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The Three Detectives created by Martin Johnson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Bill Bubble Guy, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    I haven't forgotten about this wonderful fan fic.
    I promise to add to it ASAP:)
  2. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Good enough for me. Thanks.
  3. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    I have kinda put this on the shelf while I was working on my commentaries about the saga of Sailor Moon in General Discussion but I shall try to add some more tonight.


    Kendra and Piggy had been sneaking around downstairs finding all the rooms completely deserted. Then Kendra's sharp private eyes noticed an area of wooden floor in one room that was completely free of dust while the rest of it was completely covered with it.
    "See that Miss Piggy?" She asked pointing. "That looks very suspicious. A square shape on the floor where the dust hasn't settled. And also see how the dust leading up to it is all scuffed around as if by many footprints on top of each other."
    "So do you think there may be a hidden entrance to an underground hideout there where those dog-nappers are hiding?" asked Piggy angrily.
    "Yes I'm sure of it. Let me feel it." Kendra pulled on some rubber gloves she kept in her zip-pocket so as to avoid leaving her fingerprints and got down on her knees gently pressing upon the square area. She tried pushing in all places until finally she felt something click and it slipped open sliding underneath the real floor. Kendra shone her flashlight inside revealing a set of stone stairs leading downwards. Piggy was eagerly at her side.
    "Go on Kendra. Lead the way by your light. I can't wait to catch those rats and bury them underground right inside this grave they've prepared for themselves." She clenched and un-clenched her fists while she spoke, her eyes burning with thoughts of revenge.
    Kendra began to make her way down. "Okay let's go. But do watch your step Piggy. I don't want you to come tumbling down on top of me."
    Piggy decided Kendra was talking sense and even decided to take her high heel shoes off and make her way carefully down barefoot, tucking them into her dress pockets. Kendra took her own good advice and the two of them followed the beam of the light downwards using it to help them guide their footing. It seemed to go on forever.
    The big question was would Super and Baba be located in the secret laboratory when they reached the bottom?
  4. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Ooh! Cliffhanger! I don't know if I can stand the suspense! Will they be down there? Oh don't leave us hanging Marty!
  5. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Yes, I can't wait either. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happens to the sarge upstairs.
    ;) More please, as soon as you can!
  6. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Ditto! :)
  7. Skye Active Member

    Wow, awesome Marty. Can't wait for more!
  8. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    CHAPTER 19

    Meanwhile upstairs Marty and Snowthy ran into a very bad situation. They had just reached the bottom of the stairs and were planning on sneaking Sgt Floyd outside to the protection of the police when they ran into Super and Baba who got the drop on them with water pistols filled with ink.
    "Don't move or we'll let you have it right between the eyes," threatened Baba.
    Marty and Snowthy knew they had no choice and poor Sgt Floyd was sobbing with renewed despair.
    The two villains led the trio along at gun point to the entrance to the secret laboratory.
    "Look Super," cried Baba. "The door is open."
    "So your partner has discovered my lab," mused Super. "Well we shall all descend very quietly and take her by surprise."
    And so saying, he and Baba took flashlights out of their pockets and made Marty and the others move down ahead of them as they followed the beams of the torches illuminating the steps. "But remember," he warned them. "Not a sound from any of you or you'll get squirted with ink." The ink-pistols in their other hands pointed at the backs of their heads menacingly.

    Marty carefully led Sgt Floyd downwards with his hand in hers while Snowthy followed right behind them. Marty gritted his teeth. He had taken a liking to poor Sgt Floyd and swore to himself that somehow they would overcome Super and Baba and set her free. She was too nice a person to be treated in this nasty manner. He formulated one prospective plan after another as they followed the way that Kendra and Piggy had already taken. Could they come up with a foolproof way to outsmart the baddies?
  9. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Ooh, could they? Could they? Thanks for the update, and more please!
  10. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    *applauds* nice. Keep them coming :)
  11. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member


    Kendra and Piggy had reached the bottom and Kendra was checking out the area while Piggy put her shoes back on. There didn't seem to be anyone around so Kendra suggested the two of them hide in the shadows and wait to spring an ambush. Piggy agreed and they did so.

    But when they saw Marty and Snowthy appear Piggy nearly called out, but Kendra quickly shushed her. "Something's wrong," she whispered. "They wouldn't have brought the hostage down here with them. They were to slip her outside to the police."
    Sure enough Super and Baba appeared afterwards with their weapons. Super cried out defiantly, "No use hiding. We know you're down here. Come out right now or we'll squirt your friends. And this ink doesn't come off very easily either."
    He and Baba were both chuckling and while they momentarily lost concentration in their evil glee, Marty's keen eye noticed a fire extinguisher just nearby. He cried out to Snowthy to duck for cover while he shielded Sgt Floyd with his body as he dove towards the extinguisher and pulled it from the wall. The villians were so taken by surprise that before they could collect their wits and fire their ink pistols Marty had sprayed the foam in their faces and they squirted ink blindly missing everyone. Miss Piggy took her cue and charged straight for Baba when the pistol was empty.

    "HHHEEEE-YYYAAAAA!" She cried over and over again with one punch after another. Baba howled in pain with each blow. The Detectives meanwhile were trying to apprehend Super between them. They wrestled him to the ground as he tried to fight them. Snowthy did get a punch land on the side of his jaw and Kendra had her hair pulled while Marty was kicked in the shin. But the three of them retaliated and together they eventually subdued Super taking all the fight out of him. Then Piggy knocked Baba motionless to the ground next to where Super lay with the Detectives pinning him down. She puffed and panted to get her breath back after all those savage karate blows she had inflicted. It was all over at last.
  12. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yea Miss Piggy! She sure knows how to inflict pain on the bad guys doesn't she? I'm assuming this is not the end yet, will there be a trial? Either way, nice work Marty, I'm enjoying this a great deal.
  13. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    I do need to write the concluding sections Beth. And I do plan to give you a cameo in the epilogue. So wait and see. :)
  14. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Slowly but surely I'm catching up Marty, I just got caught up to chapter fourteen and am hoping to catch up to the latest chapter very soon!
  15. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    CHAPTER 21

    Outside all this time the police and all the dogs had been wondering what was going on. They were almost at the point where they were ready to move inside themselves when they saw the front doors opening and everybody cheered as The Detectives led Super and Baba out firmly tied up between them with Miss Piggy and Sgt Floyd right behind them.
    Patrol Bear Fozzie and Sargent Link took them into custody while Snowthy told Officers Barry Lee and Dave Ebersole that the machinery underground would serve as evidence for the trial.
    Miss Piggy and Sgt Floyd would be key witnesses along with the Detectives when it was scheduled and it did go well. Super, Baba and his other henchmen were all found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison each.
    Piggy, "Doc" Christianson and all others concerned with the case paid the Detectives their fee: $20 each and they considered the price worth it for getting their beloved pets back.
    Sgt.Floyd was so grateful to them for saving her that she asked if she could work for them casually sometimes. Marty did like her and suggested to Kendra and Snowthy that maybe she could help look after their offices once a week doing a little bit of housework and keeping an eye on the telephone and they agreed. So she did and they admitted she did a fine job so they paid her $10 each week she came in to work and she was very pleased about the deal.
  16. Skye Active Member

    Aw, hehe, very cute, Marty! Happy times again. :D I love it!
  17. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member


    It was about a week and a half later after the excitement of the trial that the Detectives received their next major visitors.
    Kendra answered the knocking on the door to reveal a man and a woman who asked to come in and speak with them. When everybody took their seats they made their introductions.
    "My name is Beth." The woman said, "and this is my husband Nate. We were mysteriously robbed two days ago. We had just recently hired Bill the Bubble Guy as our caretaker and while we were having dinner that night suddenly the dining room was filled with millions and billions of large bubbles that seemed to come out from nowhere non-stop. It lasted for at least twenty-five minutes and we were trapped unable to move with bubbles constantly in our faces. When it finally stopped we checked the rest of our house and found we had been burglarized."
    Beth's husband Nate continued, "We had Bill arrested but he keeps pleading innocence and he seems so genuinely perturbed about the whole situation. But the evidence seems to point to him so badly. We're not certain he's guilty but we can't imagine who else it could have been. So we thought maybe you could clear this mystery up."
    Marty was appalled. "I have always highly admired Bill for his cute ability to blow bubbles out of his head. I know he would never do something as horrible as this. We shall accept the case gladly."

    And so they did. But this is another story to be told maybe some time next year.

  18. Skye Active Member

    Hmm, nice ending... very, very intriguing! I loved this whole story!
  19. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Hey! Thanks for the cameo! Another case! Bill has to have been framed! Very interesting. I hope you write that story someday Marty, you've got a talent for writing mysteries!
  20. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Ooo, nice ending! 2 thumbs up

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