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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    :) Good grief!
    Yeah! I knew this situation was bad for Miss Piggy.

    You got that right, miss kermie! Kermit is not going to like this where this is going. No way! So, this is really bad.
    :halo: BAD! BAD!
    Even animal agrees with my foreshadowing for the next chapter. I hope I am not wembling like Wembley.
    :coy: You called?
    Well, since you're here, how would you feel if you did something wrong to embarrass your friends and then you decide to make it worse.
    :coy: Gosh, uh...I would feel terrible.
    Thanks Wembley!
    :coy: Hey, what are friends for?

    As I was saying, Miss Kermie has a point that Miss Piggywill be in trouble and embarrass Kermit fer sure.
  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 32
    Battle of the Divas.
    Miss Piggy rushed around her hotel room trying to get ready finally she spun in the mirror and liked what she saw.
    Fumbling with her purse she opened the door right as Beauregard was about to knock.
    Miss Piggy stayed still and looked at him, and he looked at her then proceeded to knock.
    "Beau!" Piggy yelled not appreciating being punched in the face this early in the morning.
    "Oh Miss Piggy I did not see you there!" Beau replied.
    "What are you doing here? Don't tell me you're my rescue party?" She asked.
    "Oh but I am." Beau said.
    "Well stay here because I have somewhere to be and you not messing it up for moi!" Piggy snapped spinning him around so that he was in the doorway and she was now in the hall.
    "Okay but hurry back cause Kermit said he wanted me to bring you back." Beau said.
    Miss Piggy ran down the hall and into the elevator
    "Ooh cookies." Beau said walking back into the hotel room.

    The talk show studio was big and had scary looking security guards at every door.
    Miss Piggy finally navigated her way to backstage where she was bombarded by hair and makeup.
    "Alright you're good to go." A women in a tight pencil skirt and blazer said. She pushed Piggy towards the stage.
    Miss Piggy sat down across from Julie who had her makeup touched up once more then crossed her legs and gave Miss Piggy a proud smile.
    "Three Two…" The camera man pointed to Julie and the theme song started sending the live audience into a cheering frenzy.
    "Hello everyone I'm Julie Jenkins
    and this is The Early Morning Watchers!" She exclaimed.
    The audience clapped and cheered as Julie stood up and walked the expanse of the stage.
    She came back and sat beside Miss Piggy.
    "Today we have an excellent guest she has been the face of fashion for over to decades. She is the star of the muppet show she is the one and only Miss Piggy!" Julie exclaimed there was more clapping.
    "Okay so Miss Piggy you had twins just over a month ago and now here you are right back onto the scene tell me how have you been?" Julie asked.
    "Moi has been wonderful it was been great to do another show and I hope to make it to the top again." She said.
    "How do you know you will?" Julie asked.
    "Well as you…very kindly…pointed out moi has been the face of fashion for over two decades so moi will be back and continue to be number one." Miss Piggy replied.
    Julie nodded and stood up.
    "Well Miss Piggy I asked you to come here for an interview but I didn't mention that our gem of the show our princess of fashion Raquel is here!" Julie exclaimed as Raquel came bounding onto the stage grinning ear to ear.
    Miss Piggy sat up straighter. Raquel glared at her for a split second then smiled back a Julie.
    "Welcome my dear. Now here's a twist today is the Battle Of The Divas!" Julie yelled raising her hands over her head.
    Miss Piggy stood up and walked behind her podium with her buzzer.
    Julie walked between them and smiled greatly at the crowd.
    "Alright so I'm going to take it that you two know how to use a buzzer so let's start with the first question.
    Miss Piggy you just hit the buzzer corresponding with the answer.
    Raquel comes to you with a suggestion on how to perfect you walk you.
    A) thank her and try her suggestion
    B) tell her you'd rather do things you're way
    C) karate chop her into a crowd?"
    Julie asked.
    Piggy's hand zoomed to C) but then back to A).
    "Correct ten points." Julie said.
    Then she turned to Raquel who was looking over confident.
    "Raquel you have to wear the ugliest outfit in the show you
    A) wear it anyway.
    B) complain
    C) demand they give you a new outfit?" Julie asked.
    Raquel hit C) then looked up in shock realizing she was wrong.
    "Oops thats incorrect you're still at zero" Julie turned to Piggy then to Raquel and back again until the score was 250 240
    "Alright Miss Piggy you are in the lead by ten points but this is the last question so it's worth twenty points. This could go either way this question is for both of you so hit a random buzzer when you have the answer." Julie said.
    She walked to the center of the stage and flipped to a new card.
    "Okay the name of the walk you do on the runway is a…"
    Both buzzers went off.
    "Ooh a tie we know what that means we need a tiebreaker." Julie said.
    "Okay heres the tiebreaker both of you have ten minutes to create an outfit whoever creates the best will win and have their outfit featured in the next big show." Julie said.
    Miss Piggy and Raquel ran off the stage in separate directions.
    A giant timer appeared on the screen and everything was silent as it went to commercial.
    "Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one!" The audience counted down.
    "Stop ladies come back with your outfits" Julie said.
    Piggy and Raquel returned with pushing mannequins.
    "Okay let's see" Julie stepped in front of Miss Piggy's it was a short blue dress with a red belt and red heels with a white sunhat and purse.
    "Very nice I give it a nine." Julie said and continued to Raquel's it was an orange pencil skirt with a fuchsia blazer and blue tank top.
    "Well its bright I give it a eight point five." Julie said.
    "Miss Piggy wins!" Julie exclaimed.
    "Oh thank you, thank you thank you so much!" Miss Piggy exclaimed.

    Beau was asleep on the couch when Miss Piggy got back.
    "Oh Miss Piggy we must go now" He said waking up.
    "Not yet" Piggy replied.
    Beau sighed "But Kermit said…"
    "Moi does not care what Kermie said moi is staying here whether he likes it or not." She said.
    "Oh no" Beau said not liking where this was going.
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  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Piggy wins!
    For now.
    Kermit gets a hold of her, and she's done. :p
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  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 33
    Not again.
    Kermit watched the interview for the second time that day and felt nothing but a mix of anger, frustration and embarrassment.
    He turned it off and grabbed the phone dialing angrily.
    "Hello?" Piggy picked up on the third ring.
    "Where are you?" Kermit asked in a demanding tone.
    "I'm still in Manhattan." Piggy replied quietly.
    Kermit resisted the urge to growl. "Why are you not on your way back? Where's Beau?" Kermit asked.
    "He's here. I need to take care of some things." She told him.
    "No no Piggy I'm done! Get back here now! Or or…" He started.
    "Or what?" She shot back.
    "Or I'll drag you here myself!" Kermit said.
    Piggy was silent on the other end "But I'm not done Kermie" she said trying to redeem herself.
    Kermit rolled his eyes "Well I am you come here or I'll go there." He told her.
    "No I'm finishing this." Piggy replied stubbornly.
    "Well then it's decided." Kermit told her.
    "I guess so." She snapped. Kermit hung up before she could argue with him anymore.
    This time she'd lose.

    Janice sat beside Morgan on the couch. Morgan was holding Lily while Janice texted Floyd on her phone.
    "Where is Floyd anyways?" Morgan asked.
    "I don't rully know he's like off somewhere with Teeth. That's why I totally asked you to come over." Janice said.
    Morgan sat Lily in her lap and picked up her own phone which was vibrating.
    "Um…Jan you're not going to like this." Morgan said.
    "What?" Janice asked.
    "Floyd and Teeth are in Canada." Morgan replied.
    "Why?" Janice asked.
    Morgan shrugged.
    Janice grabbed her phone and called Floyd instead.
    "Like why are you in Canada?" she asked.
    "Um…Teeth's idea not mine I thought we were going to get lunch." Floyd replied.
    "Well what does Teeth want to do in Canada?" Janice asked.
    "Not sure. Hopefully get lunch cause I'm starving" Floyd said.
    "Floyd shut up when are you like coming back?" She said.
    "I don't know maybe tonight tomorrow the next day it depends." He said.
    Janice rolled her eyes "You're mad?" Floyd asked.
    "No rully what ever gave you that idea honey?" She asked sarcastically.
    "I'm sorry Jan I'll call you tonight okay?" He asked.
    "Fine" Janice said hanging up.
    Morgan laughed slightly and shook her head "I swear Jan you need to put him on a leash because he'll never be home the way he's always disappearing." She said.
    "I totally like know but this time it was fer sure Teeth's fault."
    Janice replied.
    "Ya this time." Morgan said laughing.

    By the next morning Kermit was strapping both twins into their carseats and climbing into the front seat.
    Turning up the radio he drove down the street and headed for Manhattan.

    Miss Piggy lived in pure luxury as she read yet another article about her triumph on the show.
    She wondered if Kermit meant it when he said he'd be there he usually stuck to his word and that was the one thing that scared Piggy the most.
    "Miss Piggy shouldn't we be leaving?" Beau asked from a nearby armchair.
    "No! Kermie may be coming and until I know is he is really coming moi will be remaining here!" Piggy snapped.
    Beau sighed and sat back. Miss Piggy turned on the tv to another news broadcast about her.
    She watched it while munching on another bag of chips.
    "Miss Piggy are you not tired of chips? That's your tenth bag in the last two days." Beau said.
    Piggy dropped the bag and got up running to the bathroom and jumping on the scale.
    "NO NO NO NO NO!" She shrieked sounding very much like a female Animal.
    "What's wrong Miss Piggy?" Beau asked.
    "I've gained ten pounds you idiot!" She cried throwing her hands up in frustration.
    The door banged open and the small room was filled with crying.
    Piggy forgot her problems instantly and shot up running into the sitting room.
    "Kermie!" She cried throwing her arms around her frog.
    "I'm mad at you." Kermit said but he was already smiling.
    "Moi missed vous Kermie" She said sweetly.
    "I missed you to dear but what's going on with all this? I've seen you in several magazines and broadcasts only today!" Kermit snapped.
    "I know but moi needs to prove that moi is not old and tired of being at the top." Piggy replied.
    "Fine Piggy but if this gets out of hand I swear I won't be happy." Kermit warned.
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  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Floyd and Dr. Teeth are in Canada? What for, one only wonders......
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ha ha, piggy gained weught! Made me lol!
  7. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 34
    She's back
    "So tell me again why you have so slyly dragged me across the border?" Floyd asked.
    "I need to do something." Dr. Teeth replied.
    Floyd sighed and laid down in his seat.

    "So you're not mad at him?" Morgan asked.
    "Not rully I don't care if he's in Canada. I only care how like long he's there."
    "And do you know how long he'll be gone" Morgan asked.
    "Not really but I totally like know Floyd and he won't be gone long fer sure." Janice replied.
    "I just can't figure out why Teeth had to go to Canada like really what's up with that?" Morgan said.
    Janice laughed and looked at her best friend
    "I rully don't know. But I've known Floyd and Teeth long enough to know that they won't do anything too stupid." Janice said.
    Morgan looked at her and laughed "I'm sorry Jan but all those two do is stupid." She said. Janice smiled and shrugged "Maybe a little."

    Kermit paced across the small living while listening to Piggy talk about her weight gain.
    "Raquel will find out and use it against me." Piggy said.
    "Dear this is all the more reason to come home." Kermit told her.
    "Can I go home?" Beau asked.
    "Sure Beau I'm sorry this didn't work out as you planned." Kermit said.
    "Oh no everything is fine I just miss the apple pie I have at the boarding house." Beau replied.
    "There's apple pie at the boarding house?" Kermit asked.
    "Kermie you don't need it.
    If you eat that you'll get fat like me then the only show moi can be on is The Biggest Loser couples edition." Piggy snapped covering her face in her hands.
    Kermit sighed and watched Beau leave in a hurry.
    "When do you think we can go home then dear?" Kermit asked hoping for a reasonable response.
    "Moi doesn't know." Piggy mumbled.
    "Piggy dear I have a show and you need to be in it. I need you to let all this go." Kermit said sitting beside her.
    "But Kermie moi needs to be number one moi needs to prove moi is still number one." Piggy said. Kermit wrapped his arm around her shoulder.
    "Piggy look not everything will go your way and people will always think they're better than you and act like it. But that's no reason to prove to them that they've gotten to you and to throw your life away for them. Piggy please I need you. We all need you." Kermit told her.
    "Thank you Kermie. We can go home after moi's next interview."
    Piggy said.
    "Thank you honey." Kermit said.

    "Finally home." Gonzo said maneuvering his way up the stairs.
    Camilla walked close behind him making sure he didn't tumble due to the awkward crutches.
    "Gonzo you're back" Rowlf said walking over from the piano.
    "yep but I'm extremely frustrated with these things." Gonzo said waving a crutch in the air.
    "Begawk brewk bwak brawk" Camilla clucked jabbing Gonzo in the back with a feather.
    "I'm going I'm going." Gonzo said
    "Sorry Rowlf I've got to go lie down for a bit." Gonzo said retreating upstairs.

    "Teeth can we go home now?" Floyd asked following Dr. Teeth down the street in a hurry.
    "Not tonight it's too late we better stop for the night we can head back tomorrow." Dr. Teeth replied.
    Floyd sighed and followed Dr. Teeth into a nearby motel.
    "Hi boys" The woman behind the counter said with a smile.
    Her blond hair was piled on her head and her eyes were heavily rimmed with eyeliner.
    "We need to spend the night." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Sure thing." She replied.
    Floyd zoned out for most of the conversation there was something about her that was familiar something in her eyes. Those eyes Floyd had seen before why did they scare him?
    Floyd looked around and when he looked back she was watching him again.
    "Have a good night Floyd" She said as they walked away.
    Floyd looked back. She was smiling dangerously at the two of them.
    "H-how do you know my name?" Floyd asked.
    Dr. Teeth was looking back and forth between the two of them like he was having a seizure.
    "Oh come off it do you not recognize me?" she asked
    Her voice was so familiar it made Floyd remember something that made him terrified.
    Janice had pulled him under a curtain to hide and after weeks of almost being separated him and Janice were okay again.
    "No" Floyd rasped barely a whisper.
    "I've had work done here and there but I can see you still recognize me as though that beautiful time we had together were yesterday." She said.
    "Floyd is that?" Teeth asked.
    Floyd nodded cutting him off.
    "That's Joyce" He replied.
  8. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Me: -checks watch- 3,2,1.......
    Dr. Teeth and Floyd: RUN!!!!! -run for the hills-
    Me: Or, as I think it should end up being..... (Read here if you dare: -Seriously though. Run away as fast you can, you two. Leave her in Canada before she goes psycho-) But we can all dream, right?
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  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ohhh Piggy...
    Let's hope she never gains weight on TV...
  10. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 35
    Joyce smiled a sickly smile and stepped out from behind the counter it was been almost 35 years but Floyd now remembered it all this girl had beaten up Janice one to many times and he hated her with a fiery passion. She unfortunately felt the exact opposite.
    "Floyd my baby you never thought you'd see me again did you but here I am and once again ready to claim you as mine." Joyce snarled.
    "Look lady you're to late the hippy is unavailable you see he's already married." Dr. Teeth stepped in and leveled a glare at Joyce who glared back stoically.
    "Lemme guess that no good guitarist playing…"
    "Shut up" Floyd said darkly making Joyce blink and stop talking.
    "C'mon Teeth we're leaving" Floyd took Dr. Teeth's hand and dragged him to the door.
    "Floyd!" Joyce yelled stopping them in their tracks.
    "I wouldn't go anywhere because if you do my eyes on the inside will make sure you never see your precious guitarist again" Joyce told him.
    "What eyes on the inside?" Floyd asked.
    "Oh trust me I believe you've met before a long time ago just after I left." Joyce said grinning like a witch.

    "So this is the last show?" Kermit asked rocking Chris.
    "Yes sweetie this is moi's last show then we can go home." Piggy replied multitasking brushing her hair and holding Lucia.
    "Okay just don't be too long because I want to go home I have a show to run you know." Kermit told her.
    "Yes Kermie moi will see vous later kissie kissie." She said before trading Lucia for her purse and hurrying out the door.
    "Miss Piggy when are you returning home?" The news broadcaster named Nancy according to her name tag said.
    "Soon" Piggy replied.
    "This you verses Raquel feud is it finally over?" Nancy asked.
    "Moi hopes so" Piggy replied.
    Nancy smiled and flipped through a clipboard "how is Kermit reacting to all of this?" She asked.
    "He's taking it very well and is ready to return home as well."
    Piggy said.
    "Wait so Kermit's here as well?" Nancy asked.
    "Oh…um yes he came to pick moi um up." Piggy said.
    "Is he doing interviews?" Nancy asked.
    Piggy was about to say no but a thought came to mind first.
    "Yes he is" she said instead.
    "Really cause I'd love to interview him." Nancy smiled.
    "Well Moi promises you will." Piggy said.
    "You heard it first here folks Kermit The Frog is in manhattan and doing interviews." Nancy signed out.
    "What?" Kermit yelled looking a Piggy who shuddered and looked away.
    "Piggy we'll never leave now you promised everyone interviews. Why would you do that?" Kermit asked.
    "I don't know moi panicked I'm sorry Kermie." She said.
    Kermit groaned. "I'd better call Scooter he'll have to organize the show this week." Kermit said.
    Piggy nodded and sighed she picked up Lucia and held her with one hand while texting wildly with the other hand.
    "Who are you texting?" Kermit asked.
    "Morgan, I need her to do me a favor. " Piggy said.
  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I am not sure if Janice rully likes Janice very well. She is like rully one mean girl I have ever heard of.

    Ahem! Sorry about my ramblings, but I LOVE this chapter.

    Ooooh! Piggy is texing? Tsk! I can't believe she is now doing a favor Kermit will not like.
  12. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Me: They should've ran anyways......
    Libby Lou (remember her from Greased Muppets?): If I were Floyd, I'd beat Joyce in the face right there and then. Don't matter if the cops get him. JUST BEAT HER UP AND KILL HER, FLOYD! YOU'RE ACTING LIKE CAMILLA!
    Floyd: :sing: It's HER story, Libby.
    Libby Lou: So? You still beat her up. We can make this fanfiction Rated M instantly.
    Floyd: :sing: This isn't even Fanfiction.com
    Libby Lou: -checks URL- Oh....$20 and I make a cameo in this story to kill Joyce?
    Floyd: :sing: -gives Libby Lou $20- Go for it.
    Me: Guys! No one is killing anyone! Now out! Out! Off my laptop! Anyways, sorry about that. This is getting really good! Please continue! :)
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  13. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 36
    Not so talented,
    “C’mon Floyd let’s just get out of here.” Dr.Teeth said.
    “Not so fast Teeth I know about your little girlfriend. Let me guess she must me the first one since the incident with Ann-“
    “Don’t talk about her!” Dr.Teeth yelled feeling pain at the old memory. Joyce smiled but dropped the subject. She flipped her hair and batted her eyelashes at Floyd.
    “I’m not afraid to make sure neither of you never see the loves nor second loves of your lives again.” Joyce said slyly.
    Floyd glared darkly at her, “What do you want lady?” He asked.
    “Revenge neither of you are leaving until I’m satisfied.” She snarled.
    Floyd scoffed “right you’re actually going to keep us here?” He asked.
    Joyce nodded and smiled “Oh yes I’ll make sure of it.” She said grinning. Dr.Teeth shook his head and looked away this whole encounter had struck a nerve and he wouldn’t let it go. Bits and pieces of memories flashed through his head. A girl with long brown hair and blue eyes that were always shining, then he thought of the things he’d kept hiding from himself the rain that poured from the clouds looked worse and he felt it too. The scene in the parking lot left him on the ground crying as usual every time he remembered it. It always felt worse.
    “Are you okay man?” Floyd asked touching the band leader’s arm lightly, a reassuring gesture.
    Dr.Teeth nodded and cleared his head turning back to the grinning Joyce.
    “So I suggest you two choose a room and make yourself comfortable cause you may be here awhile.” Joyce told the two of them.
    “I’m outta here.” Floyd said.
    He turned and pushed out the doors and into the night with Dr.Teeth close behind him.

    “Kermie please don’t go let’s just go home.” Piggy said.
    “Piggy you got us into this I’m going to properly get us out of it.” Kermit said facing Piggy with a look that told her not to mess with him right now.
    Piggy sighed and continued to watch the TV while Kermit walked out the door.
    “Kermit are you guys leaving soon?” Nancy asked finally getting her interview.
    “Yes this will be my last interview and me and Miss Piggy will be leaving this afternoon.” Kermit replied.
    “Well it’s been a very dramatic visit and everyone is patiently awaiting the return of the show. Will you have time to plan it?” Nancy asked.
    “It’ll be a stretch but Janice and Miss Piggy have both returned which will help out a lot.” Kermit said.
    “So Miss Piggy is making her debut episode?” Nancy asked.
    “Yes and I promise it will be full of pour usual creativity and craziness that we’ve done for the past thirty six years.
    “It’ll be great to have her back.” Nancy said smiling.
    “How have you felt about all this drama over the past week?” She asked.
    “It was difficult but coming out here made it work but really I’m just happy to return home.” Kermit said.
    “Thank you Kermit.” Nancy concluded.

    “Bwak Bwak Buc-Buc Begawk” Camilla said looking over at Gonzo.
    “I’m fine darling; I’m just going to take a nap.” Gonzo replied laying down closing his eyes. Downstairs the house was its usual crazy and bustling with activity, Rowlf played the piano in the corner while Pepe continuously tossed his phone in the air and caught it again. Rizzo laughed and turned back to Bunsen who was trying out some talent enhancer on Beaker.
    “Yo dude I wouldn’t do dat in ‘ere.” Rizzo said,
    “Don’t worry Rizzo everything is absolutely...” Bunsen trailed off as Beaker let out a high operatic note that was so shrill it made everyone cover their ears and the window panes rattle.
    “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya” Rizzo said rolling his eyes.
    Beaker continued to wail the high operatic song until everyone was near tears due to the pounding in their heads and the ringing in their ears.
    “It seems to have enhanced his singing talent!” Bunsen yelled over the noise.
    “You call dis talent?” Pepe asked
    Rizzo got up followed by Pepe and the two quickly left the room.
    “Hey Bunsen hurry and fix this.” Rowlf said ducking under the piano bench just as a vase vibrated off a table and shattered on the floor next to him.
    “What is this noise?” Sam thundered stomping downstairs with his wings pressed tight to the sides of his head.
    “Melon head here made Beaker go all terrible opera on us!” Rowlf said.
    “Just get him out of here!” Sam yelled.
    “I can’t it seems as though the power of his singing has held him immobile, I can’t for some reason move him!” Bunsen yelled back. Beaker continued to sing and the rest of the house’s inhabitants that were home walked downstairs to see what was going on.
    “Do something, anything!”
    “Make it stop!”
    Everyone yelled at Bunsen who was pushing frantically on Beaker who just wouldn’t budge.
    Rowlf got up and helped Bunsen push but to no avail Beaker wasn’t going anywhere.
    “What now?” Rowlf called.
    “We must wait for it to wear off!” Bunsen yelled back.
    “How long will that be?” Rowlf asked his ears in pain from being so close to Beaker.
    “It depends on the amount of talent the enhancer registered on him the more talent the quicker it wears out.” Bunsen explained.
    “Well how long could it take for Beaker?” Fozzie asked yelling from behind a couch.
    Then Beaker abruptly stopped singing and fell to the floor in a silent heap filling the house with an eerie silence.

    Morgan quickly left Janice and got in her car driving down to the boarding house. When she got there she walked into extreme calmness. She didn’t pay attention to what was going on or to the collapsed Beaker in the center of the floor she just hurried upstairs to find what Miss Piggy had asked her to find.
    She walked into Miss Piggy’s old room and to the closet that looked seemingly empty but it was far from it.
    Back in the days when the entire cast lived at the house Miss Piggy felt herself hiding things from them things she didn’t want them to see or know about her.
    Morgan pulled over a chair from the empty desk and placed it in the closet then stood on it.
    She counted the three ceiling tiles to the left and pushed. It slid easily up and to the side; Morgan smiled with joy and felt around for what she came for. Her hand landed on a stack of something smooth she pulled it all out at once and found herself looking into a stack of old dusty magazines dating back to 1977.
    Just like she thought they all had Miss Piggy on the cover and declared that there as an interview from her inside. Morgan didn’t need to ask Piggy why she needed them she knew that answer, it was written plainly on the cover of one of the magazines.
    New Exclusive Miss Piggy Tell All Fashion Success Secret
    Morgan smiled to herself, then placed the magazines in the back and went back to the closet to collect the rest.
  14. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    OMG Piggy!
  15. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 37
    Floyd got on the bus in a hurry and was already down the street before Teeth could sit down.
    He drove like a maniac until they reached the border then be slowed down and drove more sanely.
    Teeth gripped the seat and hoped they'd survive.
    "Slow down!" He yelled for what felt like the millionth time.
    "Didn't you hear Joyce? Jan's in trouble we gotta hurry she knows about Morgan too." Floyd said.
    "She knew about Anna too" Teeth muttered.
    "I don't know how she knows but don't let it get to ya man" Floyd replied feeling bad for his best friend.
    Teeth sighed and nodded shaking away the pain he cleared his head and joined Floyd in worrying about Janice and Morgan.

    Janice walked into the kitchen and got the pancake mix out of the cupboard before dumping in into a bowl and heading to the fridge for milk.
    Her phone rang suddenly and she hurried over to the table to answer it.
    "Hello?" She said securing the phone between her shoulder and ear while mixing the mix.
    "Hey babe" Floyd replied.
    Janice smiled to herself and turned on the the stove.
    "Hi honey. Where are you?" Janice asked.
    "Um we're on our way back listen hon, we ran into a little problem and you need to get somewhere anywhere else as soon as you can." Floyd explained in a rush.
    "Like why?" Janice asked pouring the mix into a pan.
    "Just listen to me please." Floyd said at the exact moment the doorbell rang.
    "Hold on honey there's someone at the door." Janice said.
    "No! Don't answer it!" Floyd exclaimed.
    "Calm down Floyd I'll call you right back love you bye." Janice hung up and walked to the door.
    She flung it open and gave a confused look.
    "Hi Janice I haven't seen you in almost two months." Trudy said smiling widely.

    Morgan handed Miss Piggy the magazines and sighed.
    "There's all of them, careful they're a little dusty." Morgan said.
    "Thank you so much." Miss Piggy replied.
    Morgan gave her another smile and walked back to her car. She drove home and walked inside setting her purse on the counter and sighing.
    She hoped that Teeth would return soon because there was nothing to do with two days until the show.
  16. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Oh no, Joyce is back. Floyd better hurry back and wish they never came to canada. Nice story. more please!
  17. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    WHAT? I knew it! I.... Joyce is back? I don't believe it! That silly creature is so awful. Janice seriously needs a serious talk with that... whoever is trying to ruin her life.
  18. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know, she was rully mean to Janice. Joyce should just deal with the fact that Floyd is already married and she needs to find someone single!
  19. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I agree! She should find someone else that's single and LEAVE her be. I mean Janice loves Floyd and will never ever let him out of her sight.
  20. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I bet if Janice finds out about Joyce, she'll beat her up again!

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