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What are your stories?

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Cap Backfire, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Active Member

    Yeah, I am. :halo:;)
  2. muppets2

    muppets2 New Member

    who isnt? LOL
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I isn't. Now you kids get off m'lawn! :sleep: :boo:

    I kid, of course! It's great seeing more and more of the younger generation growing to appreciate Jim's work! It's humbling, in a way, and makes you realize how far his work and magic has stretched. I was your age when I joined the forum and it's such a great place (as you can tell by the fact that I've been here nearly 5 years). It's great to see all of you guys here on the forum! You picked a GREAT time to join up! :)

    Long live the Muppets indeed!
  4. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is cool to see younger Muppets fan who appreciate Jim Henson's work. It's nice that one can enjoy The Muppets at any age- it's always fun.:D:wisdom::)
  5. Nick22

    Nick22 Active Member

    me too. :)
  6. redraven

    redraven New Member

    In the terrible teens, born not too long after Richard Hunt's death. Doesn't stop me from loving original Muppets one ounce.

    Muppets led me here to where I belong. But seriously, I've stumbled upon here before, and I'm listening to back episodes of MuppetCast. I came because of the praise heaped upon the forum. :)

    I'm a theatre junkie, specifically tech theatre. Not quite sure what reality, a social life, or normal is, and I don't mind. Might be why I like Gonzo so much. :concern:

    My favorite things are too hard to pinpoint, so let's go with reading is awesome, Photoshop and I have a thing, and I'll repeat that theatre is my life right now.

    Basically, my childhood was: Muppets, Harry Potter, Princess Bride, and Monty Python.
    And that's me!
  7. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Nice to meet you, redraven! :) (I too was born not THAT long after Hunt's death).

    Wow... it's IS awesome to see so many young bucks intrested in Jim Henson!
  8. 6ftInchworm

    6ftInchworm New Member

    Welll, first off, I already know about this place for years (I think my earliest memories are either late 2005 or early 2006. Probably later, but that's when I started to look at forums seriously). In fact, I've contacted our own Steve Swason once on phone before I decided to join (The Muppet Movie podcast? Yeah, that was my idea. I'm still waiting for the other three movies).

    Second, of course, I was born after Jim and Richard left this world. But that hasn't stop me from loking at what they did in the past and love what they're doing. I have ton of remembrance of watching all those videos released at that time with my older brother *you know, the Sing-A-Longs videos?). He would watch them all over and over again, and he still does that to this day.

    And that's some of my Muppet stories so far. I'll bring more if the mood strikes in and if you guys want to hear more. As for me, I'm a huge animation fan, so I know A LOT on anything animated. Like the Looney Tunes, anything from the Golden Age (1920's to the 1960's), the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, The Simpsons, and all that, and all that. So, ask me a related question. You'll be surprised for someone who's old enough to drive.

    (And Drtooth? Keep on fighting the good fight. Oh, and visit Toon Zone again one day.)
  9. Name : Ashley
    Nickname : Nikole,ashey
    Age Group :13
    What Brought You Here: i LOVE the muppets
    Hobby : collecting muppet things
    Favorite Muppet : Ernie,Gonzo,red fraggle
    Favorite Things : the muppets,dogs,cats,etc.
    Favorite Song : "pass it on" from fraggle rock
    Favorite muppet movie: the muppet move,follow that bird
  10. HeyButtahfly

    HeyButtahfly Well-Known Member

    Well, as you all can see I joined Muppet Central back in May of 2007. I didn't know a lot of specifics about Jim Henson or the other puppeteers or who did which characters and whatnot (in the last year or so Muppet Wiki has been amazing!). Short version of what happened was a few weeks after I first joined MC my mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. I was about 20 years old then and after it happened I kind of backed away from the forum here and came back every once in a while but life (college!) kind of kept interfering, and things like my computer crashing and forgetting to put MC back in my favorites... Anyway, I'm back and much more active but still feel very much like a newcomer (it was just a couple weeks ago I finally posted enough to not be a Junior Member anymore!), and it feels weird to have been registered here for almost 3 years but trying now at this point to fit in.
  11. Kathy75

    Kathy75 New Member

    I was going to do post on here last month, my dad has been in and out of the hospital do with heart problems. His heart pulse was going out of control. He has what it’s called “Tachycardia” and his heart rate is now 33% and they're trying to get his heart healthy.

    What brought me here:I found this site when I was searching something on the Muppets. So, I joined this site.

    Name: Kathy
    Nickname: Kat
    Age: 34

    I've lived in Billings Montana until I was 13 years old and we moved to Sandpoint Idaho for couple months and we moved back in Montana in 1989 (How I missed Montana) and we lived in Missoula for a couple months and my parents didn't like to live in the city so we found a place out of Missoula and we've been here since.I work in a private mailing company for 10 years.

    It all started when I was a little girl and I watched Sesame Street with my two older brothers. I became so fascinated of the Muppets and how they worked. One of the teachers asked me when I was young, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I said, "Work with Jim Henson."

    Then Fraggle Rock aired on HBO in 1983 and I was 8 years old at the time and I just loved that show. I think I drove my mom nuts of Fraggle Rock. I still have my toys and books. I still love Fraggle Rock today.

    When I was in middle school my grandpa would force me not to watch any Muppets and when he saw that I was watching The Muppet Show. He would turn off The Muppet Show (I believe the show was on TNT as reruns at that time). My grandpa thought it was just for kids and he would say that to me. I’m like, “It’s for all ages.” I would get so angry at him for turning it off or changing the channel.

    My hobbies: Photography, Writing, hiking, computers, very interested of the Titanic (real ship).

    Anything else
    : I love to collect cats, teddy bears. Well, I'm single. Still looking for the right man in my life. I'm very shy and soft spoken. Once you get to know me, I'll just chat right away. I'm very friendly. I love to listen all types of music (besides rap). I love to listen: Rob Thomas, Garth Brooks, and Celtic Thunder. I love to watch: House M.D. and Meduim. I have 3 dachshunds and 1 cat. We have a mini dapple dachshund who is 7 years old and was just dumped off out here we place and we adopted her. She was so skin and bones. It was so sad. Now she's gained weight and is a happy little dog. Wylie is a brown and black standard dachshund and he is 15 years old and is blind and he just had a stroke day before Christmas Eve of last year and we thought we would had to put him down. He pulled through. Bennie is a standard cooper/red is 12 years old and he is our problem child in the house. Teddie is white and black cat and she's 5 years old and she's a character. She loves to follow me around in the house. She's my shadow.

    I guess that's about it.

    Here is my photos if anyone wants to check them out: http://montanakat.deviantart.com/
  12. GoboDeadly95

    GoboDeadly95 Active Member

    Name : Shannon
    Nickname : ShannonGoboDannon
    Age Group :High School
    What Brought You Here: It's a long and semi painful story. Well, when I was about 6 or so I was an outsider at school and kids would try and hurt me. To quote a hopefully farmiliar phrase they tried to thump me until there was nothing left but Shannon dust. I really believe the only way I mannaged to get through my expierence was with the Muppets. So, for a paper I was doing I was reaserching Richard Hunt, who along with Steve Whitmire and Jerry Nelson, is my hugest idol ever! I really bonded with Wembly's insecurity and battle with decision and Junior's constantly being called stupid. So, my reaserch lead me here and I decided to subscribe. I guess what I'm looking for is people who understand what I'm talking about. My friends don't know who the Muppet's are and it's getting hard for me to be 'just the retro kid'. I'm also looking for some adresses to send fanmail to so if anyone knows please PM me!Hobby : Drama, Writing books and poetry, Painting and drawing, being clumsy
    Favorite Muppet : Too many to list! But mainly Gobo,Wembly,Red, Mokey, Boober, Matt, Junior, Uncle Deadly, Rizzo, Floyd, Robin, Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzy.
    Favorite Things : Anything Muppet related, anything Disney related [Muppets 3D- I drag my siblings by the ears to see it every time we go to Disney], Harry Potter, and art stuff.
    Favorite Song : GAH! I love so many! But if I have to pick: Follow Me from Fraggle Rock. It was the first song I memorized, I was about 3.
    Favorite muppet movie: the muppet move, the Muppet Christmas Carol [my absolute favorite I cry everytime.], Muppets in space [I saw that durring my rough patch I remember crying for Gonzo because I knew how lonely he felt.], Muppet Family Christmas [reminds me of my family at Christmas whoah boy :rolleyes:] and Another Very Mery Muppet Christmas movie [the memory of watching this in 2002 was really distinct. It was the Christmas before my parents finally took me out of the terifying grade school that was more like a fraggle living with Gorgs than a school but when they sang the Everyone Matters song with Gonzo I remember crying. I was put in a new school after that. But I still cry whenever I hear that song.]
    So that's about all you have to know about me. :)
    Loves you,
  13. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Active Member


    sorry this went wrong
    see other message
  14. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Active Member

    "What Brought You Here: It's a long and semi painful story. Well, when I was about 6 or so I was an outsider at school and kids would try and hurt me"

    Oh man... That's excatly what happened to me...
    I am still a outsider at my school because I love the muppets.
    There's nobody who really likes me.
    Okay, enough 'bout that sadness.
    Every day I think muppets, I draw muppets and I am writing my 1st fanfic now.
    And my favourite muppet is Zoot :) I suppose he's too cute!
    I am glad to see there are lots of muppet fans who should understand me.
    Thank you all!
    xxxxxx and a lot more
  15. GoboDeadly95

    GoboDeadly95 Active Member

    Love you already! Who's your favorite Muppet? Mine are Scooter and Gobo.
  16. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Active Member

    Okay, here's some stuff about me:

    Name: Alyson
    Nicknames: My screen-name here has led to the nicknames "Double G" and "Gelfie" (both of which I kinda prefer over my real world nickname "Aly")
    Age Group: Early teen years (I categorize this as around 13 up to 15)
    What brought me here: I have mentioned my backstory as a Muppet fan a few times on here. As a kid, I was a Muppet fan, then I disliked them after being scared of Waldo from Muppet Vision 3D. A few years ago, my mom took me to the Jim Henson exhibit at the museum, where I totally fell in love with The Dark Crystal (hence the screen-name) and then Labyrinth, leading up to my love of the classic Muppets.
    Favorite Movie: For Classic Muppets, it would be GMC. Otherwise, it's somewhere between Mirrormask and The Dark Crystal.
    Favorite Muppet Songs: "As the World Falls Down" from Labyrinth and "The Rainbow Connection" :)
    Favorite Muppets: Beaker and Janice! :eek::flirt:
    Favorite Obscure Muppet Character: Beakie (the one that sang with Alice Cooper, not the lab assistant)
    Anything Else: My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and some acting (mostly in the form of puppetry) I absolutely love fantasy fiction and nearly anything paranormal. My favorite music includes The Beatles, Elton John, 50's/60's rock and roll, and several one-hit wonders from the eighties.
  17. Puckrox

    Puckrox Well-Known Member

    Name: Julia
    Nicknames: JGask, Puck, Puzzles, Jules
    Age Group: I'm twenty
    What brought me here: I mentioned it in my introduction entry in the other topic, but I guess I'll re-sum it up. I grew up with Sesame Street and the Muppet movies as a constant in my life, and I watched Fraggle Rock a little as well. Then, recently, I stumbled upon the videos of Jim Henson's memorial and, after rewatching all the movies a million times, I've fallen hopelessly back in love with the Muppets.
    Favorite Movie: That's tough, I love all of them. TMM is a classic, TGMC was my favorite growing up, and MCC and MTI are just so much fun... I like all of the Muppet movies, honestly. (I need to watch Labrynth. My parents tried to show it to me when I was a kid, but my brother and I deemed it "too scary").
    Favorite Muppet Songs: "Rainbow Connection", "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday", "Movin' Right Along", "Something Better", "Professional Pirate", "Thankful Heart", "One More Sleep Till Christmas", and "I'm Going To Always Love You."
    Favorite Muppets: :shifty::concern::o are my favorites (Rowlf is my other favorite, but I'm limited to three images). I'm also a fan of: Floyd, Janice, Animal, Grover, Beaker, Sam, and Ernie.
    Favorite Obscure Muppet Character: Crazy Harry. Most def.
    Anything Else: I just started watching the pilot of Fraggle Rock. So many memories are rushing back to me, and I'm filled with such happiness.
  18. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Its been a while, I need to update this...(I dont even remember what my last one said)

    Name: Its a relatively common name and thats all I'm saying
    Nicknames: Online its basically just Sarge but real world nicknames include Garth and Joey, neither of which I embrace as they are kinda negative in origin...I did have a friend whos mom insisted in calling me Ozzy though...
    Age Group: Old enough to be in college
    What brought me here: Well, I love the muppets. Isnt that why we are all here?
    Favorite Muppet Songs: "Chilly Down"-Labyrinth, "Can You Picture That"-TMM
    Favorite Muppets: Floyd (duh) and Uncle Deadly
    Favorite Obscure Muppet Character: The pyramidhead guy playing bass in the Alice Cooper episode. I dont know his name
    Anything Else: I have an obsession with dragons, werewolves, and the paranormal. I like subjecting myself to horror/comedy b-movies, and usually I enjoy them. I like to think that I can draw, but I really cant. My style is very cartoony. I fail at drawing stuff realistically. I love slasher movies and I have never been scared by a movie (unless you count IT, but I was 6 when I saw it...). People might lable me as "punk," but just because I sometimes wear a spikey wristband a bike chain necklace it doesnt mean anything XD. Music taste mainly focuses on classic rock, hair metal, and punk. I draw the line at grunge (I'd rather listen to Justin Beiber than Nirvana, thats how much I hate grunge). I like heavy metal to an extent. I dont like singers who either scream or grunt something that doesnt even sound like a real language, which stinks because I like the music itself, just singers ruin it...Anyway...I am a video game nerd. I tend to avoid MMOs or anything that eats up too much of my computers memory. I only recently got a PS3 (for christmas). Some of my favorite games are Kingdom Hearts 1, Fur Fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy, the Ratchet and Clank series, Brutal Legend, and Okami
  19. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Gonna do another one of these. It's been a while aaaand... I don't want to do psych homework. It's holidays, it's just plain stupid. :p

    Name: Katie is what most people call me, I guess.

    Nicknames: I guess Katie/Kate/Kat are all nicknames, since my real name is actually Katherine. >.> Kiki is about as obscure as it gets, which was a nickname given to me by my folks when I was little. They still call me 'Kicks' every now and then. x3 <3

    Age Group: Teenage dirtbag.

    What brought me here: I have no idea how I discovered this site, and I've been lurching here since 05 (maybe 04 ><) and I can't remember, heh. Basically though, my love for anything Jim Henson-related. I joined in 06, so the forum had the joy of tolerating 13 year-old me. :p

    Favorite Movie: Many. @__@ I have a list somewhere on the web. xP I'll try and narrow it down with names of faves from the top of my head: Almost Famous, Cinema Paradiso, Muppet Treasure Island, High Fidelity, anything Star wars related, Toy Story trilogy, Indiana Jones flicks (not gonna include the last one xP), Psycho, Misery, American Graffiti, Some Like It Hot, Vertigo, Aristocats, Amelie, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, This Is Spinal Tap, A Streetcar Named Desire (great play to read, too), Young Frankenstein, Blade Runner, What's Up Doc? The Last Waltz, Frida, Smoke, Back To The Future trilogy and many more. :3

    Favorite Muppet Songs: "Rainbow Connection", "Hey a Movie", "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing bear"... agh, I'm so original. xP But I do have quite a few, but more SSt songs. O_<

    Favorite Obscure Muppet Character: Fast Eddie.

    Anything Else: Hm. I am Australian (but I also have English, Welsh, German, Spanish, French and Irish blood in me ~**the more you know**~). Oh, and I love drawing (I draw cartoony things, not one for realism) and photography. :3 And tacky things. I like bad jokes, kustom kulture, zombies and these creatures called the muffets. Oh, and I love music! :3 I have too many favourite musicians to list, but my taste is pretty eclectic. I enjoy rock (in the broadest sense)/classic rock, progressive, psychedelic, punk, shoegaze, R&B (the GOOD stuff), blues, grunge, some pop, classical, metal, paisley underground (I just like using that term, to be honest xP), riot grrrl stuff, doo-wop, ska, new wave, alternative, motown, funk and jazz. :3 Basically everything with the exception of /some/ country (though on generally I don't mind it), /some/ rap (don't mind the early stuff, though I don't listen to it a lot) and /a lot/ of modern pop. And I also dislike a lot of modern R&B, too. xP Oh, and I like history. And creating art, in general. I'm willing to give any medium a shot.
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I ever filled one of these out. Oh well.

    Name: Kelly

    No real nicknames.

    Age Group: 30s.What brought me here: Forgot. Probably looking for Muppety fanfics. That's usually how I find a forum. I seem to recall joining for further info on the Fraggle movie.

    Favorite movie: It'd be easier to determine favorite genres. I like scifi/fantasy, action, dark romances, thrillers, and comedies in that order of importance. Give me a story about a robot and I'm happy, LOL.

    Fav Muppet Songs: What's the Name of That Song has always amused me, particularly Forgetful Jones' version. Anything the EM sings is God to me, LOL. I particularly enjoy GMC songs the most out of the movies.

    Fav Obscure Muppet: Hmmm ... really got into Digit and Flash thanks to AnimatedC9000. On the other hand, I've kind of dug Large Marvin and Feeny ever since I got FR on DVD.

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