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The Muppets and YouTube.com

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Super Scooter, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Super Scooter New Member

  2. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    This one is soooooo cool!!!
  3. MrsPepper Active Member

    Heehee... I don't have my sound on, but that LOOKED ridiculous!
  4. MrsPepper Active Member

  5. Muppetto Member

    Here's Kermit performing one of the best rock songs from the 80s.

  6. sarah_yzma Active Member

    I love the vChip commercial!

    Kermit: You might find things kids shouldn't see....
    Pepe: Like me in a see through nighty!

    I'm sorry...it makes me crack up like nothing else!
  7. Super Scooter New Member

    Yeah, that's probably one of the best commercials ever made.... And I know it gave you thoughts of Bill in a see-through nighty, but...

    But, here's another great clip. Some of you may have heard this on Muppet Central Radio, or maybe it's just Muppet Central myth (yeth, myth) to others of you, but here it is:
  8. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my...that one is creepy...oh, but Muppets on Scrubs! Yee! &NR
  9. Super Scooter New Member

    Not only that, but Muppets on Scrubs on Muppets!

    ... ow, my head hurts.
  10. Super Scooter New Member

    Is it possible to get a screen grab from YouTube? I found the picture my original avatar is from, and I would like to try and remake it.

    Or get scarecroe back around and see if he still has it.
  11. Super Scooter New Member

    Oh, I suppose I should post a link to that...

    In case anyone wants to know some of the origins of Super Scooter! ;)
  12. Frogster Active Member

    I'm really hoping to see the songs from the DVD's I gave you up on your website soon... I'm kinda missin my movies lol.
  13. Super Scooter New Member

    Ummm.... I'm not sure I follow.
  14. Aaron Active Member

    muppet family christmas UNCUT

  15. Super Scooter New Member

    Wow! Cool!

    I have the whole thing uncut here, but that's pretty great!
  16. Super Scooter New Member

    The Better Battle

    Buddy Rich versus...

    ... Animal could beat either one of 'em. :halo:
  17. Super Scooter New Member

    Yay! A sticky!

    Thanks, Kev. You rock!

    :) ;) :)
  18. Barry Lee Active Member

    Yaaay! Congrats on the sticky!!

    Now I got goo on my hands... ew...
  19. Luke Active Member

    I feel all emotional now the Sticky campaign has worked. Now we need one for those nude Kermit and Piggy porcelain dolls!
  20. Super Scooter New Member

    Hurray! Nude Kermit and Pi...ggy. ....:o

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