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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. Because Janice rully loves Floyd. So does joyce, but I bet that Janice will make that come to an end. If Janice beats her up again, she'll probably be scared of Janice and never get near Floyd again!
  2. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh... you're right FloydxJanice776! I did not see that coming. Now I am waiting impatiently for more story.

    Now... I really am losing my patience.
  3. Me tooooooooo. MORE STORY! MORE STORY!!!
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 38
    Janice smiled back at Trudy.
    "Hey Trudy does Piggy know you came back?" Janice asked.
    "Oh no not yet and I don't think she will." Trudy said.
    "W-what do you mean?" Janice asked taking a small step back.
    "Well you see dearie. Floyd made a little mistake and now I'm here to collect his punishment."Trudy said.
    "What punishment where's Floyd?" Janice started to panic.
    "Don't worry honey it's Floyd I'm here to hurt you belong to someone else." Trudy said.
    Janice tried to scream but it was already too late.

    Floyd took over the wheel and parked the bus running inside. Janice had never called him back and for the past two hours he'd been going out of his mind.
    "Janice!" He yelled running upstairs to find it empty.
    "Floyd!" Morgan yelled running out of Lily's room with her in her arms.
    "Where's Janice?" Floyd asked.
    "I don't know I tried calling her a ton of times so I came over and when I got here Janice was gone." Morgan explained.
    "We have to find her" Floyd said.
    Morgan nodded.
    "Where do we start?" She asked.
    "Joyce, Joyce did this I need to go back an ask her" Floyd ran outside followed by Morgan.
    "Floyd stop you can't go back and risk it" Morgan snapped at him.
    "I have to stay here watch Lily I'll be back soon." Morgan rolled her eyes and watched floyd leave before stomping back inside.
    She started screaming before the door closed behind her.

    The fire engine red convertible zipped down the highway tossing the northern American fall leaves in its wake.
    The radio was pumping out of the speakers in a rhythmic beat that vibrated the whole car.
    She was wearing sunglasses that covered majority of her flawless face and her blond hair was loose and blowing over her face.
    She turned a sharp corner and found herself driving through the darkness of the forest her speed was too intense to see anything clearly but that wasn't her focus today.
    She was on a mission to catch up with the boys before they caught on to her little plan.
    Janice would be surprised but when she's done with her.
    Janice won't have anything to say at all. That's if she can still talk that is.

    Bunsen walked into the boarding house solo.
    "How's Beaker?" Rowlf asked.
    Bunsen shrugged "he has to stay for observation but the high frequency of the note he produced completely destroyed his vocal chords he won't he talking or meeping I guess for awhile." He explained.
    "Poor little guy dat is not fair to keep 'im all locked up in de 'ospital I we should rescue 'im" Pepe declared.
    "No Pepe Beaker doesn't need rescuin he needs to rest and get betta" Rizzo said.
    "I think he'll be fine look at me I've been through tons of injuries like this and I'm perfectly fine." Gonzo said.
    "Ya you're totally normal" Rowlf chimed in.
    "Please tell me that was sarcasm" Sam muttered.
    "Don't worry blue bird it definitely was" Rowlf replied much to Sam's relief.
    "Good" Sam said returning to his newspaper.
    "So Beaker won't be here for a few days?" Fozzie asked.
    "I'm afraid not Fozzie" Rowlf said.
    "I'm afraid not"

    Sorry for the wait and the slight randomness of this chapter it is going to make sense soon. And now would be a good time to catch up on Backstage Romance because these two stories will be getting slightly tied together in the next few chapters of each
  5. Nice story! More please!
  6. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    So Trudy was behind this and kidnapped Janice. Zoinks! More please before... I lose my patience... please.
    FloydxJanice776 likes this.
  7. Oh no! Joyce set Trudy up to kidnap Janice so she could get Floyd. SHAME!!! Well at least Floyd knows because of what Joyce did! Floyd hurry up and save Janice before Joyce gets to you! Dr. Teeth and Floyd should have never went to Canada or none of this would happen! Nice story, more please! :flirt:
  8. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 39
    Floyd drove crazy and fast.
    "Floyd stop!" Dr. Teeth called.
    His phone rang suddenly and he pulled it out to answer it.
    "Hello?" He answered.
    "Dr. Teeth darling how are you?" An achingly familiar voice answered
    "What do you want?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    Trudy laughed. "Oh dear where's Floyd?" She asked.
    "He's busy, driving" Dr. Teeth said.
    "If he's driving back to Joyce tell him it's useless. She's gone and we have both of you girls." Trudy drawled.
    "You? You did this? Why? How? Where's Joyce? Where are Janice and Morgan?"
    "One question at a time dearie. Now let me see yes I was part of this. I'm Joyce's friend that's why.
    You to left leaving Morgan and Janice for the taking. Joyce is with them now and we're actually somewhere near your home." Trudy said.
    "Joyce can't hurt then" Dr. Teeth said.
    "Oh I'm afraid she can and will the question is will you two idiots save them in time?" Trudy said baiting him.
    Dr. Teeth closed his eyes thinking of places they could be his phone went dead and he got up and walked to the front of the bus.
    "Go back." He said HHS voice was grave.
    "No man I can't…"
    "Go back Floyd everyone is back there Joyce tricked us!" He screamed. Floyd didn't argue the turned around and drove back and the same crazy speed.

    Miss Piggy skipped to the next magazine and opened it up.
    Kermit walked beside her and read quietly over her shoulder.
    "You didn't tell me" he stated plainly.
    "I didn't know how," Piggy admitted her eyes clouding somberly.
    Kermit with a barely concealed sigh sat beside her and took the stack away.
    "Piggy you don't need all these you kept them because you didn't want any of us to know your secret battles with yourself. I knew but let you do your thing. But dear these aren't important. You were successful because you didn't try so hard."
    Piggy let what he explained sink in. When it did she nodded and rested her head against his shoulder.
    "The show's tomorrow and Floyd said the band or Janice can't be in the show so I don't have a singing act" Kermit implied.
    Piggy couldn't help but laugh.
    "Fine I'll do it" she giggled.
    Kermit smiled at her and took her hand "lets get some coffee"

    In the earliest days of the theatre before Kermit had even shown interest in starting a show. The theatre was used for the occasional play.
    The muppet cast majority of the time used the front or side doors to go in. Few knew of the small square door big enough for a crawl space that was in the alley on the ground.
    Luckily Floyd did.
    "How do you know they're in there?" Teeth asked.
    "Because the boarding house is across the street and this is the only place Joyce would think of. And I'm a genius" Floyd joked opening the door.
    "Just go" Teeth said pushing him inside.
    They had to crawl down s long tunnel before they could slide forwards down a slanted chute until they both dropped down into a room.
    "Jan?" Floyd whispered into the darkness.
    "You're smarter than Joyce ever gave you credit for." A woman replied.
    Floyd recognized her voice but it was so far forgotten that it seemed to be from a half forgotten dream.
    Teeth on the other hand was frozen and breathing like he'd just run five hundred miles.
    "No" he gasped but it was lost in the darkness.
    "Hi Teeth it's been a long time but I'm sure you still remember me." Anna said stepping out of the shadows with a smile.
  9. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Uh oh! I have a feeling this is becoming "Revenge of The Females That All Hate Floyd, Janice and Dr. Teeth." :eek:
  10. Dr. Teeth was right. Joyce can't hurt janice, janice can hurt her!
  11. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 40
    Lifelong game of deception
    Floyd looked at Teeth with a glance that told Teeth he wasn't crazy that everyone saw his undead ex girlfriend standing before them.
    Floyd didn't stutter "Where's Janice?"
    Anna smiled evilly and pointed to another hole in the wall. Floyd ran over and crawled through it was another long tunnel with cobwebs and pieces of glass. It finally opened up into another room.
    Janice was laying on the ground against the wall.
    Floyd ran over and lifted her into his arms.
    Janice stirred and opened eyes "Floyd you like found me" she whispered
    Floyd brushed hair out of her face "of course I did." He told her.
    Janice smiled and sat up resting her head against his shoulder with a sigh.
    Their peaceful reunion only lasted a moment then was interrupted when realization hit Janice.
    "Where's Morgan?" She asked in a panic standing up and looking around.
    "We don't know yet" Floyd took her hand.
    "And let me tell you. You're not going to find out."
    Floyd spun and found Joyce five feet away blocking the only exit.
    She grinned and pushed off the wall walking slyly towards them.
    Floyd sighed and looked at Janice who was shaking slightly unable to hide the fear in her eyes.
    Joyce let out a slow laugh "I've won, throughout your lives I've planted little puppets of mine to keep an eye on you two." Joyce gave another sickly smile.
    "Who?" Floyd asked thinking hard.
    "Mainly people you pass on the street the occasional guest star on the show. Only a few were people you two actually interacted with."
    Janice nodded and looked up her eyes narrowing "You turned Trudy against everyone. And Anna you knew what she meant to Teeth like rully all these years and everyone we like knew was against us." Janice snapped.
    Joyce smiled and clapped dramatically "oh bravo darling you can connect the dots after all." She sneered.
    Floyd stepped forwards and crossed his arms over his chest "Just tell us where Morgan and Lily are and let us be done" he demanded.
    "Oh no dear I've worked hard to get you here. You won't be leaving so easily, no you'll be here for awhile so I can prove to you that if you had given him up and you had chosen me life would be easier." Joyce explained bitterly.
    Janice raked a hand through her hair and calmed herself down. She fought against the urge to pummel Joyce to the ground and stared at the small opening their only exit instead.
    "So if you two would…"
    "Floyd Janice c'mon I found Morgan and Lily let's go!" Dr. Teeth yelled sliding down into the room.
    He stood up and froze finding himself face to face with Joyce who was glaring at him.
    "If it isn't Teeth, did you like my surprise? Oh yes the so thought dead love of your life." Joyce taunted.
    Floyd stepped forwards and grabbed Teeth's arm to stop him from strangling Joyce.
    "If you try to escape I'll have to make it that you never walk again."
    Floyd pulled Teeth back slightly and looked at Janice who was watching them terrified.
    Joyce smiled at this and sighed "I must say though that I have one more surprise." No sooner were the words out of her mouth a secret door opened and a figure walked out.
    This time Floyd couldn't catch Janice before everything went dark and she hit the ground.
  12. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    OH MY GONZO! I like LOVE this fanfic so far. Keep them coming, floyd<3janice!
  13. :D love this!!! :flirt: :sing: more please!
  14. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 41
    When nightmares come true.
    Joyce laughed and Janice's collapse.
    Floyd knelt beside her a shook her gently waking her up. Janice looked around and her eyes fell on the lone figure that was now standing in the light for all to see
    She gasped and narrowed her eyes struggling to her feet.
    Janice's father Charles stood looking at her with the face as strong and set determined as a granite wall.
    "No not you like no daddy" Janice gasped clutching Floyd's arm for support.
    "Janice I warned you… tried to help you but you gave me no choice you defied every boundary I put up to keep you safe to keep you going in the right direction." Charles looked at Floyd before his gaze flickered back to Janice.
    "But like the things you wanted me to do weren't me I rully don't want to be a lawyer I want to be a musician it's all I ever wanted you didn't care mom did you were and are a total monster and I can like totally never forgive you for that!" Janice cried.
    "Touching you are a cutie aren't you but that won't save you. Sorry honey but I suggest you just zip those impressive lips and sit down" Joyce snapped.
    Floyd grabbed Janice's hand and pulled her closer.
    Dr. Teeth looked back at Anna
    who was staring at the floor.
    "How are you here?" He said.
    "It doesn't matter" Anna whispered.
    TELL ME! I watched you die I deserve to know how you are standing right here in front of me?" Dr. Teeth shrieked
    "I never got hit" Anna whispered.
    "What?" Janice asked looking confused.
    "I had a twin Maria she and I were bestfriends I did love you Teeth but one day Joyce came to me and told me you weren't who I thought you were I refused to break up with you.
    So she sought out Maria and paid her to pretend to break up with you. She did but Joyce had to make sure she broke your heart so she…she paid Charles to kill her she never saw the car coming.
    I was forced to never see you again.
    But Teeth I love you I never stopped please forgive me come back to me"
    There was a thud behind them and Teeth spun to face Morgan she was standing by the wall holding Lily and by the look on her face she'd heard the whole thing.
    Handing Lily to Janice she walked over and stood behind Teeth saying nothing past "Teeth care to explain?"
    Teeth closed his eyes and forced out the next words.
    "I'm sorry Anna but I can't" he opened his eyes to see Joyce pull something out of her jacket there was a loud bang and Teeth lept forwards catching Anna before she hit the ground dark blood blossoming from the wound from just below her heart.
    Anna laid gasping and thrashing in Teeth's arms while Joyce smiled over them "you were worthless anyways. Without him in love with you you're worthless sorry I missed the first time." Joyce snapped.
    She fired the gun again and Anna went limp.
    Janice gasped and turned her face into Floyd's chest.
    Morgan ran to Teeth and pulled him away from Anna's lifeless body. He shuddered and closed his eyes. Morgan untangled his hands from Anna's hair and pulled him into a hug.
    "Janice I'll offer you once more to come home and turn your life around." Charles' deep voice cut through the heavy silence.
    "It's too late for that." Janice whispered her voice a ghost in the darkness Joyce pulled out her gun and pressed it against Charles' chest.
    Janice gasped and squeezed her eyes shut "no!" She cried opening her eyes and running to her father.
    The life changing echoing shot brought her up short. She stopped gasping and shaking. She felt Floyd's shock and sympathy behind her and steadied herself to keep from falling to the seemingly depthless black beneath her feet.
    "Janice we need to leave" Morgan said her voice grave and shaking. "You can't" Joyce said and leveled the gun at Morgan's chest. Morgan raised her hands and stepped back. Janice handed Lily to Floyd and sprinted forwards she shoved Morgan out of the way and prepared herself for the shot instead she found herself tumbling over to the ground beside Morgan just as the gun fired.
    There was a thud as Trudy hit the floor.
    Joyce laughed a humorless chuckle "are you happy now everyone has died for you do you like where all this has gone?" She cried. Janice took Morgan's hand and squeezed it in her own.
    Struggling to their feet they got up. "You don't get it you take everyone away but you don't realize that you can't win Janice and Floyd and Teeth and the rest of the muppets. They're stronger than you, you can tear them apart and destroy everything they stand for! But you can't take the friendship and love they share. You can't destroy them because they one thing that holds them together isn't anything material it isn't something you can physically take. They're held by love and that's something a heartless person like you can take."
    Janice stared at Morgan with a look of love exactly the look her bestfriend had described.
    Joyce didn't look convinced. "You seem pretty loved what if I took you away?" She taunted raising a slender eyebrow.
    Morgan narrowed her eyes and looked at Teeth who was standing beside her looking at Anna's body in horror.
    The shot snapped him out of it.
    Janice caught Morgan the tears flowing freely down her face.
    Morgan clutched Janice like a lifeline as she was laid to the ground. Blood flowed from her stomach and seeped into Janice's shirt and pooled along the floor. She heard a cry of rage but it seemed far off and unimportant. Everything was hazy and blurred.
    Another shot rang out but her mind couldn't focus, Janice looked down at her. Her face full of love and pure sadness. Her tears flowed down her cheeks and dripped onto Morgan's face.
    Morgan knew she should be paying more attention to the shouts and screams coming from the area around her but everything was fading slowly. The pain on her side seemed numb and slowly started to fade black crept along the sides of her vision as she glanced into Janice's eyes. Then Teeth was there too safe and not shot. He was talking but Morgan couldn't make out what he was saying his words slurred together and dimmed to a distant hum. He looked terrified and broken like he was missing something important but now Morgan couldn't even remember her name the faces above her looked vaguely familiar but she couldn't remember their names the black on her vision began to take over and with another breath she surrendered to the darkness.
  15. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    :eek: I'm still thinking this is all one big giant nightmare......or maybe it is really real. (Huh? Wouldn't it be ironic if it was all just a dream? :cluck: ) Anyways, this is all really good!
  16. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh man... Janice...
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  17. *eek* my friend/cousins name is Morgan. I love your stories. :flirt: :sing: more please!
  18. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oh... Janice! You can't like let Joyce win. This has to be a dream... or is it?
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  19. I hope that was a dream!!
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  20. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    If it's not a dream, I'll pass out.
    MissMusical12 likes this.

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