard show, which ends with a shot of Nigel and Rowlf in the orchestra pit. The foreign edit supers both ATV and ITC logos over this shot. Presumably the domestic edit is similar but just used the ATV logo; I don't have a copy to check this.

    Season 2
    Domestic: I have no tapes to check, but it seems likely that it is the same as the Season 1 ending.

    Foreign: the orchestra shot is now almost invariably clean, and the ITC logo/copyright appear over Zoot as before. The ITC graphic has altered and now includes a small ATV logo as well.

    There are no specially shot endings to my knowledge, but at least one show - Bob Hope - has the ITC graphic supered over the orchestra shot as well as the Zoot shot.

    Season 3
    Domestic: as before, a clean orchestra shot followed by Zoot with the ATV logo and copyright. (Obscurely, at least one show - Spike Milligan - has an ITC copyright under the ATV logo.)

    Foreign: usually a clean orchestra shot followed by Zoot with the usual ITC logo. An exception is the Leo Sayer show, where the ITC graphic is supered over the orchestra shot as well.

    There are three specially shot endings this season: Loretta Lynn, Harry Belafonte, and Roger Miller.

    Season 4
    Domestic: probably the same as Season 3; I have no tapes to check.

    Foreign: the same as Season 3.

    There is one known exception: the Dudley Moore show.

    Season 5
    Domestic: clean orchestra shot followed by the same Zoot shot as for Seasons 3/4.

    Foreign: as for the domestic, but with ITC logo/copyright rather than ATV.

    One exception: the Mac Davis show.
  10. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

    For the Ben Vereen episode, for all versions, except for the Jim Henson Productions/Television logo, the smoke effect would clear to a black background.
  11. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

  12. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Well-Known Member

    If the clip of the original Dutch publisher is in front of the main menu.
    I wasn't able yet to take the screen caps. I'll do it as soon as I can. And I've got the 3rd and 2nd season also. Any requests?
  13. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

    Yes. Can you please upload the ITC closing shots from the episodes with Harry Belafonte and Roger Miller?
  14. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

  15. ZootSaxPlayer

    ZootSaxPlayer Active Member

    Can't ANYBODY upload the ITC screenshots from the episodes with Harry Belafonte, Roger Miller, Dudley Moore, and Mac Davis?!
  16. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    Not if they don't have them, no...

    So far as I know, these shots have not been seen since the early 80s when Henson acquired the rights to the show from ATV and changed the copyright graphics. The only reason the original ending from the Kaye Ballard show has surfaced again is because I obtained a Betamax 'viewing copy' of a number of shows which was made back in the 70s/early 80s. Sadly it did not include any of the other episodes we're looking for.
  17. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Well-Known Member

  18. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    So you are - sorry! :)
  19. Whatnot1988

    Whatnot1988 Well-Known Member

    I see, a stock explosion/smoke effect composited over the "generic" replacement Zoot ending.

    Here's an idea for an alternate sign-off: Loretta Lynn: Zoot's sax makes a diesel locomotive horn sound (a little rail buff humor there--Gonzo's trumpet made the sound of a steam locomotive whistle so why not?).

    Okay, my eyes might be fooling me, but I was watching the Kaye Ballard episode on the Season 1 DVD set, and I thought I saw a VERY brief glimpse of the original ATV logo (blink and you'll miss it) JUST before the cut to the shot of the musicians backstage happens. I did not have the chance to watch the scene frame by frame, can someone confirm this for me?
  20. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    I have a copy and while I can't do proper screen caps I will take a digital photo off the TV screen and post it.

    Here's the foreign edit of the Mummenschanz episode on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcW9tKnqwRs

    Here's the domestic edit of the Candice Bergen episode - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu4jH0Ts3aY
    Parts of the Liza Minelli and Gene Kelly episodes with the UK credits have been posted on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1bWctxb_6Y

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