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The Wander over Yonder Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mr3urious, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. mr3urious

    mr3urious Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing both of those scenes were cut for time and pacing reasons. The 1st scene does seem to run on a little long to me.

    Loved when Wander tried to play his banjo with only one hand in the 2nd scene, though. :)
  2. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    The petition has over 35,000 now, and the number continues to rise. And believe it or else, the voice of Mojo Jojo himself, Roger L. Jackson, praises the show and even suggested putting it on home video. Check his Twitter account.

    We've got to let other people know just how special Wander Over Yonder really is. Just think, when Craig McCracken pitches his next show in February, the Disney people just might ask him if he wants to finish WOY in his intended way first.
  3. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Remember when I mentioned a video with a booth that asks you to choose between a treat and Wander's hat? Somebody was able to upload two of them. Turns out they're promo videos. My memory of the details was pretty fuzzy. Only the guests who took the challenge wore the hats.

    You can even hear Hater talking about the people making their choice. The background doesn't look anything like something you'd see at a Disney park, though. And there's more than one musician - one of them has a washboard.

    You'd think a lot of people would spread the word about the show after experiencing something like this in public.

    What I don't get is that Disney stated that 80 episodes are enough. That's downright ridiculous! They let some shows like Fish Hooks go way beyond 80 and end at the right time regardless of a lack of merchandising.
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Disney has been pulling production caps for years. Let's not forget that Darkwing Duck ended with a mediocre episode about being frozen in amber. Or rather Dinosaur Pancake Syrup.
  5. Pig's Laundry

    Pig's Laundry Well-Known Member

    Also, remember when Disney Channel had that 65 episode limit for both their animated and live action shows? It didn't matter how popular the show was, it always ended after 65 episodes. Lizzie MCGuire, 'Even Stevens', "Lilo & Stitch:The Series", 'The Proud Family', "Kim Possible" (the first time it ended).
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That said, there's a clear reason why Fish Hooks went on as long as it did. Disney somehow loves the barely talented cartoonist behind it. That's the only reason we got Pickle and Peanut.
  7. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Wander only got a total of 43 half hours, so there's plenty of room left, if we consider 65 to be the maximum number of half hours, that is.

    And let's not forget the 11 shorts that sit between seasons 1 and 2.
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    This just totally honked me off.

    So Funko made Pickle and Peanut vinyl figures.

    The show no one really likes got merchandise and WOY which has a sizable fanbase didn't get squat.

    yeah. That's fair.
    Pig's Laundry and mr3urious like this.
  9. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Wow, Funko. Ignoring such a clever show for which many people have tons of respect? That's just cold.

    I always thought something with the 'Disney appeal' would be worthy of merchandising. And I doubt Noah Z. Jones's latest show has that appeal. I saw only two or three episodes and I was like, "Eh, I'm not sure about this."

    I think there was a time when you could personalize items with WOY illustrations on the Disney Store Web site.

    So it's come down to this: unless we pull together, embracing the support for one more season with our actions, lots of fans will be left wondering what could've happenned next. And perhaps theyll come up with their own stories because Craig and the crew will never reveal anything if they don't get that third season.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    You'd think that a collector's toy company could read the room better and go with a show that has a loyal enough fanbase rather than a series that'd would be polarizing had more people spoken positively about it. And I don't just mean Wander. They certainly could have had Star Butterfly or Gravity Falls (the most popular of the bunch). Maybe if they wanted to be ambitious, Penn Zero.

    Even the responses on this video agree...

    Though...I hate to admit they actually look good and I don't hate the show nearly enough to actually not kinda want these based on the merits of how well the toys came out. But really?! I get the feeling they could have approached Disney about any of the shows, but Disney only gave them the rights to that.

    And it's not like Wander et al couldn't have been a line of Pop figures either. They have newly released Duck Dodgers ones, and that show was over a decade ago.
  11. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    And let's not forget the Pop figure versions of some Hanna-Barbera characters who were introduced more than two, nay, three decades ago.

    Also, you can disregard my implied statement about not being able to customize your items on the Disney Store Web site anymore. If you go to the Disney XD section now, you can actually choose to put WOY-related illustrations on T-shirts, wallets, tote bags, mugs, binders, you name it.

    Check this out and you'll see what I mean.
  12. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Different company. Hanna Barbera works only on nostalgia. They still make Hong Kong Phooey merchandise from time to time and it does well despite not having any revival. Still, I got a Rikochet Rabbit Pop for like 3 bucks on clearance. Just because WB licenses out classic HB characters doesn't mean they'll sell. Just the staples of Flintstones, Yogi Bear and Friends, Tom and Jerry (who I'm surprised haven't had pops yet), and especially Scooby-Doo. Maybe Wacky Races as well. It always fascinates me how retro-HB cartoons are still a thing when most of them aren't on television one way or another. Even Jazzwares had a short lived line of them.
  13. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I can't think of anyone who doesn't want give Wander one more season (or at least a TV movie).

    Gemma Cummins (a.k.a. Peepsqueak), the one who started the SaveWOY campaign and has more than 35,300 petition supporters, will be starting a mailing campaign in September.

    Feel free to register your email address in the list so you can get a template that can be mailed to Disney. If you want, you can encourage your friends to do the same. I know it might seem like a long shot to some of you, but it would mean a lot to the fans and also to the crew.
  14. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    So, I came upon a Tumblr post by 'orbaljuice' regarding the space pod at the end of the second season finale's animatic scene.

    Well, this Tumblr user stated that Hater's electric barrier not only destroyed Dominator's ship, but it expanded beyond the ship and hit the space pod, causing it to crash land. Hence, the green electricity. And I'm guessing the space chimp inside would get stranded in the galaxy and somehow get pushed far back in time to a point where he takes on the electric skeleton form and idolizes Major Threat before becoming a villain.

    And in case you haven't guessed, the third season would have tested Wander in a cool way, whereas the second season was about testing Hater.

    Still, I'd like to see what would happen if Hater finds out that Wander and Tumbleweed are one and the same - it'd be straight up hilarious.

    And Dominator may be through with destroying planets, but she still considers the characters (both main and secondary) to be dorks. Well, in a technical manner of speaking, she's the dork. I'm sure other fans are curious to know what will become of her IF the show gets renewed for one more season.
  15. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Huh. After my recent discovery of the Tumblr post, I thought it'd be enough to entice greater interest in showing support for the show. Maybe it's high time I pulled up this list of voice actors involved in the show.

    CHARLIE ADLER: Stok, at least one additional voice
    JAMES ADOMIAN: Gluteus Maximus (Todd), at least one additional voice
    AZIZ ANSARI: Westley the Watchdog
    WILL ARNETT: Ryder
    RENE AUBERJONOIS: Maurice the Moon
    ANDY BEAN: The Black Cube, Orbble Wright
    JEFF BENNETT: Harvax, Galactic Conjunction Announcer, Brainz, locksmith (from The Big Job), a few additional voices
    STEVE BLUM: General Outrage, at least one additional voice
    CLANCY BROWN: Badlands Dan
    COREY BURTON: Flea Captain, King of Flendar, a few additional voices
    FULLER CORDON: Wilmur Wright
    H. MICHAEL CRONER: Obvious teen (cycloptic), Chad
    ANDY DALY: Andy the Watchdog
    EDDIE DEEZEN: Cartoon Peepers
    BILL FAGERBAKKE: Prince Cashmere
    OWEN FAUST: Huckleberry Knucklehead
    KEITH FERGUSON (he sure has a LOT of voices): Lord Hater, various Watchdogs, Dom Bots, Celestial Being, the Troll, Killbot-86, Blarpee's cashier, Intergalactic Guru (I think), Destructor's father, plumber (from The Big Job), restaurant manager (from The Helper), Dr. Scrivellix (the dentist in The Fremergency Fronfract), Mandrake the Malfeasant, many additional voices
    RICH FULCHER: Worm-like spirit/Queen Entozoa/Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
    GREY GRIFFIN: Olive (first voice, unnamed in The Nice Guy, name revealed in The Fremergency Fronfract), a few additional voices
    JENNIFER HALE: Princess Demurra, Emily Ripov (full name found in the concept art)
    JON HAMM: Cartoon Lord Hater
    G. HANNELIUS: Little Bits
    ALEX HIRSCH: Old Man (the Grunkle Stan look-alike), Soosy Du (the dog resembling Soos)
    JOHN HODGMAN: Lord of Illumination
    TOM KENNY: Commander Peepers, various Watchdogs, King Bingleborp, balloon guy, Fleeblebort, Neon Knight of Nalpraxis (Jim), General McGuffin (I think), many additional voices
    KEN MARINO: Phil
    JAMES MARSDEN: Sir Brad Starlight
    SANDY MARTIN: Dorothy
    PIOTR MICHAEL: Major Threat (a.k.a. Jeff), Ms. Myrtle
    JACK MCBRAYER: Wander, Cartoon Wander, a few additional voices
    EDIE MCCLURG: Trudi Traveler (and her many clones)
    CRAIG MCCRACKEN: Destructor's sock puppet voice
    KEVIN MCDONALD: King of Sherblorg 7
    SETH MORRIS: Neckbeard
    DARAN NORRIS: Mittens
    KEVIN MICHAEL RICHARDSON: Papa Doom, Knucklehead (fist fighter bodyguard), Clipper, a few additional voices
    SAM RIEGEL: Emperor Awesome, hitchhiker (from The Helper), Something the So-and-So, Cartoon Awesome, Admiral Admirable, additional voices
    ROB RIGGLE: Bill
    JASON RITTER: Skipper (the Dipper look-alike)
    KRISTEN SCHAAL: Mavis (the Mabel look-alike)
    AARON SPRINGER: A few voices (including the two Okeydokian directors from The Helper)
    JUNE SQUIBB: Stella Starbella
    TARA STRONG: Beeza, alien queen (from The Axe), a few additional voices
    JOSH SUSSMAN: Weaselly teen (snake/worm-like)
    FRED TATASCIORE (he also has a LOT of voices): Dominator's masked voice, Captain Tim (actual), Captain Tim (Arachnomorph), King Dracor, Destructor, Lost and Found Guy, Thrax, Mooplexian, Frederick, Kragthar, slug boss (from The Night Out), many additional voices (including various creatures)
    EDDIE TRIGUEROS: A few additional voices
    KARI WAHLGREN: Planet Janet, Princess Galactia, Princess Veronicron
    NOËL WELLS: Lord Dominator, a few additional voices
    APRIL WINCHELL: Sylvia, Cartoon Sylvia, rock lady, Marsha, Oink, Rongruffle, Carol (one of the centipede-like creatures in The Night), Michelle, additional voices
    FRANK WELKER: Mystery Kids Mysteries announcer
    ASHLYN FAITH WILLIAMS: Dental hygienist (a dental assistant, if you will), Olive (second voice)
    CALLUM WORTHY: Teen leader (rabbit-eared)
    "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC: Dr. Screwball Jones

    That's a lot of talent for one show spanning two seasons right there. I might be missing a few, even if they're minor, which is why I threw in "additional voices." And in parts where you see the words "I think," I'm unable to verify the voices, since the credits never go into greater detail. I'd sure as heck be curious to know what voice actors will perform new characters in season three, if the higher-ups at Disney ever get a change of heart, that is.
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  16. mr3urious

    mr3urious Well-Known Member

    Wander certainly had a solid voice cast, something that Disney has an excellent track record for. Maybe Peter Cullen and Nancy Cartwright could do some voice work for a hypothetical 3rd season, too? :)
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  17. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    They'd certainly make nice additions, wouldn't they? And there are a bunch of others who've not yet been used, including those who can do multiple voices (e.g. Jim Cummings, Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen, Billy West). Maybe those involved in Craig's previous works could get in on the action (E.G. Daily, Tom Kane, Phil LaMarr, Candi Milo, etc.).
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  18. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    It appears I have one error in alphabetizing the actors' names - Dee Bradley Baker should be between Rene Auberjonois and Andy Bean.
  19. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Better make that TWO errors. I wasn't able to put Piotr Michael between Kevin McDonald and Seth Morris before the post was finalized. You won't be able to fix posts if you leave the forum.
  20. C to the J

    C to the J Well-Known Member

    Ooh, and there's at least one voice actor I forgot to include: Susan Odjakjian, who I assume performed the princess voices in The Hot Shot.

    If I missed anyone else, anyone here can bring up the name(s). And I should mention that Andy Bean did provide several more voices in addition to providing vocals to some songs and writing the music for the show.

    Anyhow, the petition is now over 36,000 and rising. And in case anyone hasn't discovered it, here's a video predating the start of the second season that humorously explains why it takes such a long time to get the episodes on TV.

    Seriously, there's no other cartoon used to demonstrate this process in less than two and a half minutes. You know it's funny if the narrator has to talk faster.

    If you think that's fascinating, wait until you see this fully animated version of the second season trailer somebody put together (Just a heads up, some existing footage from The Hole Lotta Nuthin' is mixed with the animatic trailer's audio, as the part where Wander goes pyoo....black-hole-black-hole-black-hole never made it).

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016

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