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Wanted: Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by petrieboy, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. pacman2323

    pacman2323 New Member

  2. Uncut Muppet Family Christmas for Trade

    Hey guys!

    I just finished working on the first part of my fan-made uncut MFC. I used my camera to film the Beuna Vista Video (this means there are no fades to black until "Home For The Holidays" to the Tree Lighting). The only bad things are okay picture and low sound (not that low, just a little). Does anybody want to trade?
  3. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    I would love to, but I don't really have anything to trade. All I had was LOL the uncut MFC, and it got lost. So I'm getting the cut DVD version for Christmas, and my mom would probably get upset if I got both versions LOL.
  4. Miladyelfn

    Miladyelfn New Member

    I would like to get it-can you email me with your addy and how much to send for shipping? Thanks,

  5. pacman2323

    pacman2323 New Member

    if ur intrested u have to eamilme at rundmc2323@wmconnect.com ok casue there time when i cant visist site i only check my email .. so emailme if u liketo get it ok thanks merry xmass!!
  6. cp32

    cp32 New Member

    muppet family christmas

    I have it on vhs. I could dub it.
  7. wyou17

    wyou17 New Member


    Hey everyone,
    I'm Brian, and I just stumbled across Muppet Central looking for some Muppet Christmas pictures for my desktop. I'm 19 years old, and have always loved Muppet holiday specials, especially the Muppet Family Christmas. I always thought there was something missing from my store-bought copy, but I never realized until now how much was cut out. I need to see it! I'm in NJ, is anyone willing to make me a copy? Please, "Pass it On!" :excited:

    PS- I realize how close Christmas is, so I'd be willing to wait until after the holiday to get a copy if any one wouldn't mind making me one. My email is wyou17@aol.com. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
  8. tooft

    tooft New Member

    Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

    Is there any way I could get a copy of this tape as well? I've been looking for an unedited copy for some time now with no luck. Please e-mail me at Tooft@aol.com. Thanks a ton!
  9. Kamit

    Kamit New Member

    An apology

    I'd like to send out a very sincere apology. Many of you e-mailed me or posted on the thread here, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, asking for a copy of MFC.

    With the exception I believe of camillachick, I didn't answer any of you back for which I'm really sorry. I bit off waaaaay more then I could chew over Christmas (I had this silly compulsion to make half my Christmas gifts, even though I was also working full time) and I just didn't get around to responding. :sympathy:

    I would offer to make copies for next Christmas but I fear the same thing might happen (I get busy and it gets shoved down the priority list).

    Again, I can't apologize enough. The last place in all the many fandoms I want a bad reputation is among Muppet fans. :sympathy:
  10. hal

    hal Member

    Need Muppet Family Christmas Uncut

    I am looking for an original/uncut version of the 1980's Muppet Family Christmas. If anyone has the original and could make me a copy, please reply.
  11. hal

    hal Member

    Kamit, I just joined, and have been looking for this special for years. Can you get back to me at cbhardison@yahoo.com, to discuss making me a copy.
  12. hal

    hal Member

    Do you still have it? If so, could you make me a copy?:confused:
  13. No1MuppetFan

    No1MuppetFan Member

    I don't have the original 1980 copy, but i do have the unedited version. E-Mail me if your interested. :)
  14. hal

    hal Member

    What year is your version from?:cool:
  15. No1MuppetFan

    No1MuppetFan Member

    i taped mine in early 2000. but there are three faults with the recording, 1) it is in PAL format. 2) Throughout the program there is a small mickey mouse logo in the top right hand corner. 3) And near the end when piggy kisses kermit under the mistletoe in cuts out for 2 seconds.
  16. anathema

    anathema Active Member

    I have the full unedited version from '87. Drop me a line if you're interested ;-)
  17. hal

    hal Member

    What format is yours in? If it can be transfered to NTSC, I would be very interested.
  18. anathema

    anathema Active Member

    It's NTSC, yes ;-)
  19. dmx10101

    dmx10101 Member

    Uh, I'm interested.
  20. anathema

    anathema Active Member

    In which case, email or IM me ;-)

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