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Those interested in my muppets...email

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by vaderdentist, May 9, 2003.

  1. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    What will you do if one of the JHC folks emails you but doesn't say it's them? What if it's someone from their legal department?

    Uh-oh!! :eek:

  2. vaderdentist Member

    I'll probably just roll those dice when my turn comes
  3. vaderdentist Member

    Not only is it not legal to sell one (copyright infringement), but if they pursue you, it isn't even legal to own an item in the image of their intellectual property. As long as you don't do it in mass quantities, they just let you slide in most cases.
    Dave :)
  4. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Nah, there's millions of people out there that sell likenesses of intellectual properties, whether they're getting paid to paint a mural of Disney characters or create a Henson-duplicate, it's going on.

    I'll get bushwhacked before anybody else does--you just wait and see.

    Otherwise, I hope they look at it as a compliment that people find their work so impeccable and wonderful that they want to copy it,and if htye like what they see, maybe they'll save that information when 'hiring time' comes around again.

  5. vaderdentist Member

    How I would love to be hired by Henson............to continue to original muppet puppets for future projects............that would be cool. I'm not saying it isn't being done, I'm just saying if they wanted to be greedy poo poo heads, they could legally ruin a fellow for making Animals and Pepes etc...............they choose not to so as to avoid alienating the fans. They are pretty cool about it actually. Destroying one's biggest fan isn't a smart publicity stunt.
    Dave :)
  6. rtgentry Member

    animal puppet

    I have built an Animal replica of my own. It came out pretty good so far. I just need to work on teh hair a bit more and figure out how to add a bottom half to him. Check it out. www.randygentry.freeservers.com
  7. rtgentry Member

  8. vaderdentist Member

    Cool muppets man............my favorite is Bert!!!! You also have a very beautiful family. You did do a nice job on Animal.
    Dave :)
  9. rtgentry Member

    Thanks Vader, I have been wanting to start back on what was supposed to be elmo, so He might be posted soon. Then I want to figure out how to do Cookie Monster. ANy Suggestions?
  10. rtgentry Member

    Bert is still a head, I cant get the body to fit with the head so I have given up
  11. vaderdentist Member

    Cookie's only drawback is finding the doggone blue long shag fur..................I am guessing that the only way to get it is to buy white nylon fur and dye it with aljo blue dye.
    Dave :)
    The rest should be fairly easy.
  12. BorkBork New Member

    I always wanted to have my own muppets. Since it is impossible to get one, the only thing to do was to build one. That's why i started to learn puppetbuilding, plus i think it's really fun, and now with the knowlege i have i will definately use it to create a few characters of my own.

    I am going to make a gonzo sometime soon, but i wonder about his furr...what kind of furr is that? And is it easy to get that kind of furr?

  13. rtgentry Member

    I have the fur I want to use, Its not as dark as I would like but its cool. When I cut the pattern do I cut it for the WHOLE thing or would he be in parts like the others? :confused: Knowutimean?
  14. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    There is a shop in Toronto that has the hard-to-find Cookie Monster/Grover blue shag fur. If it's not the fur, it's pretty darn close. It's the first time I've ever actually seen it in a store. I think it's $60/Cdn per yard (about $40 US). If some people really wanted some I could pick some up for them.

    Speaking of which Bork Bork, did u ever get that "NedHead" puppet?
  15. rtgentry Member

    Too bad its in Toronto and I am in San Antonio, I need gas money.:sympathy:
  16. BorkBork New Member

    Nope the puppet never did arrive. Some mailworkers must have really loved that puppet ;)

    What's that furr called?
  17. VC2020 New Member

    I'm in Montreal and theres free plane trips to Toronto...what's the store called?
  18. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Free? I knew there were discounted trips `cause of the SARS scare, but free??

    Anyhow, it's at MacFab on Queen West. They have tons of cool furs and fabrics.
  19. VC2020 New Member

    Yep completly free 'cept when you want to go back tro Montreal...You'd have to pay...I'll check it out when I'm there.
  20. BlueFrackle Active Member


    Is it the same texture as Grovers fur ?

    ive been wanting to make a Grover for quite a while.

    see ya

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