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The Muppet Show - Zoot Endings

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by BlueFrackle, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. ilovemusic Active Member

    Oh my gawd.
    I'm sorry, Zootsaxplayer, but I bought the TMS episodes in Germany. And they, to say, cut and stuck the scenes together, for some reason. The last shot from the Roger Miller episode is Statler and Waldorf on their balcony, dressed up/turned into moles. After that, the screen slowly turns black, while the music is still on. Every episode! So also harry Belafonte. I'm so sorry I can't send you the screenshots.
  2. David French Member

    Earlier than that; when TV 3in New Zealand played reruns back in the early 1990's, the versions they had used the original ATV/ITC endings. The last few seconds of the Kaye Ballard episode which I have comes from one of those reruns.

    That episode has another anomaly, which is the ending that is used on the DVD. Unfortunately (as far as I'm aware), the origins of that ending are still unclear.
  3. anathema Active Member

    Yeah; the earliest recording I've seen that shot on is from the early 90s when the 'Sax & Violence' shot was tagged onto all the other shows. It might have been recorded originally for a trailer - those always involved specially-shot material.

    There was a run of episodes in Germany a good few years back too, some of which still had the original ATV/ITC logo at the end. Most of them had the final shot lopped off, though, and ended on either the orchestra shot or on S&W.
  4. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    That's okay. I'm not upset. Germany usually doesn't have the wide orchestra and Zoot shots.
  5. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Does anybody else have an original ITC (or ATV) copy of the Harry Belafonte, Roger Miller, Dudley Moore, and Mac Davis episodes?
  6. David French Member

    Good news - I found the tape that had the original ATV copyright notice from the Kaye Ballard episode.

    Bad news - I had hoped to take a digital photo off the screen but the tape tends to flicker when you press pause (it plays fine so there are no issues there).

    Will have to come up with a new strategy.
  7. anathema Active Member

    Just to check: does your copy have the centred credit roll, or the left-justified one?
  8. David French Member

    Regrettably the only bit I've got is from Nigel's line "Play hound, play." to the square ATV copyright notice. When I taped that episode, it was the left-justified credit roll.
  9. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Can you please upload a screenshot of the original Rowlf and Nigel ending shot with the ATV logo?
  10. anathema Active Member

  11. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Thanks! Do you also have the Harry Belafonte, Roger Miller, Dudley Moore, and Mac Davis episodes?
  12. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    There's also a closing shot on Playhouse Video releases in which the final shot is actually the Zoot and Rowlf shot, as used in the Season 5 opening. Below is a copyright notice. Does anybody remember that?
  13. anathema Active Member

  14. anathema Active Member

    I do not :-(
  15. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Does anybody know what happens in the Henson International Television airing of the Kaye Ballard episode? Is the HIT logo already superimposed over the backstage shot or does something special happen?
  16. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Are you able to upload the original Kaye Ballard closing on YouTube?
  17. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Can you please upload the ITC orchestra screenshots from the Bob Hope and Leo Sayer episodes?
  18. ZootSaxPlayer Member

    Can someone upload a screenshot of the German Zoot ending with the ZDF logo?
  19. David French Member

    Out of interest, Alex, what TV format does that screenshot come from - PAL or NTSC?
  20. anathema Active Member

    It's from an NTSC Betamax tape.

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