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The New Muppet Show Outlines

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by kathy26, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Episode 97: Paul Williams making is second appearance

    Opening number: Emmet and his jug-band sing "Brothers"

    Backstage: The gang plans Kermit's birthday party and they struggle to keep it a secret in the process.

    Song: Paul Williams sing "Rainy Days And Mondays"

    Backstage: Kermit checks on the gang and tries to hint to them about his birthday but they don't respond. Kermit begins to feel unappreciated.

    At The Dance: Two fish, Two Frogs, Two anything muppets and Gladys and Buster

    UK Spot: Boober sings "I'm Never Alone"

    Backstage: Kermit can't find the gang anywhere and feels bad that no one is around to celebrate with him. Paul finds Kermit and Kermit explains that no birthday is complete without friends and they sing "Bein' Green"

    Pigs in Space: Dirth Nadar strikes again

    Backstage: The gang finally surprises Kermit with a party and he realizes they do care about him after all.

    Closing number: Paul and The Muppets sing a medley of songs just for Kermit:
    Paul sings "Movin' Right Along"
    Miss Piggy sings "What Now My Love?"
    Scooter and Robin sing "Frogs In The Glen"
    Emmet and his Jug-band sing "Frog Kissin'"
    Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Red and Boober sing "This Frog"
    Kermit sings "A Song from Kermit" to the gang
    Everyone sings "Rainbow Connection"

    Goodnights: Paul, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Robin, Scooter, Emmet, Boober
  2. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Episode 98: Paul McCartney

    Opening number: The Beetles sing "Letter B"

    Backstage: Miss Piggy desparately looks for Paul McCartney and Kermit asks her if she should be looking for the Beetles instead and she says she has no interest at them at all.

    Song: Paul sings "Blackbird"

    Backstage: The Beetles meet the gang and Miss Piggy is not that thrilled to see them. Then they make remarks behind her back and gives them karate chops.

    At The Dance: Two british anything muppets, Sherlock Hemlock and Prairie Dawn and George and Mildred

    UK Spot: Gobo and Wembley sing "Two of us"

    Talk Spot: The Beetles speak to Paul McCartney and Paul sings "Yesterday" as Kermit, Miss Piggy, Scooter, Gobo, Wembley, Red, Ernie and Bert fill in.

    Muppet Sports: Greyhound Racing

    Backstage: Beetles and Paul get ready for closing number and Piggy finally gets Paul's autograph

    Closing number: Paul and Beetles perform "Let It Be"

    Goodnights: Paul, Beetles, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gobo, Wembley
  3. Colbynfriends

    Colbynfriends Well-Known Member

    Your doing really well on your outlines, vettech28. My faveroite so far is the Paul Willams one. Keep up the good work. :)
  4. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here's another outline:
    Frank Sinatra

    Opening number: Kermit, Gobo and Wembley sing "One Banana"

    Backstage: Miss Piggy asks to see Frank and Kermit comments that a lot of girls from the audience have been asking to see Frank and is having a hard time keeping them at bay.

    Song: Frank sings "Witchcraft"

    Backstage: Gonzo talks to Frank

    Muppet Sports: Game Hunting

    Canteen: Scooter talks with Frank

    Ernie and Bert skit: Ernie and Bert explore in the jungle looking for Dr. Livingstone

    UK Spot: The Gills Brothers sing: "Sixty Seconds Got Together"

    Talk Spot: Kermit talks to Frank when Miss Piggy butts in and asks to do a duet with Frank and Frank agrees

    Vets Hospital: Sprocket is the patient

    Backstage: Miss Piggy prepares for the duet

    Closing number: Frank and Miss Piggy sing "My Funny Valentine"

    Goodnights: Frank, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Scooter, Sprocket
  5. Colbynfriends

    Colbynfriends Well-Known Member

    Nice Job. Frank Sinatra is a fantastic singer. :)
  6. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here's another outline:
    Dean Martin

    Opening Number: "I Go To Rio" with Wembley, Gobo, Bean, Gonzo, Lugsy, Annie Sue and Twitch

    Backstage: Dean finds Kermit and talks about his number

    Song: Dean sings "That's Amore" with Anything Muppets dancing around him

    Backstage: Miss Piggy talks with Dean

    At The Dance: Two bats, Link and Annie Sue, Rowlf and Foo Foo, George and Mildred

    Canteen: The Gills Brothers talk to Dean

    UK Spot: Bert sings "Cottleston Pie" with Rowlf on the piano

    Backstage: Miss Piggy gets some alone time with Dean

    Song: Dean and Miss Piggy sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with backup from Gills Brothers

    Pigs In Space: Attack from Planet Cutetron

    Backstage: Dean prepares for the closing number

    Closing Number: Dean sings "Mambo Italiano" in a South American setting

    Goodnights: Dean, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Scooter, Bert, a Gills Brother
  7. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover Well-Known Member

    Great job vettech28!
    I have to agree with Colbynfriends.The Paul Williams outline is the best one.
  8. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover Well-Known Member

    Kenny Loggins/Season 5

    POPS:"Who are you?"
    KENNY LOGGINS:"I'm Kenny Loggins,the guest star of tonight's show."
    POPS:"Oh I'm afriad you may be too late."
    KENNY LOGGINS:"What do you mean?"
    POPS:"Well the gopher's uncle,he owns this here theatre,and he's planning to close it down."
    KENNY LOGGINS:"Oh gee that's terrible."
    POPS:"Yeah I think he's planning to make it into a flea market."(starts scratching)"I think I can feel the fleas already."

    Zoot sneaks up behind Gonzo with his trombone.

    Kermit announces to the audience that tonight's show is a charity show,on account of Scooter's uncle has planned to close down the theatre.
    STATLER:"Well it's about time."
    WALDORF:"Yeah and I can think of a perfect place he could make this theatre into."
    STATLER:"What's that?"
    WALDORF:"An animal house."
    (both laugh)

    A male and female cat couple perform rendition of Tom Jones' hit song"What's New Pussycat?",with three other cats as back chorus.

    KENNY LOGGINS:"Is it true what I hear,that Scooter's uncle is planning to shut down this theatre?"
    KERMIT:"Afraid so Kenny.That's why we're performing for charity tonight.
    FOZZIE:"Yeah hopefully we could raise enough money by the end of the show,to keep the show rolling."
    SCOOTER:"My uncle wants to make this place"JP & Associates".
    KENNY LOGGINS:"Not to put your uncle down Scooter,but how dull can an old geezer get?"
    KERMIT:"You see I've been hoping that maybe my friends and I could someday own this theatre."
    KENNY LOGGINS:"Well don't you worry Kermit,we're all with you every step of the way.Right gang?"
    Everyone else cheers him on.

    Kenny Loggins performs his hit song"This Is It",accompanied by The Electric Mayhem Band.



    KERMIT:"First you wanted to make the theatre into a junkyard,then you tried to have the place converted into a shopping mall(referring to an outline I did guest starring Shaun Cassidy,in my TMS outline catalogue),and now you want it to become"JP & Associates".
    JP:"Yes sir,the best business firm in the country."
    ROWLF:"With all due respect sir,you didn't exactly succeed with your last two attempts.What makes you certain that this one will work?"
    SCOOTER:"He does have a point uncle JP."
    JP:"Listen frog,if you can't come up with the dough by the end of this show,my construction company will start balstin' the joint."
    CRAZY HARRY:"Did somebody say blastin?"

    Makes pumpkin pie.

    Kenny Loggins and Janice perform his hit song"Your Mama Don't Dance".


    Gonzo manages to juggle a bunch of chainsaws.The only problem is,he can't figure out how to stop his act without getting hurt.

    NEWS ANCHORMAN:"Here's another muppet newsflash.There has been a report of a possible chainsaw massacre."
    Gonzo appears still helplessly juggling chainsaws.

    KENNY LOGGINS:"Kermit could really use our help guys."
    SCOOTER:"Yeah he says that he'd like to someday become owner of this theatre."
    BRUNO:"That frog has some imagination."
    KENNY LOGGINS:"Well if you ask me,it's sounds a lot better than"JP & Associates"".
    BRUNO:"JP & Associates"yeesh,say what's your uncle got against this here theatre anyhow?I can't think of anywhere else where I got to see fabulous stars like Shirley Bassey and Carroll O'Connor live in person."(the latter mentioned guest starred in another outline I did)
    KENNY LOGGINS:"Well unless we all can raise the dough to keep the theatre,you won't see much more great stars in person."
    BRUNO:"Say,I just got a great idea.Remember those gold bars I brought into the theatre about a year ago?"


    Kenny Loggins and Miss Piggy perform rendition of"Summer Nights".
    Muppets who accompanied them:
    Doctor Teeth
    Annie Sue
    Prairie Dawn
    Uncle Deadley

    KERMIT:"Well I'm sorry to say that this may very well be our last show."
    JP:"Oh well,ya can't win them all frog."
    BRUNO:"Hold it right there mister JP."
    SCOOTER:"Wonderful news boss.Bruno has traded in his gold bars,and now we've got all the money to buy this theatre."
    ANNIE SUE:"Oh Bruno you're wonderful."(kisses him)
    MISS PIGGY:"You can have her.Just keep her away from my frog."
    UNCLE DEADLEY:"Well I guess you'll have to find another place for your new associates."
    JP:"Naw I changed my mind.I think I'm going to retire.Congratulations mister Kermit.You are the now the proud owner of this theatre."
    KERMIT:"Thank you,but I never could have done it without the help of all my friends,and our very special guest star mister Kenny Loggins."
    SAM:"You're all a bunch of wierdos."


    STATLER:"Now this show has really gone to the dogs."
    Rowlf and a bunch of dogs suddenly appear.
    WALDORF:"Not literally of course."

    JEANYLASER Well-Known Member

    I wish to see David Hasselhoff in the Muppet show!
  10. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here's another outline:
    The Bee Gees

    Opening Number: Emmet Otter and his jug-band sing "Friendship"

    Backstage: Kermit and Gonzo talk to the Bee Gees before their number

    Song: Bee Gees sing "Stayin' Alive" in a disco dance setting

    Vets Hospital: Clifford is the patient

    Backstage: Miss Piggy meets the Bee Gees and they talk about their songs.

    At the dance: Janice and Floyd, George and Mildred, two pigs, two whatnots

    UK Spot: Muppet sing "Cabin Fever"

    Talk Spot: Kermit talks to the Bee Gees about how their songs make people dance instantly and on that note, the group sings "You Should Be Dancing"

    Muppet News Flash: Bungee Jumping

    Canteen: Gonzo and Rizzo talk to the Bee Gees

    Pigs In Space: Traveling through the Milky Way

    Backstage: Bee Gees prepare for closing number

    Closing Number: Bee Gees sing "More Than A Woman" with anything Muppets dancing and Miss Piggy dancing with each of the Bee Gees.

    Goodnights: Bee Gees, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Rizzo
  11. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here's another outline:
    Robin Williams

    Opening Number: Country Trio sings "In The Summertime"

    Backstage: Kermit talks to Robin

    Stage: Robin does impressions

    Canteen: Gonzo talks to Robin

    Song: The Beetles sing "Here Comes The Sun" During the song, snow melts and a different article of winter clothing is removed and in the end, woodland creatures surround them.

    At The Dance: Two Anything Muppets, Rowlf and a whatnot, Droop and Miss Mousey, George and Mildred

    UK Spot: Gonzo sings "Jamboree"

    Backstage: Robin prepares for his role in Pigs In Space and talks to Kermit

    Pigs In Space: Robin replays his role as Mork from "Mork and Mindy" on the Swinetrek

    Muppet News Flash: UFO sightings

    Backstage: Yip Yip martians appear backstage and find Robin. Oddly enough, Robin seems to communicate with them.

    Stage: Robin sings "Figaro" like in Mrs. Doubtfire and Placido Flamingo joins in

    Goodnights: Robin, Kermit, Gonzo, Jim, Jerry, Frank, Yip Yip Martians
  12. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover Well-Known Member

    Good one.
    I especially liked the Pigs In Space sketch,and the scene with the yip yip martians.
    You're good at these outlines vettech28.
  13. Colbynfriends

    Colbynfriends Well-Known Member

    I agree. I liked the Beetles song in this.
  14. kathy26

    kathy26 Well-Known Member

    all right im back to do another muppet show i hope ploobis is ready to do this here we go

    Episode 91:Joey Fatone

    Opening Number:Floyd sings a song

    Backstage:Link chats with Clifford

    Song:Joey sings with Miss Piggy

    Backstage:Link chats with Joey

    At The Dance:

    Uk Spot:The Pigs sing a song

    Vet's Hospital:a Whatnot is the patient

    Backstage:Joey gets ready for the closing number

    Closing Number:Joey sings a song with the muppets

  15. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here's another outline:
    Professional Dancers of Dancing with the Stars: Julianne and Derek Hough, Edyta Sliwinska, Alec Mazo, Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas, Karina Smirnoff, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Kym Johnson and Tony Dovolani

    Opening Number: Dancers dance to "Let Me Entertain You" sung by The Electric Mayhem

    Backstage: Kermit talks to the dancers

    Song: Kermit sings "Happy Feet"

    At The Dance: Sherlock Hemlock and Betty Lou, Baskerville and Foo Foo, Two Whatnots, Two Grouches

    Muppet News Flash: Swing dancing

    UK Spot: Ernie sings "Dance Myself To Sleep"

    Talk Spot: Kermit talks to the professionals, then brings up Julianne's singing career. Then Julianne sings "That Song In My Head" with Derek, Mark, Kym and Cheryl dancing.

    Gonzo's Act: Gonzo attempts to Flamenco dance in a bullfighting ring and then gets hit by the angry bull.

    Muppet Labs: Electronic Tap Shoes that can start tapping immediately after they hear another sound with a rhythm. Beaker tries them on and when Bunsen claps, the shoes tap, but suddenly go haywire and Beaker ends up tapping all over the place until the shoes fly off.

    Backstage: Dancers prep for closing number

    Closing Number: Dancers dance to "Dancing On The Ceiling" sung by the Electric Mayhem and Muppet dancers join them.

    Goodnights: Julianne, Derek, Kym, Cheryl, Mark, Karina, Edyta, Alec, Tony and Maks, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Ernie, Bert, Gonzo
  16. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Here comes another one:
    Olivia Newton-John

    Opening Number: Country Trio sings "On The Road Again"

    Backstage: Kermit talks to Olivia

    Song: Olivia sings "Have You Ever Been Mellow?"

    Vets Hospital: A sheep is the patient

    Backstage: Olivia talks to Scooter

    Ernie and Bert Skit: Ernie builds a bust of Bert where the "loose nose" joke got started

    UK Spot: Chris and The Alphabeats sing "Count It Higher"

    Talk Spot: Miss Piggy talks to Olivia about Kermit and they both sing "Hopelessly Devoted To You"

    At the dance: Two Anything Muppets, George and Mildred, Two dogs and Annie Sue and Link

    Backstage: Olivia, Kermit and the Muppet gang prepare for the closing number

    Closing Number: Kermit, Olivia and the Muppets sing "We Go Together" from Grease
    Muppets Participating: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Annie Sue, Ernie, Bert, Scooter, Gobo, Wembley, Red, Boober, Mokey, Bean, Lugsy, Twitch, Philo, Gunge, Be-bop and Robin

    Goodnights: Olivia, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Annie Sue, Ernie and Bert, Scooter
  17. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover Well-Known Member

    I love Olivia Newton John.;)
    My favourite parts were the talk spot and the uk spot.

    JEANYLASER Well-Known Member

    What about Olivia sings with the muppet version of Xanadu!
  19. Colbynfriends

    Colbynfriends Well-Known Member

    Nice outlines vettech28, I liked the Olivia Newton-John one. :D
  20. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover Well-Known Member

    Judge Judy

    POPS:"Who are you?"
    JUDGE JUDY:"I'm the guest star of tonight's show,Judge Judith Sheindelin."
    POPS:"Oh you must have the wrong address ma'am.The federal building is two blocks down."
    JUDGE JUDY:"Everyone's a comedian.Why not,this is a theatre."

    WALDORF:"Spare us the indignity."
    STATLER:"Lord have mercy on your souls."

    Gonzo blows firecrackers out of his horn.

    Clifford sings"Beer Barrell Polka"accompanied by The Electric Mayhem Band.
    Dancing couples:
    Bouargaurd & Mildred
    George & Hilda
    Link Hogthrob & Annie Sue
    Rowlf & Miss Piggy
    Scooter & Lydia
    Rizzo & Miss Mousy
    Sam & Gladys

    ANIMAL(at end of number):"PARTY PARTY"(goes wild and tears up the place)

    Animal,in his continued state,storms into theatre box and attacks Statler and Waldorf.

    Judge Judy serves justice in a replica of her famous TV courtroom.
    BRUNO:"Case number one,in the matter of the frog verses the pig.Parties have been sworn in judge,you may proceed with the testimony,everyone please be seated."
    Miss Piggy claims that she and Kermit are married,and had tied the knot in TMTM.
    Kermit claims that their wedding in TMTM was clearly fictional.Therefor they are not married.
    Muppets in coutroom audience:
    Swedish Chef
    Link Hogthrob
    Uncle Deadley
    Judge Judy concludes that Kermit and Piggy have been friends for years,and care a great deal for eachother inspite of their differences.She advises that they seriously sort out their differences and obstacles before they make any final decisions regarding marraige.
    Miss Piggy then grabs Kermit and kisses him like crazy.



    Sam talks to Judge Judy.

    Captain Link Hogthrob,Professor Starngepork,and First Mate Piggy recieve an unexpected visit,aboard Swinetrek,by Kermit The Pig and Fozzie Pig.

    Judge Judy once again serves justice in the same courtroom.
    BRUNO:"Case number two,in the matter of Bert verses Ernie.Parties have been sworn in judge,you may proceed with the testimony,everyone please be seated."
    Bert claims that Ernie is the most annoying person he's ever known,and has been humiliated and tormented by him for years.Therefor he wants to move out of their apartment.
    Ernie claims that Bert is his best friend in the whole wide world,and he would be lost without him.
    Muppets in coutroom audience:
    Big Bird
    Cookie Monster
    Prairie Dawn
    The Count
    Sherlock Hemlock
    Guy Smiley
    Fat Blue
    Harvey Kneeslapper
    Simon Soundman
    Don Music
    Judge Judy concludes that Ernie and Bert's differences are perfectly normal in a friendship,and are not worth ending their friendship over.All they need to do is work out their problems and reason with eachother more.
    Ernie and Bert make up and perform"But I Like You".
    The courtroom audience applauds.


    NEWS ANCHORMAN:"Here is a muppet newsflash.It has been reported to have been raining frogs on the southern coast of California.That's the silliest thing I've ever heard."
    A whole bunch of muppet frogs suddenly come falling down.

    Mildred sings rendition of"Morning Has Broken",accompanied by Rowlf on piano.

    Judith Sheindelin sets asid her Judge Judy persona,and performs rendition of"Somewhere",singing in a beautiful high falsetto voice.

    Judith Sheindelin
    Miss Piggy
    Uncle Deadley


    WALDORF:"If you were a judge,how would you judge this show?"
    STATLER:"The usual."
    WALDORF:"How's that?"
    STATLER:"From bad to worse."
    (both laugh)

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